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  1. Hali_greg

    How many is your losing streak?

    I find the less I like a ship, the harder it is to find a win. First win of the day can be elusive.
  2. As much as I would love to get this one, I don't just don't have enough high tier ships to get this one. One ten, and one eight, just ain't going to make it. Clan Wars will make this a lot easier if you have an active clan and a few ten ships. Good luck everyone.
  3. Hali_greg

    On the Prinz Eithel Friedrich Campaigns.

    Agreed with OP 100%. It is geared towards people who play a lot. I will take a pass on this. By comparison, WOT gave out a Tier 6 Premium for free, and there Xmas specials are great and do able for casuals. The rich get richer...