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  1. WES_HoundDog

    Thank you Jingles.

    Wging should create 2 random battle rule sets. One with CV's and one without CV's. I reckon the one with CV's will be dead quite quickly.
  2. WES_HoundDog

    Is Wargaming Biased Against Germans?

    EVERYONE IS RACIST and BIAS!!! NEWS At 11! 21st Century Motto- If you don't like it, call it Racist or Bias and you win at life!
  3. WES_HoundDog

    This is Why We Complain about CVs

    There is such a thing as the research bureau. This is WG sanctioned baby seal clubbing, leave him alone!
  4. So in essence, Baby seal clubbing in on like DONKEY KONG!
  5. I think you have to look at the bright side here. Any ships that are underperforming after this revamp will be lined up for some buffs. Not that WGing will do it right, like when they greatly increased AA effectiveness when they had it focus the last plane in the squad. All they needed to do was add some small buffs to plane hps. Instead the next patch they nerfed AA into the ground again. So maybe not something to look forward to.
  6. WES_HoundDog

    would you play WoWS 2?

    All they have to do for World of Warships 2 is remove CV's and they'd have the Best Seller of 2021. Oh and remove Smolensk.
  7. WES_HoundDog

    Rejoice Skill Based MM is Here!!!

    Welcome to rigged games 2020 WGing shts on those they want to.
  8. WES_HoundDog

    please help CVs

    My British light cruiser doesn't get Arsonist very often. I think they need a buff.
  9. WES_HoundDog

    CV's are a plague that needs to be addressed

    Easy, Give everyone that bought a CV the cost of the CV they bought in in-game credit to buy a different type of ship. Then say for your inconvenience you'll get an additional 25% in credit to spend. If they don't want a different type of ship, they simply get their money back, just like they did when they did the CV rework.
  10. WES_HoundDog

    CV's are a plague that needs to be addressed

    This is clear proof that the finance team is in control of the game. They see revenue gained. They can't spreadsheet and quantify revenue lost.
  11. WES_HoundDog

    Randoms have officially become Co-Op

    Cept, this wasn't my battle
  12. WES_HoundDog

    Randoms have officially become Co-Op

    Someone doesn't read the OP. Did you come here just to complain?
  13. WES_HoundDog

    Randoms have officially become Co-Op

    Here it is boys and girls, 5 minutes of your life you will never get back. https://replayswows.com/replay/80243#stats
  14. WES_HoundDog

    Randoms have officially become Co-Op

    You would be wrong, at least from my perspective