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  1. Notser on CV rework

    I am hoping that someday SUBS will be introduced into WOW maybe as a limited force much like CVs but It seemed WOW is pretty adamant that ain't gonna happen...of course we all hope that it could be as a limited introduction. Other sea warfare games have so why not WOW right? Seems inevitable. I mean the SUBs will not exactly be the high scorers on the board but will be played by those who like 'Stealth' and utmost concealment. But as far as the force of air power and its massive damage - I think that damage could be nerfed if its too much. That data would have to be balanced with battles to determined the right in the middle mixture to be competitive and FUN enough. We will see...
  2. Notser on CV rework

    That would be easy to fix - Let ALL ships who have any AA to take direct aim control to shoot at enemy planes. What more could be MORE fun eh? What we want is a fight between real players not Bot controlled guns. Its entirely possible that with manual aim/fire BB AA defense that its the CV players which would be cryin'
  3. Notser on CV rework

    I can see the CV evolution going toward a more WOWP type game playstyle. Your going to fly the planes and attack ships by yourself and your squad. Your skills are your own period and be enhanced with captain skills to make for more accurate bombing run, closer torpedo run, better machine gun targeting, faster rudder shift of plane, better engine performance, longer fuel duration, concealment and other ideas you can make up as options above the norm for your plane(s).Now HOW will this plane/squad play out? Will you have to fly out each squad (6 planes) then come back each and every time? Thats one way. Or after you complete your run and survive respawn onto the deck of the CV and take another squad for another run. Thats another way. Or how about take multiple squads out to destination, split your squad so you take one to a mission while the other you left goes to another destination but does not and cannot attack until you complete your other mission then take over on the second one. Meaning you can place squads but you must guide the planes on your attack run by yourself. Hows that for complexity but it would be REALTIME eh? In the meanwhile you should get some notice that your CV is getting attacked as a indicator on your dashboard of the plane. Your going to have to take care of that business by stopping your attack and let your squad hover to a safe area. I can see that this type of hands on game play will keep you pretty busy. Maybe some others can chime in to improve or disprove what I think to be more 'fun' for CV game play. Oh and Joystick controls for sure.
  4. Carrier future rework/nerf thread

    Yeah..I can't see landing planes manually would be required...I mean that would really take some time off your busy schedule already. But this SELF FLYING will open up some interesting ideas...its just that we got fed a small appetizer and don't know whats INSIDE the MAIN MEAL so to speak. WOW probably KNOWS that as well right? I guess this can go so many ways it can cause heart failure if you think too much about it. But you got to admit some projection is fun and who knows some may get very close to WOWs concept of what is to be.
  5. Carrier future rework/nerf thread

    The latest talk about CV rework and implementation is to have the player fly the sorties themselves one by one. That would mean (to me) the mission would be a squad or group to attack a particular ship. Maybe it would mean the squad could be broken into groups to attack multiple targets. I am just projecting so bear with me huh ? BUT you still have to manually attack with your group a ship by yourself. If you split the group then they split off to a safe area waiting for you to take over....Hows that idea? You could PLAN this attack by splitting the planes groups so you can attack lets say three targets. You have 18 planes - then split into threes...thats 6 each. 6 you torp one ship and then takeover to bomb another with another 6. Then you have the last six to try to finish off whats left if they didn't get finished off earlier. Interesting scenarios but complex
  6. Carrier future rework/nerf thread

    Yeah..the skills learned maybe a waste as you said but hey we will learn NEW ones if it all pans out. Hopefully a better CV rendition will make the game more interesting and enjoyable as a whole !
  7. Carrier future rework/nerf thread

    Yes it can go so many different many ways as WOW has not hinted much on ANY details...other than player direct control. If there going to do that they had better implement into the interface Joystick Controls fer sure! I got my Logitech Exteme3dPro READY! I think the whole CV gameplay will change quite a bit as the emphasis will be player skill to physicaly play the plane. As you said - much more to WOWPs In some ways it may also try to recruit WOWP players in some ways..clever idea eh? Going into a tangent - maybe those CV planes can use the island airports in some ways as long as they are not taken/owned by the enemy. Maybe those airports can be capped as well ? Oh the ideas....
  8. Carrier future rework/nerf thread

    In my estimation..I would think that after you complete a squad attack you can respawn on the carrier deck and fly another sortie again and again. That would save time going back to carrier and probably could be programmed back to fly back using the waypoints you input to fly back safely. Now what happens when your in a squad and on a mission and you see that a squad coming back is under attack? I dunno...spawn back to take charge? That would leave the squad you were in on auto pilot...LOL! I dunno...lots of ways to go here depending on HOW WOW would control this scenario........it can go many ways....
  9. Carrier future rework/nerf thread

    Too soon to tell or know..for all I care the Carrier may not even be on the map. The emphasis will be shifted to YOU flying the planes so it seems. We will see...
  10. If you have already had REPLAY enabled and a new patch did not change the preferences file then nothing will go wrong. It is for those who have never run a replay or have had replay but all of a sudden the preferences file gets rewritten to the original AND the players doesn't remember HOW he did get it working is whats problamatic. As always other things wil go wrong when upgrading WIN to a higher OS version. It would be nice if WOW would enable a REPLAY INGAME so that after a game you can replay without terminating the WOW program. The only deal with that is if you play a replay you do not need to be ONLINE to play that file. In other words would WOW terminate the online logged in session in order to do this? probably not...but then again maybe they would keep the logged in session for so many hours/minutes....Not my call.
  11. Some people have NOT been able to 'Associate' the replay file to the WOW EXE to run it. but they usually get there eventually.
  12. You can load a recording proggy like BANDICAM or equivalent to record your REPLAY as is or go off camera to record elsewhere. Now as EXPLORATOR one had said...your REPLAY files will only run and play on certain versions of WOW. The replay MAY run on two versions up but in reality the REPLAY files get orphaned and won't run anymore when a patch is done. To run each and every REPLAY regardless of the version you would have to KEEP each and every version saved and putaway elsewhere whch would take some room but some people have done this. But its best to save a video of the replays you want to keep for posterity - the rest jettison them.
  13. To play a REPLAY you must EXIT out of the WOW game period. You then double click on a replay and if that replay is associated correctly then WOW will start and play your replay. You cannot have WOW running AND also try to click a replay file. There is no port view or anything to do with the game interface or adjustments. Its for REPLAY ONLY. For each and every replay to check out you must EXIT WOW fully
  14. Yeah I guess sooner or later it would have been a REBOOT just for the fun of it but you got it...alright make your videos now...have fun! Okay here are the replay keys and HOW they work...not too many KNOW these: REPLAY CONTROLS as of 2/25/2018 Here are the controls for REPLAY as best as I know it. The ones on WOW are way outdated and some keys will crash your system. Anyways..the replay will play...keys to control replay are: HOME - replay at normal speed END - replay at the SLOWEST speed. You cannot pause..just go the slowest. INSERT - Speesd up the replay DELETE - slow down the replay To detach your view from the fixed view - click in the center with left mouse button. Hit together right CTRL and SHIFT on bottom lower right..while pressed down hit BACKSPACE You are detached and now can roam while your in battle. Do this in normal speed as if its too slow you may not see what you are doing. Numeric keypad. 7 will make you elevate 9 will make you lower 4 will rotate left 6 will rotate right 5 tilt down 8 tilt up pageup or number key 1= zoom in pagedn or number key 3 = zoom out Arrow keys: left - pan left right - pan right up - forward down - reverse back Notes: < Claims it REWINDS - it does not work. > Skips forward 10 sec Your ship is the only one with no ICON info - just bare ship if still alive in Freecam mode Lost your ship? Just press the ctrl-shift and back space to put you on the bridge again. Ctrl-G = removes the GUI interface