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  1. This is the "correct" answer. :p Not the convenient answer... but it does work.
  2. Idk, I like destroyers a lot, but I win more in battleships than any other class and it's simply because if I play equally well it's much easier to control the flow of a match in a battleship most of the time. Destroyers are a latent threat but only to battleships, a destroyer or cruiser shouldn't spend much time sweating them and a carrier driver who has some sense can take a destroyer completely out of the game unless it's one of the few high tier destroyers that have reasonably good AA. As far as I'm concerned destroyers and battleships are both in a reasonable place, especially battleships, it's cruisers and carriers that need work, not battleships.
  3. I get that people don't like certain ships, or don't want to spend money on them. But it's kind of funny to see some of the ideas about what actually constitutes a good ship or bad ship. I normally wouldn't buy a premium below tier 7 or so simply because it's not really worth it from a credit/xp perspective so I guess that's my main rule. Also screw carriers. That said I have a number of them that have either come as rewards or from last year's Xmas crates... I pretty much won the jackpot. If I had to buy them (or buy them again) the I wouldn't buy: De Grasse -- it's not a terrible ship but with T6 matchmaking it's not much fun Yubari -- too much citadel to be much fun against competent players Anshan -- it's ok, but if it weren't for the bonus FXP it really isn't that exciting also T6 MM Okhotnik -- there are many other better T5 destroyers Ishizuchi -- it's ok, but why play T4 premiums unless you're a professional seal clubber and for that the Imperator Nikolai is much better Sims -- at least it's fast, but other than that... Prinz Eugen -- you gotta love German cruisers to want to play it Campbeltown -- a US T3 destroyer but worse Graf Spee -- it's kind of fun, but it's not a very good ship as it is far too specialized as a cruiser killer and can't do much in a number of situations, also T6 MM -- if you're gonna play a T6 cruiser the Molotov or Cleveland are much better options Perth -- LOL! Krasny Krym -- double LOL! Indianapolis -- pretty meh plus it sees a lot of bottom tier matches and doesn't uptier so well Oleg -- the Aurora is better in pretty much every way, plus it's T3 Duca D'Aosta -- T6 MM and it's not really got the DPM output to be a threat Marblehead -- but I didn't pay for it, so it's ok Murmansk -- it's been power crept and doesn't uptier so well these days Any of the T2 ships, playing T2 isn't really worth the effort though there are a couple of interesting historical ships there But that said a number of those ships are workable, they're just not worth it to me since I don't like to play lower tiers so much and if I'm going to play a premium it's usually for credits and captain XP which is far more productive at T8 or T9. There are other weak ships that I wouldn't really recommend to people but most of them have some degree of redeeming quality or are at least fun to play (e.g.: Nelson or Atlanta) even if they're not a strong choice if you are trying to win.
  4. I motored though it and didn't keep it, but that's more because it's a paper ship than anything else. I didn't need another T8 battleship. That said, I thought it was well balanced and quite playable.
  5. Some people have issues, but unless it's a problem impacting a significant portion of the community it's far more likely to be either an ISP connectivity issue either to the ISP or from the ISP to Wargaming's servers. If you think you are having a problem, put a ticket in and WG will walk you thought some troubleshooting steps that will help them identify if the problem is on their end or elsewhere. It may come as a shock to you but in my clan of 40 people we rarely, if ever, see connectivity issues. The last time anybody was complaining of these problems it turned out that his service provider had to come out and do work at his place. This isn't to say that WG hasn't had problems, but all of the symptoms you're describing are anecdotal at best and likely to be on your end at the worst. Just because you don't have any issues with other applications doesn't mean that the problem isn't a connectivity issue, PvP video games require a relatively stable and low latency connection and it's entirely possible that the path from your computer to WG isn't optimized sufficiently for the game. When there are serious server issues there's usually very little uncertainty.
  6. The only real way for this to actually be connected to the game is if you have a flaky power supply or you are running a bit too close to the maximum output of the power supply in the computer. It's possible, though fairly unlikely these days, that you could be drawing too much current when you start a resource intensive application like WoWs and it's pushing your computer past the specifications. This is less likely if everything was working before and now you're seeing an issue all of a sudden. That said, I'd be more inclined to think that it's a coincidence and the underlying issue is elsewhere than to assume that it's actually WoWs causing the problem.
  7. Yeah, well that wasn't really my point. Of course a better ship will sell more. My point is that they'd still be worth playing even if they were a bit worse than the standard ships because they're more useful economically. An average or better player really shouldn't suffer too much in Warships simply due to a few percent change in a couple of ship stats.
  8. I don't really care if premiums are about the same on average as tech tree ships, but to answer the question, the reason why its fine for them to be a bit worse is that you can freely train captains in them and they should normally earn more credits and XP. You can tweak those numbers without having any impact on the game play stats.
  9. The Belfast is very strong, but the Fiji is right there with it. I don't know which is stronger in an empirical sense, but the Fiji is a much more fun ship to play most of the time.
  10. It's a credit sink to take money out of the economy and also to encourage people to play different ships in the scenarios.
  11. Sort of, but I think the point is that you can make money in T10 even if you don't play very well. In this regard it's far more forgiving than Tanks. A reasonably good player should be able to play T10 with without making a net loss on average. We all know that WG's business model is based on getting people to pay them real money so it's not exactly a shocker that permanent camo gives you an economic advantage, but it might be useful information for people who struggle to have enough credits to play top tier ships and want to know if the permanent camo is "worth it" for them.
  12. The Yugumo is a good boat, but you need to be tricksy to make it work. The concealment and F3 torps dictate that you'll probably spend a lot of time dangerously close to the enemy so you need to always be on the lookout for enemy DDs or planes, and of course radar. You're a good player so I'm sure you won't struggle too much. The main challenge is that you really need to run if you get tangled up with pretty much any other same tier DD, the guns are good, but you have the same Japanese slow turret traverse and slow reload rate.
  13. Oh well, some people don't want to learn... if that's how they choose to play the game, that's their business! Have fun everybody.
  14. Aren't you charming. RNG can be a factor, but if you only hit with 27 shells in a Kirov (that's 3 salvoes of shells) in a game then you might need to work on your aim a bit before you blame it on RNG. The Kirov has some of the most accurate guns in the game and doesn't suffer from RNG nearly as much as most other ships. If it happens in one game /shrug, craphappens. If it happens all the time look at what you're doing and see if you can find places to improve.