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  1. ArIskandir

    Who have you seen in game

    Just got Rank 1 Bronze in a fun match with @dimzzy. GG. It's extra fun when you have dependable people watching your back.
  2. ArIskandir

    If you can not say anything good

    This is not true. I've seen community suggestions scale into game changes multiple times, in fact a lot of the changes in game are rooted in community feedback. The thing is some community suggestions are trash, some are not actionable, some are set directly against WG's interest or intentions.
  3. ArIskandir

    If you can not say anything good

    I've had Forum bans reversed after going through proper explanations. They can make misjudgements, there are honest misunderstandings and as long as there's solid and logic reasoning to your claim they are not closed discuss or reverse bans.
  4. ArIskandir

    My morning routine

    Since we are sharing moments of embarrasment... First time I went over to the US I was a teenager, in my culture bumping (lightly) into people in the street is not considered offensive, sidewalks are small and can get packed, the Metro is crowded, and most importantly... I think we are "touchy" people, we touch each other a lot, even when you are not very close... So it is so normal to bump/brush into people that you don't even think about it as "something". So here I go carelessly walking through a mall when I barely brushed my shoulder into thIs huge guy... The guy turns and ask for my excuse, I literally didn't had a clue what he wanted excuses for so I kept staring him trying to figure out what's this was all about... I think it made things worse because the guy started to get vissibly angry and demanding my excuses and I just kept looking at him like he was making no sense at all while struggling to understand what was going on... So it escalated for some moments more to the point I thought I would had to fight this guy for some reason I didn't have the faintest clue... He was being very rude!. At some point the guy let it go and walked away, surely thinking I had some mental issue or was some crazy rude/unpolite foreigner (which I was honestly). Later I told my uncle what happened and he explained to me bumping into people, even very lightly is considered rude and deserving an apology... I felt so ashamed, I was so terribly unpolite without even knowing.
  5. ArIskandir

    Riga for ranked?

    I ground mine in Ranked, fared well for me... Kinda of a Rusky Alaska. Tho this season the Rupprecht/Georgia spam is of epic proportions so it's even more risky and difficult to anchor Caps.
  6. ArIskandir

    A question about Sub detection

    Nope, not anymore... Outdated version. Don't worry, Subs rules have shifted so much it has become exhausting and boring to keep track of the latest changes.
  7. ArIskandir

    The difference between Subs and CVs

    Not really, not even close. In order to deliver damage on the cruiser, the DD must: A- if attack with guns, place itself at risk of being counter attacked by a ship which usually packs heavier, more punishing armament. B- if attack with torpedoes, depend on a very unreliable form of damage with very long time to target. The torpedo attacks from a DD are not comparable to the attacks from a Sub, DD sneak torp attacks happen from distances over 5-6 kms, Submarine torpedo attacks can be delivered from a fully concealed position down to almost 2 km. This makes the Submarine sneak torpedo attack much more reliable to hit... And that's considering dumbfires and not accounting for homing torps on double pings...
  8. ArIskandir

    The difference between Subs and CVs

    Subs are really dangerous when you don't expect them and don't have a hint on their location. In this particular case the chances of that Sub creeping upon me where very low, I already suspected it was nearby and that's one reason I was kitting away. The first condition for creeping upon someone as a Sub is having the surprise element, or the enemy "disrespecting" you (common in many DDs that end up shogunned), but it is really difficult to creep upon an alert enemy unless your Sub has a significant speed advantage, which wasn't the case here. I could have played around that Sub without too much risk for quite some time, even more if we are reduced to a 1 vs 1, otoh in a similar situation the CV will just chip me away before I have the chance to close the distance as their damage delivery is much more reliable. In this particular match, over 80% of the damage I received was by planes, torps I dodged, shots I juked and yes fought off a lot of air attacks too, used all my DFAAs ... in the end the 2 Subs had 0 damage on me, and really were meaningless for me during the match, it was the 2 CVs the challenge I couldn't overcome. Subs you can overcome by yourself with correct positioning and maneuvering, against a CV correct positioning and maneuvering is a mitigation factor... in the end is a matter of time, in broad terms usually CVs get favored by time, Submarines get hampered (by depletion of resources: Dive time, HP, DCP, external spotting). I'm not trying to bash on either Subs or CVs, this is just a simple comment: CV damage is far more reliable than Sub damage... so different they are not in the same league (imo). Bro, it was more like 13k (the fire counts)... I can post a pick of the 15k B-25 drop that set me on fire just seconds before... and that's not counting the 5k from the previous Rocket attack that proc'd my DCP (big mistake there from me, though the Hornet was comming with AP bombers, not the B-25)... so no, it wasn't just 7,5K... it was almost all my HP lost to planes, tho that's not really the point here... and no, I'm not saying "CV OP".
  9. All of that is reflected in your stats, manipulated stats always show up, those doesn't hold true when analized.
  10. ArIskandir

    The difference between Subs and CVs

    That's the core issue. The root problem.
  11. It doesn't matter in the sense that no one really cares about that stat, Ranked isn't a serious competitive mode. But as in Randoms, WR is a refletion of how effective is your play... If you play good, you win. Play bad, you lose... on average, over a significant number of iterations it is a metric of your performance and ability to impact matches. This conversation has been had countless times, let's not make it one more here. very pragmatic and valid pov... I'm not set to tell you how to enjoy the game, or what your goals must be.
  12. ArIskandir

    The difference between Subs and CVs

    Yeah, CVs are old news... Subs are the new flavor of bad karma.
  13. ArIskandir

    The difference between Subs and CVs

    Spotting might be an issue but imo it wouldn't be really critical if it weren't linked to the ability to deliver very reliable damage. My point here is showcasing how Sub damage can be negated by skilled input, but the CV will always get their pound of flesh (well, if the CV players is competent)... they are even penalised if they don't... no other ship goes pink if it does 0 damage.
  14. ArIskandir

    If you can not say anything good

    That's just false mate. Plenty of that everyday around here. No one asks that, you just need to make sense in your arguments... Having something constructive to say, be well informed about what you are going to criticize.
  15. It always makes me smile when people place Subs in the same "league" as CVs... ... not even close.