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  1. Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    Think like this, you are in a full hp shima and you spot gearing, if you get into a fight with the gearing at detection ranges chances are the shima will lose. If though a BB on your team lands a large hit on the gearing, it might be enough to change the odds in your favor. Like I said, its a nerf to the pure DDs.
  2. Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    I disagree, if you are running a pure DD like the shima and Yugumo you have a slight spotting advantage over other dds and gun boats. As a ship that depends on more pure and skill requiring sources of damage the gun fighting potential is inferior to the gun boats. Team mates damaging those ships is critical to success against those ships.
  3. So all this talk about BBs but some cruisers have torpedo bulges and they often have lots of AA guns. Will this affect the damage taken by cruisers?
  4. Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    Again WG proposes DD nerfs. Playing DDs is hard enough as it is but at least currently if I spot a gun boat trying to stop me he risks taking heavy damage from my team mates.
  5. Playing for "Fun"

    Hmm, I guess you never played a battle with @Kyogre
  6. Playing for "Fun"

    Hmm I’m going to have to reconsider my life choices. I had no idea that I play for fun...
  7. Playing for "Fun"

    There are some poor assumptions being made in this thread: Good players offer advice in a toxic way- Some do some dont, as always groups of people are a mixed bag. Players of any skill level are open to advice in games - not in my experience, they might help an objective if they ask but in general most players dont want to know what they did wrong or how to improve. Players in general are open to advice - even here on the forum there are plenty of people who resent being informed about the game. When presented with examples of better play or critiques of the gameplay presented there are plenty of examples of perfectly polite advice offered that is dismissed with insults because of various reasons. I have stopped offering advice because of this unless people ask, its simply not worth the time or effort on my part unless someone is seeking to improve. Skilled players live and breath this game - hardly, you will find that the players with the most games are mostly average and there are plenty of skilled players that have been around a long time and only have a couple thousand games. Its just better to let them play how they want to and try to use that to your advantage. Especially when I have my own game to play and dont have the time to explain how to avoid torpedoes when I am dodging shells from three different ships.
  8. Dev Diary and BB protection

    The probability does not matter. You claimed and I quote: I dont have 11,000 games played but I know I have hit people using using the torpedo lead indicator. If you make a blanket statement like that it only takes 1 counter example to disprove your claim. You could have said "rarely" in which case I wouldnt have bothered but you said "wont ever" which is clearly wrong. All apparently we are playing different games, because in the ships game I play targeting is done in on a plane and knowing the lead time is not enough information in order to hit a target, I also have to judge the course of the target and judge an angle offset for the lead. I also have to estimate expected course changes for targets because unlike the game you play in this one targets often decide to change their course.
  9. Dev Diary and BB protection

    You will land torps using the aim indicator you just need to judge how bad the target is. Also just because you know the time to target does not mean you know everything you need to properly judge lead. That is why in beta there were people using the aim mod which actually gave them an indicator of where to aim.
  10. Dev Diary and BB protection

    Im confused, why are DD players complaining about this change? Fewer DDs on each team means that there are fewer legitimate threats and more targets. The only thing worse for torpedo DDs than an enemy DD in the area is a CV spotting everything.
  11. Probably should nerf cruisers more. That should fix the problem, and please the DD crowd as well.
  12. Interesting, I wonder if this is accidental or if WG for whatever reason decided to lower the citadel and improve the survivability of the ship.
  13. Creating Balanced Sub Gameplay

    Subs in this game will share very little with IRL submarines. For example the performance of the subs in the test server is closer to the 1st gen nuclear subs than electric boats. In this game wont be subs stalking convoys of merchant ships and other common submarine duties of this era, it will be more like in game DDs that use water to avoid detection and damage instead of stealth and smoke. This is one of the major issues submarine discussions have here, this wont be be a sub sim, it wont be be cold waters or silent hunter submarines. Its going to be completely different and there will be very little recognizable similarities between the subs this is based on and what you will see in game. WG has basically installed a nuclear plant in each of these subs. Keep in mind WG focuses more on action and short games, nobody would be able to fit a real sub operation in a 20 minute game. WG has taken steps to speed up the game and get subs into the action faster which means that they have received massive buffs from their real world characteristics. That said there were significant issues for post war anti sub tactics because of the subs based on the Type XXI with high underwater speeds and the subs in this game are faster. Free fall weapons like depth charges and hedgehogs will be ineffective, even the most advanced anti sub weapons of ww2 like fido wont have a chance against these subs. Even the MK 37 which was the primary USN anti sub weapon through the 1960s had an estimated 10% hit rate vs subs traveling faster than 20 knots and all the subs in game exceed that speed. The concern shouldnt be that subs will be unable to compete in game, it should be that they receive so many buffs that their game play turns into little more than torpedo DDs except better.
  14. PT Submarines Performance Review

    Not sure why you considered the Gerfalcon to slow to dive past ships and then use the rear torps but considered the Killer Whale satisfactory doing that when the Gerfalcon does 31 knots and the killer whale does 28. The pop up for the zipper is not to use the gun, its to recharge the O2 which it does extremely quickly. I used the zipper to spot the tower in the operation until I unlocked the Gerfalcon which is faster and was able to at least partially recharge the O2 between the cruiser reloads. Hunting DDs is not very hard if you are underwater, just wait for them to get very close then they turn to use their torpedo tubes. Whack it with a freeze torp at that point then dive under the torpedoes. With ships like the seelowe and gerfalcon it is pretty safe to get very close to the enemies where you can make every torpedo count.
  15. Creating Balanced Sub Gameplay

    As you might know there are 4 subs that people got to play and they are all somewhat different as you might expect. The one people start with was abysmal, it was slow, not agile at all, took a long time to recharge the O2, and didnt dive log. However all of the subs when at least 20 knots, one was well over 30 knots. The dive time ranged from 75 seconds to well over 130 seconds. The important thing is that WG gives subs their fastest speed all the time. So a USN fleet boat would be going 24 knots on the surface or under water on the PTS even though that was an optimistic speed on the surface. Some of the subs could also take a breath between gun salvos, just pop up after the shells land then go back down, completely immune to guns doing that and fast enough depth charges didnt even matter. These subs where not some stealthy, sneaky, fragile, ambush predator. They were completely immune monsters that had water for armor and could run right up to ships to torp them without any fear.