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  1. Ships get recycled so that YOU will buy them as you missed the last sale. Typical Pavlovian effect.
  2. Projections like this are interesting but as a whole the circumstances are two fold. If another company competes and becomes and takes players away from WOW and also adds in features to make it a better mouse trap then WOW will falter eventually. Now if and when that happens its a matter of WOW seeing the tipping of the scales what will they do? Thats another issue and will be determined by the CEO of WOW to guide the course of his company. Most companies fail because of external forces which form and do not make course changes to counteract and beat them at their own game. The world has many examples of companies which thought they would never fail and yet they did. Nothing lasts forever. Another scenario is that WOW gets bought out and then WOW is combined with another similar game. Due to many advances to games we will see this in due time as gaming is becoming so popular compared to games 20 years ago. Exciting times are ahead...
  3. I see you came out from the caves...Yeah those sites you visited were called Bulletin Boards or BBS as I was also a SYSOP of one in Los Angeles. But anyways these are not your C-64's or Atari 400 of those days! But in any event WOW is a lot of fun and hope you have a lots of fun as well. Good Luck!
  4. I had a detonation today also - WOW would not credit me for the 30 days of premium time I bought for $14 !! Oh the Fire Works!
  5. First time COMPLAINER today. Payed for 30 days premium time - Kicked Butt on my ALABAMA and then saw Premium Credits greyed out !!!! WHAT? Paypal charged me and I got the email confirm from WOW...but no update on my PC - still hung on STANDARD after all that kickin' butt with my ALABAMA! Oh well...was thinking of buying some signals for cheap to retest WOW's process time but naw.....They say wait 3-4 hours then write a support ticket.
  7. Almost sounds as if its a promotion speech...
  8. NOW I thought I was getting a HARD TIME but with the latest posts....I have NUTHIN' to COMPLAIN about....YET!
  9. THATs all I got!
  10. Sure not everyone has my point of view and fairness is one of them - it can be subjective to some. But I like things straight up and layout whats gonna happen BEFORE it happens insofar as before the game. As for mixing of tiers up or down by one - WOW just wants to get the fasted roster so they can collect any fees players have resting on those matches when battle ends. Fastest churn gets quicker money. As for your adjusting to the play style predicated upon the opponent at hand - Good for you. Good to be flexible. As for me - I like a more strict interpretation of the known opponents going in.
  11. That means you must like this type of videos
  12. The topic of tier placements of ships of tier ranks higher or lower than your own has been discussed much. My opinion - Its got to stop. When you play - you should ONLY play other ships of the same tier - END OF ARGUMENT and other lame excuses. You should KNOW what you are up against BEFORE you hit BATTLE and play. WOW talks about 'Balance"...The uneven tier battle are the very definition of UNBALANCED.
  13. Do these simple tests first. Type in FAST.COM and it will automatically dload and you will see how fast your mbps is Try some large sites which are fast and almost unlimited. If the above says your internet connection is fast and you try to logon or access WOW - its WOW in itself is the problem. No need to blow a head gasket over it ot try to fiddle with your settings. Wait and come back later.
  14. Speaking from an analytic mind I'm not sensitive to public slurs, i work in medicine where Race, Criminal record, Religious affiliation, Political affiliation, doesn't matter whether your are my mother or a complete stranger, makes no difference,  I treat everyone the same. So please forgive my lack of what the latest offensive slur is, I was just asking a question.  JAP, IGN whatever you please.


    1. dionkraft


      Thank you for taking the time to reply on this subject which can be contentious and upsetting depending on the subject of the slurs in question.  I too have made slurs which I thought at one point in my life would not offend but was corrected by others who explained the WHY it should be avoided in the first place. It's one of those things that we did not think of but when explained fully its full impact dawns on you or me in this case.   Thanks for being honest as to your intent. 

  15. I wanna see REPLAY