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  1. Really Wargaming?

    Solid discussion
  2. Having fun is fine but its the not purpose of the battle..... alrighty
  3. Ya i should play the lottery then if it's suppose to be rare to get the same back back. Last 4 containers were 10 mil credits then another 10 mil credits plus 50k free xp last two.
  4. FRENCH Ship ! new game option ?

    I laughed earlier....
  5. Preety sweet! I got a SC last night with 50k free exp. I was quite happy
  6. What goes great with french fries? Salt
  7. kraken

    Well done !
  8. Love this ship!! Alot of fun to play.
  9. The salt in chat when I throw on radar.
  10. Yubari

    I haven't played this ship since I first started the game. Might be time to take her out for a spin.
  11. My spirt animal is the Bismarck

    Love the Bismarck she's such a fun ship. Permanent spot in my port.