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    Abandoned a (quite) successful reputation in World of Tanks to become part of the Quality Assurance and Development Contributor team (aka Beta Tester). Became one of the top 5% beta testers with a 68% win rate and over 200 battles played during the testing phase.

    some of my WOWS record: http://imgur.com/a/Qb1Aa

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  1. adding me as a friend is proof that people with anime pics shouldnt be allowed to have any friends lol

  2. that moment when you download an eroge to play in your 1920x1080 full hd monitor and it runs in windowed mode

  3. Shizuku is best waifu owo

    1. EzioAuditore1456


      godammit, what have you done? now keep searching for moe pics till 4am again




      PS: ignore the late answer, exams were quite a [edited]this semester

  4. EzioAuditore1456

    [0.11.3.X] Historical Ensigns Contour Icons

    which file did you edit to change the contour icon?