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  1. Crazy myths you believed or still believe in

    Heck, I've fought one in my Dunkerque (It was within my secondary range, but was engaging a friendly DD) in C cap of Hotspot I did die from flooding, but that was due to me ramming of the enemy Fuso Anyways, On Topic: That missions are now always Tier 5+ to prevent people from seal clubbing in the Clemson
  2. Caption the profile image above you.

    "Obi-Wan, you keep telling Anakin that 'This weapon is your life.' Here's your lightsaber."
  3. Forum Game - Word Association

  4. Forum Game - Word Association

  5. Who have you seen in game

    I encountered @LittleWhiteMouse two Mondays ago on my team. I was in my Indianapolis while she was sailing her Cossack. I managed to top the scoreboard despite spending the first half of the match thinking "Oh my God a famous player what ever [ I ] do don't screw up and die instantly" Typically the harder I try to do well, the more likely I won't.
  6. I've survived an epic carry in my Pensacola with only 187 hp left...
  7. Caption the profile image above you.

    Here you go: Likes pink stuff that occasionally smells like fish but shouldn't smell like fish.
  8. Caption the profile image above you.

    *Patiently awaits a new soup recipe*
  9. Did you survive the Infinity War?

    I was spared as well Behind her bouncy avatar, she probably IS Thanos incarnate
  10. Done with this game......

    Oh, I didn't know they don't reset if you don't click it...
  11. Done with this game......

    Happy Birthday p.s.: How did you manage to get "Honor to heroes"? up to 'x 60'
  12. Caption the profile image above you.

    "I don't need plot armor; I have a plane crossbow!"
  13. Gearing underpowered, plz buff...

    I'll just put this here...
  14. lemme try: Atlanta's RoF is UP, Plez Buff