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  1. Its still useful, it just is no longer a "lol I am safe now" ability, you have to make sure you are far enough away from potential detection. The smoke detection range of guns is mostly dependent on gun caliber so BBs can basically only hide. CAs need 7-10 km (more for moskva and Henry) to be unspotted firing in smoke, CLs need 5-6 km and DDs are much less. The Gearing for example is 2.83 km so you will still be out spotted by hydro before your guns light you up in your smoke.
  2. Reducing the maneuverability of ships sounds like a great way to further reduce the cruiser population.
  3. I also just got the Shima but have been enjoying it since I got the 12 km torpedoes, I even got my second Solo Warrior in it recently. For my captain skills and modules I focused on concealment and torpedo reload. The AA is pretty useless and the guns dont get used a lot so they really are not worth much of an investment. In my opinion and this is how I played the previous ships in the line since things dont change a whole lot, you are not a cap contestor but more of a cap thief. You should go for a cap early if it is going to be contested because you will just lose HP for no reason and everyone will expect shima torps. Instead the role of IJN DDs in general is to find the big enemy ships and sink them, that does not mean that you dont take caps, just that you do it safely. When using the torpedoes 3 launchers gives lots of flexibility to the ship. You can stack torp spreads on top of eachother and make it harder for ships to thread them, you can cover a wide area, or you can put some space between the spreads so the first hit triggers damage control and the second forces a perma flood. Since the reload is so long you should try to aim for the best shots possible, dont feel pressured to launch torpedoes any time you can instead be patient and wait for the best moments. I prefer to launch on ships that have limited maneuvering options and am fine waiting a little while to line up the best shots possible. Potential targets are BBs that are bow on, they wont turn much and you can force 1-2 hits even on skinny Iowas by stacking your torps on top of eachother. Ships driving past islands or other ships is another good option, but my favorite is groups of ships because you can sometimes get hits on multiple ships with one salvo. Ideally you want to be in a good position to launch torpedoes whenever you are reloaded but like battleships sometimes its more rewarding to wait a little while for a better shot. Another trick I use is to use two launchers for one attack and save the third for something else. If CVs are in the game good luck, I find that they ruin torpedo games far more than radar ever has for me because they spot the torps and can keep you spotted for long periods of time. My best recommendation is just to be patient, stay near friendlies and wait for good opportunities as the game progresses. The Shima is pretty helpless vs CVs. If you run into gun boats try and keep your range or use geography to break contact. You cant really out gun most gun boats however against a Gearing or other USN DD you can win if you keep the range up and kite away. A good USN DD wont fall for it but you can win if they stay engaged because they will have a hard time hitting you. Smoke is primarily a get out of jail card, it lets people know where you are and attracts torpedoes/Radar so use it sparingly and be prepared for torps if you stick in it. The one situation I am comfortable using smoke is when I am trying to light fires on a ship I just hit with torpedoes. If you smoke up before the torps hit, an aware ship may starting acting erratic because they know a DD is around. 12 km torpedoes are pretty much the best option for the Shima, the 20km torpedo detection is miserable and the 8km torpedoes force you to be in very dangerous positions to use. I find the 12km torpedoes have enough range that I dont miss many opportunities and dont sacrifice to many other characteristics for the range. The two big things I keep in mind while playing is to be patient and that some games with torpedo boats are just going to suck. A patient DD player stays alive and gets more hits, which is important because DDs become more powerful as the game progresses. As ships are sunk more gaps open in the enemy lines and there are more opportunities to strike. This helps be more consistent in the ship but does not eliminate the bad games, there are games that anyone in the shim wouldnt be able to accomplish anything, if the enemy spends all game running away, if their is a CV that hates DDs, etc lots of situations where the best you can hope for is someone bumbling into torps you launched because you dont get any opportunities. DDs need long games to get damage consistently and they work best when the enemy is slowly pushing up instead of fleeing, so you dont want your team to win fast but dont want them to melt either. Here is the replay of my Solo Warrior if you are interested, it was my first game with the 12 km torpedoes: https://replayswows.com/replay/8795
  4. Why does this bother you? Do you want to end up 4 tiers down?
  5. AS CVs are the least evil variety of CV, occasionally they even try and stop strikes on their team mates.
  6. Ships have gotten devistriked by 20km shima torps at max range as well. What BB hits you for 15k with one shell? The biggest BB shells in the game only do 14,800 hp with a citadel and DDs dont have citadels so the most it could do to a DD is less than 5k. Yeah we must be, I dont see BBs sitting in the back dealing all kinds of damage. I only have a few games in the shima so far and have already had two amazing shima games, in one game 10 torps netted 180 k damage and in the other 13 hits netted 220k damage. The damage potential is crazy and with so much damage per hit making Shima torps hit consistently would be completely broken. I also used the Mod 3 torps on the Yugumo and did what at least in my opinion was very good, I dunno maybe 73k average is not that impressive for tier 9 ships... 1-2 torpedoes Shima torpedoes is a devastating hit for most ships in the game. A Zao or Des Moines taking 2 torpedo hits would basically be out the game if not outright dead.
  7. Wait what? Are you trying to claim that BBs can do 15k with one shell or that BBs consistently get citadels at 18 km? Also torpedo detection for the mod 3s is not bad, the 20 km have bad detection but the mod 3s are not in a bad place. Most of the time a ship dodges them completely its because it was a low chance shot or the ship changed course for other reasons. When a ship blunders on until they actually spot the torps at the torpedo detection range they are in for a world of hurt.
  8. Depends when and what tiers you play, I had a 13 DD game last night. At least for me it seems that there are often more DDs than CAs in high tier battles when I play plus the Shima and Gearing are always at or near the top of battles played for their tier. The guy is a troll that hates DDs, dont bother with him.
  9. I feel you, if I am going to gift those bbs with my attention they could at least have the decency to stick around and make it interesting.
  10. That was my first game with the mod 3s.
  11. OK not going to lie, totally a click bait title. Just got my second Solo Warrior of all time and it was in my brand new Shimakaze. When I hit the North Carolina at the end and got my Kraken I yelled so hard I scared @KTcraft who was listening in
  12. You are arguing with someone that will only accept one single conclusion no matter what, and that conclusion is that USN mass produced trash and over run the superior IJN who even though they were using better equipment and fought smarter end the end couldnt overcome the mass of barbaric US forces.
  13. The USN no longer planned to sail out all the way across the pacific and fight the Japanese like that. Since before the Navy had started rearming in 1938 it had looked to island hop across the pacific, establishing bases to rearm and repair ships to support further pushes. The scenario of the USN suicidally pushing to relieve the Philippines is a dream of IJN fanboys based on plans that were obsolete long before the war started. The IJN also didnt have the capability to sustain combat in Australia or Hawaii, there ability to transport supplies was completely insufficient for what they already had not even considering moving and supplying troops thousands of miles away from anything else.
  14. This is obviously a BB nerf, I mean now its going to be so much harder to burn down those pesky cruisers and DDs. I thought it would be obvious, DDs cant burn down those evil CAs trying to chase them down anymore. How in the world are DDs supposed to succeed anymore when they cant even defend themselves from their natural predator? WG is just taking away any ability DDs have to influence the game at all.
  15. The Meta is whatever you can make work. Each lineup has advantages and disadvantages and you need to know how to abuse that in order to win.