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  1. WES_HoundDog

    WoWS Goals for 2019

    Figure out how not to have CV's kill the game
  2. I run to the border quite often. Now when i'm at the border, 70% of the time it's because my team flopped hard and i ran out of room to extend against overwhelming numbers. You got to think of the chicken or the egg, which caused which. Don't always blame the bb.
  3. ok, in this situation i fall back on my other "Tips to being better #18" Never count on anyone. So in this situation you take for granted the support with you will quickly either flop or run away. So therefore your only way to deal with overwhelming odds (and the DD) is to extend the fight. Also it doesn't just matter what is infront of you. Position of the enemy if they are further to the wall of the map then you. This somewhat dictates where you push, then you look at who on the enemy team is in the middle likely getting easy broadsides on you as you push. Lastly, do they know that they are facing only 1 dd? Maybe if others are unaccounted for, they are lining up a dev strike.
  4. Sorry if it's been said before, This is a simple one. Because the moment a bb is spotted cruisers run to the nearest island to shoot fire at them while being impervious to return fire.
  5. I don't remember, but it probably went along the lines of... Here comes the planes again Raining on my head like a tragedy Tearing me apart i never had a chance Now it's time for me to dive into the ocean...
  6. WES_HoundDog

    what happen to the cv rework thread?

    Are you kidding me? He almost exclusively plays the 2 most overpowered ships in the game. Of course he's gonna hate anything that might get in the way of his overpoweredness.
  7. WES_HoundDog

    what happen to the cv rework thread?

    Really, did you see how many people i had standing out in the cold in that courtyard cheering on every word i say?
  8. WES_HoundDog

    what happen to the cv rework thread?

    Not true, I am the majority opinion and the majority opinion is that this is BAD. Not that the rework is bad, hell it's basically the same idea i thought up more than a year ago but implemented poorly. It's not the dev's fault they can't balance... well, balance and fun, CV's just don't allow for it. The problem is the bottom line, and that is that CV's are Bad for the game and need to be removed entirely.
  9. There are pay to win ships. Luckily Wging removed most of them form the game, well at least stopped players from getting them. But there are still some that need to be removed. Looking at your Graf Zepplin and Kaga
  10. WES_HoundDog

    Stealth Nerf to BB dispersion

    You see this when your rigged
  11. To get "The most Citadels" you need a small caliber High number of guns. Problem is most ships kill their target before reaching max cits. Thats why all the atlantas are taking the crown due to the small caliber size and number of guns. My high is for sure 8, in a hindinburg (pick below) However, years ago prior to that picture, i did take out an atago or mogami or something along those lines in one salvo with my hindy as well so that had to be a ton of cits. Also honorable mention- not in one salvo but constant sequential fire i think i got up to like 12 or 15 (before it puts the recorded citadels in the upper corner of the screen) in a kuma, may have been shooting at an omaha.
  12. WES_HoundDog

    Got to give props

    It's the creativity yet simplicity. Beautiful Asian style buildings in snowy winter landscape decked with festive yet subtle lights all bathed in the glow of a full moon. But what really makes this scene pop is the Chinese water lanterns and the imposing mountain overlooking the cove. The planes could take a hike though..
  13. WES_HoundDog

    ok I need help with He or AP use.

    Most tier 7 Battleship bows get overmatched by 16 inch shells(iowa shells) So in the rare time you are top tier, hit those Colorados, Natagos and other lesserlings with those punishing ap rounds and aim for the nose, not the center of the ship.
  14. WES_HoundDog

    Got to give props

    I don't normally normally say good things about the developers of this game because i'm a spiteful old man. Well, getting old... But i must say their ports are nicely done and this Zipangu port is absolutely beautiful. Not sure if it's new or not but very nicely done!
  15. my spidey senses are hinting at more rigged games 2018.