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  1. Those are for clearing mines. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paravane_(weapon)
  2. Hey CaptGodzillaPig! I'm in Warrenton! Small world. Grew up working on my uncle's crabber and now take my North River over that bar often. Always nice to see the USCG guys standing by. I'm pretty fair weather as I've seen too many close calls and lost a number of friends (and my uncle) out there. The tourists that don't know it or don't respect it keep those guys busy.
  3. If you watch "Top Gun" and pay attention, you'll spot VF-111 F-14s sitting on the Miramar tarmac.
  4. I did. It was an issue with my mods out of Aslain's pack. Removed most of them and it works fine.
  5. Had this issue at one point. Was directly related to one of my mods from Aslain. Try removing your mods and see if it fixes it. It did for me.
  6. Not sure I'm understanding you perfectly but it sounds like your torpedos are hitting before they arm. Torpedos have a minimum arming distance and if you drop them too close they may hit, but won't do any damage.
  7. I feel your pain. As much as I enjoy things like the current campaign, it forces people to do stupid stuff. Hunt DDs with Hood?..check Do totally RNG dependent tasks like destroy steering modules or engines?...check. My personal favorite was the "race straight toward the enemy to spot x number/type ships". To complete the missions people are forced to play in an artificial way, putting mission before team. It's been rough. Don't know what your teammate's excuse was though.
  8. There's still a tug that was there around too. I'll have to try to find the link. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoga_(YT-146)
  9. I tend to think it would be easier to just offer a "premium" camo/skin that could be earned for the existing Yamato. It wouldn't benefit everybody, but it would be another incentive to climb the tree,
  10. Spring break has probably got more younger people playing.
  11. Nice haul!
  12. These missions mess with your captains as far as moving them. If you do the Christmas boxes and get a ship you already have, you'll find the same thing happens and your current captain will be replaced with the new one from the gift box. Your old captain gets set to reserve and you'll find a 10 point captain with no skills trained on the ship. Glad you figured it out!