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  1. Good try, but it will take more than that to lure me back
  2. I still don't like the idea of having to sell a ship line and regrind everything again, but at least you aren't breaking the game anymore.
  3. Jagdpantsu

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    WG just added this to the EU store Yeah, sure
  4. This is by far the worst idea WG ever had and we just had the CV rework... Seriously WG, you seem to be trying really hard to make this games tedious and unfun to play. I've been playing since the alpha test and none of the crappy changes made me quit, but if this actually gets implemented, it will kill the game for me.
  5. Jagdpantsu

    ST Nerfing Yuudachi, and other great ideas

    I've accepted the fact that we never gonna get another good premium IJN DD. My only hope now is the Russian version of Hibiki.
  6. Jagdpantsu

    Other naval ww2 games

    I just saw this in my recommended videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bd-GAOYtu00 It looks interesting
  7. Jagdpantsu


    That's the problem. Move to higher tiers if you want to see full teams.
  8. Jagdpantsu

    T10 UK DD Daring

    Oh Shima, at least you still have the highest torp alpha damage...
  9. Jagdpantsu

    Concurso #1: PAX en los EEUU

    Es de adorno nomas
  10. Jagdpantsu

    Concurso #1: PAX en los EEUU

    Gracia, no había conseguido esa ultima E por ningún lado
  11. Jagdpantsu

    Concurso #1: PAX en los EEUU

    No encuentro Es por ningún lado
  12. Jagdpantsu

    Concurso #1: PAX en los EEUU

    Otra duda Por cada letra repetida tiene que ser un enemigo diferente? (ej, 3 enemigos por las 3 As)
  13. Jagdpantsu

    Concurso #1: PAX en los EEUU

    P A X M A R B L E <- Algún bonus por hundir también a The_Chieftain? H E - A D