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  1. The Yamato was built to be superior to any BB that America could build, not to be superior to relics from the previous war, they already had that covered.
  2. Yamato was designed to be able to take on multiple enemy BBs and win. Are you saying that it would be balanced for the Yamato to be more powerful than several other tier 10 BBs combined because thats what it was designed to do?
  3. Tell that to the Des Moines I watched get dev striked a couple days ago by a Midway, 3.5 km away from my Iowa and he got full->0 by two AP DB squads after "wasting" his panic on the TB squads. "Just find a buddy and you are safe" lol that is CV propaganda if I ever heard it. If a Des Moines which has over 400 dps at 7.2 km sitting next to an Iowa which also has strong AA didnt stop a Midway there is much safety to be had by simply finding another ship. As for CV skill not mattering, there is a reason why you have CV captains that can average 93% win rate and its not because the CV does not effect games.
  4. I’m not a huge fan of changing the situation between leagues. It makes it harder for people to move up when they have to change their team comps and find new map strats.
  5. Honestly if you are only worried about CVs striking your dd out you are thinking very small. Planes have an unparalleled ability to spot torpedoes where ever they go. Considering that torpedoes are the primary armament of IJN dds a cv could accidentally spot an IJN DDs strike completely accidentally. Once the torpedoes are spotted the likelyhood of those torpedoes hitting their target is practically nothing. Torpedoes don’t become unspotted ever so once they are spotted the enemy will see them until the torpedoes run out. The other thing is that IJN DDs depend on their concealment to live and depend on torpedoes to sink ships. Ships are much less likely to act evasively when they don’t know a dd is in the area and anyone paying attention will be much more careful if a cv spots a dd hanging around near by. I mean if you average 1-2 torpedo hits a game it probably does not matter much but not everyone plays at that level so your experience is very different from the experience of some players.
  6. CVs change how the entire game is played, a lot of ships especially dds have to play completely differently with CVs around. Especially IJN dds who depend on torpedoes and concealment get f***ed when the enemy cv can spot them and their torpedoes without interference from the allied CV. Most people in the game don’t adapt well to changing circumstances and can’t handle the extra complexity a CV adds. On top of that, a lot of CVs are pretty poor players and become massive anchors that the rest of the team has to drag kicking and screaming to victory. If the enemy cv is any good it can become almost an impossible task to win in that scenario and a lot of players are sick of being abused by bad CV players forcing that kind of situation on them. A lot of people will blame the friendly CV for the actions of enemy CV because CVs have to be paired in games so they think the enemy CV wouldn’t be there if the friendly CV didn’t queue up. I don’t think there is an excuse for the abusive things people say in chat, however with how CVs are in game with only 1-2 per team, the mirrored mm, and the massive influence CVs have they are a natural target for people that can’t restrain themselves.
  7. I played a couple games in the range after the change to see what it was like, I played a couple AS Hiryus and a couple Saipans. All but one of the Hiryus were terrible CV drivers the kind that didnt even know how to strafe which left me enough room to occasionally interfere with their strikes and get some of my own in, the one decent Hiryu driver was very tough for me to compete against. The Saipan is the primary reason I dont grind tier 7 CVs and the situation has only gotten worse. Previously the Ranger had the option to use two fighters and pretend to be as good at shooting planes down but when the Saipan fighters are faster and can strafe out there is no way to compete against a similar skill CV driver. Basically the Ranger player has to be much better of a player to accomplish anything when its facing any of the other CVs at tier 7. 1 slow fighter just does not cut it especially when every CV benefits more from AS than the Ranger does.
  8. Skill based match maker?

    Ranked is not skill based mm, its frustration based mm.
  9. IJN DD status

    What kind of fake news is 6430 exactly? 1 game out of 6430? I dont even have 6430 games played and win the vast majority of the games I play in my IJN DDs. Besides you said they cant win, there is a win. Maybe the problem is not the ships...
  10. IJN DD status

    Sorry what? That is a solo warrior just for reference.
  11. IJN DD status

    WG already is aware of the stock torpedo issue on the shima. Using the stock torpedoes to try and make the shima look bad is a poor argument at best and simply dishonest at worst. If it is a bad ship using the best configuration to compare should prove your point perfectly well.
  12. IJN DD status

    Apparently you misunderstood what I wrote. If the IJN DD has a significant HP advantage then it can hunt down USN DDs even if the USN DD is not driven by a dumb captain. That part should be pretty clear IJN DDs guns can do damage and USN DDs dont have infinite dpm, they cant take off all your HP instantly. Now the other part, if a USN DD tries to chase down an IJN DD like a Kagero or a Yugumo it can easily lose lots of HP which changes the situation, at that point the USN DD often tries to disengage and run and is where a smart IJN DD turns around and chases does the USN DD. Does that help?
  13. IJN DD status

    Or the IJN DD has a significant HP advantage, which can easily happen if the DD tries to chase a kiting Yugumo or Shima.
  14. IJN DD status

    I recently reached the Shima and really enjoyed grinding the Kagero and Yugumo, I dont have enough games in the shima to form a strong opinion yet but I have enjoyed it since I got my 12 km torpedoes back. I really enjoy playing the torpedo reload, I used it almost exclusively on the Kagero and Yugumo. Even without smoke on my Yugumo I survived over 70% of the games I played in it so I am pretty fond of the ship. (an aside I have always wondered how a tier 7 dd getting its trb changed is a problem that people keep complaining about but they all forget that a tier 8 and a tier 9 are almost identical and never got the special trb) The detection distance is a problem on some torpedoes but I have not found it to be a problem on the 12 km torpedoes that the Yugumo or Shimakaze get. The 20 km torpedos and some of the lower tier torpedoes do have that issue but its not an issue that is across the board like a lot of people like to make it seem. Anyone that has played much pan asian dd knows most torps that get dodged get dodged way before they are spotted. The biggest issue I feel is that IJN DDs require a specific situation to perform well. They dont get surprised well, they dont handle cvs at all in any way, they have a hard time against teams that are very passive. But if you get into a game and you put yourself in the right situation it can do very well. You have to pick your targets well and you have to be careful how you engage enemies, the guns have limitations but the ships can hold their own if you are prepared and react appropriately. I wouldnt say that the ships are bad or under powered (out side of a couple exceptions) or strong. I would say that the ships have a very high skill floor and need a specific set of circumstances to do well. That means that even good players are going to have ups and downs in the ships as mm screws with them and the average player does not have the knowledge or ability to consistently make the ships advantages work for them. If requiring skill to play makes the ships bad then I guess they are although there are some changes I think would improve the ships and should be made.
  15. Not exactly, he leaves out a lot of WW1 Ships that served in WW2, I think its if the ships "look ww2" somehow. For example Tenryu and Kuma were left off his IJN tech tree even though they served in ww2 and the Omaha class was left off his USN tech tree even though they served in WW2.