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  1. Edselman

    Refund for Kronstadt

    Well, you don't own it. We know this because wargaming can buff/nerf the ships however they feel necessary. In fact, in some cases they can get rid of a vehicle altogether and compensate you for it with either currency or a replacement vehicle (I don't think this has ever happened in World of Warships yet, but it has happened a few times in World of Tanks where tanks were just taken from the game completely and owners were compensated). Wargaming has the ability to change ships as they see fit, for balance reasons. So legally, you don't own it. I believe the phrase "you get what you pay for" is more appropriate.
  2. Edselman

    lost in translation

    In America, things are more straightforward and to the point. We don't really engage in linguistic jumping jacks, possible because we have a 1st Amendment created so we don't have to worry about or watch what we say.
  3. Edselman

    Refund for Kronstadt

    Kronshtadt is alright, I felt like I got the hang of it after a few games. It's not a bad ship, but I don't think it's op either so that upcoming burning time nerf is unnecessary in my opinion. It's pretty good whenever cruisers (or pretty much anything) gives you their broadside and is very durable by cruiser standards. I got the detection range on mine down to about 12.4 km or something like that, so I kind of hang around the sides behind the DDs and wait for them to spot somebody broadside on. Another thing that's really good on Kronshtadt are the firing angles, you can get all of your guns on target while staying well-angled, you can also try to bait BBs into shooting your belt at an angle they thing they may penetrate, but it seems like most BBs know what you're trying to do, so they shoot above the belt. It's not really a bad ship, but it's not phenomenal either.
  4. Remember hearing that battlecruisers would be hard to include as a class in the game because each nation had slightly different specifications for what a battlecruiser was in their navy. For example, I believe during WWI Great Britain classed a battlecruiser to be (in simple terms) pretty much anything with BB caliber guns that could go faster that 25 knots (don't remember exact speed but it was around there, maybe a little higher). For example, Hood was classed as a battlecruiser and it had a 12" belt and pretty good protection for the time. An even better example was the G3-class, which was planned to have a 14" belt and overall thicker armor than most battleships of that time, but it was planned to attain 32 knots, making it, by Royal Navy standards, a battlecruiser, despite having more armor than any BB at that time.
  5. Edselman

    How is Flooding Balanced?

  6. Edselman

    Bring on the Russan BBs!

  7. I think they don't need the nerf to begin with as they still have cruiser armor and heals, as well as hp pools not quite as large as BBs (Alaska's is currently listed as 60,800 which is actually less than the Moskva at 65,400, which burns for 30 seconds so how exactly is it fair to let Alaska burn for 60 seconds based on hp pool values?) These ships aren't really op and seem to perform as good as they do because only experienced players can access them, Kronshtadt in particular is very squishy against HE because the whole deck is 25mm thick at maximum. Free xp and steel are very slow to accumulate without using real money, and also hold a lot of value as they can be used to buy some good stuff. Therefore, refunds should be offered to players who blew 750,000 free xp on the Kronshtadt or 28,000 steel on the Stalingrad.
  8. I just bought the Kronshtadt about a week ago and, to me, it seems like a good ship, but I do not think that it is overpowered. It's only "tanky" when you compare it to other cruisers, if you try to play it like a battleship, you'll just get obliterated. The AA on it is really bad, so any carrier you'll face can pretty much take you if they wanted providing there is no AA ship nearby. The bow, aft, and deck are 25mm, so most battleships will autopen you easily and the HE span also causes a lot of damage. The thing about raising their burning time because "they have the hit point pool of a BB" is kind of unfair because they do have a lot of hp, but still not quite as much as BBs (Alaska currently has 60,800 on the wiki, which is actually less than the Moskva), they also have weaker decks than most BBs making them more susceptible to HE spam, their heals aren't quite as good as heals typically seen on BBs, and they are overall just aren't as resilient as BBs are. The guns on the Kronshtadt also seem to be kind of situational, they only really do well when someone gives you a broadside. If you're just shooting at most ships that are angled, the Kronshtadt's 12" guns don't really do a whole lot of damage, and with 12" guns, you can't really overmatch anything significant in a tier 9 or 10 game. The dispersion isn't too great either. A good thing to note is that all these ships are available for 750,000 free xp only (I heard it's getting raised soon to 1,000,000). Even if somebody blew the $120 or so to convert all of the free xp (I doubt many of the free xp ship drivers did this though), they still had to have that amount of xp available for conversion. All of this means that people who own these ships are likely more skilled than the average player, making any ship perform better even if the ship isn't necessarily overpowered. I don't think the nerf is necessary.
  9. Edselman

    The music thread

  10. Edselman


    Well their announcement videos should be on their respective youtube channels. If you're talking about the challenge videos, they haven't been done yet and will all be posted on WoWS's official channel.
  11. Edselman


    Don't remember off the top of my head but all contenders are going to do a challenge and record themselves doing it. All videos will then be sent to wargaming's youtube channel. Then the score will be done something like views multiplied by like multiplied by comments and then all of that divided by the number of subscribers they have. (or maybe just likes multiplied by comments divided by subscribers, don't remember exactly) The winner not only gets their image in the game but are flown to Russia to get the voices recorded as well. Jingles had said in his latest Mingles with Jingles that he will be pushing for the phrases "That's a Paddlin'" and "Surprise Butt ***" to be used for his captain if he wins.
  12. Edselman


    In a way, it is unfortunate. Jingles is the definite fan favorite and will probably lose to someone who got a fraction of his votes because of the formula. To be honest, I have no idea who most of the people on that are and I only know some of them because Jingles mentioned them.
  13. Edselman


    Well he seems to be the most well-known on the list. Having a lot of subs may bite him in the back though with that scoring system he explained in one of his videos.
  14. Edselman

    Summer Sale - What are you hoping for?

    2 BBs in a row huh? Guess I was wrong about the BB-DD-Cruiser cycle.
  15. Hmm, odd. I got the perma camo on my Montana, was hoping I could change the black parts to dark blue.