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  1. M8 here is view on this jump in and have your say

    1. dionkraft


      WEll I think there are two camps - those that MM should be limited to same tier to tier and those with max two tier variance. I just prefer a FAIR FIGHT.

      And that means SAME TIER SHIPS.  Its more of a fair competition to me.  Maybe not as challenging as a multi tier battle I agree.  But in the end - its up to WOW to decide if they do anything or anything at all.  If what they say is true about WOW not gaining more players..well they had better do something to stop that like any other business.  The question is what and how. WE can only discuss on the forum and if WOW is interested engage in the players about subjects with GOOD Quationaires and Surveys Their one line questions are far too juvenile to get any kind of accurate handle of whats going on in my opinion. But Hey..I don't run the company....but in the horizon are other games which mimic WOW and probably going to surpass it.  The MM situation is just a small piece of the puzzle as a whole and not the sole problem. Just a player preference.  I don't know which way it will go but other than to discuss issues which players feel pro and con on.  Thats about it.   Thanks for the heads up.