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  1. Losing Motivation

    Some games are just too much of a struggle so theres no fun. And sometimes its just MM and RNG working against you at that time. Maybe the alighnment of the starts.... When that happens I get my Dresden with 12 pt captain and pound away and usually win top place most of the time. It's even funnier when MM creates a battle of 4x4 for a quick meal so to speak! WOWs is a game where you love it or hate it depending on the outcome and expectation at that time. Lapse of time helps then get back into it.
  2. They ought to review these ships being sold and shown on video with no captain skills and no modules. ONLY what you can select when its nakkid and in stock configuration. Have the battle shown with other ships totally stock as well. THEN you have a baseline of what a player could do whether they are good or bad not depending on modifiers.
  3. Submarines are now in the game

    Yeah its the Float for the plane - Gotta admit the amazing detail WOW has put into these ships. +A
  4. This is a new bug...

    RIGHT side: Ctrl/SHIFT then BACKSPACE to goto 3dCAM detached. Good ti check out visible/spotted enemy gun positions.
  5. World of PremWarships WoPW ?

    I think that all these ideas slated toward selling ones game's accounts is looked on with a wary eye to some companies as it denies sales to them even though they could extract a 'service or sales fee' on the process but..sooner or later some company is gonna do it to be the first for a particular game. In this thread were talking about ships but wht stop their. Captains as you mentioned would be a great sales item sought by many. I guess we could go beyond and if there were no limits of these properties. WOW could be the eBAY of ships and accessories! I wonder that might keep WOWs up at night a thinkin' ya know?
  6. World of PremWarships WoPW ?

    Would be nice if you could sell your prmie ships back to highest bidder at the time with some 'service fee' for WOW on that transaction as expected. I am sure THAT would create some traffic fer sure. " I was looking for a used KITAKAME...no modules just bare nakkid" ...lol!
  7. Is the game fun right now?

    Well as they say..FUN is not always for everyone. People who have FUN get that at the expense of people who have NOFUN at times. Now don't get me wrong, you can get deleted but if its a competitive game and you lose - its a lot of fun fer sure. By that I mean a battle between you and other ships where its very close to dying. Those INSTA DELETES and Detonations..those cut short your FUN FACTOR to the max. Just my opinion and yours will vary.
  8. USS Massachussetts Coming Soon!

    Yes but the point is WHY do that? Just sell it with no conditional attributes whatsoever. Now you have some who are on Premium time and they cannot purchase it...
  9. Buying the Massachusets

    Would be so simple if WG just had it for sale with no strings attached. If you do not have premium and you have premium before the ship access you get this:
  10. LOL! I can't agree more..some of this stuff is getting way to serious sometimes....we all need to step back a bit every once in a while!
  11. YOU have opened up a big can of worms there.... Clear SMOKE for true invisibility Premium Ammunition - one shot kill Torpedo Advance warning from enemy ship to your local if you do not change heading/speed
  12. USS Massachussetts Coming Soon!

    SAME HERE...
  13. WOW has YOU on SPEED DIAL!