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  1. Well, all the griping and complaining aside, I like the console port. I've played WoWS for a long, long time on PC, been a beta tester, and was one of the reworked carrier testers, too(we won't go into that right now. . . .) so it's not like I don't have plenty of experience with WoWS. While it's not the PC game, I found it fun, exciting and the game play was quite good too. Of course there are things on it that I'm not as thrilled about, but it is a FTP game, and you do get what you pay for, so to speak. I've paid for plenty of doubloons in the PC game, and I may consider the same with the console game at some time, but I don't play the games to purchase every fancy geegaw that comes along - I play them to blow crapup! I like it, have had good experiences playing it, and will continue to watch to see where it goes from here.
  2. Gawkeye

    CV Rework Feedback

    OK, I've played the new CV test enough that I have a fleet that would make many small countries jealous! I have Tier I thru X ships. CV's, BB's, DD's, you name it. I've played most of them. Yes, the torps are slower, yes the bombing is harder, yes shooting the missiles takes some getting used to. All of those aren't any big thing, IMHO, just part of the game. If you've ever seen naval combat up close and personal, or watched the film archives from earlier encounters, you can see where WG got the idea. I don't have any issue with that, actually, though I did not think I would like the new CV aircraft attack stuff. I do rather enjoy the attacking with the planes now. I do have one complaint, though. . . It is absolutely ludicrous that you cannot protect your carrier while out on an airstrike. There should be a way to switch back to your carrier and at least try to avoid torpedo attacks, launch your catapult fighters, etc., while your aircraft are flying their attack mission. It makes no sense(at least to me) that there is no process to protect your carrier while your planes are in the air without cancelling the air attack and returning to the ship.
  3. May have been reported before, and may be one of those glitches - the description panel for the MIdway on my screen is in Russian. While I may speak a very little Russian, I cannot read it. . . Not a big thing by any reason, just one of the things I've noticed. FWIW, every other ship has the description in English.
  4. Unfortunately, it appears I was all too right about this. I think I've got it sorted now, after some serious discussion with myself about being an idiot. . . .
  5. Well, I tried reinstalling but there is no change. I do not see any CV's nor higher than tier 8. What did I miss? I thought I followed the instructions that we received. . . . .
  6. I guess I'm too stupid to participate in the CV test. I have the new client loaded, I can see submarines and tier 1-3 ships, but there are no CV's. I followed the instructions from my invitation(or sure thought I did) but I cannot seem to figure out how to find the CV's to test them. It's not my first day, either. In normal play, I have several CV's and quite enjoy the carrier battles. I've also participated in several public betas in the past, for several different WG games. Apparently I've missed a step somewhere along the line that gets me to the CV test. Any help/guidance greatly appreciated!