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  1. BeefyMetal

    Ranked Battles: the Eighteenth Season

    I have both the Colbert and Ohio. You want the Ohio, unless you are good with Worcester's flighty shells. Colbert can be easily citadel'd. Ohio is a brawler.
  2. BeefyMetal

    Unique Camouflage Patterns for Tier IX Ships!

    Once you assign the EPOCH camo to a ship, can it be used on a different ship later?
  3. BeefyMetal

    Weekly Combat Missions: Wargaming Anniversary

    Okay I was begging to wonder if the the tier X ship super container was going to be a thing or not. Hopefully it will come next month.
  4. BeefyMetal

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    Click on equipment and you can see how much ship xp you have.
  5. BeefyMetal

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    @Hapa_Fodder I also have the same question. Also would like to know if they require special ships to complete them, other than they have to be German ships. Does it require premium ships?
  6. BeefyMetal

    PT 0.9.6, balance changes

    I purchased the Graf Zeppelin about 45 days ago. Now your going to nerf it!!! I wont buy another premium ship again.
  7. BeefyMetal

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    They said it was going to be like the Cossack event, and it only cost me $2 to finish getting the ship. So if history repeats its self, then it will be affordable.
  8. BeefyMetal

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    I agree. Why is the Russian line getting the shaft?
  9. BeefyMetal

    Ranked Battles: the Sixteenth Season

    Oh no!!! I forgot about Payfast!!!!!
  10. BeefyMetal

    Ranked Battles: the Sixteenth Season

    Ranked Sprint has divisions, regular Ranked doesn't have divisions.
  11. BeefyMetal

    Ranked Battles: the Sixteenth Season

    Feeling shortchanged on the amount of steel rewards this season. In past seasons it was more, just because it is tier 7 doesn't mean you should lower the rewards. Whatever tier it is, the rewards should be the same amount.
  12. BeefyMetal

    One Million Free Experience Club

    Yeah if they ever release the Alaska.
  13. BeefyMetal

    Really WG? 24,000,000 credits?

    It's not that its hard, it is just tons of playing game. No thanks.
  14. BeefyMetal

    Festive Frederich Friday - Steel Campaigns

    Steel campaign is over priced, no thank you.
  15. BeefyMetal

    Premium Ship Review: Kii

    Can anybody tell me if we are able to purchase the alternate camo with doubloons yet?