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  1. After adjustment period, I loved the Amalfi. The gunnery was so comfortable with the laser accuracy and shell velocity. I liked it enough to grind out all of the XP necessary for the T9 and I have enough free XP that I'm going right to the T10 next patch.
  2. General_Lee_Miserable

    HSF has returned to the Premium Shop

    Does that mean Yamato camo too??? I missed out on it because I didn’t have the ship yet.
  3. General_Lee_Miserable

    Final Verdict on Italian Cruisers?

    The complainers have been those that just want to fire HE and set things on fire. The Italian cruisers don't have that sort of instant gratification. BUT... if you know how to position, you can deal some serious hurt with the SAP. Amalfi was fun for me once I learned her.
  4. General_Lee_Miserable

    Which Ship For New Year Event?

    I have said in other posts but the T9 German super cruiser is my bet. They seem to be planning an elaborate "ship building" event. Doubt they'd do that for a lower tier ship. Plus it aligns nicely with the new German super captain coming out.
  5. General_Lee_Miserable

    Is SAP Italian version of Deep Water Torpedos?

    SAP is far from useless. Ask a broadside Republic how useless SAP from the Amalfi is, nevermind the higher tier cruisers yet to be released. I think people have just become so used to the mindless HE spamming cruiser play that they don't know what to do when a higher skill ceiling ship gets introduced with ammo that requires more thought than just camping an island and firing away. That's not saying that SAP or the Italian cruisers are perfect. They can certainly use some treaks. Can't get damage on a bow on BB? Well, try moving your ship, or go after another target. We go through the same thing every single time something different is introduced. Oh... short duration smoke is going to make the Brit DDs useless. Nope. Lack of smoke is going to make the French DD's suck. Nope. 6 guns on a tier 9 BB won't work. Nope. SAP sucks because you can't damage a BB head on. Nope... at least not from my experience. There are other ships to shoot at most of the time.
  6. She, like Belfast, Kutuzov, and others, has been banished to the Xmas crate abyss. WG was so hot to make a buck, they sold the premium cv's before the balancing and tweaks to the rework were finished. Thus, Enterprise became a bit OP when all was done and poof!... gone...
  7. I thought this was a troll post.. But, this is really a thing???
  8. General_Lee_Miserable

    Scorpioid Camo Gun Sound Bug?

    Can anyone else confirm a bug with the Yamatos gun sounds when using the new Scorpioid camo? I'm getting the 406mm sounds instead of the big booming 460mm she is supposed to have.
  9. General_Lee_Miserable

    Italian cruiser Tech tree

    Not in my experience. She can be kinda tanky and she doesn't get cit'd a ton. She is currently #2 in both dmg and WR for tier 8 cruisers.
  10. General_Lee_Miserable

    Italian cruiser Tech tree

    Amalfi's early returns show she is tearing it up. I haven't played the lower tiers yet but Amalfi is actually kinda strong when played right. 10k salvos against thinned skin cruisers are no joke. I didn't like the ship at first but she has proven quite capable.
  11. General_Lee_Miserable

    Coal Nerf is Real

    OK...so WG just hates me......confirmed!
  12. General_Lee_Miserable

    Coal Nerf is Real

    I will also put the tin foil hat on now and say with 100% conviction that coal drops have been nerfed substantially. Double and triple drops were a pretty regular thing until these last couple of patches. Now anything more than 1 is a miracle. I can understand if WG is trying to slow down the game economy. We've seen it with the free xp ships. But, getting good coal drops actually kept me playing more, since it was worth it to put in the time for the 3rd daily crate. Now, not so much.
  13. I will guess with 99.98% certainty, its going to be Siegfried, and they are going to include the new German commander in the event. You heard it here, folks.
  14. General_Lee_Miserable

    Where are all the Purps in t10 MM?

    wow, dude... obvious humor was obvious humor. May I suggest you take it down a notch and relax????? lol Oh, and I'm far from a bad player. Lets just say, above 50%. I just don't get into stat games with little kids, so I keep mine hidden. Therefore, no one knows whether to ignore me or focus me, and that is just fine with me. :-)
  15. General_Lee_Miserable

    Where are all the Purps in t10 MM?

    They are too busy clubbing in low tiers to maintain their statz