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  1. WES_HoundDog

    Something Broken with Devstrike award

    Yeah, I've seen this mostly against CV's. A BB will take out 90% of the CV"S health. then on the next salvo, not next turret, We are talking greater than 15 seconds later more shells come in and wipe off the final couple thousand hps and they end up with a dev strike.
  2. WES_HoundDog

    Something Broken with Devstrike award

    OK so here is the replay. While posting the replay i remembered it was a ranked battle. I was just about to ask did they pull achievements from ranked battles? However I saw the guy that killed me got a dev strike award so that can't be it. Something else I noticed watching the replay, I also didn't get a It's Just a Flesh Wound award either so it's more of a bug with awards in general. https://replayswows.com/replay/133142#stats
  3. Just did 19,934 damage on 2 torp hits to a NO who upgraded hull has 35,000 hps got the kill and no dev strike award. Now even with survivability expert thats not enough to = less than 50% of her hps. And yes, the torps hit at about the same moment.
  4. WES_HoundDog

    I (almost) quit because of radar. Very frustrated!

    You forgot Belfast. But if they just listened to me all they would have had to worry about was the Belfast, Conqueror and Smolensk. However CV's (not particularly the rework) ruin the game so we can add that one in there as well. As for the rest, if someone said they ruined the game, well that means WeeGee's been doing a lot of ruining, which I would agree with. So yah, stop messing up WeeGee. Honorable mention- I would add the Kutuzov if anyone actually played it but i haven't seen enough of it to proclaim ruined!
  5. WES_HoundDog

    What's the point in playing older lines anymore?

    This is where Fighter Ace had it right,. until they didn't, (i.e. new planes like Japanese 0 turn bazooka shooters, and Russian do everything machine gun bazooka shooters.) It was pretty shocking how quickly the game died once the power creep and lack of balance started. But I'm not bitter, no not me. I would never fear the same thing happening to another game...)
  6. WES_HoundDog

    Something is wrong with this game

    I tried recreating this shot in training room. Over about 50 shots i got 2 citadels the same way. On a seperate note. I closed to within 2k maybe 1k of a montana and fired at the back side of the forward most secondary gun there abouts and got a citadel as well. None of the shells hit the side of the ship or anywhere near the waterline where the citadel is.
  7. I mean. Look at this screen shot. How much damage should this shot do? Now this is what happened. Now how many guessed that would happen? Ok so yeah about 40% of you. Cause your all wacko. The other 40% probably said detonation. And the final 20% wouldn't have a clue. But still, any explanations? I chalk it up to Rigged games 2021. But what say you?
  8. WES_HoundDog


    I had fun shooting an Ise while he was off flying his planes somewhere
  9. WES_HoundDog

    This has to stop

    if you spread out the good and the bad, then wouldn't everyone end up with a 50% win rate and therefore, how does the smart mm work?
  10. WES_HoundDog

    Premium Ship Review - Ise

    seriously 356 needs to stop being put as a con at tier 6. It's the freaking standard at that tier.
  11. Didn't that game crash and burn?
  12. Well i guess it's about time I start working up the new russian cruiser line. That will get the darn thing nerfed for sure.
  13. WES_HoundDog

    85M silver was minimum winning bid for the coal

    25,000,000 silver is about as useful as 500,000 coal. They both buy about the same amount of signals.
  14. I recently bought more AA flags in an attempt to win some back. Got a Defensive AA achievment and was all giddy. Went back to my port to see those lovely devils show up and nothing. I musta been searching and calculating for 5 minutes trying to figure out what happened. Had to come here to remember they were doing this dasterdly change. WEeGee is turning into a bank, nickel and dime you any way they can.
  15. WES_HoundDog

    New AA record for my Massy

    Let me splain this to you in dummy terms. Fighters which likely consitituted a lot of that are useless. Shooting down useless planes is useless. A CV who is a terrrible player is going to get a ton of planes shot down by high aa ships. But the CV player is terrible so the planes are useless. Once again, shooting down useless planes is useless. Any other useless use of your useless aa results in more utter uselessness. Got it? good.