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  1. dionkraft

    Opt out for cv

    I wonder if the 8.0 patch will be a reality in two weeks or will it be postponed another month? I mean what can they do in 2 weeks thats really going to matter or make a substantial difference? I guess on that its anyones guess I suppose. It's when it hits thats when it will get really interesting no doubt.
  2. dionkraft

    Opt out for cv

    Well, I think its all about players choice but lets be frank and give one - one choice. You can choose any class of ship you want to opt out of playing against other than your own. If the wait time is long you can abort the wait and try another or choose none. No one should be forced into one game play in which they feel they don't desire. Just like you can choose Random or CO-Op - this is just another subset that would please the player base and probably will retain those who have some who want to play to their custom selection. It's always best to please as many as you can so as not to lose revenue.
  3. dionkraft

    Replay Help

    More than likely some pointer is looking for files and they are not in the intended area. You should copy out whats in your D dir and put them back to C and see if it works. Also to run a REPLAY you do not need the internet connected. You better hurry as when the 8.0 patch hits all the replays will be orphaned
  4. WOW needs to get rid of the "HO HO HO..." when you toot your horn...
  5. dionkraft

    What would you like to see in WOWS?

    Depends on the person who run the company. Some feel they can ride the loses and regain market share...then on the other hand they just quit and throw in the towel as no one feels that they are employable to head the company to a successful financial resolve. History shows there is no program to recovery thats assured. Especially when a company becomes weak, other companies see the opportunity for the kill to either buy them out because their stocks are so depressed or ramp up their company to promote their products to gain market share. But some of these problems are connected to the game companies using their microtransactions and loot boxs to attain more monetary revenue where in some countries its illegal as its a form of gambling. Other companies are accused of 'Bait and switch' tactics to seperate your money from your wallet. Game companies are hooked on these schemes to make money now but as always, it cannot go on forever. It's like drugs..they got used to it but sooner or later they can't continue to milk the public and not be honest about what the game company promised but did not deliver on. Just like anyother company...the hammer falls down HARD eventually.....its Sink or Swim.
  6. dionkraft

    What would you like to see in WOWS?

    Players will get WG's attention only when the financial income starts to decline. Happens all the time to any company when the CFO reports this and its heads will roll and projects get cut back unless they do something to reverse the trend. Witness the cases of Blizzard, Activision, DICE and EA - Losing Billion$.
  7. dionkraft

    help with graphics settings

    Your more than likely going to have to run in less than 1600x900 with the specs you have. Run in windowed mode and drop down some windowed sizes and see how the Frames amount up to.
  8. dionkraft

    What would you like to see in WOWS?

    WOW....let me think about this.....Close to Realism but with the FUN sprinkled in...so.... Captains view only as high as the highest observation platform on that ship Fire from turrets in any direction at any time. Namely Aim each turret in any direction independently Random Natural Fog with some wave action. Different stages of concealment. but the same sighting for EVERY ship. FAR = you are a haze, nearer - you are a outline and nearer - you are made but rendered blurry Manual Aim AA key assigned just like your guns and Torps (if equipped) 360 degree shooting all by yourself or set it on automatic as is now Torpedo acquisition all depends on how TALL your ship is. BB's would be able to see torps further out without any cap skills. Remove Detonation Add in engine malfunction, rudder stuck and gun missfire/torpedo as random events repairable in short seconds Add heal to all ships depending on how much damage it has sustained. Auto heal ships but only when the ship is not firing its guns/torps and driving slow. Well I am sure theres more..but my initial ponderings! Additional items: NO TAGS on enemy ships to how much HP they have nor type of ship. it is. Consult JANES if you don't know.
  9. dionkraft

    In-Game Countdown Clock

    Just EDIT and then erase all of your post and then type in: "DELETED" as you cannot totally delete your own post once submitted.
  10. dionkraft

    lost in translation

    I think there is also one dimension missing about this thread is the WAY it is said...some tonal way to say something can differ from the way it is written literally. Call it inflection or what have you but emphasis on certain parts of the statement as well as volume can alter ones meaning in my book.
  11. The mini rewind key has been documented but I could never get it to work or do anything. I dismissed it as it probably did work before but not anymore. Could be a bug. As for the REPLAY ending...the replay ends and it terminates - there is no battle stats or anyother screen like a exit...it just terminates itself when the battle ends or when you exited when you died but the battle was still on.
  12. There is NO REWIND in replay. The END key will enable the SLOWEST play but there is no PAUSE. You would have to hit END then wait till the section of the screen you want comes up then screen capture it. As you know, if you missed that point the you start all over again and fast forward with the INS key to approx point you want again. DEL key decreases frame speed.
  13. dionkraft

    Fixing Replays

    As far as WG priorities..I dunno where they are going on those lists of many problems which have not been corrected through the years. I was surprised that the Training Room access was even delt with. With most games replays are usually played right after you die to SHOW you what happened so that your not confused as to HOW it happened and why. Another issue is the replay files being orphaned when a new update patch is rendered. I guess we can blame someone in management which decides on the priority list of items to have the highest amount of attention to be implemented and fixed due to the ever changing unforeseen problems which rears its ugly head via software bugs and program tweaks. Oh well.....
  14. I myself feel that unless its some form of ordnance like shells or torpedos they can go to completion but aircraft?...they should die (just as any ship in which it originally launched from) dies the very second it is out of the game. Its bye bye time when that happens...now some feel the other way but if you do..I propose this...any ship which has a plane a flying and their host ship sinks..you become a Captain to a pilot to until you are dead as well. If you had a spotter or catapault..you could continue the game being somewhat useful to your team. Nice change of pace also eh? If your a CV captain..you do the same...get useful...with the redesign THAT could become a reality if they so desired. Also make the planes totally controllable in 3d space and also have crash detection of mountains and islands. Did I miss anything else....??? Oh yeah...ships with no planes...I offer those in that situation with power boats so you can be very stealthy and spot.
  15. dionkraft

    Fixing Replays

    WG should write a python script to log you off and then select a replay file to run as well as select how many replays it saves maximum. BUT...those items are pretty much on the very back burner as other items take the lead at this juncture. It's just like the training room long time ago..It was not selectable as it is now but had to use a mod or edit script to enable that function. Such is WG.