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  1. John_the_Impaler

    [Concurso] Daño Máximo

    Felicitaciones por la contratación @Felipe6666Original, mucha suerte en el puesto, intentemos todos de hacer una comunidad mejor, y gracias por el concurso, fue divertido :P
  2. John_the_Impaler

    [Concurso] Daño Máximo

    mi ichizuchi dice presente :P
  3. John_the_Impaler

    Cheating in ranked - WG please take action

    Show me where the better team touched you, those basterds
  4. John_the_Impaler

    Continuous "staged" events

    Anyone else tired of these so called "events" that requires to log in (in some of them) everyday and play just for the sake of some pityful rewards? It was first the american cruisers, RN dds, PEF and now the RN CVs, and i think i forgot one but not sure, jesus wg, give us a break lol
  5. John_the_Impaler

    26,664 doubloons bundle new year

    You can't buy the 3rd one on its own, you have to buy the first, then the second to have the chance to buy the third with the irian, i call total [edited] and a cash grab here.
  6. John_the_Impaler

    Black ships... No thanks!

    They need to sell a black camo for my USS Black :omegalul:
  7. John_the_Impaler

    Dasha's Eagles mission

    So, I (and hope most of the people in the server) will switch to Eagles on Aug 10th (Day 16 of the event) so in theory I will just have the time (and only if enough people does this), to achieve 3 Eagles wins to get the extra 20 eagles tokens. At least that's what I understood from the video, so I was thinking: will there be enough people switching to Eagles that same day to turn the tide of the competition and let the Eagles get their first win? Because if the response is negative, no one will be getting their extra 20 tokens. Sorry in advance for the poor grammar, English is not my native language.