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  1. dionkraft

    Historical Accuracy

    THAT just frosts me to NO END.......
  2. dionkraft

    Do You Own A Chevy Bolt?

    Robotic Gas refuel station
  3. dionkraft

    Do You Own A Chevy Bolt?

    I myself do not think that any pressurized gas used in a vehicle for the road will not be popular nor safe for the general public. Their are too many morons who just are ignorant to its dangers if they refill themselves. Now if self refilling was not legal (as some few counties are ) well it could be more considered but then the price of the fuel would have to add the labor as well...which probably will be resisted ! So far EV's are still in a flux with introduction of better batterirs to charge faster and go further miles. But the fire issue has reared its ugly head so accidents on the few EV's result in fires which resist conventional fire fighting methods which the fire dept is fast learning. But I think we are just at a begining phase with lots of alternate ways to do things being considered tossed in. I'm still waiting for that car being refilled with tap water and some chemical reaction/machine will convert it into motive power.! No other chemical to add nor buy. Maybe a nuclear powered car eh? I dunno sounds good but maybe not !
  4. dionkraft

    NA Server down?

    naw..i paid enough into the game on the order of $150-$200 a month for 4 years. I play for free and NOW I'm saving money for a change. I got almost all the premium boats..might as use them Call me a EX WHALE.
  5. dionkraft

    Do You Own A Chevy Bolt?

    This windfarm has no rotor or moving parts ..This sample sits on the ocean for operation. A land based config can be utilized but it must have a source of water in order to operate and function. https://www.rechargenews.com/wind/futuristic-multirotor-design-could-make-floating-wind-competitive-as-soon-as-2022/2-1-1021312 Heres another type: Vortex type
  6. dionkraft

    Do You Own A Chevy Bolt?

    Everyone and their mother is trying to get to the forefront to beat the competition and ultimately make some MONEY! a it always is....As they say we live in interesting times and probably the best is yet to happen. !
  7. dionkraft

    Do You Own A Chevy Bolt?

    There is no mention of the costs involved but I guess this company is making a gamble on its conception and introduction to this matter. We will see how it goes as many others will also design their solutions as we go as well. New battery technology is always evolving so its hard to determine which way it will go. but we can assume its going to get BETTER!
  8. dionkraft

    Do You Own A Chevy Bolt?

    There are swappable battery packs for the EV BUT they have to be made by this company - check it out in this website: https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a35717014/ample-battery-swapping-station/
  9. Well I used to spend like $100-$150 a month but no more. I spent $45 from jan 1st 2021 to this date. I am a EX WHALE for sure with those prior spending binges. But I had a little problem which changed everything....i charged $9.90 twice on paypal for doublons on my PP account. Then I saw on my Chase bank acct the same charges on my checking account. Double charge. I was confused...never happened before. I put in a ticket to WG and they said they credited my account $9.90x2 and that what you get. OK I call my bank and ask what gives. They just said that it was a ACH transfer and its legit from Paypal. Call Paypal they say. they will investigate it. They said they will credit my account of the $9.90x2 They do and then WG bans my account for the chargeback. I explain I had been double charged thru PP but WG is adamant. i end up using gift card to pay WG to restore my WG account. Well...i am true in the flesh Free/to/play status now..well other than the $45 bucks spent so far. hey my bank account (every month) is increasing from all this...maybe its a good thng !!!
  10. dionkraft

    Replay camera controls not working

    To be sure - try another keyboard and see if the 7 and 9 key work on the numpad. If it doesn't work then its not your original keyboard. BUT if the 2nd keyboard NOW works...I dunno..replay has some bugs as it is not a real finished product as opposed to regular battle which is.
  11. dionkraft

    Replay camera controls not working

    Is this during playing a Regular Battle or a Replay ? I just hit the letter C after the ctrl/shift/backspace key strokes. But numpad 7 and 9 is suppose to raise and lower your camera. tho...never had that happen to me. Of course use the NumLock to see if it works or not in the on/off state. I would try another keyboard if you have one just for fun as a test. During replays...everything works fine except that when I hit ESC and then choose EXIT GAME....I can't exit. worked before...now I have to use ALT/F4 to exit out.
  12. I use PAYPAL and charge items thru my Chase bank account - I have never gotten any fees for 6 years. using WG products/services and I'm in the USA.
  13. dionkraft


    Try ALT /F4 to exit....I had to use that on replay as my ESC didn't work either
  14. dionkraft


    Try ALT /F4 to exit....I had to use that on replay as my ESC didn't work either.
  15. yeah.. think that is a very doable way to collect data as you have displayed. Good Post.