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  1. Lotta truth here! Some will freak and run. O ya.
  2. Well a. I am an idiot b. I know the Murmansk is rather delicate but I can be an idiot sometimes. However she can take some hits. Sometimes. But this was a BB who shot at me proving I am an idiot. Was not expecting that even though I actually know better. c. I was also "kill crazy". Thought I might get the kill shot after my BBs worked that red over good. Dumb of me. Was not "dancing". Idiotic! d. I am an idiot. O well we won. Just a co-op match. Carry on.
  3. Heh. Ya they do. Co-op. I was in Murmansk awhile ago and dang BB Bot shot OVER 2 BBs on my team that were like 3k closer to him than was I. I was behind my BBs. Directly behind them. I was the lesser threat being a cruiser and I was at least 8k from the Bot BB. Tactically it would have made more sense for the Bot to shoot at the closer BBs but nooooo he killed little me and then my BBs laid waste to him! Obviously Bots have human emotions and want that KILL even if it makes little tactical sense....just like real humans often do in this game. Get the kill! Some players get stupidly kill crazy. You know what I mean. Bots have that disease also at times. I am convinced! Or am I missing something? I often miss things. Dang Bot.
  4. I have had soooo many "valuable" losing experiences I am, possibly, one of the most content and happy people on this planet. Happy happy!
  5. Ranked? Never understood why it's played since most all players hate it. Mystifying to me.
  6. Ya. I understand. I have a bias! I feel this game is too loaded with torps. Did torps play a role in WWI and WWII? Of course! But IMO this game is overly loaded with them (some matches are torp madness!) and it's kinda non-historical. Whatever. Gotta deal with it. It's an arcade game. Now the pro-torping maniacs are gonna crank me. Heh. OK! Gotta admit that banging a ship with torps is FUN! I get it. The players I really have an issue with are those on your own side and torp from behind you....some fools like to say "well if I hit you it's YOUR fault". OK. Well if I shoot you it's YOUR fault. Heh
  7. 20 secs or more? Maybe some....but that is a LONG time. I disagree. I think! What I HATE is a match with 5 DDs on both sides and 2 Carriers per side. I have gotten matches like that. Torp HELL! Crazy. Nice vid by the way.
  8. Mostly lost. Key phrase. Hey,,,interesting but I do not think they ever "turned the tide of battle". Sideshow.
  9. O my. Midget subs now? Zero effect in WWII....except for MAYBE a few successes. It's murky. 1 might have gotten into Pearl. Debated. I mean inside the harbor. Inside. I would not like them to work. As they mostly did not insofar as I know.
  10. Bad luck. The teams you get are a HUGE factor. You will be ok. You can get a run of bad teams. Happens.
  11. Submarine Poll

    You all like more torps coming at you? If yes then vote subs up. That is how subs kill....torps... as everyone knows. I played a random this morning with carriers and 5 DDs per side. It was all about dodging torps. Got pretty crazy. Subs? I dunno. Just don't know and NO ONE will until they are actually put in the game. If they will be good for the games is just speculation until they are implemented. IMO
  12. Just played a random match tier 7-8. My team killed 1 ship and they killed us all. I did not kill the 1 kill we got. Been a long time since I been on a team that only got 1 kill. Red team were pros! All divisions. Ok....that was not a bunch of fun so gonna try again!