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  1. Venac

    OOOHHH BOY SUBS (added more videos)

    No idea how they will effect the game for good or bad, but the video is cool.
  2. Venac

    Thoughts on Research Bureau

    Players with a ton of time on their hands, plenty of free xp and credits will have no issue with it. The rest of us who make up 80% of the player base will never touch the RB.
  3. Venac

    the state of MM ruining games.

    The thing i would change about the MM is it should be +/- 1 tier only. Having to face ships 2 tiers above you can be a true pain and even worse when it is 90% something like tier 8 and you are the only tier 6.
  4. Venac

    Thoughts on Research Bureau

    You tell me
  5. The hordes of players who do not read the forums or patch notes. I clicked this button and my tier 10 and all the ships in that tree went poof.... what happened??????
  6. WG probably just cut out a whole chunk of players able to do the RB. The number of Tier X ships that are needed to access the Research Bureau has been increased from 2 to 5. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/public-test-087/
  7. Why would would care. You keep posting over and over showing your hatred to the idea someone may be able to get something you can't. Also, where did he say anything about not being able to carry bad players. I went back and read every post and not once did he say that.
  8. Sigh... you must feel butt hurt that you would not be included. I know i would not make it and think it is a good idea.
  9. I see nothing wrong with this idea. Players who have an attitude like yours are no better than the ones who stat shame bad players. Their stats would not drop them out. Ranked does not effect your random mode stats so they would stay in. Also, I see you have never even played one ranked battle...... hmmm. Guess maybe you should not say anything.
  10. I think he is just letting the amount of idiocy being committed by players in random of late get to him. It truly does seem worse of late.
  11. Venac

    Filter or Chat disabling feature

    When you let young kids play you are creating and asking for epic toxic chat. When you let them play in high tiers and they are just horrid at the game..... you are for sure asking for it. I am not saying i approve of toxic chat, but i know why it happens.
  12. A big issue this game has and many others face is how to you please both the I don't care about winning or stats game players and the ones who do care. You can offer modes that reward the good/stat players but then you offend the bad/I don't care crowd who want these same rewards but can not get them..... and if you give into to them you offend the good/stat players. Then who do you balance games around.. the good or the bad? I am glad I am not a DEV they have one tough job.
  13. Venac

    Clan Battles and Ranked.......

    My friends who are in clans are wondering the same thing.