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  1. Wait so she can just turn around and see them coming during the communication. According to the movies, that's not how holograms work.
  2. I already own Texas and Arizona, meaning if they go for sale they'll give me gold. Then in a best-case scenario, the Hood may go for sale later and I'll be able to buy it with the gold without paying any actual money. I had high hopes for this to happen but now am having doubts. It seems unlikely that of all the eligible premiums, these will go for sale in that order. Though if the Hood is off for 50% then having half the gold value from either the Texas or Arizona will put me at the right amount to buy a half off Hood.
  3. New incoming commander

    Ahh, definitely Jingles
  4. I checked the page, it's still the Atlanta. Guess it doesn't switch exactly at midnight. I noticed that the first one was a BB, then a DD, and today a CL. So I'm assuming they're going by a battleship-destroyer-cruiser cycle so I'm expecting a BB tomorrow.
  5. Ultimate frontier: still a mess

    The only tier 7s that I happen to have at the moment are the Colorado, Gneisenau, and King George V. (Might have a Hood soon if I get enough gold in the summer specials event to buy it if its on sale) Could you do it in any one of them?
  6. I would get all members of the crew of my Montana to limit their personal belongings and get them all on a weight loss program. Then, I would make all of the bow and aft plating 33mm thick. And then get a big middle finger painted on the forward deck for any Yamato I come across. (Just a joke by the way) What I'd really do:
  7. Nueve de Julio

    I see what you mean and that was a horrible thing. But some (not me though) think that the adding of USS Indianapolis was unethical because of the role it played in the atomic bombings. The ship itself should not be stripped from the game because of the history behind it and if there is really a big issue with it leading to severe backlash, wargaming will find out soon enough.
  8. Sounds nice, but wargaming wants to make money so . . .
  9. Nueve de Julio

    You realize we have (and have had for a long while) a large number of ships in game that were built and operated by literal Nazis and few players have issue with that. Because the players and the game doesn't focus on the affiliation behind the ship or any actions that it was involved with (this may be a focus of the ship but hardly the distinguishing in-game feature of it). Having this ship in the game is fine, and if it really bothers you that much get the USS Boise version.
  10. Shark/Eagle - Can't Join either

    I wonder why they chose eagles and sharks of all things
  11. Still crossing my fingers that Texas or Arizona will go on sale soon so I'll get more gold to buy the Hood if it happens to go on sale later.
  12. I'm guessing there's no way to find out what ships will be on sale, that it will be a mystery every day. Also I wonder if they will only be tier 6 or higher.
  13. I'm really hoping the Arizona and Texas go on sale soon because they are my only premiums and I'd get half their value in gold. Then, hopefully I'd have enough gold to buy something else that goes on sale, such as Alabama or Hood.
  14. Yeah but the difference is you get away with it time and time again Talk about double-standards. You crashed the 4th of July thread earlier this month critiquing it because it was on July 3rd and just sort of hanging around with nothing interesting to say. You did that on the 4th of July last year as well. By this point, it is obvious you had no interest in the subject, so why hang around?