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  1. Capt_Teague

    Subs in general

    I would like to see proof of this. A PBY 1000 feet in the air could see the silhouette of a sub 100 feet below the surface. I find that hard to believe, in fact going through what info I can find all suggest that aircraft could only detect subs on the surface or at periscope depth with the conning tower exposed or the periscope raised as both would leave a wake in the water. Nothing about a fully submerged sub. That's a matter of opinion. Subs didn't normally surface during the day time unless they had to and would only surface at night to recharge their batteries. 3 minutes of submerged time in too short for the sub to be a sub in this game IMO. If playing the sub, I shouldn't have to be visible and detectable so often, with a paper hull, to be useful. Now if they want to introduce night time play - that would be interesting. All visual detectability reduced by half. I'm game. Granted, but that's not how a sub were suppose to work- it was a hunter killer and a lone wolf. It wasn't supposed to work with the rest of the fleet. Of course homing torpedo's didn't exist back then either. Nor would a sub use active pinging, as it would give away their position. But this is just a game so they make it the best they can.
  2. Capt_Teague

    Subs in general

    I see they were nerfed and I would have to say so. To detectable now. Boy how is it that a sub - that is half the size of a DD have a detect range of a DD or even higher? Subs surface range should be 4km max, keep periscope depth as is. Planes should not be able to detect a submerged sub below periscope depth. That defeats the whole purpose of a sub - stealth. They are already tinfoil and can be destroyed very easily. With very limited submerge time they can barely get into position before they have to surface again - and usually with 3 enemy ships around them. And with limited torpedo range they have to get close to do anything. Also the one thing I don't see, maybe I'm blind, is a torpedo to surface time. If' I'm submerged at 20m then I need to know at what distance I need to be at for my torps to actually reach the surface to hit. Otherwise they would just go right underneath my target. Or do torpedo's only surface when a ship is pinged, on the surface or periscope depth? A Sub should be able to stay submerged without battery, they just can't move. This is a death sentence otherwise. Need to add something - with the 6 min 40 sec battery time and it uses it up at 2.8x faster while submerged means less than 3 minutes of actual submerged time. No way can this ship be effective more than once in a 20 minute match. It might get a single ship then it will have to retreat, recharge move back into the combat area and by that time the match is over.
  3. Capt_Teague

    Planes spotting Submerged Subs

    Ok I'm sorry but how in the hell can a plane spot a sub 34m below the surface. It was not possible in WW2 and it should not be possible here. I'm ok with it, of course, on the surface and at periscope depth but not below that. That total negates the whole point of a sub. Stealth. it must have means of escape. It's already a tinfoil hull, can't cap while submerged (agree with) and slower than any other ship in it's tier. Give it some advantage will ya.
  4. Capt_Teague

    Submarines in Random Battles

    I like the subs, their fun to play and it's a nice change of pace. Also like hunting them, adds a new play style to the game. I would like to see a single use oil or under water smoke to help a sub escape from DD's. If there's more than 1 forget your dead. I also hope the commanders and modules I purchased are going to stick around for future subs. The Enhanced Rudder Gears for American subs seems lees useful than the Reserve Battery unit. Maybe a choice of a engine boost or gears.