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  1. So we hope WG does not screw the count up and they will magically appear. OK
  2. clmrone111

    Supership Tokens

    OK, maybe I have missed something, but maybe not. I recall the token box saying the mission could be done 20 times. It appears you can only get 20 TOKENS , which means you can only obtain the random boxes in the armory 5 times, not the 10 times it shows. And yes out of the first 4 I have done, 3 were coal. Really WG, you wish to restrict the access to the Super ship trials THAT much?
  3. I know this is totally off topic and I do apologize, but I just want to state how much I appreciate LittleWhiteMouse and all her work.
  4. clmrone111

    Naval Battles

    Soo, clan just started doing these. Noticed in the results we received 850 oil for a draw 1100 for a loss and 1500 for a win. What?! The draw amount should be more than the lose amount. Most games figure draw amount by adding loss and win together then dividing by 2. 1100 plus 1500 =2600 divided by 2 yields 1300 not 850. Explain please. Or is this War Gaming being War Gaming.
  5. clmrone111

    Naval Battles

    OK, I am new to these. The current session is get 5000 in the first step, but 5000 what? Is that a Fire symbol? Thanks in advance.
  6. clmrone111

    Kijkdui - Airstrike - no key problem

    You need to go in to settings-controls. By default they do not set a control for armaments beyond 3(torpedoes). You need to bind the 4 key to weapon slot 4. In game you can also hold down the CTRL key and manually click the airstrike with your mouse.
  7. clmrone111

    Tier 6 Dutch cruiser

    Thank You for your replys. Both fixes work.
  8. clmrone111

    Tier 6 Dutch cruiser

    OK, just picked up the tier 6 dutch cruiser. The one where the airstrike consumable first shows up. Problem is I cannot make airstrike work. In game where the icon is for the airstrike consumable I have a dash under the icon, not a number. I press the number 4 while in game [someone said it was activated by hitting the 4 key], nothing. I go back to port, check under the armanent line in the equipment page and it shows the icon but says 'no key' under the icon. Hover over the icon and it just tells what it is. Click on it [tried left click, right click , number 4 and the dash symbol] , nothing changes. Still says no key. What am I missing? Do I need to assign a key to this icon and if so, how? Thank You in advance.
  9. clmrone111

    PSA: 100 Community Tokens (free)

    Thanks, still works.
  10. clmrone111

    PSA: 150 Community Tokens (Free)

    Still works. Thanks
  11. clmrone111

    Grand Battle mode not working

    Welp, I did say it was my best guess.
  12. clmrone111

    Grand Battle mode not working

    Here is my guess. If you are trying to use the new supercruisers immediately, it wont work. Why? You need X number of wins in other ships to play the supercruisers. [15 I believe]. Thats what the 'contracts' are I believe, wins needed.
  13. In the Southern Hemisphere winter is coming. [ Australia, New Zealand]