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  1. You quoted a post talking about the gearing so it's a safe assumption in that context that the post I quoted was talking about the gearing. But sure let's continue talking about how terrible IJN DDs are, I'm doing almost as good in my yug as I did in my fletcher before the nerf I bet a buff would make it even more fun to play.
  2. So it's so terrible that IJN DDs are not the best but when people bring up the gearing it's fine for it to be the worst because something has to be? Seems legit...
  3. It's always great to set a new high, congrats and I hope you get to celebrate many more firsts.
  4. She has improved a lot from the time she could be seen across the map and started with 8 guns. In spite of all the resistance from the people that liked popping them and the people that didn't want USN ships to perform well. It was a long struggle to get this far but it was worth it.
  5. No I just pointed out that you are wrong because you forget of entire class of ships that can launch torps and would launch torps more. Dont try and dodge that point.
  6. Even if they had the same torps the Fletcher would probably still be superior giving it Fletcher torps would just mean its not worse in one respect which wouldnt actually make it an upgrade. The Gearing has more issues than the torpedoes anyways with its large turning circle and shorter gun range to name a few.
  7. DDs are not the only ships with torpedoes and not normally the ones that would be launching from second line positions. (Hint: think Cruisers with torpedoes) I remember what it was like to play a game where the teams were constantly launching torps because thats what all the idiots were doing in their Tirpitz when the ship was first introduced. It makes it really hard to determine which torpedoes actually are dangerous because all of the torpedo warnings from all the friendly ships that launch whenever they please.
  8. Check the context of my comment, the comment I was commenting on was calling people elitist for wanting to not be terrible. Besides if WOT is any sign than even side activities buIlt for more competitive play where people actually have to perform to get prizes will just be torn down by the mediocre players that can't stand not being able to get the prize simply because they exist.
  9. So wanting to improve and do better is an elitist attitude now?
  10. I just came to ready all the salty comments from people that think IJN DDs need to be significantly better than their peers to be ok. The truth is far different than the "Muh IJN DDs suck" group wants people to believe. Don't be afraid to play a line that has a bad reputation because for a lot of people a ship is bad simply because it's not as awesome as they think it should and does not work well the way they think it should.
  11. The logic is not that its over powered, its that there are all ready so many shimas that anything that gives people more reason to play the shima needs to be carefully considered. You mean now it does not make the Kag and Yug look completely ridiculous? Which btw are not the worst DDs of their tier and just behind their USN DD peers. But obviously a DD thats doing more damage than a DD thats basically identical two tiers higher is completely balanced.
  12. Ha Jokes on all of you. My DD uses something else that just got buffed.
  13. People said the same thing in WOT when Blitz and the console versions were introduced. Turns out people dont really like to start over completely new, especially if they have premium ships, premium time. or gold which wouldnt be on your blitz account.
  14. You are right, the Navies knew exactly how much they displaced, but they claimed different values in their published values so they could fit into the treaties. In that context Strachwitz666 right about that much.
  15. Yes thats how it works now, however there was actual lying going on between ww1 and ww2 because navies were trying to squeeze every bit of advantage they could and sometimes couldnt squeeze enough into a given displacement. Check basically any IJN CA or DD from the 1920-30s or many KM designs. They gave a displacement value that was often considerably less than the actual number to try and fit into the treaties.