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  1. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    ZOUP, please don't quit

    Zoup has to push his views by making inflammatory videos that cause controversy because his other content has been trash for a while. His ship reviews are trash, other CCs make much better reviews for any skill level in the game. His opinion pieces are poorly done and he does not add any qualifiers about his opinion, just simply presenting them as facts and then backing up his arguments by saying "you know its true". Hardly a waterproof argument... I just wish people would stop linking his videos and discussing his videos because it just benefits his channel.
  2. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    Very happy WG fixed the AA!

    An explanation has just been posted. Like I said in my original comment, if its true. I havent been able to verify anything yet since I am at work.
  3. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    Very happy WG fixed the AA!

    According to this thread: The DM AA is less powerful than several other Heavy cruisers let alone light cruisers. Ships like the Hindi and Mosvka now have better AA if the chart is accurate.
  4. I have similar concerns, the torps didnt seem that big a deal to me and WG is pretty willing to play with numbers after release to change how effective stuff is. But they generally dont change the basic mechanics like the auto depth charges which I dont like either. During the live stream a sub was sunk without the little follow the circles minigame just by the DD driving over the sub. Getting a kill like that would be so empty to me, without knowing where a DD was or even knowing when to shoot my ship got me a kill for free. Might as well watch a movie if that is the amount of interaction WG expects from the players.
  5. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    ASW is no counter to Subs

    Except the player does not need to know the exact position of the sub all the time to conduct an ASW attack. Depth Charges are an area of effect weapon. The coverage and effectiveness of a depth charge attack can be changed for national flavors, captain skills, ship tier, alternate hulls that sacrifice other abilities to gain ASW. On top of that a sub can light an enemy sub at deep dived so the sub can be accurately engaged by the DD. WG could setup subs just like CVs where at low tiers subs might not have to really fear the weapon made to stop them (AA or ASW) where the captains can learn the ropes but at higher tiers the subs cant just dive deep and be practically immune because the DDs have more substantial ASW armament and can cover a larger area in a barrage of area of effect weapons or at least have the ability to build into more substantial ASW armaments. This opens up more tactical options. First that a Sub when finding a DD near by can choose to continue at periscope opening themselves up to an accurate attack by the DD who can light the Sub with Hydro or in proximity. But the sub can also deep dive to escape detection and accurate ASW although the DD still has the option of dropping depth charges if they want. However this means the sub cant attack while it is relatively safe and can only stay there for a limited amount of time. However if the enemy DD is working with a sub than a careless sub could be opened up to accurate attacks anyways. Basically all that changes is that the sub has more chances to escape instead of being automatically destroyed by a DD. I do recognize that there needs to be some careful balance work between the proximity detection range and the area affected by depth charges with making ASW a controlled consumable, however it makes the game more interesting for both the DD and the submarine. Getting a kill because I somehow stumbled over a DD and the depth charges just popped off seems awfully unfulfilling.
  6. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    ASW is no counter to Subs

    Still not seeing how having depth charges happening automatically gives more counter play than the exact same situation except where the DD has to push a button. For someone desperate to make sure that subs can easily outplay anything else you seem surprisingly resistant to the idea that players should make purposeful moves to engage subs.
  7. OP you must be under the faulty impression that building AA is supposed to increase the ability of your AA to kill planes.
  8. Not to mention at least some nations started pulling them out of the torps at some point in ww2.
  9. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    ASW is no counter to Subs

    Right now there is even less because the depth charges just start popping over the side when a sub is close. How is there enough counter play in that?
  10. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    ASW is no counter to Subs

    I disagree, WG already demonstrated two methods of detecting subs, first the proxy lighting of subs within 2 km and second the circles from the pings. Without changing any of the at and simply changing depth charges to a consumable there is already a way to know if you are near a sub. Plus we dont know anything about RPF yet and if it can work against subs. Right now you could just be driving your DD along, get a spotted notification, than your Depth charges start popping off and you get a sub kill. Sounds like fun when you dont have to take any specific actions at all to sink subs. You keep crying about stacking the deck against subs but its already too easy to accidentally sink a sub that potentially you were not even aware of, just because you stumbled over it.
  11. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    ASW is no counter to Subs

    Thats good to see, but I would still prefer at the very least the depth charges be a consumable for the ship that the player activates. So the DD can misplay and use the Depth Charges at the wrong time or the Sub can sneak up on a DD that is not aware.
  12. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    ASW is no counter to Subs

    I think some people are missing the point by being vocal at this point in the development process. Yes its early and subs will change a lot between now and when they are released. However as was demonstrated with CVs by the time WG is ready to reveal the finished product they wont want to take it back to the drawing board if there are issues. They will be here to stay. So I think its important that WG knows what their customers want early in the process while changes can still be made.
  13. It will be difficult to deal with but I think it will be less invasive than torpedo boats for a number of reasons: Less torpedoes than DDs. Homing torps can only be launched from periscope depth. They are not as fast as DDs. They cant attack at all when diving deep. When they launch their torps everyone will know where they are and they have limited ability to reposition. Unlike a fast DD the sub is going to have to reveal its position every time it uses its most lethal attack and so it is possible that a couple players in non DD ships could stay close enough to it that when it has to surface it is spotted and they can kill it. Also subs can be used in the anti sub role, they can proxy spot subs that are deep dived and the homing torpedo can apparently follow diving subs according to the live stream earlier.
  14. I thought that was the expected outcome.
  15. For all practical purposes the tier 10 is a guppy wearing the stock Balao model. But I would like to see some post war subs to go with the Type XXI, the way the speeds are setup just makes the type XXI seem so insignificant because it lost the biggest advantage it had IRL. Also, there is a Gato, its in the game files, they just didnt reveal it in the live stream. Not there is much difference between the two classes relevant to this game anyways lol. Yeah I dont want to make it sound like they are not headed anywhere close to the right direction. Just things I would like to see and hope eventually get done. It seems like the only reason to sail on the surface currently is the slow recharge of air instead of the increased tactical mobility. Which I dont agree with either I would prefer a power based system where finding a good initial position requiring little repositioning under water would reward the user with an increased ability to evade. I am almost ok with normal depth charges being automatic if they would introduce manual ASW options as well on alternate hulls or something. However just like AA it means that subs cant out play poorly played DDs for free, the ASW will operate in the right conditions no matter what. Same problem with AA and planes, the planes cant outplay High AA and low AA ships cant out play planes. It is interesting that they only allow DDs to engage subs under water after making a big deal with CVs needing to be able to attack high AA cruisers.