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  1. A Set Map Rotation Is Beneficial

    Okay how about this..You don't need to paint the picture but merely conceptionalize it for the artist to draw it later. I mean..lots of artwork is not finalized right at the beginning..it goes thru a stage of tweaks and even major revamps in order to make it better. There gonna be some mistakes or worse whole sale erasure of some parts as there was a change of ideas..the original sounded good but got dropped kicked because either a better modification came out of development. Its one of those things..its a work in progress LOL! It really is...No matter what though..you get credit it for it even if the end product was not what you totally envisioned. In actuality - graphing the image is the easiest part...its the parts themselves and how they fit together is what takes grey matter! It all starts with some paper and pencil to doddle your concepts...Don't worry about what others say..can they do better or have they tried? You know the answer to that. Nyet! We will see how this all pans out as we go!
  2. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    I get that idea when I buy a ship and then do so well with it as if its invincible mode but later it goes kaput...Is RNG programmed to see your new ship and be forgiving...maybe putting a aura of protections to bounce the shells off ? Just a theory...Move on..
  3. Just because those tank tracks touch the ocean water to make there way to the shore is a bit of a stretch of the imagination thats its considered a "SHIP" Don't you think? Do you see these ingame here on WOW? Maybe you should suggest to the Devs that they do. You should put this article in the historical section where it would be in the right place. Since it is a amphibious tank...the correct place is WOT don't ya think?
  4. A Set Map Rotation Is Beneficial

    Well we fundamentally disagree on the map selection vs no map selection when playing. But we both agree on NEW Maps being constructed in any event. The only thing I see here is that there seems to be a lack of interest in the player population to submit their creations and suggestion as to why that one should be considered. I have put up my own designs but there was little enthusiasm in others submissions. Most game developer would LOVE to see submissions so that they can get some fresh ideas and thus more player draw into their game. But not here...It's one thing to want to play a map because you know its little nuances and your good at it but playing on maps that just don't interest you just is a let down. Well thats my opinion and not everyone will agree as always.LOL!
  5. This tank goes into a river not the ocean. Its a amphibious vehicle not a ship. totally off topic.
  6. A Set Map Rotation Is Beneficial

    Nothing wrong with players choosing certain maps because they are good at them and like them. After all many games have choices of maps in which to battle to their liking. Heck you can have the MM programmed to have some maps NEVER to be played. But as for New Maps - sooner or later you need some NEW maps with elements that they have which the old maps do not have. You can't keep churning the same old/new maps without some new developed maps. New ships sailing in OLD maps will still not get it. WOW will have to learn that players get tired of the same old - same old. As much as WOW spends on ship development - they will have to spend time on map development as well with no profit. It's just an investment so that players invest into the game.
  7. Encore Graphics Engine

    Thank you for your response - Phew! I stand corrected then with the info I had read a while back. Good thing it did not turn out to be true.
  8. What's wrong with this picture?

    Submit REPLAY(s) - then we have more info as to your situation.
  9. DD was at the edge of detection as you were on the edge of destruction. 2nd screen shot shows DD last position But DD did not show on your screen though....
  10. Encore Graphics Engine

    I don't keep up on WOT too much but those articles on those Gold AMMO and really did catch my eye. A guarantee KILL to your opponent...when used and purchased! THATS mind boggling as a game option. I have seen games where you start as a soldier with a bolt action gun but you can purchase the M-16 for so and so price...that was something but this is the magic kill all bullet! Who would have thought! I dunno..you might be right..even though the graphics engine is a plus - it does not in anyway alter much of the game mechanics that are used which alter the 'fun' factor and also 'fair' factor of this game. In a sense some of that has reared its ugly head with the long range deep water torpedoes which can only hit BB's. Hard to say what 'ideas' WOW will come up to keep the pace of Premium ship purchases going full steam.
  11. Encore Graphics Engine

    Thank you - Yeah I am also NOT a WOT player as well but was curious as to see how my rig would perform with the new engine. I dunno..maybe I will try WOT when they implement it..but we will see as I am not too crazy about the faster pace of WOT...WOW is fast enough LOL! And as always..MAYBE WOW will use the new Encore Engine in the near future. Maybe nearer than we predict as other competitors may up the pace. But I think that your rig stats will do just fine as I think there are more below you than above you.
  12. Encore Graphics Engine

    My results at: 3440x1440 on Dell U3415w curved monitor
  13. Encore Graphics Engine

    This is an attempt to keep the WOT populace from getting thinner I am thinking. Also it keep the pressure on other TANK games which compete. Its a good business move and I congratulate WarGaming in their investiment to keep their game ongoing and advance to the next game level. Wish them the best even though there are at times I would not when I get deleted in 5 minutes..but that another story for another time. LOL! But as for how WOW segues for this engine is another story. The effects in WOW are much less needed than WOT. Basically with the sea rendered it accounts for probably 50-90 percent of the image depending on magnification. Unless they are going to render waves and other special effects like storms and typhoons....it might be over kill. Only the imagination (and the engine limits) is the limitation as to where this will go.
  14. I think for every function we introduce into the game it will have to meet with some measured restrictions so as not to be too OP. I just think that more functions would be embraced by the players to show that you can do these thngs either AUTO or manual mode. Sure manual mode would require more work but hey if its fun its NOT work LOL! right? But its good to throw some ideas out there as I think WOW is watching and listening as they need more players to join. As it is its kinda plateaued but not fallen off the edge mind you but WOW needs to up the game. Everyone has an idea as to HOW thats done ofcourse. Consider just yesterday - there was a WOW SURVEY when you start the game...it had questions as to what you did and did not like about WOW. Recommendations to a friend, what suggestions you have. I just of captured all that but didn't NEXT time I will. But they are worried about the decreased participation and less than anticipated recruits. Thats my opinion from my gut!
  15. uninstalling this game

    post a REPLAY so that we can taste the contents of your chatter