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  1. There is not really any reason to bring those ships into the game, the design changes they had dont change how they play at all.
  2. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    You lose all your planes just for attacking now

    So what good is driving a strong AA ship with a lot of captain skills invested in AA if planes can still attack multiple times just like ships with less AA?
  3. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    You lose all your planes just for attacking now

    I spent two weekends of kots getting smashed by CVs in an AA Wooster. The ships AA didn’t do anything to reduce the damage I took. I even got struck while sitting next to the friendly cv for AA and fighter support. AA is to strong? Yeah totally...
  4. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    What can you do?

    Go to the forums and complain?
  5. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    Incompetence, Greed, and Obliviousness

    I spent the last two weekends getting smashed by CVs in an AA spec wooster by good CVs in KOTS. Somehow they figured out how to attack through that AA.
  6. One thing I think people miss that is important when playing vs CVs is measuring success. If I am in a DD playing against radar ships it might be a struggle but I can still accomplishing my goals for successful games. I can bait a radar cruiser into turning into torpedoes burn BBs down or whatever, using my skill and the abilities of my ship to deal damage. However playing against a CV is different, according to various threads on the forum I am supposed to be satisfied with watching my AA shoot down 10 planes or something and consider that a successful battle that was time well spent because I shot down a fraction of the CVs capacity and forced him to spend some time on me. Its completely different because I dont have the ability to interact with the planes directly and am just along for the ride, I might as well be watching a movie because its pretty much the same experience. Plus how do plane kills compare to damage, ship kills, and caps for rewards?
  7. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    Just get rid of carriers

    I would bet radar.
  8. AA Cruisers cant even defend themselves, I spent the last two weekends playing an AA spec Wooster in KOTS and got focused hard by CVs. Yeah the AA can shoot down planes but it cant stop a CV from striking the cruiser let alone things near it. So CVs get to individual effect the game but not other ships? Seems balanced...
  9. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    There have been people crying on the forums to revert to 8.0.0 since the first patch dropped. CV players dont care that other players can dominate games in CVs, they dont care about the skill gap or that obscene amounts of damage good cvs could get they just want to be able to do it themselves.
  10. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    CVS Still deleting DDs ( Rant/rage)

    As if an AA cruiser can protect you...
  11. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    Why I'm stopping playing.

    Its entirely possible for both to be right depending on the definition of average used. For example if you take the mean (which is the common average) of the set: {72 41 43 44 45} you get 49.
  12. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    Why I'm stopping playing.

    That is not true at all, take this set for example: {72%, 47%, 47%, 47%, 47%, 47%, 47%, 47%} if you take the mean (what people normally call the average) you get 51.125% you could add another 47% to that and drop the average below 50% even. You dont need to get balance on either side of the average to get the expected average when using the normal definition of average. That is a somewhat extreme value but in the case of this game 100% valid because there are people that achieve win rates that high.
  13. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    Kreml Preview - A powerful, balanced tinderbox

    @NoZoupForYou You do realize that extra HP does not help with fires right? Fire dot damage is a percentage of your total hp pool so having more HP just means fires do more damage each tick.
  14. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    Please just remove stats from the game.

    Have you actually played this game? I can send you my last 100 replays and you would have a hard time finding more than 1 or 2 that mention stats.
  15. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    Please just remove stats from the game.

    As if it’s not possible to tell how good a player is by watching them play for a few minutes...