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  1. Well you make some good points but I cannot agree with everything. Also I am INDEED concerned about terrorists. They are crazy and know no moral restraints. They get a nuke they probably would use it in a city like New York in a heartbeat. Also, I really fear a nerve gas attack in the subways of a major U.S. city. Plenty of that stuff out there. This is a real and serious possibility.....there are many other possibilities also. Matter of time I do think. Carry on!
  2. Why do u still say it was "back then". U think only terrorists have friggging hydrogen bombs. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U think a major nuclear exchange can be contained? Chinese and Russians are loaded. I mean loaded. Once some one launches...ALL bets are off. Read history of the start of WWII. Shxt is much more portent than "back then".
  3. Good for you. Ya just never know. Carry on mate.l
  4. O hell there are a ton from that film! "We will always have Paris" "Play it Sam, play it" "Reek Reek save me!' "I don't stick my neck out for no one" " Of all the gin joints in the world she has to walk into mine" " Etc"
  5. Great movie. Those Cold War movies were freaky. Fail Safe was one of the most scary. But IMO things are actually more DANGEROUS today than back in the 50's/60's....no sh#t.
  6. Slim came kinda late. Some you will see in movies from the 30's and were still acting in the 70's and 80's. Buddy Edson for example. Walter Breenen....etc. Barney Fife MADE Mayberry RFD great for instance.. He was the deal. Lent his name to any small town cop to THIS day. Generic. We gots a Barney here where I live. heh
  7. I have won 4 in a row tonight! Yup...four. I gotta quit. I feel things will change....I know WG....believe me. Played tanks for 4 years. I know how they roll. I am a Blackjack player....to some degree. I know what is coming if I keep playing. Losses. Tons in a row. Wiping out my gains. Yup. I know this here WG company. Anyone else here play smart? Pick up their winnings and get out? "I am shocked, SHOCKED, that gambling is going on in this establishment"..... "Your winnings sir"........."Thank you" Casablanca "Round up the usual suspects"
  8. I liked Slim. One of the all time great character actors. Hah...he was great in Blazing Saddles.
  9. I just usually don't do well on weekends. Just don't. Too dicey. Some do fine. I am just a very average player. I need a decent team (just a "decent" team) cause I usually can't carry a very bad one. Not me....nope. No way.
  10. I get hated sometimes. If I am dead I can sit and see what is going down. I may say "hey guys that DD is going to cap and no one is back to stop him!". Careful trying to help if you are dead. You will often get back stuff like, "says the dead man shut up". You may have killed 3 ships and made a major contribution but be careful what you suggest if you are dead. Some just don't want to hear from you even if you are trying to help. Also if you are just yakking it can indeed be distracting to those still alive.
  11. Well basically up to tier 4 it already is a WWI mode. Basically. Mostly.
  12. I think of the tiers as "eras". I like the WWI era cruisers which are in the lower tiers. Most have a high ROF and you get to shoot a LOT which is FUN. I only play tier 6 and below. Fun. WG is good at psychology. They want players to buy into the concept that the higher you go in the tiers the better. That makes money for them of course. I saw this real quick in WoT. Many players, not all of course, seem to have an ego thing about the tiers. The higher they play the better they think they are...a fallacy. I don't know how many times I have seen players delightfully post, I just got my first tier 10 ship or tank!" It's like "look at me!" For some this is fine but for many harsh reality can occur real fast. Very different up there and costs a lotta $ if you don't win a lot or are not very good.
  13. It does say there will be a harder mode in the future. I just wonder when. Would like to see that. Maybe no one knows when.
  14. Says there will be a harder mode in the future. Anyone know when?
  15. Heh. Ya. Don't be the ship out in front of your team or they will all focus fire you.