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  1. Hah. I hit for the cycle tonight!

    In case you do non't know hitting for the cycle in baseball means a HR, a single, a double, and a triple. Pretty rare actually. Well I played 4 of my war games tonight and won all 4. Played 1 each. Won all. This is a blatant brag post.....so deal with it. It was fun. By the way...think those tankers are getting bad. Wins seem to be getting easier. Lotta good players have left that game...seems to me. I won I won i won. I am 68 and it was fun. This is a "look at me post". I have hardly ever done that. Carry on all. Tks for putting up with my blatant brag. No big deal actually. "Give me a fast ship for I intend to go in harms way" JPJ
  2. Never found the "perfect ship". Does not exist.
  3. Stats

    The same goes for those with unicorny stats., I assure you. They do the same thing. Their big stats are their intrinsic personal value...for some....they take it very seriously. No one cares but they actually think others players do. They actually get rabid dog about it. Then....game dies, or they quit and it all means nothing. ZERO It is not a lack of logic by the way. You are using concept of logic the wrong way....with all due respect. It's more like simple human nature.
  4. Stats

    No. I disagree. Big stat hitters are the first to complain bout new low stat "scrubs" who are messing up their "video life".....which means anyone with stats lower than them. I have seen dissing go on for pages in chat. HOWEVER.....much much much worse In WoT. than here. Much worst. Been here over 4 years in WG. What is mediocre in your opinion as I see you you feel you to be an expert? Define that.
  5. Neat song but I MUST give credit to those British boys. I just must. The DID NOT run. They came right on into Jackson's line and did not stop. Their plan to bombard American line with gunboats messed up and then things went to hell. Jackson had provost guards behind his line with orders to shoot any American who broke and ran. Old Hickory. He also was entrenched. Huge advantage. Brits though we would break.....miscalculation. BUT THEY CAME ON. Biggest Brit defeat ever on American soil. Made Jackson a hero and president. BUT the British did not run. Nope. That needs to be set straight IMO. Odd in that peace treaty had already been signed. No smart phones back then.
  6. Salute to BBs!

    I keep saying in chat to BBs to move up and together we can waste these guys who are attacking. It happened in this match. Magnificent to see those 2 BBs charging to my rescue and showing no fear. They were bold enough to get into the "no miss" zone and they did't miss. They were not crazy. They were prudent and did it right. It was us 3 against 4. Killed them all and probably won the match since over on the other side my team was not doing so good. Had those 4 ships killed me and blown by me they would have been in our rear and, well, you know what happens when that happens. It was just a FUN thing. Numbers working together. That's what it takes. Been fundamental in warfare since the first cave men attacked the cave men who invaded their turf. It was scary to that red team. They paused, sh#t their pants and we took em down. Some great shooting by my BBs cause they were well within killing range. Man, that is all it takes...usually. I forget what joint conference in WWII it was but someone commented to Stalin that the Pope might not like what we, the allies, were planning. I think it was the invasion of Italy. His retort to our guys: "How many divisions does the Pope have?" Pretty famous statement by him. Some may have heard of that. He was a very brutal man but very very intelligent. Anyone who dealt with him would comment on that. He was also the master of the "to the point" short pithy statement.
  7. Salute to BBs!

    In the lower tiers I have a bad habit of dissing BB play. Often accuse them of being way too non-aggressive. Redemption for them! Just played my Kuma on Solomon Island. Victory! I was on the far left and 2 BBs behind me. Naturally I figured they would let me take the brunt of the red attack coming around the island while they sat way in back sniping from max range hitting nothing while I died trying to blunt the attack. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! They moved up well within range and the 3 of us just slaughtered 4 red ships (2 BBs and 2 cruisers) pushing around the island. I shot and torped. They laid it on and were fearless in supporting me. Well within range and they could not miss. They pushed up even further. I got 1 and they got the other 3. My torping helped, causing confusion and stark fear in red fleet. You could smell their fear and they all paused....chickens. By golly cooperation is so cool when it happens. I take back all the naughty things I have said about low tier BB play. At least for now. Thing was done right.
  8. Cyber Bullying

    You are right! I am waaaaaay behind the PC curve. I salute everyone on this planet and, if they exist, aliens on other worlds.
  9. Cyber Bullying

    I like the military guys in this game and that other one who actually served and handled the weaponry that is in these here video games. They know what they are talking about and often blow a lotta stupid myths about weapons out of the water. They been there. I have seen some real experts on here with great contributions.
  10. Cyber Bullying

    I salute you .
  11. Cyber Bullying

    Tks. That post was mostly in jest ya know. However my daughter (and this is very scientific) is a tattoo artist at a high end shop in Chicago. She is VERY good. She says the Navy guys who come in are politer than the Army guys. Says the Army guys are more like gung ho warrior types and more raucous. However she also says the Army guys tip her better! She likes Marines best of all however. Likes their neat squared away look and they don't slouch....sit and walk looking very military. Don't know bout Coast Guard. She has never commented on them.
  12. Cyber Bullying

    Does the Navy attract a nicer more even tempered kind of player both in games and in real life and with more intellect as opposed to Army guys in tanks? Oh hell...I might have just stuck my head in a meat grinder. GO ARMY! Better cover my azz.
  13. Cyber Bullying

    I will say this OP. Compared to that game that starts with a W and ends in T this game is pretty nice most of the time. You want to see some real pathological keyboard warriors go tanking. However, as this game has gotten older I do see cyber bully creep occurring more often....but nothing yet like that other game which I hardly play anymore in part because of the nut cases over there and insane stat freaks. Not all of them but too many for my taste.
  14. Cyber Bullying

    One thing about players who die and then comment in chat. Often a dead player very well might have accomplished a LOT in the match but did finally get killed. Once you are dead you can observe the game at leisure and easily see if your remaining team mates are blowing it. I hear all the time "it's the dead player who is yakking screw him" or "says the dead guy"... things like that. Well that dead player just might know what he is talking about....really. Trick is, if you are dead, is to be cool with any comments and not be a jerk. I am often guilty of commenting in chat once dead. I bet lots are. I try and be cool but when you see a player just sitting around doing nothing, blowing the win, it's kinda hard for me to keep my mouth shut. Maybe the best policy when dead is to just say nothing even if you have had a hell of a game. I dunno. If I sucked and got dead I don't say sh#t.
  15. I often play this also when in battle. No kidding. Kinda makes me a bit too aggressive however. BUT, I do love the smell of cordite in the morning.....smells like VICTORY! I also bailed on WoT for the most part. Hardly play with them nuts anymore.