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  1. dionkraft

    Why did they get rid of odd teir cv?

    They ought to just keep the CV tiers as they are but limit them to the tier slot they are assigned in to so that players can choose a NON-CV tier and play without CV's in the game.
  2. dionkraft

    Need a new game mode.

    More than likley WOW will use some buffs which are not realistic but maintain some allure for SUB players...this could come as extended underwater traveling, quick torpedo reload, SUB acceleration, CAMO to deflect depth charges, Heal, seaplane bombers on a one way trip - no recovery ala: japanese Sub (I-400 series), enahanced deck gun, extended depth diving with extra oxygen/battery charge, and the imaginary list goes on and on... I guess weill see when they get announced in what?...by Dec 2019?
  3. dionkraft

    Need a new game mode.

    That is a good suggestion..especially if the average BB reload is 30 secs....why not spend 29 seconds firing secondaries !!
  4. dionkraft

    Need a new game mode.

    I dunno...I just don't see that SUBS would be more of a complaint issue than CV's in my opinion..okay..we dissagree but I respect your insights and opinions nonetheless. I mean how many SUBS would be playing relative to surface ships I wonder...2 perside - maybe 3 per side. being they will be slow and pretty weak..their only strength would be their stealth and torpedo attacks. I think the intial rush to play them will be huge but taper off when the excitement wears off...especially when players are subject to depth charge attacks and die quickly with hardly any XP earned! Thats another issue..the XP earned...I think will be very small relative to what CV's make. Sure some players may become good but most..I think they will see its not their play style. being a BF1942 player from way back..the SUBS were not popular compared to the other ships. Only good thing in BF1942 was you could cap with them submerged LOL!
  5. dionkraft

    Need a new game mode.

    Yes your right about what you said.....it would be hard to confront two enemies of different types at the very same time. I am thinking you can choose to have AA on auto but can "take over" on manual when you choose. then if you see a new threat choose torps or guns and then AA becomes auto again....How about that solution or suggestion? I think it would not change the game but actually add some more functionality to it instead..and some fun target practice in the mix.
  6. dionkraft

    Need a new game mode.

    yeah..I like that label: EXPECTATION Problem.... Good insight on the CV drama. I am wondering if WOW were to implement a full manual AA gun system in which the player aimed and shot just like torps and artillery would the player feel more satisfied in the game play...even if they they got sunk no matter what...I'm thinking the personal defence may give more "Satisfaction" in the process.....I guess it could be an option to choose - Auto or manual...but manual should be as accurate as your skill to place your shoots accordingly..what do you think?
  7. dionkraft

    Need a new game mode.

    NOW your cooking..thats a good idea that I think many would welcome. But the Tking thing..that raises sme issues I suppose! I know we have these CV for and against discussions but I wonder if there is any real middle ground...in which we can come to a compromise on..maybe I'm just dreaming! I guess it comes down to what WOW is thinking in terms of this never ending discussion. Maybe it will never come to rest I'm thinking. I guess the show must go on as they say...
  8. dionkraft

    $9.99 Texas

    I went with cheap..Two hotpockets for $1 ea (Dollar Tree) and a diet coke can ( 27 cents )...total: $2.27 plus tax.
  9. dionkraft

    Need a new game mode.

    It is a game..it is rooted in selective reality to make the game fun and engaging. Also its about a sense of fairness so that one class does not have a extreme advantage over the other. Any elements rooted in reality can be chosen as well as can be rejected. As I said..its just a game in consideration which should be to met so that the greatest amount of players enjoy the play style...and that is always a ongoing change as the game progresses.
  10. dionkraft

    Need a new game mode.

    They could fix all that if the planes deployed can only be to a certain distance maximum from the CV. And also airtime is limited or constrained. When time is used up then the planes must return unless a consummable is used. Extra time consummable. I guess while were at it a extra distance consummable can be an option. But you get the idea...make the CV limited in its attack radius. If it wants to attack other areas..the CV has to move within attack radius to that area. My idea would make CV players more in tune with its other ship mates in my opinion. Also CV's should have SMOKE either on the ship or the planes...maybe both for defence. They had them in real life so why not here.
  11. dionkraft

    4 mil captains

    yeah I also bought the one year premium time....I think it is a overall excellent investment considering anything else WOW offers.
  12. dionkraft

    Game doing something weird

    I played the REPLAY and what happened was when you went between the two dead ships the one on your right capsized by turning counter clockwise dragging your ship underwater with it. After that I don't think the program could quite figure out what to do next unless the capsized ship actually travels down even further..just a guess..then the capsized ship gets erased and now your ship is freed...and surfaces and pops up above the surface....Thats my theory but you should up load this one to the WOW Dev team and let them take a look although I would think that they have seen these things before. I would video this battle as soon when the next patch comes up you no long can as a WOW replay. Hey...you played well!!
  13. THANK YOU for the quick reply to my inquiry. I sampled some of the tunes and am going to record them!! Once more Thank you very much. Gonna have to buy one of those T-Shirts as well!!
  14. THANK YOU and also I may add great commentary on your trip going there as well. Thanks once more!
  15. I wanna know whose pic was on VirtualSenpais shirt was wearing which said "DION" on it?