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  1. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    My Toughts About Steel/Coal...

    Two of the rare metal categories are for camos that you get from ranked and clan battles. If you check the Typhoon missions currently active there is a 1 rewarded this season and you can see what it it can buy in the arsenal.
  2. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    Kutuzov really an OP ship?

    It used to be op, it was a russian cruiser with long range, smoke, high velocity shells, 8km torps, etc. Basically a straight upgrade to the chappy in every way except radar. It used to be that a kut could smoke around a corner by a cap an burn anything down that dared to get close, plus it had hydro and torps for anything that tried to rush the cap. Now it has a long smoke detection range forcing it to play much more passively even with the smoke. But even beyond its abilities the Kut was the center of controversy when it was released. It was released right before the AFT changes and its range was buffed to compensate while other light cruisers were not. A lot of people thought that this showed a favoritism by WG toward russian ships. Now the Kut is still a strong ship even if its not as strong as it used to be. The fact that it has not needed buffs while other tier 8 premiums from the same era have received several buffs shows just how strong it was when it was released. It does however need to be played much more passively than it used to, being a Chappy its easy to delete especially when stopping or starting again. A kut sitting in smoke that was just spotted is very vulnerable so a lot of the people that bought the ship no longer play it because its not brain dead op anymore. You know are forced to be very careful because the enemy can push it very heavily. That being said if your are a BB and there is a good Kut on your team good luck.
  3. If I remember right the B hull Omaha has more guns and torps than the C hull which can affect your dpm calc.
  4. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    Is It contagious?

    Wow, who are you to say who gets to play where?
  5. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    Is It contagious?

    Maybe you shouldnt force your expectations on them. Who knows what their motivations are for playing the game, maybe its as simple as gazing at the beautiful scenery and firing a few rounds at the enemy team, maybe its inspecting the map borders. Who are you to say who is playing the game right or having the correct fun?
  6. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    Suggestion for Second USN BB Line

    A line like that is not going to be very compelling because all the additional ships already exist in the game in some fashion. There really is nothing new aside from different ship names. It would be more interesting imo to find some designs that don’t already exist in game that would be different and play differently. Examples of such ships off the top of my head: North Carolina as ordered with 12 14” guns, South Dakota 1928, Lexington BC, etc.
  7. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    I Am So Tired Of the Stat Shamers

    This guy takes stereotyping to a whole new level. If purple players are not actually any good why cant any random group of players roll over those purple teams in KOTS or Clan Battles? I mean if they are just mediocre players that farm stats than how do they do so well when they are all farming damage from 20+km?
  8. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    I Am So Tired Of the Stat Shamers

    Farm damage at the expense of your team? Make your team mates regret that they had a unicums on their team? On a serious note, It does not appear that the person you are arguing with is open to changing his mind. I find that opinions not based in facts and numbers are not easily changed by them. Maybe different parts of the brain or something.
  9. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    I Am So Tired Of the Stat Shamers

    You are arguing numbers and facts with a person that just applied a generalization of a handful of experiences to an entire group? That’s a bold move Cotten.
  10. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    I Am So Tired Of the Stat Shamers

    Average damage is highly effected by average tier and ship class. Someone with and average damage of 80k could be a bad tier 10 bb player or a great tier 8 dd player. Also an individual can have more than 1/12 of a share of influence in a game if they are good enough.
  11. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    I Am So Tired Of the Stat Shamers

    I don’t normally talk in chat in this game. But I do make an exception for players that do dumb things and then blame the team for it. If someone yolos and dies then is raging or something the should expect someone to bring up stats because the issue is in game performance and a lot of people expect everyone to do whatever they would do no matter how bad they are at the game.
  12. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    Good Luck all with Stalingrad Battles

    Is it 100% always simply a lack of skill or could it be that there is a lack of skilled competition at the level everyone starts out at each season so people are having fun?
  13. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    Good Luck all with Stalingrad Battles

    How about this: See above ^ Maybe if you were not so negative about anything clan and actually gave it a chance you would find it is not actually that bad. I know its easier to take exceptions and generalize them to entire groups and act superior though. That works as well.
  14. The DD mafia misinformation mission just wont stop. A couple months ago a DD mafia guy was making wild claim about DD torpedo accuracy. Cited a bunch of "sources", I did a step by step dissection of all the sources. None of them were relevant at all in any way. Several of them were about submarines, which practiced different tactics and largely targeted merchantmen which are less likely to react and easier to hit and none of the rest even made an accuracy claim. Some of the sources were even damage reports of ships hit by torpedoes, as if that is at all relevant to a discussion of the hit rate. I responded with an article from navweaps analyzing the effectiveness of the Long Lance which of course was dismissed because it presented facts that dont agree with the DD mafia fake news. Because the results of IJN DD torpedoes in combat conditions is not relevent...
  15. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    Now i know why people hate CVs

    And which of us performs better at the game? One thing about getting better is recognizing that no matter how good you play there are situations you cant win without the enemy making mistakes. That is exactly the situation that the OP was in.