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  1. Bumpity-boo! RUST needs you! If you're looking for an active, laid back bunch of guys and meet our minimum requirements then drop us a line and see if we're a good fit.
  2. RUST/OXIDE is still recruiting, if you're looking for an active clan that participates in most events and activities and you meet our requirements please shoot us a message or reply to this thread!
  3. Right now we're really only recruiting for people who already meet our minimum requirements as we don't really have an active training/mentoring programme. But you're certainly welcome to stop by and say hi! There are a number of other clans out there that might be a better fit for somebody who is just breaking into division/clan play so I'm sure you won't have too much trouble finding something. Good luck!
  4. Musashi Variant

    Well your question doesn't make much sense without context. Why would WG make a "variant" of a ship that already has all of its class members in the game? But to answer your question: no, there is no such rumour.
  5. Yeah I have noticed more top tier matches, but I don't play enough T7 matches these days to be certain. Either way, you won't get worse tiering most of the time in T6 than you would at T7, so if the ship is broadly similar (which the Pensacola is) then it should benefit well from being lower tier, even if it is a bit weaker.
  6. Ok. It looks pretty strong to me. 10 x 8" guns at T6 is no joke. MM makes a big difference, you are going to see T8 a lot at either tier but you will see it more at T7. And against a T9 ship there is very little that a Pensacola can do against anything other than a poorly played destroyer. These are pretty big differences. At T7 you already need to play the game with an eye to *never* getting hit by anything, so having fewer HP is less punishing to this style of play than it would be for a ship that was designed to use its armour or tank a bit of damage. I'm not saying it's god mode or anything, but it's certainly a competitive ship and it will up tier better than most simply because it has US 8" guns. It' s not a strong carry ship, but few mid-tier cruisers are unless they're blatantly OP like the Belfast. But to each their own. Just sharing my opinion man.
  7. Huh? Every one of those weaknesses existed in the T7 version of the ship, it just has a better matchmaking spread now...
  8. If you've read our recruiting post and you think you might be a good fit with our group, you're welcome to contact one of our leaders for more information! See you on the high seas!
  9. This brought a tear to my eye @BiggieD61... one of the greatest statements of all time by a Warships player.
  10. Let's cut straight to the chase. Why does anybody play carriers at all? It makes me sad.
  11. RUST has a few open positions and OXIDE is recruiting heavily to add to it's new clan battles team. If you're looking for an active guild with multiple CB teams for next season, and you think meet our requirements, drop us a line.
  12. RUST and OXIDE are still recruiting. OXIDE has decided to start clan battles to wrap up this season, and is looking to flesh out a roster. If you're looking for clan battles, meet our general requirements and think you would be a good fit, now is a great time to consider OXIDE as we have enough participants for battles but could still use more members to ensure that we have a full team and some spare players to sub in throughout the session.
  13. I'm not super keen on another T8 premium, and frankly I'm not convinced that the Asashio is a particularly well designed boat. Not because it's OP, but because it's essentially a one trick pony. It's not going to be much more than a damage farmer against bad, or extremely unlucky, battleship players. It's not obvious to me that it's going to be especially influential. But that said, I'm inclined to buy one just to feast on the tears of BB players who don't want to bother reading the map or working with their teammates. The fact that its torps won't even hit cruisers mean that every ship in the game can screen a battleship with essentially zero risk. If people are getting picked off by the Asashio with no recourse then they're either pushing caps with no support (something that already rarely works out well) or they're sitting alone in the back of the map (something that is mostly useless anyway). The fact that the Asashio can hit at extremely long range isn't really much of a difference from any PA DD that is already in the game if BBs are playing at sensible and useful ranges. The reload might make a difference, but it still doesn't make a mediocre ship OP. I play lots of battleships at T8 and up and there's definitely not a strong argument that battleships need to be protected from destroyer damage. If the Asashio is so terrifying or game breaking that somebody feels they can't play BBs anymore then try playing a different class and hunting them, the boat's a damn floating victim just asking to be sunk.
  14. Beep boop! @BiggieD61 stop lying. On the positive side, although we are robots we do follow the law: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law. Robot pride!