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  1. dionkraft

    CVs make wanting to play difficult

    It would be kinda interesting to have low clouds in certain areas in which airplanes could not detect you...kinda of a "Natural Smoke" so to speak. But you get my meaning. Those low lying clouds or fog could be randomized on the map to at least add some cover and some random effects to the game. Of course those fog areas could be used to hide from your enemy as well. I'm thinking also they can also make it so you can't communicate with your fellow team as to update enemy activity as well. Maybe in the future.....
  2. dionkraft

    Wargamming Surveys

    If WOW wants to extract more detailed answers and get a more accurate pulse as to what the player base is thinking as a whole - THEY PAY for it. WOW can payout doubloons for this information. Those doubloon payouts would be quite valuable to determine the mindset of players and where WOW should tweak their game in the best areas to better satisfy (as best as possible) the problem areas. how much doubloons? Well lets say..don't make the payout cheap. It would only get WOWs lame answers. As they say..."You get what you pay for...."
  3. dionkraft

    Wargamming Surveys

    I gave the survey a big..2.....and was surprised it was a one sentence survey. As I said many times here on the forum - WOW should compile a professional survey cross referenced so that your answers do not conflict with questions asked in a similar fashion in which you answered one opposite from the other.
  4. dionkraft

    Inappropriate language, did I do the right thing?

    Just upload the REPLAY..thats the proof.
  5. dionkraft

    How to Get 30% Coupon?

    Thats statisticaly impossible..bye child.
  6. This has been a condition thats been NOT looked into for a long LONG time. I suggest they use a consumable key as a FUNCTION keys instead. Theres enough F-Keys to do the job.
  7. dionkraft

    How to Get 30% Coupon?

    . You lost and now are splitting hairs. How old are you?
  8. dionkraft

    How to Get 30% Coupon?

    better recount again - there are about 131 Premium ships https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:List_of_Ships
  9. dionkraft

    How to Get 30% Coupon?

    I have kept track of ALL of the hundreds of ships I have bought and you can bet that they become lower in price as time goes by sale or no sale. Witness some ships even in the ten dollar or less range - something no heard of 2 years ago. Discounts sell merchandise that is old. That leaves room for NEW designs to fetch the maximum value that players will hopefully pay otherwise those prices get chopped to move the merchandise. Thats just SALES 101 basics.
  10. dionkraft

    How to Get 30% Coupon?

    and YOU live in the wrong time zone..the price quoted was in 2018 - DID you read that?
  11. dionkraft

    Naked ships

    Some players are getting conservative and saving credits and doubloons. ITS the NEW REALITY!
  12. With the next graphics upgrade where WG will introduce more realistic scenery your problems will become even worse as the program piles on more features - meaning it requires more. You can get a Alienware used laptop for a reasonable price if you want to go that route.
  13. You need to do some simple things which may help. Take off the side panels on the PC case and use a small house fan and directly point it at the mother board within for maximum cooling. That really lowers the temp inside so you eliminate high heat issues. It's simple to do and get results quickly if this is a overtemp issue. What year motherboard is this as well as what OS?
  14. What you say is true...I should have been clearer in my statement as to the reality during the war. The scientists had to do Hitler's bidding or else they would just not exist. After the war it was a race to get the scientists so that their countries could reap the harvest of their technical expertise . Some Russians got some as well as the Americans did. Some interesting read on the scientists who went to the Soviet Side. https://www.airspacemag.com/space/the-rest-of-the-rocket-scientists-4376617/
  15. Yeah so right you are..its amazing what those scientists did..its too bad they did not channel their expertise and knowledge to better humanity. These scientists were way ahead in their designs and engineering feats. I suppose that people of that kind TOLD to come up with something "OR ELSE" is an forceful inducement I suppose. I never tire of these documentaries which in their day seem almost like science fiction but they were cutting edge deadly reality.