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  1. DeathwishDrang

    DID YOU KNOW?....................

    It’s because one started Wargaming with WoTs, right?
  2. DeathwishDrang

    Spotting reward when sunk

    Does one receive spotting damage credit for fires burning on ships you’ve spotted for team mates (and that are burning)? i don’t know the answer but that might account for what you witnessed.
  3. DeathwishDrang

    WG-Who is making these Decisions?

    Burger King tastes just fine
  4. DeathwishDrang

    Supporting your team does not pay off

    Karma. Don't mislead your wife like that.
  5. DeathwishDrang

    LWMS next review

  6. DeathwishDrang

    Rogue Wave buildings

    three of the building models from the start up screen, downtown Detroit Michigan Odd shaped one is/was First National Building on Woodward and Congress (where I worked beginning in 1984) Two down on Congress Street is the Penobscot building (leaning over in star up screen)
  7. OP, bringing clear, clean logic into debate, how refreshing. i had been DD player almost exclusively before re-work. CVs were already nasty to contend with when they appeared. decided to go back to CAs hoping for target-rich environment and have not been disappointed. Shooting down planes planes is fun. Did 98 from the Cleveland that was especially fun. Getting the fourth type of ship back into queues seems to indicated the re-work has been good overall
  8. DeathwishDrang

    Kahab Detonations

    So now you have 50 anti-detonation flags. Use them and this becomes a non-issue (for 50 battles anyway).
  9. DeathwishDrang

    WG why arnt there infinant amounts of maps?

    Ocean best balanced map😃😃😃
  10. DeathwishDrang

    Rank Sprint 4 Ship Performance Table

    I used Gnevny exclusively. 27th on Leaderboard for W Pct., 1st for damage. And clearly, anyone with brains used any destroyer but Gnevny as it appears to be the least popular DD.