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  1. General_Lee_Miserable

    Please tell me why you think that subs are balanced

    A lot of people that complain about subs have never played subs for any length of time. if you take away homing torps, you make the class useless. Torps have very narrow firing arcs and subs maneuver like molasses on a cold winter day so it's difficult to get shots lined up. Homing torps are there to compensate for that big shortcoming. The class as a whole is very hard to play and do well in. They are very high skill floor ships. Position wrong, dead. Misuse your battery, dead. The second you are spotted, any number of ships can call in airstrikes with ungodly numbers of depth charges with huge blast radii. Most of the time, when you are spotted, you are done for. And for shotgunning, that isn't an easy thing to pull off. I might be successful 1 out of 3 times. I suggest the complainers play about 25 battles in a sub to understand why the class is actually balanced for the most part.
  2. General_Lee_Miserable

    DevBlog 397 - Changes to Test Ships – 0.11.11 Closed Testing

    Wow...Z42 looked so promising. 7.5km torps are completely useless. Welp... I'll save my steel for something else. But, lets nerf everything and then buff the soviet subs.. lol .
  3. General_Lee_Miserable

    Tromp Trolling 1 Token

    My dude... You will be able to get the ship for FREE next week.
  4. General_Lee_Miserable

    How Good is the Tokachi?

    Absolutely owns in OPs. Not hard to get 250k dmg plus.
  5. General_Lee_Miserable

    can we please get a sub free mode ...

    I like subs. I'm sure a lot of people do. I'm going to guess that most of the sub haters are on this forum.
  6. General_Lee_Miserable

    can we please get a sub free mode ...

    You don't love me?!?!?! I even dressed up for you!
  7. General_Lee_Miserable


    Unless you are painfully low on coal, like me. I didn't buy Tromp (yet). But, tempting seeing as though we have 2 coal ships coming out around within a month or 2 of each other.
  8. General_Lee_Miserable

    I-59 issue

    First of all, it's an I-56 That being said, it's fine. You just aren't understanding the playstyle. You just sit back at range and toss out 6 torps every 35 seconds. It's not meant to be a boat that spends a lot of time being an actual submarine. Yes, you give up a lot to throw out that many torps but that is what balances it.
  9. General_Lee_Miserable

    CVs in Brawl

    I wrecked a GK with a Malta to the tune of 159k dmg.
  10. General_Lee_Miserable

    Can Sub torp spam be toned down?

    And that's relevant how? He could have easily hidden his too. When you don't, fair game. I do it because everyone seems to be running WOWS monitor now and I was sick of being focused.
  11. General_Lee_Miserable

    Can Sub torp spam be toned down?

    The hypocrisy of complainers on this forum IS relevant. "oh, boo hoo about sub torps, but excuse me while I go play the heck out of the most OP ship in the game to inflate my stats". Most people that complain really have reasons they shouldn't. Because if there is something we, as players, can exploit, we do. You win some, you lose some.
  12. General_Lee_Miserable

    Battle Pass

    Unless you are absolutely sure you can complete it, it's better to buy the premium when you are on like level 48 or something.
  13. General_Lee_Miserable

    Can Sub torp spam be toned down?

    Torps are a subs only weapon. The little pew pew single deck gun some get doesn't really count. Torps can be evaded plus you get airstrike depth charges at the press of a button. The ping indicator gives you an X marks the spot for those. Plus, depth charges are insanely powerful. I noticed your most played ship is the Giulio Cesare. So, you spam the most OP ship in the game but then come here and complain when you take a few torps from a sub? eh...
  14. General_Lee_Miserable

    Thanksgiving Day and the Continuation of Black Friday 2022

    Probably deemed too popular. Not far fetched. It's common in battles and pretty decent ship.
  15. General_Lee_Miserable

    Thanksgiving Day and the Continuation of Black Friday 2022

    Yes. I got the Kearsarge B on the first container.