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  1. If WG wants some quick cash...sell every ship at 33% OFF STARTING IMMEDIATELY. or how about buy 2 and get one free ? Yeah..that would get those customers gears going! Whatever it is that how you get revenue flowing in quickly with what you got...no development time needed. How about some more creativity. ?? .special server with NO CVs on it ever. but you must enroll in premium Time...now thats a first huh?
  2. YOU are to be commended for your willingness to spend money and support this game enterprise. The problem is that WG does not have enough product or merchandise to spend money when you almost or have it all. Thats what I see. If WG does not pump out product the cash flow gets throttled back. Unless WG create some higher levels of ships or unique modeled ships interests start to wane. That means money is not spent. Simple as that. WG should spend some money and get some accurate surveys to ascertain their customers wants/needs/dislikes to get a pulse of what is happening. The ingame one liner surveys are a joke and mean nothing. But you know..WG won't do anything until it really bleeds money when revenue starts to fall short. If that the case...so be it.
  3. I totally agree....WG labors should be spent on new ship development than remakes/clones or similar models which are only slightly diffterent. Even new game modes should be considered but that probably is another subject for another day. The only NEW intro is the upcoming SUBs but no one can tell how that will go in its present form of no surfacing. I find that to be rediculous myself but hey..thats my opinion. Oh well..as they say..WG - you can go your own way...
  4. dionkraft

    Detonations are still [bleep]

    IF detonations were removed...DO YOU think anyone would miss them or complain about them...WELL? All they do is quicken the 'Churn' of the game to completion. Dets should be stopped and all those Det flags should count to a 'defective torp hit' in other words..you get hit with a torp but it does not detonate. First torp counts as a free pass per game LOL!
  5. dionkraft

    is anyone actually having fun in this game anymore

    Yeah stole the words out of my mouth...I'm in the same boat as you. I play the lower levels as it seems much more competitive and thats whats fun...not up tiered and not bothered by CV's with their unlimited strike distance....I don't need to go into details...its all been written here thousands of times. Yeah..play less or hardly not at all. I'm getting used to that and its a good thing. Visiting the forums every once in a while also. Can't wait for the SUB release and their attendant...comments LOL!
  6. dionkraft

    Great first battle in a new ship - London

    i think you get extra XPS on your intial battles then it falls off to regular. Until April 30, 2020, owners of this bundle will have access to a special combat mission. The first 25 battles played on this ship in any battle type will bring you three times more XP than usual. You can receive this combat mission only once per account.
  7. dionkraft

    (???????) is ruining the game

    The Blame can rest on the: POTATO-LEMMING Effect....
  8. dionkraft

    How do I play other's replay?

    Thats good news....the deal is that with every update there is a possibility that the previous vers of replay are orphaned. Remember that you do not need to be connected to the internet for replays to work. They are scripe files to tell the WOW exe what to do. If you try a replay and all of a sudden WOW either locks up or goes to logon mode....means the replay is not compatible anymore. If someone did not know this and sent you one thats been orphaned it then makes you wonder if the problem is on your end when in fact is is NOT! Okay...see you out on the Battlefield!
  9. dionkraft

    How do I play other's replay?

    Test this out. Dload my replay. Click on it in where your dload files usually go. See if it runs...if NOT then copy that file and put it in the replay folder in your WOWs directory with your own and see if mines runs. 20200217_155605_PISB505-Giulio-Cesare_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay
  10. dionkraft

    When Are Submarines Coming Out?

    With the present incarnation of Subs not surfacing...I would say that they will be the laughing stock of the game industry if it remains with that restriction/feature.
  11. This subject AGAIN? No matter what the reasoned responses are WOWs will not change anything so whats the point other than ONLY talking or posting about it. Sure its fun to read some posts which are quite interesting but in the end.....its just that...talk. Don't see any dynamic shift in the game play dynamics UNLESS it affects revenue stream decline THEN you get WOWs attention real quick. Until then...its futile. Okay..click on the notification of your choice.
  12. I have seen that change as well...the bots are not charging into islands - backing up and then charging back in getting stuck. Also I see the bots are shooting enemies which are closer and using them as the priority instead of targets way out there. There is an improvement for sure. I think that RNG should be used to define the effective AI of the bots for some truly almost simulating Random type battles. Games are lots of fun when there is a struggle instead of a massive steam roller turnout.
  13. dionkraft

    Wargaming's Passive Agressive E-mails

    The PR situation went over the top and many felt it was not explained as fully and accurately as it should have been. To you it may have another meaning but it didn't blow up because of just a few complaints. It was a lot of people not being happy with the result it had.
  14. dionkraft

    Wargaming's Passive Agressive E-mails

    I have not gotten any emails as you so describe but I do not doubt you. I have spent enough on WOWs and really throttling back and not playing as much as I used to. I am sure that WOWs has some database to track those details so they have some pulse on where and what the players are doing. If they really wanted to know they should send a comprehensive survey and not some one line sentence either. In exchange they should reward the completed survey with doubloons as a token of thanks and appreciation of the support in the past as well as support in the future as well. But hey...thats me...thats what I would do if I ran a company.