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  1. vejae

    Please do something about CVs

    Thx 4 that Douglas , I had missed it. Hope is out there!
  2. Just no, every1 else is on a level playing field. And stop calling it playing CV's, it's playing aircraft, the ship is ignored at the back of the map till the end of the game.
  3. he sounds dull, not his normal self
  4. vejae

    Nelson should Have Torpedoes

    many early BB's had torps, but they were mounted below the water line.
  5. vejae

    CV need alpha strike back

    DD and Cruiser torps were a lot bigger then plane torps! But I do believe they are underpowered. One mechanic I would like to see in torps is deflect\dud chance, if a shell or bomb can shatter/bounce or overpenetration , why can't a torp not deflect or dud? Duds were historically a big problem.(also crazy guidance)