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  1. Hali_greg

    RSWF Recruiting-Mature East Coast guys

    Hi everyone we are still looking for new players. Good attitude more important than good stats.
  2. Hali_greg

    Tell Tale Signs of Good Player

    Well said OP. Far too much anger for a video game. Al least, thank goodness, it is less toxic than WOT was. OP If you ever want to division up with some chilled out older guys, look up our clan. Great bunch.
  3. Great game. I've been struggling with my Donskoi in Randoms, but after that game I think I may have to give it a try in Ranked. Thanks and gg
  4. Hali_greg

    Give me a template on how to get better with DDs

    P Key = turns off/on secondaries and AA fire. turn them off if you want to be stealthy, turn on when you are spotted/in smoke/no enemy ships can hit you. DDs are the prime targets due to their small HP and high damage potential. Dds get more powerful as the game progresses. the stealth/spotting /torps become very powerful as the radar is used up and there are less opponents. I've seen 3 DDs vs 3 BBs at the end of the a match. It wasn't pretty for the BBs and there wasn't much they could do about it. have fun
  5. WG doesn't want their players to have a life. Live to play. Live to grind.
  6. Hali_greg

    Radar Ship Chart

    Thanks Ducky_shot. Will revise and reissue.
  7. Hali_greg

    Radar Ship Chart

    WOWS-Radar Ships.pdf My totally unofficial and probable has errors, radar ship chart. WOWS-Radar Ships.pdf
  8. Hali_greg

    When was your first 19-point commander?

    Still looking for my fist 19. Will have one someday...
  9. Hali_greg

    If at first you don't succeed.........

    Nice games there. Congrats
  10. Hali_greg

    Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

    I will admit, I have been one of the rentals. I've been playing the Conq as I am grinding my way up to it and wanted to give it a try. 200k+ damage and top place last game. Agree with previous posters that the format is very unforgiving. Top two places in a loss should retain a star.
  11. Hali_greg

    clan question

    They only thing your WOT and WOWS accounts share is premium time (depending on what time you bought). Otherwise, no connection, as said above.
  12. Hali_greg

    Just about done playing DD...

    I am sure that WG is seeing many people leaving the game. I don't think this will kill the game, but it helping.
  13. Hali_greg

    Competitive DD Lessons: Developing your Inner Evil Genius

    Great video. Thanks for posting
  14. Hali_greg

    Tips for playing in Storms and Gales

    Some good tips. Thanks guys. I should have added that was thinking for Random battles, and what tactics one should follow.
  15. I am looking for some tips for playing in Storms and Gales. Apologies if there are threads on this topic elsewhere; I could not find any. Cheers