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  1. SI is a must have for any ship with radar, and highly recommended for ships with improved or RN type heals.
  2. General_Lee_Miserable

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    Bring it on. I'm very much looking forward to my Kremlin with 124,000-ish hp. Heck, I'll wallet whale it to the max and have a maxed out level 3 Kremlin on day #1. Figure the OP captain and the ship will be near invincible. I doubt WG backs off from this. It's not like them backing off the premium ship nerfs that were only about number adjustments. This is something they've invested resources into, which means it goes in the game. So, let them do it and let us show them how broken it makes the game. Then they'll tuck their tail between their legs, remove it, and all will be well again. World of Warplanes was coming back to life before they added "specialization" to planes which is kinda similar to what is going on here in that it just buffs the vehicles. Planes didnt require a re-grind. Just more play time on the vehicle you wanted to specialize. It ticked off a lot of folks though, me included. I never played much after that.
  3. General_Lee_Miserable

    Kind of disappointed in the Georgia

    You can spec her for secondaries to a certain degree. I do a hybrid survival/secondary build where I'm using the secondary mod in slot 3, and then just swapping conceal for AFT on my captain. That's it. No IFHE, BFT, Manual, etc. Just enough to get the range out to 11.3km with the flag. That means I pretty much have a dedicated captain for this ship. However, after the Russian OP captain came out, I had a spare 19pt Ovechkin sitting around, so not a big deal. Oh...and she absolutely can brawl when the situation calls for it.
  4. General_Lee_Miserable

    Kind of disappointed in the Georgia

    Shes the best tier 9 BB now.
  5. General_Lee_Miserable

    Georgia vs Missouri

    I'm 8 battles into Georgia and I can say it's a better all around ship than the Mizzou. Missouri has radar. Georgia has speed, accurate guns, fast recharging repair, insane reload when spec'd for it and long range very accurate secondaries. Georgia might be a bit OP in her current state. So, get it.
  6. General_Lee_Miserable

    Premium Ship Review #126 - Georgia

    I think one would be foolish to favor lower dispersion over lower reload in the last slot. Because, when adrenaline rush really kicks in, you get crazy rate of fire in the thing.
  7. General_Lee_Miserable

    So, Kuznetsov or Pass?

    Most powerful captain in the game.....don't think, don't dwell.....just click!
  8. General_Lee_Miserable

    So Slava is to be a 'Premium'

    It's not a first for WG. The T10 split idea started years ago when, in tanks, you could research the tier 10 T62A and the tier 10 Object 140 from the tier 9 T54. I haven't been playing much tanks these days, but i believe it's still set up that way. I'd welcome that sort of thing with the Slava
  9. General_Lee_Miserable

    Gem of the RU BB line?

    You are in for a treat when you get the Kremlin. I just got it and have been wrecking face in Ranked. 5 battles... my first 5 battles in the ship, and with only a 13pt commander because I put the new Russian guy in there. 4 wins. 154k avg dmg. The Soyuz is pretty good too. But, the Kremlin is just plain stupid. You kinda had to expect it would be, being a Russian developer.
  10. General_Lee_Miserable

    Every Lenin is dead last

    How can you NOT do well in that ship? Just keep the pointy end of the ship towards the bad guy and you are all set. She tanks like a champ.
  11. General_Lee_Miserable

    PTS: HE bomb nerf

    and they should be nerfed. Darn things can shave off 10k hp in one strike.
  12. General_Lee_Miserable

    PSA: Lenin available for sale

    lol... you took that too literally. It's meant to suggest that people are getting upset over nothing.
  13. General_Lee_Miserable

    Anyone bought Lenin please comment

    Stronk Soviet engineering. It's a Nelson, but fixes everything wrong with the Nelson, namely the armor. Shells are not high velocity but they are punchy. Ship is incredibly strong bow on which is made even more so because you only have to angle very little to get your 3rd turret into play. It follows the play style of the other Soviet BBs. Accurate within low to med ranges but your shells spray a bit beyond that. 5 repair parties max but I didn't find this to be an issue in the one battle I played in her....which was 88k dmg and in win in a T10 game. Watch Notsers vid. He blapped a Yamato with a 55k salvo at close range. You don't want to be within 10km of this thing. I'm going to guess this ship will be known for being strong and borderline OP. I felt good in a T10 game. This thing will absolutely wreck T6 and T7 faces.
  14. General_Lee_Miserable

    PSA: Lenin available for sale

    People need to chill out about a guy who has been dead for almost 100 years. Put things into perspective. It's about the ship, not the guy. It's possible to separate the 2. I see a Nelson with better armor and a gun arrangement I love. Who cares what it's called.
  15. General_Lee_Miserable

    PSA: Lenin available for sale

    A Nelson with 32mm???????? I'm in!