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  1. CloneSociety

    US Alaska Stream

    Star's going live again! Check him out!
  2. CloneSociety

    BBs unfun to play/overnerfed

    I'm finding just the opposite. I've switched to the Dynamic crosshair and studied up on Notser's video on it, as well as getting pointers on my aim from StarShield_NA on Twitch. As a result, I'm seeing ridiculously more citadels in my gameplay.
  3. CloneSociety

    US Alaska Stream

    Starshield is going live with yet more Alaska play. Check out the ship and listen to the gravelly voice that sounds like a pirate!
  4. CloneSociety

    US Alaska Stream

    StarShield is going live to show off the Alaska and her dirty AP rounds! Be sure to come take a peek. Can has Alaska now? https://www.twitch.tv/starshield_na
  5. CloneSociety

    US Alaska Stream

    Star tends to stream from 10p-2am ET. Following him on twitch and using the twitch mobile app will send notifications when he streams. He's doing the Alaska through this weekend. It has some beastly AP that loves to eat whatever ship is in front of her.