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  1. An eclipse is an omen! I am afraid. I am very afraid.
  2. I was going up also then blamo! Things went to hell and am not sure why. I hate to blame teams but last night for instance it was 10 loses and no wins and my teams (and I) played horrible. Also we got great Red teams we had to fight. Unicorns. Just lose after lose to those teams. Blowouts. I should NOT have played last night. It was crazy. Depressing.
  3. I only have 1 BB....Nassau. I don't like playing BBs. Just too slow and ponderous for my liking. Got 2 DDs but I don't play em much. I just like cruisers mostly. Tks
  4. dmckay here. On Warships Today my current win graph looks like a graph of the stock market crash on Black Tues in 1929. Straight down for 30 days with 141 matches and 39% win rate. Botsville. I thought I would at least be at 50% by now but nooooooo. I am not stat crazy at all but this has me scratching my head. I was playing at over 50% for several weeks. That went to hell all of a sudden. I just want to get to at least 50% overall as this is kinda just a personal thing with me.. Worst prolonged losing streak I have ever had in both WoT and WoW. If you are the type who likes to look at a players performance and help him out feel free to pull me up on Warships Today and tell me what you think. I am NOT killing enough for instance. Dying too much. ETC. I am just an average player so be kind. I honestly would like a real good player to take a look. Be honest but don't tell me to uninstall...heh. Carry on. I fear I am doomed to be a 48 percenter! Dang.
  5. OOOOOO! Got it! Tks. I am half asleep still.
  6. Hmmmm. Contributing as much as possible is minor? Huh? What do you mean by this? You say players lack understanding as to what contributing is? Well what is it in your opinion? You don't say. Like to clarify this? I am not trolling you but what you say here is pretty vague.
  7. I agree sometimes calls are indeed important but how many are? What's important needs to be clarified. Most calls are not so important that the caller can't wait 10 min or so for you to call back. I grew up in the fifties with phones hooked to a cord at home and no answering machine or any such thing. If you were away from the phone you had no idea if anyone had called. They would just call you later. Golly I don't know how we survived. I have had people get mad cause I did not pick up but called them back later. By far most of the time it's something trivial like "what ya doing tonight". This to me is silly ya know. Cell phones have created this sense of the need for immediate response in many people. I just don't roll that way. I never ans phone when I am driving....or very rarely. I will pull over and call em back when I can. By far most callers can wait but if you don't pick up or ans their text IMMEDIATELY......they get mad. Well that's just tuff in my world. Heh. Carry on!
  8. Often I feel this occurs because too many players think "just surviving" will win the match. It will not. You must kill and do damage. If you do well at this but die you have done your duty for your team...IMO.
  9. Or you can just not answer. Call em back after the match. Simple.
  10. WoT is chock full of trolls and gloaters and stat shamers. I still play it occasionally but I hardly ever post on that forum anymore. Just waaaay too many keyboard bullies. Real jerks. Some have their knives out constantly just looking for some way to diss another poster. WoWs is still much much kinder. Hope is does not go the way of WoT.
  11. I did indeed mention luck of the draw. I am not a tinfoil hat type. I just gotta figure out what I am doing wrong here lately. I am just average at best but I have been going down the tubes past month.
  12. I try and avoid weekends but I played last night. I think I lost at least 10 matches and had no wins. Issue with me is that only one of these matches was even close. These were stomps...total. My team would kill maybe 3-4 ships and Red teams would kill us all and in every match their numbers were double ours in damage and kills. I should have quit playing but I got mad and said this just can't continue to go on...but it did. It was like a high school team playing the pros. It was just so lopsided. Who were those guys? Wow. I have seen these crazy stacked teams a lot in WoT but mostly I have not in WoWs but I did last night. I sure did not play great but was top in a couple of matches but it did not matter. I hate to criticism but BB play on my teams was pathetic. Luck of the draw? I guess, but it's no fun when you get mismatched this many times in a row. It's weird. My win rate had been going up but past few weeks it's going down pretty fast now and I am not sure why. I was winning more than I was losing and improving. Now for the past few weeks I am losing badly. Whatever. Is what it is.
  13. LOOK AT ME!
  14. huh????????????????
  15. This is true. It's mostly on you to make SURE no one will/can do that. Gotta be careful but stupid stuff happens.