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  1. Would like to see how you make an AA build out of my Marblehead.
  2. so done playing with CV

    Looks like they fooled you again. Best way to fix CV that involves no development time. Remove them from the game!
  3. Devs answer to the Carrier meta. NUKE IT!

    Yup, the vast majority out there feel the same way as i do.
  4. So...you want to play ranked, do you?

    Not true. Last season i played the amagi that i love. I felt i was a pretty good factor in most of my games even in the sub rank 5. However flame throwing cruisers eat through the ship, that and whoever has the better destroyers always won anyway. So i switched over to my chapeyv. I totally sucked in it but in the 20 games i played it it i had over a 70% win ratio and capped out a couple hours before the end of the season.
  5. So...you want to play ranked, do you?

    Most tournaments are supposed to be fun. Wging went in the other direction.
  6. Why does this go on after updates?

    It's typical. RNG aka "Rigged number generator" Although i'm not sure why it only happens to you after patches. Must be broken.
  7. Visability Patch

    can we please revert the latest visibility patch back to the way it was before. Not only are ships taking twice as long to render than they were before the patch but also torps now are taking much longer to render.
  8. Thoughts on on CVs

    what means nothing to me because i have no clue what they mean by those terms. They should just do what i said to do a year ago and make all cv's computer played only. And bring them out on 8% of the games like cyclones.
  9. Thoughts on on CVs

    they should be removed from the game. Please don't ban me, the post thread was thoughts on CV's. That's my thoughts.
  10. HE Spammers! HE Spammers Everywhere!

    It's funny how an ammunition that is supposed to do less damage while most of the damage comes from dot, somehow consistantly does far more damage than AP. Particularly now when the player base is getting older and more experienced their for would know how to use AP to it's most they still use the brain dead ammo.
  11. I think they are playing exactly the way Wargamming wants it's players to play. DUMB!
  12. Weekend spree

    why would you ever free experience a ship at those rates? I'm lucky to get over 1k experience a game.
  13. Please remove CV's from the game for now

    I second, or 8,000end, Please remove CV's form the game