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  1. General_Lee_Miserable

    Santa Crate Saturday - Best Prize

    Best: Mighty Mo. Honorable Mention: Tie between Gremmy, Kami Worst: 1300 New Years streamer camos. I'm not kidding. I really had that many. Down to 1226 right now. But, I can sell half of them and net 35M credits. So, there is somewhat of a bright side.
  2. General_Lee_Miserable

    Neptunes and Minotaurs completely gone

    Most folks would rather play easy mode HE volcanoes.
  3. General_Lee_Miserable

    Tier 9 BB for Arms Race Ranked

    If it don't have radar and/or it's not a DD, leave it in port. DDs will be able to lower detection ranges to obscene levels. With sub 5km detection ranges, you'll see DDs running right up to BBs and cruisers and assassinating them with torps. I think arms race is better suited to sprint and not a proper ranked season. This is going to be crazy.
  4. General_Lee_Miserable

    Let’s make Azuma available for Coal

    How about this? Make all ships available for steel AND coal. That way clan players still have the much easier road but the ships can be obtained by everyone if you grind.
  5. General_Lee_Miserable

    Some Operations have to be nerfed!

    Narai + Ashitaka = win.
  6. General_Lee_Miserable

    Mah new bote!

    Exactly why I chose Black over her.
  7. General_Lee_Miserable

    This will get me in trouble but IDK

    Which will matter a whole lot less when CVs are no longer the hand of God.
  8. General_Lee_Miserable

    This will get me in trouble but IDK

    Precisely why we are getting a CV rework... because the outcome of a battle could be decided based solely on who the better CV players were. That won't be the case anymore. Largely because CV's will no longer be able to perma-lite large segments of the map and they'll balance DMG so you aren't insta-deleted by torp drops. Kinda pointless for you to post this, knowing the CV rework hits in a week.
  9. General_Lee_Miserable

    Favorite Premium

    At the moment, Black, because it's so fun to radar enemy dd's who think they are safe in smoke :-)
  10. Ha!... that dog eats better than I do :-)
  11. I don't have a missus.... just a dog. :-) It's amazing how much money one can save without a wife or kids.
  12. Kudos to WG. People damned the loot boxes as gambling, and they are in a sense. BUT, $900 got me nearly every premium ship in the game, including all of the rare ones. Just in ships alone, I got way more than what I spent, and then you can add 10s of 1000s of doubloon plus the camos, flags, etc. The premium flags alone helped me get 3 new T10 ships. plus enough left over to get Alaska. I'm set up for a lot of fun in the months/years to come so the expenditure is worth it and then some. Then you add in the snowflakes, steel campaign, PEF missions, end of the Cossack missions, and I might need a break. So much to do these past few weeks!
  13. General_Lee_Miserable

    Catch me up... New premium BBs

    AND..... great in ranked and operations. It's quite beastly in ranked. I just ranked out in it. 2 battles in raptor rescue today and tops on the team in both.
  14. General_Lee_Miserable

    Talk To Me About The Gremmy

    The Kami is just plain broken. I'm 11 - 1 in mine so far. The thing is a torpedo machine gun and RIP to enemy BBs. Bottom tier? No problem!
  15. General_Lee_Miserable

    Talk To Me About The Gremmy

    Yes. I noticed the traverse. So, I put Alex Ovechkin in there with the EM bonus. It does appear to have some pretty nasty guns for a T5 dd.