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  1. What is WG trying to tell us?

    I would imagine that if SUBS are played they could not dive or submerge in such shallow areas as well ?? You would think that shallow areas should have been designated on the maps instead ya think?
  2. 360 degree turret rotation?

    There are hydraulic connectors which can make an object pivot 360 degrees on its axis but they are prone to leaks however as the connection utilizes ball bearings and o-rings to make the seal. The usual way is to use flexible lines and limit their rotation so they don't get over extended. Usual these designs are incorporated into booms on trucks, ships or stationary rig
  3. Torps

    Maybe your mouse speed is too fast - slow it down as far as sensitivity
  4. THANKS for posting your precise tests on this matter at hand!! Nicely presented and i dare say you need to post more often - again thanks!
  5. I'm thinking about this compromise scenario. You can go for AA Manual or Automatic. Automatic is when the ship AI takes over just as it is now - no changes. But if we go Manual you can take over one station from a bot and also maybe as four choices chose which station you can man and fire from. When done you eject yourself and it goes back to automatic bot mode. Now if the Captain chooses to use AA what does the main guns do? I'm thinking they go silent I guess OR they fire go into bot mode and fire with AI. I dunno about that idea tho....its a toss up. Sometimes too much automation is not good for sportmanship. maybe they should go silent as you decided to use AA in lieu of ships main guns for the moment. Thats all debatable LOL!!
  6. can't wait for subs!

    You raise some interesting points here.....More than likely you will see a ships sinking but after a while it will vanish from sub underwater view. It would take too much rendering power to keep track of those ships. NOW if the ship was near the shore...I think it will be the same procedure. Right now many of the islands are mere pedestals with no base like their floating on water. But some islands have now translucent shallow areas now which would be shallow water areas. WOW may be reworking some islands I think. Well we will see how this issue is rendered in the release!
  7. Constant game crashes

    Search under the query: TASK MANAGER does not work.
  8. planes vs submarine?

    Too funny about BF Vietnam. We would be in contact via analog cell phones as a 3 member team and set up Pungi sticks on the routes where the enemy would invade us. As they got wounded we mow them down with our machines guns...oh it was gut busting laughter all the way! As for the helis - yes they were a LOT easier than the ones on DC fer sure. Now the better pilots were able to pickup the jeeps and place them in other territories...can't remember...I think those included artillery also. I know that when it was released DICE had said the jeeps could tow the artillery but that never developed. But BFVietnam was fun..a mod to that was "CloseFire" which was only troops only. A real intense one on one game
  9. planes vs submarine?

    Your right - the Apache heli was NOT a easy machine for almost anyone. Every once in a while you can see some player who really knew how to handle it and skilled. What a Sight to see and if you got to be the gunner....WOW...the pilot was precise. I remember one guy..he was able to skim the landscape avoiding enemies like he was driving a car! AND all using the keyboard!! I had to use the Joystick..lol but no way could I do any skimming and I didn't last long!
  10. planes vs submarine?

    I did play Forgotten Hope when it came out - it had a lot of realism and detail in its mod construction. However I had pretty much gone with Desert Combat mod and its more modern weapons. I was especially skilled with the SCUD and rocket truck due to my mastery of "SKY AIMING". Since BF1942 had a static sky you could be in a precise position and aim to a point in the clouds to aim your missel or rocket and hit precisely where that coordinate would go. Continuing to blow the planes up at the enemy spawn was not fun for the enemy team! They almost never got off the ground!
  11. I see one problem with this idea considering other games which had manual AA player control. If you do man a machine gun which is centrally mounted you can shoot pretty much 360 degrees around but when you have machine guns on the sides and restricted can you hop from one gun position to another? I mean if a squad does a flyby you would want to change positions as one gun position cannot engage anymore so you want to change over to another. Another is some ships have lots of AA stations...will they ALL be available to access? Don't know if the Devs are crazy about this idea. Don't get me wrong I'm all for this...if it were maybe 4 stations.
  12. Constant game crashes

    Your saying that CTRL-ALT-DEL doesn't work?