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  1. General_Lee_Miserable

    Alaska or Agir?

    I'll take Siegfried's med to long range accuracy, long range hydro, torpedos, and spotter plane over Alaska's floaty guns and radar any day. Siegfried is by far the better ship in randoms. Ranked is up in the air until we get the first full season or sprint with Siegfried and Alaska together.
  2. General_Lee_Miserable

    Alaska or Agir?

    I have the ship and I can confirm it's borderline OP.
  3. General_Lee_Miserable

    Alaska or Agir?

    Agir is the ship you get when you have every other FXP ship and just have a bunch of FXP to spend on something. Alaska is the better ship because it has radar, and therefore makes it useful in ranked battles. Plus, Alaska is nearing retirement age in terms of being available for FXP. Get it free while you can.
  4. General_Lee_Miserable

    Alaska or Agir?

    Siegfried stats are trouncing all other T9 cruisers at the moment.
  5. General_Lee_Miserable

    Toxicity at its finest!

    I think a bit of a thick skin is required if you are going to enable chat. Who cares what anyone types in a chat. It's some random person that could be thousands of miles away. Toxic chat has been a staple of online games since online games came into existence. Just ignore and move on.
  6. General_Lee_Miserable

    Anyone get A V Parseval from a free container?

    Bought 30 premium containers. Got the T4 and T6. No Parseval. But, got it early on in free containers. Go figure.
  7. General_Lee_Miserable

    Wg server or ISP?

    Fix yo stuff, WG! It's happening on both tanks and ships for me. I smell compensation coming.
  8. General_Lee_Miserable

    Steel Ships & non-Clan Battle Players

    I have both Black and Stalingrad and have only been playing a little over 2 years.
  9. General_Lee_Miserable

    Impressions from a new player

    Because they are a way to keep build prices in target ranges. Not because it's anywhere near the best solution for a gaming rig.
  10. General_Lee_Miserable

    Impressions from a new player

    Um..in 2020 a lower level (sata) SSD should be a minimum requirement in any system playing games and a higher level (M.2 etc) is recommended. A mechanical hard drive simply has no where near the oomph to keep up with todays more complex games.
  11. This is happening to me too. No mods. It's not auto updating like it should. Each time during the last couple of updates I've had to restart my system to get it to update.
  12. General_Lee_Miserable

    Nikolai - Duke Nukem Voice mod - Your a$$ is grass...

    Of course. But, a division of the most OP ship ever to be put into the game at a lower entry level tier isn't good for the game. I play my Nikolai too on occasion. I'm not going to ever do what HE did.
  13. General_Lee_Miserable

    Nikolai - Duke Nukem Voice mod - Your a$$ is grass...

    Cool mod...BUT....pad and seal club much? A division of Nikolai's is not what the game needs at tier 4.
  14. General_Lee_Miserable

    Petro AP

    She can be wicked and then easily wrecked too. It's a risk/reward ship.
  15. General_Lee_Miserable

    Conqueror and Thunderer

    2 of the same ship but different flavors. BUT. People underestimate both Conquerors AP and Thunderers HE. I'm more afraid to take Thunderers HE than Conqs. That's for sure. 63% fire chance on that HE shell means a Thunderer that is focusing you will burn you down to the waterline, and can do it from a distance that you often cannot reliably return the favor. Thats not including those 5 figure damage totals you'll take per salvo along with the fires. Yammys and Thunderers are the 2 ships in T10 that I always know where I am at relative to them and at what angle. Short answer: Get the Thunderer. Very worth it.