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  1. For those who might have missed it, 360 days of premium is now on sale for half price.
  2. clmrone111

    Sub frequency in COOP

    As the title says, I have been noting when and what type [bot vs human] of subs that have been showing up in battle. All battles have been fought in COOP mode. Large majority at tier 8 with a DD. Also, times fought has mainly been in the morning CST USA. Further, all have been done within the last week. Sample size, 100 games. Breakout; Human controlled 7 Bot 18. I just find this interesting.
  3. clmrone111

    About Collections

    I did them one at a time. Motivated me every time I finished one.
  4. I am sure this has been answered before, but I cannot seem to find the answer. Specifically, the question is if you own the normal ship and buy the black version, do you get 1 mission for 2500 dubs or 1 mission per ship type [1 for normal and 1 for black] for 5000 dubs? Wording is a little fuzzy in the mission description. Thank You in advance.
  5. clmrone111

    Battle Pass Question

    Wednesday, I believe.
  6. clmrone111

    more WoWs nonsense...penalties

    I just assume they are past PMOYs.
  7. clmrone111

    Battle Pass Weekly Trial update?

    I believe it is Wednesday.
  8. Been there, very moving.
  9. clmrone111

    Server down?

  10. clmrone111

    Get repaid for a system crash

    Well. look at it this way, at least you didn't earn any resources for them to take away.
  11. clmrone111

    USS Kidd

    Anyone else seen this new video about the USS Kidd being high and dry?
  12. clmrone111

    New Free Battle Pass

    OK, maybe I am to early and it kicks in later today or my coffee has not kicked in and I cannot find it but where exactly do we find the progression bar for this?
  13. clmrone111

    Commander XP earned by 21-point captain

    All XP earned by a 21 point captain go to Elite Commander XP. I only use bonuses on Commander XP on 21 pointers if I am trying to level Elite Commander XP for other things.