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  1. Go full concealment and your radar will have a larger detection radius than you will.
  2. Hopefully WG can list the smoke detection range in the menu that pops up when someone hits the "H" button. That way people can check in game.
  3. Personally I dont mind lots of BBs in games its just more damage to farm, CVs are already limited to 1-2 per team. Lots of smoke in a game can really slow the game down if there is nothing something else like radar or a good cv to help deal with it, that includes CLs that get smoke as well. In general I like games with lots of CAs the best they are the most fun games for me. Some classes just have a much worse effect on how a game plays than others and people need to understand that especially when not all classes are represented.
  4. No, most people dont drive right up to their opponents in the Belfast and then smoke, the normal strategy is to smoke before you are detected which means you will still be far enough away to fire from smoke. With the change you just have to be careful that someone does not sneak up on your smoke instead of just laughing hysterically while you flame people from smoke.
  5. Twisting words? You said: and Sorry I must not have read "If the enemy ship is alive, it's necessary. PERIOD." correctly, is there some alternate meaning to that other than "Kill the enemy ships"? Situations like I suggested happen on a regular basis and people just going for kills do make mistakes that cost games.
  6. Tell me how necessary is it for a CV to drop on a BB with 700 hp that has two fires burning? Would the CV not have done more attacking a target not already doomed to die in another moment? What about the BB that has two low hp ships attacking it and wastes all its guns on the 200 hp target and then has nothing to end the 3k CA that has torps? Do you shoot the shots on the max range almost dead ship and ignore the DD that pops up 5 km away? Do you shoot the low hp ship and ignore the enemy ship capping points? You cant just draw an absolute line, both you and the OP are guilty of this. There is such a thing as damage farming and there definitely are situations where you would be better served to not go all out to kill the ship thats almost dead and instead shoot another target. Another thing in mind is the average players make themselves a list of rules where a unicum will look at the situation and estimate the best response. Where a regular player will say "always shoot the low HP ship" the unicum is going to look at the situation and decide what the most dangerous ship is and act accordingly. Sometimes that means killing the almost dead ship and sometimes it means landing a good salvo on the radar ship or DD that happens to be spotted by planes.
  7. Not even close, it goes back way farther than that. There are many other reasons, including some personal ones. Check my mogami thread where he tries to murder me for quoting a yuro meme because this guy gets so triggered about anything IJN or USN. Or even farther back than that when him and other redditors jump all over me for claiming the NC should have a good TDS and the Yamato TDS is not all people chalk it up to be.
  8. Let me guess, the New York and New Orleans also need to get nerfed, among other USN ships that are desperately in need of nerfing to stop the trend of overwhelmingly OP USN ships.
  9. That's not exactly true in the case of the Yamato. It's tds voids were equiped to be flooded because the Yamato depended on counter flooding to limit the result of flooding. They were already plumbed to pumps and fitted with flooding valves so the voids could be quickly counter flooded even when the ship was not on an even keel. At the time IJN doctrine focused on rapid counter flooding as quickly as possible so they designed the Yamato with what was considered at the time to be a large amount of counter flooding volume. Those voids were not simply empty spaces. The ability of the tds to absorb shock is also questionable because the musashi lost its primary fire control director because of shock from an air dropped torpedo early in the battle.
  10. The game comes stock with ships from 1968 and 1984 which would be the early 688s before the 688i or VLS or anything like that (USS Providence was commissioned in 1985). There are however mods that add the other submarines and a 2004 mod as well but since they are mods to the game they cant add any new features, just changing the size, number of tubes, etc. No need to be rude, you said millennials wouldnt even consider a solo play sim and I just suggested one that I play. Besides if you are into modding games there are mods that add extra subs and campaigns to the game including ww2 and early cold war diesel electric subs.
  11. Solo sims are fine, try cold water its a great sub sim and solo play. It is also easily moddable so people can create new subs and new missions easily.
  12. You can set a timer to tell you when to turn? If my cruiser is not constantly changing course some BB is going to wreck it. Sorry you cant just sail in straight line all game forgetting you have a rudder and sitting in sniper mode devastating striking all the idiots dumb enough to not play BBs.
  13. If you say so, I have not been spending much time on the forums recently, maybe I missed something interesting.
  14. I dunno about that, there seems to be some very loud voices advocating hobbling cruisers and making torpedoes invisible.
  15. Its a superior Iowa with stronger extremity armor, stronger forward bulkhead, and radar. On top of that it also is a premium so it earns better and can take any USN captain. It makes the Iowa completely obsolete and since it has radar it has utility that only cruisers should have. In spite of that I still would feel confident in a match with a tier 9 DD vs a Missouri mostly because the game provides other ways to win besides sinking the enemy ship and a Missouri would have to put himself in a vulnerable position to contest playing objectives. This brings up another interesting part of class balance, because sinking ships is not the only way to win a match. How does one weigh the ability of a ship to contest caps or take them vs the ability to sink other ships?