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  1. The music thread

    Well, if you referring to me I have never flagged down a mod trying to get anyone banned for any reason (unlike some people). I also only get touchy when the attacks are persistent, like yours. I've never seen you let a single French joke slip by uncontested. P.S. I've explained to you multiple times it was the British regulars that defended Canada and burned Washington, what Canadian militia there was was pretty much propped up by the British and did not play a significant part in the war.
  2. The music thread

    I assume he's talking about the soundtrack thing
  3. The music thread

    @Chobittsu Good, thanks for asking, I disabled my messenger
  4. The music thread

  5. The music thread

  6. Hillarious Memes

  7. The music thread

  8. May starve!

    Sounds warm where you guys are, where I live isn't known for cold temperature yet it's been below zero without wind chill fairly often this past month.
  9. The music thread

  10. This got me thinking

    Just my opinion, but that would be sort of like (though nowhere near) sending out the Constitution to do battle. At this point, the ships are obsolete and should be treated like national treasures to be preserved.
  11. They were doing really good actually, Britain survived didn't it? The Luftwaffe made a lot of tactical mistakes like bombing cities instead of keeping up the pressure on the RAF. In all truth, Britain probably could've held off invasion indefinitely it was an island nation with the biggest navy in the world. Plus, they had this bad*** as leader
  12. The music thread