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  1. dionkraft

    Submarine Survival?

    Try sailing around but not getting spotted is the skill you need to practice. The moment you do get spotted and you delay your almost surely a goner. Also another pointer is pushing too far forward will give you less chances. Watch your team mates and shadow them...not lead them as being the point man will get you deleted. You will find that being causcious will help you last thru the game.
  2. WG should have all ships have a fulltime sonar screen to show surrounding ships within the area of that ship scaanning.
  3. dionkraft

    Feedback for Update 0.11.9 - Submarines

    Reprogram SUBS and ship operations to make things more fun...at least to me. Sonar or radar should be like shooting...no limits..turn off and on....BUT when ON your ships detection is increased. This should be on all ships if they are so equipped. On SUBS..no more homing torpedoes, they aim torpedos with guestimate indicator like ALL ships with torpedoes. make it simple. Subs have to aim their torps by aiming their ship. All ships that turn off their engines decrease their detectability like real ships from sonar and radar.
  4. dionkraft

    Are replay's broken again?

    Unless you are not the ONLY one which cannot run this file its best to upload the replay file here on the paperclip and see if otheres here get the same error msg to be assured its not a problem exclusive to your own settings.
  5. dionkraft

    Wargaming DOESN'T care about the community

    Sounds to me a most through middle of the road explanation which makes perfect sense. Good Day....
  6. lets see the replay file (NOT VIDEO) then everyone can see for themselves how it played out and decide for themselves more accurately.
  7. dionkraft

    The answer to CVs

  8. dionkraft

    Replay Files Malfunction

    REPLAY files are dependant on the version of the game they were recorded on. After some patches...those ealier replays will not play using the patched newer version of the game. The only way to preserve those replays is to play them (while you still can) and use a video capture program to record them to a video file.
  9. In the long run here...its not required to answer any questions nor does it affect your game play nor status so just ignore it....
  10. WG know a thing or two....
  11. I want insurance that my shots will get at least 50% damage each and everytime they hit anywhere on the enemy boat. AND I want insurance that the enemy shots will only inflict 10% damage each and everytime they are within 5 km from me. I want insurance that my heal (if any) will once in a while via RNG give me back 90% irregardless of what HP I had before....only one action per game !!!
  12. Just add in homing torps on torpedo Premium ships and be done with it. You know thats gonna be next insofar as Buffs are concerned...
  13. I see that WG displays which ships have NO CAPTAINS assigned but would it be NICE if the CAPTAIN skill points was displayed as well ? I mean just the number not the whole skill detail as that would be too cluttered and busy looking. Just a suggestion to help when looking thru the roster of ships in the carousel quickly to see how many lame vs skilled captains you have in stock !
  14. dionkraft

    Why people quit this game.

    Just put your replay on the paper clip below so people can examine it and get back to you.