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  1. Another is do you think Japan would want to accept a replica and who would pay for its maintenance? Sure ticket sales would be good in the beginning but would it be sustainable to maintain the ship as as it gets older and those costs rise. Cheaper to wing it with a VR Tour of the ship.
  2. Maybe this is a question on what did not get added in as in the SMOKE MECHANIC that was talked about but seems not finalized..Is there any info in regards to that issue or still a work in progress ?
  3. With the DEEP WATER Torpedo equipped ship then it would enable the friendly ship to shoot any or all of them near and by other friendly ships which probably would not be hit by them resulting in a decrease of TK incidents as long as those DW Torps do not find a friendly BB or CA which can be vulnerable to DP eh?
  4. Just go CO-OP in a DD and go Banzai in turbo mode ( smoke trail optional) to the first enemy which shows up. Should last approximatly 1-4 minutes or Less. Repeat 9 more times and then your UNPINKED. I think gameplay has changed so you may have to observe as to the why. I think players (depending on the tier) are more conservative as a whole but thats me. Workoff the PINK and dive in....the waters fine. THEN on the other hand..being PINK does not have the same stigma it used to have - just continue as you are..
  5. Unfortunately the Camaros and the Firebirds were not that popular compared to the Mustangs of that era. As a Diehard GM fan this I have to admit as interest fell through and the Camaro/Firebird production ended in 2002. I have a 2002 Camaro SS Convertible in black. My ex-wife had a 1971 Camaro and was a fine car but a stocker. But in regards to this car - unless you get some heavy backers like in the days of Yenco and Smokey Yunick as well as GM being interested..I think its dead as far as production. Wish it were so but the cards reads otherwise. Not only thet GM is not like it used to be with cash to burn like yesteryear.
  6. Let me ask you this..the new revised setting affect ONLY Guns right NOT Torpedoes right.? How about if AA is fired does it affect your detection just like shooting guns? Inquiring minds want to know - Thanks for your time.
  7. Okay its starting to ALL sink in..ok this applies to Gun Bloom but does not apply to torpedo launch is that correct? Also this applys to AA fire I would imagine.
  8. To really cement any argument for cheating or anything suspicious REPLAYS uploaded should be the minimum proof so that a through examination is on hand.
  9. For you people with dead mice I solved that easily. Get a Logitech G700s It is a rechargeable mouse when you put in a rechargeable AA Battery in it. It will notify you when the battery is getting low. When that happens plug in the USB charger wire in the front The charger wire sits flush to the desk and takes a second to plug in as the it plugs in without looking at the plugin Play with the mouse while plugged in and disconnect later. Charge last about 2-3 days depending on usage. It also features extra two buttons on the side like for backward-forward on your browser and also three button facing up next to the left mouse button. I use those as 1-2-3 the keys to change HE-AP-Torps. Totally programmable as its a logitech product. Just dload their app for it.
  10. Playing in RANDOM is a while different world compared to CO-OP. The bots become so easily understood in their reactions and their redundant gameplay. Humans...the players just cannot be shoe horned into this gameplay as you found out. Got deleted early and fast ?? Happens all the time - You have to look around and see where your team mates are going and grouping. Hang back and watch then follow. As a group your chances of survival go up considerable. And as you play..watch that you are not creeping forward from the team..you will become focused and die quick. especially when all of a sudden your team seemed to have made a U-Turn and hung back so you take the bullet or went another direction. Just play some games as an education not farming XP. Your observation and learning will get you far ...
  11. I somtimes wonder that when smoke has been altered that there are not enough examples of ALL the situations that apply at any given time and HOW it changes the players circumstance. It seems when they mod one scenario it does not make a logical situation out of another. I think that if a ship in smoke fires its guns then that ship is revealed and also a ship within so much radius should be revealed as well. make sense or am I going crazy? I guess I will wait this out as I suppose some read the comments from the Devs but the interpretation varies from that. Could be just me...
  12. Smoke Mechanics Changes Firing from inside the smoke now results in ship-to-ship detection range increase (this type of firing did not influence detection before, and the firing ship stayed permanently concealed). The exact value is calculated for each ship based on its concealment and caliber. Average range is 2.5 km for destroyers, 5.9 km for cruisers and 13,6 km for battleships. Effect duration is 20 seconds. This change should make smokes firing tactics less viable for those ships that were not intended for such tactics gameplay-wise: BBs and most cruisers. Additionally, there is more reward for active play and the risk of rushing into enemy smoke. Ship-to-ship detection for smoke firing now applies not only for the ship in smoke, but also if there is a smoke cloud on LOS between the shooter and the target. That will allow to exclude a highly illogical situation when hiding behind smokes gives better concealment than hiding inside smokes. Ship-to-ship detection for smoke firing is calculated for each hull, based on caliber and base concealment, it is not influenced by any skills or upgrades. It does not replace guaranteed detection and still requires LOS (smokes excluded for this check). The exact value for each ship can be found in Port specs. Similar to current main gun firing penalty, the effect lasts for 20 seconds only if the ship was detected as a result of firing. Source: https://thedailybounce.net/2017/08/18/world-of-warships-supertest-smoke-mechanics-changes/ DATA Concealment values: https://thedailybounce.net/2017/08/18/world-of-warships-supertest-ifhe-changes-smoke-firing-detection-range-values/
  13. Just as a test, why not upload the REPLAY to see if it works fully on another persons setup ??
  14. I don't think that WOW would get to the point of REAL or as REAL as Possible as what would it cost to alter vs how many people would play? Probably not that many considering. If anything, pseudo realism and limits to that would probably be the success model. And even then, how many players would want that? Before embarking I would imagine some survey should be thrown out on the Game engine at the end of battle to see if there is any interest. If the votes are totally miniscle ...forget it. the idea is dead.
  15. It brings to mind that if you could Turn off the Enemy Icons you could be playing a more realistic game style while playing normally. Sure you would be at some disadvatage but your enjoyment may be in the difficulty you set on yourself. I am sure that a simple CTRL key could just accomplish that. I should put that idea on reddit. and see.