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  1. Yeah I LIKE YOUR STYLE - Thats a good suggestion for sure !! I didn't see that coming ...it was like a cruise missle shot across from one side of the map to the other! - Good one!
  2. THAT would be kinda cool....let that option to pay to NOT PLAY AGAINSY CV be a consummable for every ship as a flag much like a DET flag where you don't get blown up with detonation. Put your CV flag up and your free of CV's in the game. OR how about this one...The CV flag prevents the CV from attacking you with planes...a form of deflection. The CV can approach you but cannot attack...Now that would be a game changer along with your initial original idea.... Come on kiddies click on that REACTION button - lets HEAR IT!
  3. dionkraft

    Replays once again.

    The WorldofWarships.exe file (2250kb) is at the very bottom of this listing you uploaded. THATS the one you drop into with your replay file.
  4. dionkraft

    Replays once again.

    Just take the latest WOWs Replay file and drag it on to to the WorldofWarships.EXE application. None of your replays are associated soclicking on a replay file won't work. so try the drag and drop method. To be entirely sure play one battle and drag and drop that file as I mentioned above. When updates get applied they orphan your replay so they don't run. You do not need GAME center running to run a replay. Just exit the whole game for the replay to play. You don't even need an internet connection as the replay is a script file to direct the .EXE program
  5. dionkraft


    Slamdunk your replay file here on the clippy below....let the mob critique your claims..
  6. dionkraft

    Why I hate Carriers

    Thanks for the recommendation...I will keep that in mind...
  7. dionkraft

    Why I hate Carriers

    Yeah I can see that as a good measure initially but after the delay...the same scenario holds true in that the CV reach is unlimited to search the map and spot the map for their team. To me thats way too arcady. It would be like playing the Game "BAttleship", with a transparent board in between players. There has to be some element of diagnosis where the enemy is like the plots on the mini map showing the last know position of the enemy ship. But my ideas run counter to what WG wants as well as other players. Thats the name of the game...and so far...I have quit playing...don't miss it at all as more time elapses...Funny when one breaks the cycle of habit and this is one. Oh well..months from now we will probably see CV topics sunk by SUB topics as they will be the new kid on the block!
  8. dionkraft

    Why I hate Carriers

    The ONLY way to stop the CV from being too powerful with strikes and spotting is to limit its total reach. Reach time is plotted and planes have to com eback when it reched the 50% mark and they head back to the CV. This model would be very powerful and devastating to enemy ships within the radius but as you can see..the CV cannot reach you as long as you are not within the deadly radius kill zone. Will it be a reality ? Probably not but then it would make it more FUN and FAIR for other of the majority of the players. What a concept eh? Another idea is also if the CV captain could choose the munitions load it can alter the travel time. In other words if you equip the plane full you get the smallest time in the air. Load LESS and you get more time. Also each plane has its own spotting parameter so its a spot radius also. If it flies to the end of the attack radius cycle it could spot you but cannot attack you as it has to turn back. In that case you are warned and should turn back to avoid being attacked as the enemy has intel on you or another enemyship has intel on you as well.
  9. dionkraft

    Enemy Health bars should be removed.

    I'll go one better..not only the HP number but the name of the ship type as well. The player would have to scan the horizon and then guess the ships ID like looking up a ship in "JANES Fighting Ships" But..these ideas ain't gonna happen....WG wants to "Churn" the battles as fast as it can which means faster revenue completion.
  10. The idea depicted is not true to scale but merely a concept to alter the game play from what it is now that is all. As with anything else here..its just an alternate idea proposal that is sandwiched between (Leave CV's the way they are) to (Ban CV's all together).
  11. This is not REAL LIFE - its a arcade game which takes certain realities like real life and incorporates them ingame and chucks the other real life stuff away. It's all about selective realism combined to make the game fun and as fair as possible.
  12. Im no fan either of CV display of power to dominate the map but I propose that CV can be playable and maybe agreeable with this limitation . CV should be able to fly their planes but they only get a maximum time of airtime and then have to head back to the CV. You would have to calculate how much flight time to get to your attack object, so much time for positioning and aiming and then return time to carrier for reuse, refuel and rearm. This mod can help those with Low AA to avoid the onslaught of CV influence and probably make their game more fun and not be taken out in the first 3 min of the game beginning.
  13. dionkraft

    Take a survey

    I'm waiting for the survey of: "Do you want CV's in their own game mode ?" .....DUH! WHAT are we waiting for ??
  14. dionkraft

    Cant sell the Z35

    Go to the support area and ask why it cannot be sold. You have every right to sell it no matter what ANYONE says around here. After all its YOUR MONEY not theirs LOL!
  15. dionkraft

    Windows 10 - What Browser you using?

    I'm on WIN 7 with Chrome. But Chrome gets modified and changed around when its not broken which drives me up the wall. I mean its possible they did change it for some security reason but some of its cosmetic which makes what you did before not the same sequence of key strokes of the new version. Oh well..things could be worse I guess....