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  1. Here is the suggestions I made after last season most of it still is relevant.
  2. You should enjoy the 12 km torps when you get them then. My first game with the 12 km torpedoes was a solo warrior.
  3. No stop. I said nothing about everyone because not everyone is obsessed with win rate as you. What I am saying is that you or anyone else that chooses to improve can improve. If you spent as much time improving your game play as you do ranting on the forum about zero sum games then you would win more than 50% as well.
  4. I am not sure where that 46 and 48 come from, however developing a skill takes effort and dont get good instantly. If someone starts at 46% and then after some games reaches 48% its possible that after some more time spent improving that they could reach 50% or more. Then they wont have a losing record.
  5. There is never a point in a PvP game where everyone always wins, however that does not mean that individuals to whom wins matter to cant improve to the point that they win more.
  6. You misunderstand the thread, the OP is not some super good unicum. He is someone that refuses to consider improving even though he is unhappy with his current performance and so attempts to change the behavior of others. Sample size.
  7. So since I have a solo win rate of over 63% according to you if I carry my 8.33% weight completely 100% of the time I am still 5% luckier on average over 1290 solo games?
  8. A) Didnt you say you were leaving? B) There is always a hope of improving, everyone makes mistakes and can learn from them.
  9. Will you turn pink if you shoot a bot in your division?
  10. This is a difficult issue because a skilled player playing any class should make it harder for the enemy to win. However CVs are particularly hard to deal with because they affect the entire team, a CV can strike one side of the map and then on their next strike hit a ship on the opposite end of the map if they want. Not even BBs have that ability and CVs can do it with precision. Even AA cruisers are not safe from Midway strikes and have to have other AA near them especially when their panic is not ready. When facing a good CV without a similarly skilled CV on your team you will have a massive disadvantage because no ship on your team can sail alone without risking being focused by the enemy CV. The enemy team however can which means that they will face less threat of taking damage from strikes and have more map control. Luckily with how most maps are designed teams can form 2 balls and sometimes retain enough map control to contest two caps and hope the enemy surface ships are dumb enough to make up for the CV striking. It is especially difficult for DDs who often in order to have any AA defense have to be far enough from the enemy that they cant contribute.
  11. A Whole Lotta DDs: A Question

    Not all cruisers mount radar, in fact of 6 cruiser lines in the game currently only 3 can mount radar and one of those lines has to trade smoke for radar.
  12. A Whole Lotta DDs: A Question

    I know exactly why there are so few CAs in the game, its because the only time people bring up CAs they ask for CA nerfs. Nerf fire spam so OP, Nerf Radar it breaks the game, Nerf Panic, Nerf Hydro, etc. Anti BB weapons like deep water torps and AP bombs turn out to be even more effective vs CAs than BBs, and the class specific consumables like radar, hydro, and panic get given out to other classes. Why bring a radar cruiser if you can bring a pan asian DD or Missouri? Why bring an AA CA if you can bring a Groz or Gearing? Why bring a fire CA when you can bring a Conqueror?
  13. A Whole Lotta DDs: A Question

    How few CAs in that game? oh wait nobody cares.
  14. A Whole Lotta DDs: A Question

    More like a good argument for focusing on IJN ships cause apparently they are the ones everyone knows. On a more serious note I actually like the inclusion of paper ships. There are lots of interesting paper designs that could have been built but didnt for various reasons. Fantasy ships is a different matter but I dont think there is a good reason to not include ships like the Montana, South Dakota 1920, Kongo Replacements, Tosa, etc. Because they are interesting ships that would add something to the game. This line of reasoning is also dangerous because it argues for the exclusion of "less desirable" nations that people dont like seeing for whatever reason.