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  1. Liquid Cooling

    Was expecting something more like this
  2. Hello, I have thougts for you.

    As I mentioned before, private companies can censor their domain all they want, but where I live I have the right to say anything I want as long as it is not calling for violence or slander/libel. Example: You can't yell "Fire!" at a movie theatre when there is not fire, that could lead to a disaster.
  3. Stop Mixing Timelines

    Perhaps they'll make a special game mode where you play as legendary sail-age ships from each nation on April Fool's day or something.
  4. Hello, I have thougts for you.

    If you could get banned for saying "Nazi," half the people here would be banned. The Forum is part of a private company, wargaming (which is not American). A private company can censor their contend all they want. I'm speaking of life in my country in general, here I am free.
  5. Hello, I have thougts for you.

    "He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither" - Benjamin Franklin. America is the freest country on earth, and I am thankful to live here where you have freedom of speech.
  6. Hot or Not: Japanese Battleship Fuso

    I personally think Japanese superstructures are kind of ugly. I like the British, American, and German styles better where it's lower and more spread around the ship than this.
  7. Political discussion . . . must . . . resist . . . . urge to . . . . . trash . . . . leftism. I personally think the masks are weird not because of Guy Fawkes, but just because it looks unsettling. It does annoy me seeing people rioting in the streets damaging property with their faces concealed to hide from punishment, *cough cough antifa cough*.
  8. so who rules tier 5 bbs now?

    I'd say the Texas. I have fond memories of tearing apart multiple Kongos at once in a brawl. Don't have a replay for it but took on three full hp Kongos at once and sunk all of them single handedly. Armor and firepower is just my preference, slow speed doesn't bother me. I feel the Texas is pretty much a better New York because of the better AA and firing arcs. Though some day if the add a second line of American battleships, I hope the Nevada would be placed at tier 5. It would basically be an Arizona with 2 less guns.
  9. Montana or scharnhorst???

    Use the money to pay for the Scharnhorst and get the Montana for free by playing your Iowa.
  10. So about this emblem...

    Mostly the stuff that involves you for some reason
  11. So about this emblem...

    I feel anger over the idea of a political system responsible for the killings of 120 million in one century alone, not red piece of cloth.
  12. So about this emblem...

    Gonna count that as one insult, grand total (since a couple weeks ago) is now 5. Americans typically aren't offended by symbols by the way, as no symbol is outright banned in our country as stuff like the swastika is in Europe.
  13. The music thread

    Here's a sad one.