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  1. Back To School Elite XP not discounting

    It seems like we went through this last time they had the same deal. The wording is confusing to some. I thought it was resolved to clarify “elite xp” as meaning the captain xp if it was offered again.
  2. dd should be one shot by bb

    I don't even bother to make popcorn anymore. I just leave the room.
  3. Nothing I’ve seen news about,. They have started to recycle some campaigns like the Bismarck containers so anything is possible.
  4. Help Needed Urgently !!

    I always find drinking helps when it comes to standards. At least when dating. Your mileage may vary if drinking during bote play.
  5. He said support confirmed the purchase so It must have gone through. Do you know where to look for the crates OP? There on a he supply ship just like your XP earned crates.
  6. Scotland? Ancestry?

    Grandmother did a lot of genealogy. Got us back to Robert the Bruce and the Black Guard. Still plaster the Scottish flag on everything in games I can.
  7. I dropped $40.00 for 25 boxes. Got 21000 gold, 12 premium days, 2,000,000 credits and a Type 59. Basically $150.00 worth of usable goods. Also gave enough ornaments to get to level 10 in the garage which had some really nice free tech tree tanks.
  8. Survey questions

    Allows them to track player demographics. Nothing more. You elected to not answer and therefore were not relevant to that survey. Why the fuss?
  9. 155mm Mogami with aft and BFF was a beautiful thing.
  10. Those are for clearing mines. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paravane_(weapon)
  11. Veteran's day salute.

    Hey CaptGodzillaPig! I'm in Warrenton! Small world. Grew up working on my uncle's crabber and now take my North River over that bar often. Always nice to see the USCG guys standing by. I'm pretty fair weather as I've seen too many close calls and lost a number of friends (and my uncle) out there. The tourists that don't know it or don't respect it keep those guys busy.
  12. So about this emblem...

    If you watch "Top Gun" and pay attention, you'll spot VF-111 F-14s sitting on the Miramar tarmac.