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  1. Thanks for the feedback @Sub_Octavian. Now we can get on to the real travesty: where is HMCS Haida? Cossack? Really?!! Just kidding! We're always going to get some drama no matter what decision is made and I think you guys have handled this fairly reasonably given the passion that people can have for historical warships. Personally I would have preferred the Massachusetts to the Alabama given the choice, just because I've seen the former in real life, but it's all good. I'd sooner take our time and perhaps have a chance to see a new variant of the ship (provided it's not stupidly game breaking) at a later date when the Alabama isn't quite so fresh and the other trees are a bit better fleshed out. The USN has a lot of love right now and we don't want a situation like T7 RN battleships where there are a practically a whole tech tree of premiums sitting at the same tier. The USN has a lot of potential warships from the T7-T9 real world era that are famous enough to warrant a premium, but I'd sooner see work on other classes of ships (there are a bunch of destroyer and cruiser types that would be fun to see) than continual repeats of the same battleship class(es).
  2. People who want to see cruisers become much tougher seem to have some misconceptions about their role in the game. They are closer to the glass cannon archetype than any other class and are balanced around this concept. Of course in a stand up slugfest a cruiser should generally come off the worse against ships with bigger guns and better armour. Unless they have extremely high DPM like the Minotaur or Des Moines or they have a gimmick like the ability to potentially live long enough to manage a short range torpedo drop like the Hindenburg or the Zao then they probably shouldn't be putting themselves in those situations. There are a very few cruisers who eat citadels from any angle whatsoever and also have minimal ability to counter these situations, but if you're going to rebalance cruisers around having no citadels like destroyers, then you also need to yank a lot of their utility, like smoke, radar, torpedoes, etc. and potentially tone down their raw DPM, and other mechanics like fire chance per minute as well. I personally prefer cruisers over pretty much any other kind of ship, but that's because they have a fairly high skill cap and they are a lot more of a challenge to me than battleships, while still being fun and retaining some ability to influence the overall dynamics of the match. There is no simple solution to the game's meta problems, but I can say with some confidence that just making another ship class more capable of static tanking isn't going to be an improvement. The direction these ideas *must* take if we're going to have a better game is to push people out of static camping positions so that ships like cruisers and destroyers can better leverage their speed, maneuverability, and spotting. Cruisers aren't in a bad place now, or at least they aren't in nearly as bad a place as some destroyers and the complete dog's breakfast that is aircraft carrier balance, but other than a few ships that are fairly unique or forgiving due to various gimmicks, as a rule they require a higher level of skill and map awareness to maximize. In late game, generally speaking cruisers become more and more powerful and there are plenty of situations where they are stronger than the competition. And there will be some situations where they will be ineffective. But any destroyer player who faces a team with 5 radar cruisers, or a Yamato player that lines up against a three Shimakaze division will know that this is the case for most ships. When I hear people complaining about getting deleted by a battleship I tend to think that the ship might not be the problem. It happens to all of us, but if you're in situations where this is happening routinely you really need to work on reading the map and the matchup better. The same style of play that works or at least can be more forgiving in a battleship is insane in most cruisers, so don't get in those situations in the first place. The only real gripe I have on this level is the creep in concealment and DPM that has been going on with battleships for some time, this is a much greater threat to cruisers than the citadel mechanics, and it's arguably a much bigger problem in terms of game balance because it blurs the lines in a confusing way. Cruisers feel bad right now in large part because the meta is battleships and no carriers. Part of why this is though is because destroyers are so afraid of cruisers that they don't play aggressively enough to actually be a major factor. Another way of thinking about this is that cruisers, and particularly radar cruisers, are *so* effective that they don't have as much to do other than try to farm battleships for damage.
  3. Yeah this is basically it. I've now played with a few players, even pretty naturally skilled ones who had previous experience in similar games, and you really do need to play a good number of games before it's even easy to tell what's really going on in a game. No insult intended to anybody, but it's pretty easy to think that the problem is something different than the real issue early on in your play simply because you're not seeing the big picture. A great player might only need a few hundred games to get the hang of the game and map awareness, but because the meta changes at different tiers and there are particular game mechanics (radar and armour overmatching in particular) that become much more important at various levels of progression it's still going to take a bit of time and effort to get the swing of things. Another thing that really helps is playing up a few lines of ships so you start to get a better idea of the strengths and weaknesses of your opposition, so back to @Super_Splash_Bro's point it takes a bit of time no matter how good you are before you're going to be (on average) much more than a neutral factor on your team.
  4. I need to cheat just to get a participation trophy so I feel the pain!
  5. You didn't need to confess in public Biggie!
  6. This is good advice. In general I'd go as far as to say that the two original lines, US and Japan, are the best place for most people to start with most ships. The progression is generally logical with very few big changes in the lines and for the most part. There are relatively few ships that are highly situational even when they're not always the absolute best ships in specific situations, and once you get past the low tiers there are plenty of ships you might decide to keep in both nations battleship and cruiser lines.
  7. Has it finished downloading? If not, then your only choice is to get a faster Internet connection. If it's finished downloading but isn't installing then you may just want to start over again. On a reasonably fast computer it shouldn't take more than a few minutes to install once it has downloaded.
  8. Now that the next season of Clan Battles is almost upon us, if you're looking for a relatively laid back but serious clan that knows how to have a good time, feel free to send one of our recruiters a message!
  9. New Patch wipes preferrences

    They did warn us. :( https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/update-071/
  10. It's not equal, but the carrier with the same modules costs the same amount of money. You don't pay for modules based on how good they are, you pay for them based on whether or not they exist. With very few exceptions (related specifically to premium ships), we don't get refunds on the purchase cost of ships just because they get nerfed.
  11. Vive la France. Too many times reading it wrong has broken my head!
  12. Hey Pigeon, for I know this has come up a few times already, but for the love of Pierre can you please have the folks who do the localization and webpages replace "Viva la France!" with "Viva la France!" https://www.lawlessfrench.com/expressions/vive-la-france/ The former is "spancais" (Viva is Spanish, not French, but France is Francia in Spanish), the latter is the French patriotic slogan... For those of us who have a bit of French this is extremely annoying! The seem to have fixed it on the EU side... https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/vive-la-france-pt-1/
  13. Ah... one of those. Unless you're the last ship alive on your team, this is almost never your primary role... Oh well, you'll either figure this out on your own, or you won't, but don't get mad at other players just because they have a basic understanding of the meta game.
  14. Unless you're interested in tracking your own play, or you're looking for people with a certain level of ability and skill, then stats don't matter at all. Of course stats don't lie, the only question is a matter of interpretation, so you're not going to find me saying that they don't reflect a level of play. Surely you must realize this already though. You seem to be asking a question about the culture of Warships as compared to Tanks, in that regard it's kind of hard to say. There are toxic jackholes here for sure, but there are lots of folks who are happy to live and let live. In my experience for the most part the people who care the most are either extremely competitive with social challenges, or are stunningly unaware players who seem to think that the problem is everybody on the team, and that if you only carried them harder then they would have a better win rate. Make of it what you will.