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  1. THATS a GOOD answer no doubt about that. It's too bad that you can't have duplicate ships so that when one battle ends poorly but have to wait for that particular ship to go back into Port - get a duplicate so that you can resume battle without waiting !! AND that ship could be off half price..but ONLY if you take this offer within the next 20 minutes....Free Port Slot with shipping and handling....
  2. Tactics like this sales bundle merely cheapen other peoples purchase when they payed..shall I say it..FULLBOAT LOL!
  3. It's too bad that WOW does not consider each ship with its custom rating depending on the build. options, Captains skills, flags and camo as a rating much like they rate the ships when you click on them but those are naked with no customization. Then theres the Player..rate him for the average Win Rate. Add those two numbers together and get more of a approximation of one players and then MM can evenly distribute (as well as possible ) to setup the match. Just an idea I'm throwing out. NOW if doing that..and one team really gets steam rolleres..well thats the way it is..MM has done its ob. If such a thing was possible its also too bad that you cannot have a 10 or more second view of the opponents you will play against and load out what you don't want and load in what you think will work depending on the opposition setup. I was thinking of if there are no CV's..why have a strong AA suite when you could have chosen another alternate setup. And visa versa.
  4. No business wants it self to die but its a question of do they KNOW what is not making it grow and become more prosperous. Many businesses fall into this situation where they are aware but don't know and think its a momentary glitch and they will recover but sometimes sooner or later the numbers are not lying. Its a decline. Usually if they are smart they will send out mass survery properly done by an outside firm to collect data. In house employees would be the worst to write those as they always contain bias as they work for the company. But eventually a clear picture on the areas of deficiency will surface and when thats discussed a battleplan to address those issues commenses. Other than the WAS THIS BATTLE GREAT-GOOD-AVERAGE-POOR-BAD...survey is not going to cut it insofar as an accurate overview of the situation.
  5. I think that if its possible SUBS should be developed by WOW but not necessarily used in conjunction with the ships in play now. I see it this way...rubbing on Genie Lamp....Make sub battles separate and unique in nature. In Co-OP mode you could have Bot Ship Tenders being escourted by Bot DDs and CA's Your team depends on the convoy NOT getting to their destination. Another is in Random mode. Bot tenders accompanied by players in their DD's and CAs detecting and killing off the SUB players. Thats just ONE idea...I am sure there can be more... Basically the SUBS would be another revenue stream and if it does not make enough..Kill it. but what if it becomes a sustainable financial model? Well..WOW has a sub modeled..now whether its opertional is another matter. I would think that some more variety would be a step in the right direction. I would hold this idea as in players can choose if they want CV's in their battle choice. meaning some have opted to not maximize their AA config. But thats a subject for another time....
  6. Its all in the presentation.....WOW likes to make the ship purchase as if there is a finite window to buy them. Not surprising as thats the oldest trick in the book. Only problem is that the merchansie is digital not real. If they limited the amount of buys and serilized the ships then the pressure to buy would be more but again these are unlimited digital ships. It's a cat and mouse game where if ALL the ships were put out for sale there would be a mass of buyers but eventually it would trickle down and slow. The access to buy some and then drop them off at another date just tries to keep the excitement level and interest as high as possible. I am surprised that their bundles they did not add the caption..."AND there is MORE! " if you act now. Oh well thats my view and your results will vary.
  7. Well, your sample argument is notable but in real world terms terrible flawed here. Think of it..A Prius vs a F1 ?? Come on. The moment the first straightaway came the Prius would be left in the dust - on the curves the odds are more close to even as driver skill would take in effect. Since I have two Prius - 04 and 09 and also a 2002 SS Camaro I think I would know what I am talking about. Your right the world is not fair but this is not the real world. It is a game in which there should be some parity between opponents to make the game 'fun' so that skill of the players is the showcase NOT the total hardware they possess. But too much ship strength negates any opposing enemy ships to a null. . I just go for more evenly distributed tier vs tier mode as opposed to yours - which not to say is a good argument in opposition.
  8. Sooner or later with enough players complaining about the unfair tier spread WOW will change it. It's only right that a competitive game is the function of this enterprise. This is like a F! race car going against Nascar vehicles. Its lopsided and totally uneven. If were going to have a race then make it competitive.
  9. REPLAYS don't make money - they just burn up resources if they mess with them. Even their instructions on some keys are obsolete.
  10. The ONLY real way to find out the differences between the OLD and NEW charger is the rate of amperage they put out. The NEW one looks to be LESS and maybe just adequate enough while the OLD one has enough spare AMPS to power your laptop when the laptop requires it. Well..the main thing is your back on track. As for losing some time - you got thrown a curve ball cuz most anyone would not immediately KNOW its a PS Issue. and trust the NEW PS and not suspect its just barely adequate as you found out.
  11. Thats not too hot at all but what you can do is try this experiment. Try to elevate your laptop so there is more room under it and even better is to get a fan to cool under it. Now try that and see if temp cool down will make any difference with those jitters your laptop is getting. You have nothing to loose to try this test. Good Luck.
  12. is the bottom of the laptop hot or very warm?
  13. I would not say "Everyone" in the entertainment industry but the ones ' Known'..will certainly be accused and revealed at this rate. Hollywood is pretty quiet in this regard as no one knows who the next one will be outed. George Takei of "Star Trek" fame was just announced.
  14. Yeah I am not familair enough on the RADIO use with CV. I would post another new thread about this issue and see what the troops here have to say.
  15. By default the game does not enable replays or shall I say record replays. You have to change the setup script to enable it each and every time when a patch comes up. okay now thats out of the way I will post the WHOLE replay key commands: Anyways..the replay will play...keys to control replay are: HOME - replay at normal speed END - replay at the SLOWEST speed. You cannot pause..just go the slowest. INSERT - Speed up the replay DELETE - slow down the replay To detach your view from the fixed view - click in the center with left mouse button. Hit together right CTRL and SHIFT on bottom lower right..while pressed down hit BACKSPACE You are detached and now can roam while your in battle. Do this in normal speed as if its too slow you may not see what you are doing. Note: YOUR ships will not have a ICON or ID...its the only one that does not when in detached cam mode. To go back to be onboard your ship again: Press the same three key code mentioned above Okay - on the number keypad. 7 will make you elevate 9 will make you lower 4 will rotate left 6 will rotate right 5 tilt down 8 tilt up pageup or number key 1= zoom in pagedn or number key 3 = zoom out Arrow keys: left - pan left right - pan right up - forward down - reverse back When you die early let the recording go to to its completion...there you can replay and see where you screwed up..like me LOL! Also sometimes you wonder how you died but its not obvious..replay is your friend...HAVE FUN!