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  1. WES_HoundDog

    Beta test for CVs will require WGC.

    From Roger Wilco, to teamspeak to mumble to ventrilo, now discord? The nerds can never settle on anything. Ventrilo is the last one for me.
  2. Yes... but i've never used the game center client which apparently is needed. Is that something that launches tomorrow or where can i get that?
  3. This is actually probably not a bad idea as long as it comes along with a 3 fold increase in hps and a reworking of the way fires work.
  4. WES_HoundDog

    PSA: The salt has got to stop in randoms

    Fix the game and 50% of the salt will stop, but bads will still be bads. At least players won't be pissed off at the broken stuff in this game and take it out on the players.
  5. Ships that are no where near competitive in their base state. Every ship released in the last years seems balanced around upgrades and commander abilities that you have base ships that are absolute fodder. When you upgrade to the next tier, should should not get a ship that's down 2 tiers from your last one.
  6. WES_HoundDog

    Why Are you Joining the CV Rework Test

    where is the option- To test and provide feedback to stop them from being game breaking to all the non CV players.
  7. WES_HoundDog

    Krohnstad or Musashi

    I don't think the Musashi is going to be too much fun once this CV rework comes out. On second thought, neither will the Krohn. On third thought, neither will almost anything.
  8. WES_HoundDog

    Nerf Worcester Harder

    Raise the citadel. I've put too many flat broadside shots at close range into these high rate of fire paper armor ships for next to nothing in damage.. The captain of the ship plays like an idiot and sails broadside to a bb at close range it should be wiped off the map. It's ridiculous that WGing wants BB's to fire HE at these ships to do any damage to them. Further dumbing down of the game, CHECK!
  9. I find sailing in one big furball the single worst thing you can do in this game. I normally always go in the direction away form everyone else. No better way to open up broadsides. It also delays the enemy form wraping up your team. Just the prevalance of he spam ships and dd's can ruin your cruise pretty quickly if your not careful.
  10. WES_HoundDog

    WG logic at its worst

    Oh Snap! no he did'ent!
  11. WES_HoundDog

    Questions on Amagi credit earning

    It's a mid and even short range brawler(if the enemy doesn't have good secondaries) as long as you pre position yourself (the armor is on the butt). Otherwise it still works nicely at long range, just figure out the flight times.
  12. WES_HoundDog

    Question from a new player.

    Which is pretty stupid if you ask me.
  13. WES_HoundDog

    What is the best 15" BB strat against Des Moines?

    When there is an armored cruiser with 27mm+ bow armor, just sail around with one of your own. If the enemy feels they can't survive they are more likely to try to disengage. Or shoot at the thing doing the damage to it or that they can kill faster. But as with all things in this game, the best strategy is to identify the threat before hand and don't get yourself in the disadvantaged situation to begin with. One more you can do is call in artillery support. Someone might be able to clobber him as long as your not overextended to the enemies side.
  14. WES_HoundDog

    AP Bombs are WAY too OP...

    So you think it's balanced to give someone no shot at enjoying a game?