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  1. Do whatever you feel like, but if people keep paying extraordinary amounts of money for ships the prices will just keep going up. You can buy brand new games for a fraction of the price of this ship and I have serious ethical issues with WG hiding the true cost of the ship behind multiple walls.
  2. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    Normalizing High prices and Crazy long grinds

    Nobody should need to defend this purchase. I am just pointing out that people acquiring this ship through the methods WG has given us will just ensure that next year its even harder and more expensive because people are rewarding WG for making it so hard to get.
  3. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Other free to play games are also doing extended missions for nice end game content. Star Trek Online for example has a mission for a top tier ship and missions that only require a few minutes each day for a lot shorter time period. Last I checked Star Trek Online is also a for profit company.
  4. I would just like to point out that all the people out there who buy the PR on the first day or somehow do manage to grind it out are normalizing this kind of crazy tough and/or expensive grind. If we really want WG to change we need to not encourage them by rewarding them for choosing to try and force us to spend the entire holiday season grinding plus a good portion of January. Its just going to be worse next year if WG gets what they want which is people spending money or dubs on this. Edit: Are WG employess the only ones that have to work over the holiday season? https://clips.twitch.tv/AdorableOnerousGooseNerfBlueBlaster
  5. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    I tried a Tier 4 game today

    I bet that would be a great idea for a game, hey guys lets make a warship game with 4 different classes and make 3 of them balanced against each other, but then have the final one just completely obsolete the other three. Maybe you need to get out of the week minded tier and rise to perform at something besides the Hosho.
  6. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    I tried a Tier 4 game today

    I feel you man but the CV mains gotta have a safe place where they can farm defenseless ships and pretend they are super cool. Just wait until someone accuses you of wanting complete immunity vs CVs because you dont enjoy being on small teams facing 3 cvs. You cant buy an enterprise anyways. I should pretend to be one of the pro CV players and dismiss your entire post because of one error. But I will say that its sad people dislike the CV over population being fixed.
  7. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    Why doesn't the biggest CC in the game get his own captain??

    What lines would you propose for him?
  8. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    The Core issue with CVs

    That is a straw man, I havent asked for immunity. In fact if you read my old AA proposal from years ago I proposed creating mechanics were both planes and ships could out play each other. A death aura around ships is such a simplistic mechanic that it punishes both sides, CVs cant escape some plane losses no matter what and surface ships cant do anything. All I have asked for this entire time is the ability to out play planes like I can out play any other surface ship. I am really getting tired of people accusing anyone that is not completely satisfied with the current CVs as wanting complete immunity. Its a cheap trick to shut down any discussion. I am starting to think its just mediocre players wanting to keep the status quo because they cant pwn good players in anything else. Is it really countering a strike when I maneuver to make it harder to hit? Do you also claim that you countered a BB when you only take 1 citadel from the salvo he fired at you? Did my maneuvering somehow kill more of your planes than normal?
  9. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    The Core issue with CVs

    What do CV mains see? Cause I am pretty sure you cant see someone manually aiming those flak bursts. I am honestly not that afraid of a Midway that averages 40k. I hope we do meet in battle and oppose each other. Would be a nice break from the CVs I usually run into. Well I can use my keyboard and mouse at the same time, does that count as ambidextrous? Just group up is not a real solution. There are DDs like french DDs and cruisers like the Zao that are built to flank the enemy team and ambush them. Those ships dont have any tools to deal with planes and if I am just supposed to stick with the rest of the team I would rather play other ships like the HIV for example which has the range to sit back and be useful. French DDs are particularly badly hurt because they depend on their guns and have no smoke so they are lit whenever they try and do anything. How are they supposed to be useful when they dont have the range to sit back and cant even stay hidden? Since you and @FineousFingers think I have no idea how to play and you guys know so much more than me why dont you post some games in high tier french DDs against CVs. Put up some games that put my numbers to shame while avoiding the CV. Maybe a CV main could answer why I would play a Zao instead of an HIV when there are CVs around? Why choose a flanker and be limited to sitting with the rest of the team when I could pick a ship that sits with the team just fine? Is it good that there are ship lines that are obsolete because of the presence of CVs?
  10. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    The Core issue with CVs

    KOTS didnt include any CVs because the teams didnt want CVs. How does that line up with your "people who dont like CVs dont like team play" theory? Whats more is CVs were included until this last season and there were many positive reviews about the meta being more entertaining to watch and play without CVs. What CA has an 8 km AA range? Doesnt matter how much area is covered by the AA if my ships torps and guns cant reach the enemy team. Im still just sitting there twiddling my thumbs because I dont want to just be focused to death. How am I supposed to enjoy shooting down planes? Its completely non interactive. I might as well just watch a movie instead of playing a game. At least if I am shooting other ships I have to choose the best ammo type, lead appropriately, aim for the right section of the ship, maybe hold the shot for a better angle. Against planes its just set the sector and pray the AP DBs dont have good RNG. I dont think there was any advice there, just a more PC "get gud". Pretty hilarious where it comes from too.
  11. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    Can someone explain...

    Yes and AA has been designed that no ship can stop a CV in a 1v1 situations, you have to group up with other players to have a chance. So good luck if you are a smaller ship with shorter range than your team mates. You are stuck sitting with them twiddling your thumbs or getting harassed until you die by the CV because you had the audacity to actually try to shoot something.
  12. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    The Core issue with CVs

    Really people that dont like CVs dont like team play? Is that why CVs are not in KOTS and Clan Battles the two most team play intensive modes that exist in this game. Because the people that play those modes dont like team play? Sorry to tell you but grouping up for mutual protection like a group of cattle is the least team play tactic that people could come up with. Without CVs teams can use the advantages of each boat in different ways to fight together. Instead you advocate everyone grouping up and just following each other, where the little boats dont have the range to participate and ships cant use their specific advantages to overcome the enemy team. Might as well just play BBs and CVs at that point because those are the only classes that benefit from a meta that is diametrically opposed to players using their brain and proactively moving to influence the games. Just sit back in my little boat and wait for the rest of my team to get close enough so I can have a change to fire my guns a few times and clean up some scraps. Sounds like a fun time, maybe I can watch a youtube video while I wait for something to do...
  13. Thats only true if both players were in the same CV. Reality was that there were a ton of match ups where one CV had a massive advantage from the start and the other player had to play much better in order to accomplish much. There are tons of examples that come to mind, the most egregious example would probably be Saipan vs Kaga, the kaga having terrible fighters and much slower aircraft made it very difficult to accomplish anything at all. Basically saipan vs anything else at tier 7, fighter saipan vs normal saipan, any fighter IJN CV vs the peer USN CV, Enterprise vs Lex, Hak vs Midway, 201 Bogue vs any other tier 5 CV etc. The reality is that a significant portion of the CV matches started off highly asymmetrically balanced and required a good deal of skill or luck for one player to even match the opponent. The most common method for a Kaga or Ranger to out play a Saipan was to snipe it, but that was not a super effective tactic given how many matches the saipan survived. But I am just obscuring the basic argument you were making which I agree with. Just because the new CVs are not as crazy as RTS does not mean they are perfect. There is still work to do and excusing the current system because of the one it replaced is inane.
  14. Yes subs will make DDs more important but will also make DDs more vulnerable similar to having CVs in more matches has. People will expect DDs to persue subs and eliminate them however at least as of the last rework subs could proxy spot DDs for their team while unspotted at the deepest depth. Just imagine a divisioned cruiser and sub entrapping DDs.
  15. 1nv4d3rZ1m

    So How Do You Defend VS CV's?

    So your test shows AA mounts get destroyed just like my test that you refused to believe? And you call me the troll... What will it take for you to finally believe the mod does not make AA mounts completely invulnerable? If you wont believe LWM who has been informing the community for years than you cant believe anyone.