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  1. OK. Just kidding.
  2. Weekend play? Blame your teams. Always blame your crappy teams! That way you do not have to do any soul searching nor look in the mirror. Works!
  3. Cruiser terminology to use

    STBURG.....ships that blow up real good. Like my cruisers.
  4. Repeat.....troll thread. It's to foolish to be serious.
  5. Why do you keep playing? You have made your point. Go somewhere else and leave ......................you Eagles leave us taters alone. OK? This thread inspired by that other thread that said why you not quit if you are not super duper. Heh. LOL. Some of the idiocy in these here video games is, to me, crazy. Video games? I mean really? Games?
  6. Obviously a troll "click bait" thread.
  7. *I see your numbers are "concealed".. HA ha. Put em up... afraid?
  8. Ya.............totally. Could only have been posted by a no life in reality type. I am 48% OP. Got an issue with that? Bring it.
  9. O wow. They play,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Video game.
  10. What A Game!

    LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I great! ha
  11. Yup. OP a player that messes with you for 3 days has a BIG issue. It's his problem....you are not the problem. There are some strange people in this world. Carry on.
  12. 3-4 and OUT for me. I have played WG long enough to see something akin to a pattern. I used to hang around in WoT after like 5 losses in a row....then it would become 10. The game is very manipulative. I did NOT say rigged....but it is kinda manipulative. But, of course, it is random. However it is not random when a group of clan buddies hook up to seal club ( to juice their sacred stats) in lower tiers and 2 teams of 3 of these dudes just "randomly" get on the same Red team. PLATOONING they call it. O well when that happens it is just random.....I do reckon. HeH. That is another thing that soured me on that game. Fair? Ya. I guess it's fair. It's allowed. WOWs is not like that so much....yet.
  13. But it's not ONLY your team. There is another team which can be good. It's more than just your own team of taters. Takes 2 to tango.
  14. The queues are quite short in this game as of now. Quick.