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  1. Jet_set117

    CV needs a new Rework

    I think you are mistaken. I understand the capabilities but I am saying the nerf hit them too hard. The first 10 updates of WoWs messed with Shimakaze and in the end nerfed it horribly changing its playstyle. CVs suffered the same issues. I'm talking about the RTS CVs is when I averaged 250k. My issues are valid as they don't directly affect the current CV mechanics. It mainly just need a damage buff.
  2. Well, its been a while since I last posted being it was around the time of the carrier overhaul but im not here to fight for RTS CVs. Thats pointless since WG is flawless and all poorly made features are user error but that's besides the point. My main issue is CVs need to be reworked in the sense of damage, utility and fighters. So, while almost all CVs are basically the same since the rework with each one having relatively minor differences between weapon type but there needs to be better consideration for tier. On the topic of tiers it's pretty hard to fight effectively against tier 10s in a tier 8. In order to curb this they need to bring back either full tier list carriers or tier cap CVs to one above their limit. Since aircraft tier system is gone or just not visible it makes more sense for Tier 8s to be uptier capped at 9 and tier 6 at 7 and so forth. This allows a better AA counter as i wont be shot down from a des moines that I cant see at the beginning of the game. Next I'll cover utility, playing CV is already a daunting task without the autopilot. Well the autopilot tends to sabotage you almost worse than your team in some cases. I've plotted auto pilot only for it to drive me somewhere in reverse when it told me it was making a turn while moving forward. Or autopilot steering me into a cliff on my left rather than making the right turn i requested. Or worst of all consistently traveling at anything other than full speed. There needs to be an implementation where a player can manually drive the carrier while aircraft are airborne. Second, for utility is fighters. Fighters are so damn useless in this game now. They barely work and their zones don't make any sense. Time and time again have I been pursued by aircraft while I was outside the patrol zone. But theres a limit of charges rather then a limit of aircraft. My suggestion is to allow fighters to remain in the RTS style but not use any straifing or manual counters that allows them to protect certain ships. I mean its cool that fighters were replaced with rockets but rockets are pretty damn useless and function like bombs. But everyone gets rockets but not everyone gets skip bombs. Torpedos on ships are equally useless and in some cases worse than rockets. These just need a damage buff. I'm not saying cross drop damage days where you can tank a whole battleship in one run but I shouldn't be doing only 8k on average per run with little chance of flooding. Alternatively, WG can just revert to RTS which makes carriers actually useful rather than an inconvenience. Unlike the previous incarnation CVs have no ability to save games based on skill due to the low amount of damage they deal at a time. On good days I deal upwards of 90-100k but on average I'm hitting 50k. On RTS style I was breaking over 250k dmg per match on average. The nerf to CV is just as bad as Shimakaze. While a good idea to rework the imbalance, they completely ruined the playability of CVs from all aspects. I cant steer the ship while, flight mechanics tend to break while in use, AA is both a menace or pillows, rockets are useless and the damage is too small for what their role should be. Maybe I'm just getting old and wanting to relive the RTS ways like it was when I was in high school but I really hate to see a game break it's own mechanics when they are supposed to fix them in order to balance it out.
  3. WW2 planes didn't use catapults at least any plane that wasn't on the midway class but they didn't enter till after the war. I'm not arguing true realism but I'm arguing general realism. If we want a floatplane to be fully airborne and ready it's going to take less than 3 minutes after launch to get to the needed height. Also I don't know any America BB that carried more than two floatplanes and used both at the same time.
  4. ***PLEASE READ BEFORE VOTING*** Ok looke this poll isn't to ascertain if you liked the old CV style or not but am asking for its general functionality. I understand RTS CV is really OP but I want to gather information about what players prefer because I want to try to make a case to WG about this. RTS wasn't perfect but it was more functional and more playable than whatever we got. I fly planes IRL and its easier than this crap of a play style we now have. I understand its an arcade and not a Simulation anymore but I want the old game I love back. Where a random kitakami would show up in the wild and kill both your team and the enemy because holy crap it was crazy. I want a game that is more simulation-based. I'm open to suggestions on how we can improve CV battles as a whole not revert them to RTS. But I think something needs to be done to fix this nightmare of a game style CVs has become. Even if its the same you control a squadron but they all dive as one but its easier to lose planes. Not Battleships can launch an entire fighter squadron. What WG fails to realize is that this game has become more an action game with life like elements vs a decent game like it used to be. Spotter planes had weapons but were useless in a dogfight but could somewhat do something. Not have 4 planes in the air fighting Kates and Vals like they own the skies. I was in an Atlanta the other day and I got bombed like crazy I remember when cruisers were feared by CVs not another target. Also rockets really? I would have liked it better if we had manned fighters where we could chase and shoot down enemy planes. Remember please take the poll as a way of improvement not bias because one is better than the other
  5. But doesnt it make sense for the player to be good? CVs in real life are game changers. America has 14 while China has 2 and Russia has 1 and we exercise our ability to strike anywhere which make other countries fear our naval might because losing one doesn't hurt our abilities. In the same way CVs provide a mobile air field at sea allowing a small craft to strike across vast distances and is a harder target to hit. By having a good CV player in RTS it does it justice to say yeah CVs are op but they are in real life too. War isn't fair and a game shouldn't need to be fair in that way either. I think smoke screens were fine when BBs used to be able to hide in them completely that's how smoke works. But the more they make things fair the worse the game gets.
  6. Alright look, I started this because we have a CV problem, not who played the longest. You can disagree with me but lets try to avoid unnecessary fighting in the thread. My problem is with CVs not with who played the longest. No point in making enemies if we are all on the same page now. Unless you aren't but length of game time doesn't really apply unless you never played the old RTS CV or have no real input due to lack of play.
  7. I want a dev to logically tell me why CVs were changed, a good CV knew how to win the game before starting because it was all about ship stats weaknesses and strengths. If they gave me a cockpit view and actually had it fly like a plane I probably wouldn't complain as much. They ruined British CVs with only one torp per drop which is pretty worthless. But unlike other ships CVs can run out of planes if they were careful AA was a big factor and when I was learning I've ran out of planes before which made learning hard but it helped me understand what ships to avoid. CVs were as balanced as you could make it. In real life CVs would be no where near the actual engagement about 200 miles out from the battleships. So OP would be making them untouchable till they are the last ship available.
  8. I'm so old to this game Kitakami is still on my mind. The first 5 updates were purely against Shimakaze and I remember when they announced the aviation cruiser Tone that we never got because they couldn't fix any of their crap. They went the arcade route because they knew that their game was to much work to fix the right way and now they can use all their issues and discrepancies to say its an arcade not simulator because they know [edited] is nowhere close to being done or having a decent game for ships. They have a monopoly.
  9. You're high I know they were OP but at least they functioned. I did my best to train up and coming CV players and I met most of them later in the game with them giving me a run for my money. CV's took brains to play that's what made them fun. You had to learn how ships functioned in a fleet what tier your planes were and what made each carrier unique. You had to do a lot of planning when it came to CV before the game began. RTS CV at least functioned and didn't make you disoriented by playing. I actually know how to fly planes and working on my pilot stuff fo the Air Force and its much easier than doing any of that crap. If BBs didn't get a Des Moines level buff to their AA I wouldn't have such an issue but they made CV a footnote in the game to where it doesn't matter what you do you're a waste of a ship slot. If you weren't good at CVs and you knew you couldn't be good don't play it simple as that. Now its so broken you can't play it no matter how good you are. I can't play my Haku or Midway without loosing all my planes because AA is so OP now I can't even bomb a damn Iowa class anymore. Hell I can't even go near any DD Gearing class or not because AA is so dam op you take points damage rather than it being the way it was before. AA has such a massive buff its like if Yamato used the Type 3 shells that its supposed to have against aircraft. I cant even protect myself from DDs. I cant protect myself from BBs or cruisers. With subs coming out I might as well sink myself. A type 3 shell is basically a shell developed for Yamatos main guns to shoot at airplanes and explode into a millions of shrapnel taking down bombers and fighters alike.
  10. I guess WG will have to settle for spam all over the forum then from me.
  11. If im being honest its better than the flaming pile of Dogshit we have now. I'll keep commenting till WG decides to respond here and try to get some community involvement before they fix crapthat isn't really broken. I mean hell in real life Musashi took and I quote "Musashi received a total of 19 torpedo hits, 10 to its port and 9 to its starboard side, 17 bomb impacts, as well as suffering from 18 near-misses on the water near its hull" so its not impossible for ships if they took bulkheads into account and how ships actually deal with flooding.
  12. If only CVs were as good as their cookies. Maybe its because WG doesn't have enough love they decide to punish us. Remember when the first 8 updates rolled out and all were major reworks to Shimakaze. Basically made a unique destroyer crapbecause people didn't know how to play it
  13. Jet_set117

    Known Carrier CV issues by players

    We just need to revert the gameplay to how it used to be. This new style is absolute garbage.
  14. This new gameplay for CV is disgusting. I'm an actual pilot and learning to fly a plane is easier than whatever this new gameplay is. Not only is it incredibly disorienting but it lacks control input. AA has become so OP with squadron health that it doesn't matter. I used to average 150k dmg games with the old style and now I find it a struggle to make 50k dmg. This is a major issue for me as a player, I can't speak for everyone else but I had deleted the game due to what WG called the CV update which changed the style but it makes CV play boring. In real life AA on a ship was very inaccurate even with computing due to the way the sea constantly moves the ship, CV's provided a ton of fighter cover for their fleet, and with basically no real use of fighters its pointless to have the first squadron be fighters armed with rockets. Japan never equipped zeros with rockets so it makes their gameplay unrealistic. What adds to the immersion break is having the British CVs only doing one strike at a time with only one plane. Now if I was able to attack in quick succession then maybe I can see the point but it feels so damn slow and by the time I'm done with the strike I've lost a few planes already. When it was RTS style gameplay CVs did what they did in real life tipping the scales of battle. CVs back then decided on how the battle would go based on skill. You can't blame lack of skill on CVs to change the style. Even with AA as it was it was super strong and hard to fight high tier cruiser with high AA builds. I can't see this new style being all that effective. This makes CV less of a artillery type gameplay like in WoT and more like a bunch of rats running into traps and you have to hope you have more rats than they have traps. I've faced really good CV players that made the game fun and I've played bad CV players who made winning easy but I feel like I have no interaction with the enemy carrier. Like they are their but touching them is out of the question. I just want the old style back. Idk how to get it back but I'll always advocate for the RTS style of CV as it just worked better. Yeah the damage was too high but that wasn't because of the gameplay style. You take data where you look at statistics of an actual navy which sails as a massive team and not individuals like in the game. I feel like this was just a way to stop complaints than fixing any problems.
  15. With the new update, I am having graphic issue's I never used to have and I can't access the clans menu, any fix for this, my graphic issues is fire turns into red squares and shell travel sometimes turns into a colored line, I don't use mods so idk what causes this.