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  1. Dude, the only real, effective and tested method: FIX YOURSELF AND STOP WORRYING ABOUT OTHERS AND WHAT YOU CAN'T CHANGE
  2. I'm a sub lover, I dislike profoundly what is presented for us to test. Basically all of these. There's no mistery about it. I have enough to play 5 matches a day, but not really more than that. Nice shortcut to grind stocks
  3. ArIskandir

    Deleting Unfavorable Topics

    Bollocks, they real reason topics get nuked is because mods really have something against the Swedish Chef! Every time I post some complain about how my Swedish Chef posts are constantly locked or nuked, guess what... The thread gets locked or nuked, just wait and see what happens to this one... Just because of the Swedish Chef!
  4. ArIskandir

    A Milestone...

  5. ArIskandir

    WG please fix AA

    At some point they need to reevaluate the policy of alpha strike vs damage over extended time. The secondary effect is just as harmful, having the planes go over the same target up to 3 times, and possibly repeating the treatment as long as the target is alive, brews a lot of resentment and feelings of harrasement which far surpasses the actual physical damage done by the attacks.
  6. ArIskandir

    Banned by complaint

    Yes. They don't like the Swedish Chef. Why? What childhood trauma did you have against the Swedish Chef? And to you OP, proselitism is annoying. I didn't reported you but might have done it if you were pestering me with recruitment spam.
  7. ArIskandir

    Teaching people how to win (in Ranked/comp)

    Marking the thread, surely will post something latter. Kudos OP for at least opening a door for discussing something more interesting and constructive than the standard rant/thread
  8. ArIskandir

    Vasteras dominates a Dunkerque (funny)

    Lewd... Pls censor
  9. Hello Lady OP, I took the time to read all your post, I will limit myself to point out why closing distance and slowing down in a BB against a sub is a really horrible bad thing to do, tho it is really obvious. First you loose the few maneuverability you had turning yourself into a crippled sitting duck. Second, the facts: you are a spotted slow target with poor mobility, and poor gun traverse. Cool fact: the sub can pop up at your blind angles and drop point blank torps before you even realize whats happening. Trading a couple secondary hits for 4 in your face torps is a fair trade. Cool fact: the torps without ping are still torps, the closer you get the easier to land them. And this is just an educated guess because I haven't tried yet but I bet I'll be able to consistently land point blank underwater torps on a slow moving big target. Bottom line, that 30% succes rate. It aint happening once people learn a bit about subs.
  10. ArIskandir

    WG please fix AA

    The number of hits seems to be different tho, if you are too far only a portion of your charges hit the target
  11. ArIskandir

    WG please fix AA

    And it is good to have people playing them, but I think it is time to revisit AA values from older lines (T4-5). I can attest AA from Italian and French Cruisers is functional but the other nations are in very bad shape IJN, KMS, VMS and even RN Cls have very poor and really not functional values. Even USN CLs struggle to inflict significant damage.
  12. ArIskandir

    WG please fix AA

    Bro, I played back then and yes IMO rework CVs are an improvement over RTS CV in many aspects. Played too some months ago and enjoyed the full carnival of 3 CV matches too. I actually enjoy 2 CV matches but I understand for a rookie it could be overwhelming. I worry because the numerous post I've read from rookies complaining about it. Seal clubbing is still a thing, but well... there's nothing practical to do about it, I guess they are in their right to play the game as they see want.
  13. ArIskandir

    WG please fix AA

    Aloha Happa! Double CVs at T4 are hard on the rookies, I know we at least don't have 3 anymore, but 2 are difficult to handle for new player with virtually no AA. "Newer" lines like Italian and French have somewhat functional AA values but the oldies are really meaningless. Any chance of addressing that issue? I don't ask for myself, already went through all the T4-5 lines but we get constant feedback your new players struggling with the double CV-No AA combo.
  14. ArIskandir

    WG please fix AA

    Lady, maybe you are not playing against seasoned sub captains. The amount of damage they can mitigate by "bobbing" is enough to get you sunk before you sunk them, remember you are spotted and most surely shot at by anything within range (including your own bots). You'll not be doing consistent damage because you'll be either to close for effective firing or too far for effective DC, and if you burn your stock of DCs, good luck waiting for replenishment if under fire. And that's not accounting for the sub defending actively by torps or ram.
  15. ArIskandir

    WG please fix AA

    BUFF TIER 4 AA PLS. The standard there is 2 CV matches an it is not gonna change soon. New players are being overwhelmed an it is not good to loose them so early, tier 4 should be "rookie" friendly territory, as it is now is Comanche land.