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  1. K538

    Cossack: Waste of Money

    It's not a bad boat per se, but it's definitely not a boat I'd buy just because you want to be OP. It can be made to work and if it's the top tier DD or it's in a game where it can dominate spotting around caps it can be a monster. But nobody claimed the Cossack was an easy boat to play or even a particularly strong ship for its tier.
  2. Don't worry, we're not quite as unfriendly and definitely not as elitist as we seem!
  3. K538

    Royal Navy Containers

    Of course, that's why I phrased it that way. It's not a good deal, unless you specifically want the thing that you only have a chance of getting this way: first whack at the new RN DDs. It's a pay for early access in essence, so call it what it is and there's nothing really right or wrong about it except in terms of how you view WG's "micro" transaction business model. There are better ways of getting flags and camos. Edit: Not trying to give you a hard time, just clarifying my point!
  4. K538

    Royal Navy Containers

    You can use those sovereigns to buy more containers too, so if you keep folding them back in you end up with up to 87 additional regular containers that can be used to roll for more chances at the destroyer missions. That said, the containers really aren't a great deal unless you really want the missions.
  5. Ahoy! Sailors Without Borders is a new clan formed by players with Clan Battles, Ranked, and King of the Sea experience and who have played the game since alpha and beta. If you are an adult (mid-20s+) who is interested in a small friendly community of folks to play Warships with, we might be the group for you. We have two basic criteria for membership: Treat other people well. We run a pretty laid back Discord and clan chat and we expect everybody on our server to keep things on that wavelength. We recognize that there's more to life than playing a video game. Everybody has a bad day, but adults should be able to manage themselves so don't expect us to be particularly patient with this rule! While stats aren't the complete measure of somebody's level of play, we want to set out with a similar level of expectation among all clan members. We're definitely not a "competitive" clan and all that goes along with that, but we do want to turn out the best team available when we decide to participate in competitive activities like Clan Battles. We assume you know how to figure out if you'd be potentially be a good fit with the rest of our group. Ultimately we're interested in people we'll enjoy playing with (first) and who share our relatively modest goals (second). We're not planning to grow quickly, but if this sounds like it might be the kind of group for you, contact us and we'll talk and play a few games together to see how it works out. Previous competitive experience is not mandatory, but a willingness to learn and a desire to play the standard competitive team modes is required.
  6. K538

    [RUST] Rusty Old Frigates [OXIDE]

    Bumpity-boo! RUST needs you! If you're looking for an active, laid back bunch of guys and meet our minimum requirements then drop us a line and see if we're a good fit.
  7. K538

    [RUST] Rusty Old Frigates [OXIDE]

    RUST/OXIDE is still recruiting, if you're looking for an active clan that participates in most events and activities and you meet our requirements please shoot us a message or reply to this thread!
  8. K538

    [RUST] Rusty Old Frigates [OXIDE]

    Right now we're really only recruiting for people who already meet our minimum requirements as we don't really have an active training/mentoring programme. But you're certainly welcome to stop by and say hi! There are a number of other clans out there that might be a better fit for somebody who is just breaking into division/clan play so I'm sure you won't have too much trouble finding something. Good luck!
  9. K538

    Musashi Variant

    Well your question doesn't make much sense without context. Why would WG make a "variant" of a ship that already has all of its class members in the game? But to answer your question: no, there is no such rumour.
  10. Hello Like to join in with the clan RUST taking any greenhorns in? Been playing for about month mostly weekend and some weekday evenings. Love the game I have a tier 4 ship and of others under  4 so far .

    1. MightyJoe


      I just see that i've been excepted with WOLF7, wish me luck. :Smile_coin:

    2. K538


      Best of luck!

    3. MightyJoe


      Not a active group, I'm in the  VVV clan much better.   

  11. [RUST] and [OXIDE] are still recruiting, if you're interested feel free to send me a message and we can chat!