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  1. Secret Santa 2017

    Thanks Diddledum!
  2. Secret Santa 2017

    Sent to ZYU. Merry Christmas!🎁
  3. Secret Santa 2017

    I’ll go next!
  4. New Years Crate Contents

    $75 dollar crate 90 hydra 90 dragon 120 fir tree camo 120 eurobourous 4000 doubloons alabama lennigrad perth okhotnik pretty happy about what i got. Good luck everyone!
  5. No requirements. No comms. No divisions. Just oil and benefits! Does this sound good? If so join the -DFC- (DIXON FAMILY CLAN) We are actively recruiting! Hope to hear from you soon!
  6. This. This is why I'll never do a grind like that again. FU WARGAMING. (I'd have been happy with 100 flags!)
  7. Sorry to the HSF Graf I burned down today on NA server with my T6 Nurnberg :) did I kill a tester?