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  1. Nevermind me, just a rage thread

    learned this long ago. Never count on anyone
  2. Remove BB HE

    One HE volley can do that. Thank you for joining our cause.
  3. Alsace, nerfed, now time for a buff?

    And another one. 123k, solo captured a base and didn't make the top 4 by 155 points. I'm just saying, i don;t think I've ever missed the top 3 when scoring over 100k damage in any other bb.
  4. not going to see the replay of it now, it was from September 2016. I have the screen shot evidence on my other computer. Unfortunately the screen shots i sent on the wargamming ticket are no longer on the ticket or accessible.
  5. one thing that might be getting overlooked is normalization. I know it's talked about in broadside fire where the shell flattens out after hitting the side of a ship. So say that shell his the superstructure and flattens out some. Maybe it then hits the deck and flattens out more. At this point it either doesn't have enough angle to hit the citadel or glances off the citadel. In any chase that would be a rip. you would expect the shell to get a vertical boost instead of a horizontal one.
  6. The pen and overpen ribbins are all fubared. I got 4 overpens on a german bb the other day for 17k damage.
  7. Landed 6 torps from my fully upgraded tier 7 hatsuharu (pre japenese dd reshuffle) from 5k out dead center on an unupgraded Konig with 40,700 hps. Total torp damage 103,389. If they all his the torp belt 80,650 damage. But yeah, they failed to kill him. Funny thing is i have a screen shot that shows his hps going down to 9k after the first set of torps hits him, then a split second later when the second set hits his hps go back up to 26k then proceeded to drop again. #Rigged games 2018 Oh and a torpedo hitting the rear of a dd should damage the entire ship.
  8. Help Me With a Grinding Math Question

    Wait, does a ship being elite mean something when you sell the ship? Other than the fact that you should already have the following ship?
  9. Report on me due not good at aims.

    I never go by the line to judge lead distance. I honestly don't know how anyone uses it. To me for aim, it's practice. Learn the flight time of your shells and how long they take to reach the given distance. Then look at how fast the ship is moving through the water or how fast it's smoke is going to the back of the ship to get an idea of how fast it's moving then aim accordingly. Waterline is good for cruisers, american bb over tier 7, mainly just fire center mass for anything else since either they don;t have a citadel or it's so freaken huge you will clobber it anyway.
  10. Alsace, nerfed, now time for a buff?

    i push caps when it's not a flame fest. Normally can pop a dd for a couple hits here or there but with all the lighter cruisers, once they get spotted they are dead or gone before a reload. Just pulled in a 150k game and missed the top 3 by 150 points. Had a point blank brawl with a musashi. Hit half a dozen ships and was basically the only one contesting one side of the map.
  11. Report on me due not good at aims.

    when you miss a full BB volley at 3k on a broadside dd. Isn't that plays poorly?
  12. So of course i get the Alsace a day after it gets nerfed. I was terrible in it for a few days, got a couple modules and commander abilities and now i rack up pretty good damage in it. Get good kills, take caps, all that Jazz against tier 10's constantly and still can't come anywhere near the top in terms of experience per battle. In any other battleship with the games I've had i'd sure be 1,2 maybe third in terms of experience, but with this i'm middle of the pack consistently. So, now that the damage ability has been nerfed on the Alsace, is it time to buff the experience output?
  13. Why are the Sharks Winning?

    thats right, they called the Americans the Red army. My bad
  14. Why are the Sharks Winning?

    this is it, Blue is awesome, Red is for Russia. No one likes Russia. Oh crap here comes another warning.. Red is for Canada!
  15. Game is broken

    Cruisers sailing broadside tanking better than bb's while doing 10 times their damage. A cleveland just tanked 2 bb's at 12k by sailing broadside to them and burned them both down. Since Wging doesn't like new players getting deleted with citadels they practically removed them from ships. So is it time to completely remove citadels and make AP pen anything it would have otherwise overpened except dd's? And give BB's cruiser dispersion? BB's getting broadside shots on bad cruiser players and ending up with 2.5% total max damage is broken.