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  1. ArIskandir


    But in that case wouldn't he be the architect of his own frustration, considering he has been provided tools but refuse to use them? I don't blame the person for being frustrated and refusing to adapt to the change, it is his/her prerrogative to act on his/her own will. But at some point it must be understood it is a self-inflicted conflict.
  2. ArIskandir


    Or he could try to adapt to the environment and play outside his BB comfort zone. He is free to play in different ship types that can thrive better in that environment. More than learning is opening yourself to new experiences...
  3. ArIskandir

    Subs are in a fine state

    Would still be giving him clicks, traffic and positively reinforcing his style of content production which I would rather not. Also don't need to watch a video to know Gato is excellent at shotgunning, it is evident in her stats. Welp, it kinda has no homing torps... Wasn't that the biggest grievance about Subs? Be careful about what you wish... It may come true.
  4. ArIskandir

    Subs are in a fine state

    Indeed. A. Stealthy assassin type able to infiltrante the enemy lines and attack VIP targets in the backline is the perfect fit for the mission. Convoy environment fits Submarines better, taking that as some sort of overperformance proof against them is a stretch. Agree. And the same issue applies to every influential ship. A good DD, a top dog BB, etc. Skill differential has an outsized impact and is more determinant than hardware. The big issue for many about asymmetric types (CVs/Subs, DDs to some degree) is their interactions are determined to a much greater level by the "hardware" involved. If you don't have the proper hardware you won't be able to counter them. Oh I forgot... yesterday I went 7/9 in convoy (no Subs, every time a different ship), with the first 5 straight wins. Sadly it was before this thread was posted so I had no reason to print a screen. I'll do it next time for sure.
  5. ArIskandir

    Subs are in a fine state

    If I post five Convoy wins in a row with other ships what can we say about it? What about the Submarine in the other team, why is it not having 5 straight wins if they are so good? Could it be possible that it is more a "you" factor than a Submarine factor?
  6. ArIskandir

    Which ships do you enjoy sinking the most?

    Sinking CVs, Subs and Superships pleases me in a special way
  7. ArIskandir

    A new poll.

    Well, tbf it is only possible to do about gameplay facts. About matters of taste there's nothing to do... Even if it is something as evidently distasteful as lack of bacon
  8. If it was intended as a joke I apologize for the misunderstanding. The level and extents of "WG evil" narrative around here is quite astonishing, so it was not a long stretch to understand your statement as yet another intent to debase any positive opinions as "paid actors" from WG. Even more considering this is not the first time you deploy this kind of "joke" on positive comments, I recommend queuing your audiency into the joke, imo it is falling too flat.
  9. ArIskandir


    1) And I was talking about the defensive potential of DDs, you brought ASW airtrikes into the conversation. That's an offensive tool mate, not really related to what I was tlaking about. 2) Still DDs are the best tools to fight Subs, of course this is not a simulation but I think it is an adequate flavored approach to the subject 3) 2 vs 1 situations are always a losing proposition, I've yet to face 2 Subs working in tandem... I know it can happen but is very rare. Maybe restrict Sub Divs the same way as CVs? 4a) No but breaking LoS makes it almost imposible to be pinged. IMO, having a dedicated utility for ping break (apart from DCP) won't improve the interaction. 4b) They can vanish, but they remain vulnerable to Airstrikes and DCs. Also they are far less dangerous when diving as they depend solely on homing torps.
  10. ArIskandir

    A new poll.

    In my book it is fair to complain, even if it is about complainers. Is is also fair to correct those that are factually wrong about the issue the are complaining.
  11. ArIskandir

    Thanks playerbase

    For once I agree with you, the playerbase is the main problem this game has
  12. ArIskandir


    1) Airstrikes are an offensive tool. Your defense relies in your ship ability to avoid taking damage, that is avoid being shotgunned and/or avoid homing torps. BBs have it much more difficult to prevent both. They can tank damage better but that sets you on an attrition timer, against a good Sub player, you will lose. 2) Going for a DC strike on a Sub is situational, in many situations it isn't possible. Many players don't realize this and die horribly, then proceed to claim hotakes w Subs are OP when they themselves suicided. 3) But torpedoes take longer to reload than DCP. Pings without torps are harmless. 4a) If you are pinged, you can use smoke to break LoS and then use your DCP to break the ping. By the time you are spotted again your DCP will probably be back online and you'll have learnt to be more cautious. 4b) if Submerged, the Sub can't spot for itself (there's the hydro thingy tho) so if you manage your concealment wisely, you'll be safe.
  13. ArIskandir


    Yes, a Sub can dive and surface and launch torps... which is totally ineffective as the DD could easily dodge them and in return land some shots that could proc a DCP for the Sub, also if the Sub gets spotted even for a brief moment it becomes at risk of being bombed with Airstrikes. That if you, as a DD, decide to shoot back at the Sub... if you are playing a zoning game you might want to not compromise your concealment and let the Sub get bombed by your team... the Sub has more to lose from being spotted than a DD. I would say it is even ground... if your DD is consistently getting hit by enemy fire at +12-14km range, you need to improve your WASD. Being area of effect, an Airstrike can achieve more consistent damage. Also, any form of DoT is much more dangerous for a Sub, even a glancing blow can prove grievous if it procs an oil leak or a fire. Remaining in smoke in range of a Sub is as stupid as remaining in smoke in front of Radar... it is a misplay and thus deservedly punished. Using pings to act upon Hydrophone intel most of the time is a misplay, you reveal your position and intention losing the advantage you had, your target becomes aware of your presence and will react accordingly. I have faced Sub players of all skill levels, even since testing the dynamic is unchanged. As an able DD player against an able Sub player, the expected outcome is an uncomfortable stalemate, you won't be able to close on the Sub and the Sub won't be able to damage you. Still the DD will have the advantage on long term attrition as it can more reliably chip damage on the Sub every time it gets spotted. I consider myself a strong Sub player, as well as a very effective ASW player (both are related obviously). Even the best Sub player can't force damage upon a well played DD, you need an opening and a well played DD won't give you one, the same you won't give one to the DD player. It is a fairly even engament and skill and support will determine the outcome. I've been on both sides of the coin, I'm talking from direct, first hand experience. Against a Sub player at my skill level, the interaction becomes determined by the particularities of the ships involved. As a low concealment DD with Hydro, I can assure you I will dominate the interaction against any Submarine, even against the best. From that high point, interactions get increasingly difficult depending on the concealment gap against the Sub, and the DD speed and turning. The worst being the Elbing line, which should actively avoid any close engagements against Subs.