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  1. dmckay

    T5-8 to consider keeping

    Wow. You got your own navy! Cool.
  2. It was more fun in tier 6 IMO. Just my opinion.
  3. dmckay

    Fixing Battleship AP

    1 hand! Over 14,000 battles. Good for you as you must be doing something right. I see BBs get torped to death by DDs (BBs usually have pretty low health) quite often. Well, kinda all the time.
  4. dmckay

    Thank you, War Gaming

  5. dmckay

    Not liking Fletcher at all

    Well this may sound crazy....but DON"T play it if it's ruining your life! Ya.
  6. dmckay

    Looking for a Tough Cruiser

    You would have to drop down a few tier but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,best cruiser in the game? Tier 3 St Louis. Hands down and FUN. I still keep it when I need a win. It will destroy BBs in its tier. Monster.
  7. dmckay

    Intentional Reset of stats?

    Stats in this game should (IMO) be viewed with a bit of a grain of salt. So many ways to manipulate em. However stats are a HUGE deal for many players. I can deal with it.
  8. dmckay

    Grinding multiple lines in WOWS

    I just hate the term "grinding". No fun word. Sounds too much like forced labor.
  9. dmckay

    Matchmaking - was this a fair match?

    Exactly. Define "fair".
  10. dmckay

    DD play??

    Agree. Survive for awhile and things do indeed get easier in a DD. I am on a learning curve. I guess. I do see DDs that do not do Jack Dung for a long time. Just hide but survive. Maybe that is the way to go....dunno.
  11. dmckay

    MM still not fixed

  12. dmckay

    DD play??

  13. dmckay

    DD play??

    Have not played DDs much. Got T-61. I get a pretty good number of enemy DD kills with her but generally only one before another red ship kills me. Is getting just 1 DD kill but dying sorta, kinda acceptable? Does eliminate 1 red DD. When playing my cruisers the less red DDs the better. Sure I would like to kill 2 or 3 red ships before I die (or not die at all) but dang DDs are hard to play and I am not so good in them yet but I do get 1 kill a lot. I sure do get focused a lot by red ships when playing DD. Tks. Learning....trying to anyway.
  14. dmckay

    What is the pro and con of each nation Cruiser line?

    I do play Scharn. It can take quite a bit of damage. Issue is these days she is low tier a LOT. Fighting tier 8-9. Does have torps which is nice.