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  1. Edselman


    Still got a bunch of old WWII games from the early 2000s from my PS2 . . . they didn't hold back. Very interesting, The swastika seems to be banned everywhere, but at the same time, the hammer and sickle seems to be seem everywhere. In both Wot and WoWs, the hammer and sickle is shown prominently. I assumed that there were no laws against it. Then again . . . it is a Russian game.
  2. Edselman

    The music thread

  3. Edselman

    Where to buy military naval caps?

    I guess not if it's something that's obviously obsolete. I just don't see why somebody who isn't a reenactor would want to wear an obsolete military uniform.
  4. Edselman

    Where to buy military naval caps?

    I'm a little late to the party, and I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure those gentlemen in the photograph are Navy officers assigned to the USS Constitution, whose crew wear period uniforms. So the bicorne is long obsolete, but there is still a very small part of the U.S. Navy that still use it.
  5. Edselman

    The music thread

  6. Edselman

    Happy Fourth of July

    It's that time of year again. Wanted to wish everybody a Happy Independence Day.
  7. Edselman

    USN Battleship Alternate Tech Tree Branch?

    First of all, I'd like to say I don't think Ohio will be a tech tree ship, if it were going to be tier 10 tech tree ship then we probably would've heard about the tier 8 and 9 that will go below it (unless Iowa will lead to both it and the Montana). Since Georgia just came out for coal, I'd guess that the Ohio will be either for steel or free xp. I'd actually be pretty disappointed if the Ohio is the tier 10 of a second USN battleship line, it's essentially just a copy of the Montana with eight 18" guns. There are actually other designs WG could look at for an American tier 10 BB, like the Tillman designs of WWI. I know that in the mid 1930's, the USN was drawing up blueprints for giant battleships, don't know much about them though. There are also more than enough American battleships to make another full line with minimal paper usage Tier III: USS Delaware Tier IV: USS Florida Tier V: USS Nevada Tier VI: USS Pennsylvania Tier VII: USS Tennessee Tier VIII: USS South Dakota Tier IX: 1920 South Dakota design Tier X: Ohio, or some other design
  8. It was meant as joke And I'll have to ask for a citation for your information because it seems contrary to most assumptions.
  9. How about we remove CVs from the game? That solves this debate, doesn't it?
  10. Edselman

    Yoshino or Ohio

    Is it even confirmed that Ohio will be a coal ship?
  11. Edselman

    To the WG People's Commissariat

    Yes there are many ships from the pre-WWI and WWI period, hundreds of pre-dreadnought battleships and dreadnought battleships as well are armored cruisers, battlecruisers, and many other unique classes of ship. But most of these would fall into the tier I - IV category. They can't fill the game with low tier ships, they must lead to something, which is why we see a lot more paper in the high tiers than the low tiers. To redo the whole setup may require a completely different game, such as a WWI world of warships version where the Colorado and Nagato are the "tier 10s" of the game, you would expect to see a lot less paper there. Wargaming markets WoWS as well as WoT as WWII games because WWII is generally seen as much more well known, studied, and more popular (if you could use that word to describe wars) than WWI. Look at how many FPS games made by Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Battlefield, and other game franchises are WWII-themes compared to WWI. As far as I know, Battlefield 1 is the only well-known WWI FPS game, there are others of course but the very big game companies don't really touch WWI that much. Also keep in mind that the biggest server is the RU server and most players of wargaming's product are Russians. WWII is very widely remembered in Russia, they call it the "Great Patriotic War." Now I don't really know how Russians today look at WWI, but it was very unpopular in Russia at that time and they did end up losing it so it may be a somewhat touchy topic. Or it could just be that WWI seems kind of distant compared to WWII.
  12. Edselman

    To the WG People's Commissariat

    Why are you surprised? You probably do not play World of Tanks. The players of this game who are also long time World of Tanks players have been expecting this. World of Tanks started out with mostly historical vehicles that actually existed but now it's filled with mostly prototypes, blueprints, design studies, and tanks that are just made up. It was only a matter of time before World of Warships would become filled with paper ships. There are only so many historical ships that can comfortably fit within the ten tier set-up before they have to start digging through the filing cabinet.
  13. Edselman

    AA shell speed is too fast

    Don't know what you're talking about, post rework made AA pretty much useless for most ships. Flak is what does most of the AA damage and competent CV captains know how to dodge most of the flak. In random games, you can't rely on the friendly CV to send fighters where they are needed throughout the whole game, the very nature of random battles makes that unlikely in most games. And I don't know about the rocket thing, always just kind of assumed it was around during the war.
  14. Edselman

    The iChase Case

    I'd like to make a comparison. The rework reminds me of the artillery rework World of Tanks tried out a while back. Previously, Arty used to have access to both AP and HE shells and because artillery's guns were of such higher caliber, a direct hit from an AP shell that managed to penetrate would either cripple your tank or outright one shot you. They did a rework that took away AP shells from artillery but added a stun mechanic and improved their rate of fire. The way the stun mechanic worked was that if an arty's HE shell landed on either you or on the ground within a certain distance of your tank, it worsens your stats for about 20 seconds, this meant that your reload was a lot worse, your accuracy was a lot worse, and your mobility was a lot worse for 20 seconds. And if you were hit again, the stun timer would increase. This essentially made you almost defenseless for 20 or so seconds (the actual time depended on how far the shell landed from you). And of course, all of this was on top of the HE damage taken from the shell itself, which could be a lot depending on how thick your armor is and the shell didn't have to hit you to do damage, just land near you. Now the similarity I see is that a lot of people on the thread talk about how CVs can't one-shot people anymore like they used too. Today, it is pretty rare for artillery to one-shot anyone in World of Tanks, yet most people hate the artillery rework because it made artillery a lot more annoying than they used to be. I think the same thing happened with the CV rework, they can't one-shot you, but they are more annoying to a lot of people.
  15. Well that depends. I remember one game my team actually kinda lemminged one cap while the enemy were going for all three like that. What ended up happening is that we smashed the enemies that went to that cap and then we made a hard right and just steamrolled the other 2 caps in a straight line right along the middle of the map. Very interesting game. But the enemy did have a significant point advantage for much of the game before the second cap was contested, so that does kind of make sense.