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  1. So i just played my first supership game in Ranked. And i got 0 credits for the game? After spending creds for equipment. So what's the point if you cant grind some credits?
  2. Hali_greg

    Tier 10 Brawls

    Good write up. Sounds like fun. I would add Divs and Comms help (and fuin) but no guarantee for winning.
  3. Hali_greg

    Retro computers, a hobby I got into since Covid

    I have great memories of playing Xcom on my friends Dx2/66 in the wee hours of the morning. You need a Commodore 64 to round out the collection. Great system. Lert you are the coolest.
  4. Hali_greg

    Just to let you all know about "Kiwi1960"

    Deepest sympathies. It's a great community here and we are all better having him and yourself as part of it. Thank you very much for sharing.
  5. I had just unsubscribed from Flamu's youtube this morning. What a coincidence. I have no problem getting rid of toxic people on any online media.
  6. Hali_greg

    Stalingrad ?

    Stalin is a better sniper than Petro. Petro is better up close. Petro has smaller citadel, better detect and turns quicker. I think the Stalin HE is better as well. No doubt the Stalin has been creeped by the Petro. The biggest advantage of the Stalin is that is a prem. with camo and you can swap in your capts.
  7. I've just started as well. Agree, it makes it a bit more colourful. :)
  8. Awesome news. Keep the gambling in casinos weegee.
  9. Hali_greg

    Coal Ships - Decision TIme

    I have all 3. Both BBs are great, but completely different play styles. Thunderer just because its leaving. The Moskva was a star performer in Clan Battles, but has been power creeped out of that format. I've never played it much in Randoms for the same reason.
  10. Hali_greg


    I haven't played that long in it but here goes: AP is great, HE is not. Stick to AP most of the time. It doesn't do big strikes, but chips away nicely. It's pretty tanky from the front. And small and nimble enough in open water. Great detection range makes escaping an option. I found it is a nice ship. Big upgrade from the Taillin; which was yuck.
  11. Hali_greg

    Is This Even Possible?

    Close encounters with torpedo's count as well.
  12. Hali_greg

    Lamest Clan (NA)

    Time for a new clan. Ahem, we are recruiting. Casual fun clan that plays clan battles four days a week. Everyone plays who wants to play. Mature, active and stable clan. PM me if you have questions. GLHF
  13. Thanks OP. Great post. And congrats on your new ship. I've got one line reset (UK BB), working on a 2nd (FRA BB), and will likely reset a 3rd (Euro DD). This should get me the OHIO, and some other goodies. RSWF are recruiting. Fun, social and stable clan. Everyone gets equal time in Clan Battles. PM for more info.
  14. Hali_greg

    The Key Battle: Even More Rewards!

    Sorry weegee, this year is a bust: -No CXP -16 ships. 12 lose, 4 win. no thanks, will stay with the knuckle draggers in randoms for 50/50%. - Battles too long and the same -No divs See you next year.
  15. Hali_greg

    How to Skane?

    Try not to go all Yolo in one engagement. Leave a way out, heal up, and try something else. And not specific to this line, I've had good success in spotting incoming torps for my team mates. The nice thing about the line is that the ships are rather consistent from tier to tier.