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  1. dmckay

    Father sold my prem. ship

    Why did your Dad do that?
  2. dmckay

    This week -- today -- The War ended.

    Hitler had that rail car put back on the same spot where it was in 1918 for the surrender of Germany and the French had to sign their surrender in 1940 at the same place in the same car in 1940.
  3. Question? Alaska was laid down in Dec 1941 but not commissioned until June 1944. Why such a long time from being laid down to being commissioned? Just not a priority? Whatever? Just curious.
  4. Scharnhorst....secondary monster with secondary build.
  5. 11th hour, 11th day, 11th month. All quiet on the Western front. The men of both sides celebrated together in No Man's Land. Hope there is recognition of that day OP by WG.
  6. dmckay

    Welcome our new targets... Er subs

    How they going to keep up with them with the speed DDs have?
  7. People proclaiming they know what is bringing the game down is bringing the game down? You are proclaiming that proclaiming is bringing the game down. O hell everyone proclaims stuff on here all the time. See, I am proclaiming! Carry on mate. Heh. You a good player. Keep it up!
  8. dmckay

    Number of kills? DDs

    What might be the overall average number of kills in a game for DDs? I mean all of them put together. I know some are better than others but what might be the average overall for this type ship? I am new to DDs and I am getting bout 1 kill per game and a few times 2. Got the German T-61 which seems pretty decent but it's hard to survive in a DD. Die a lot. Tks.
  9. dmckay

    why do US cruisers underperform

    You can get an argument on this but I consider the M4 series the best medium tanks in WWII. Very dependable. More so than the T-34's which were indeed good but IMO no better than those Sherman mediums. Quality of the T-34 was inconsistent.
  10. I would name a bunch of my ships using old WWI and WWII sub names since so many of them dive for the bottom so often.
  11. dmckay

    Old ships

    I have kept a lotta ships I got a long time ago OP . I don't buy new ships that often. Some like/want to move fast up the tiers and that I understand (sorta) but I have a lot of older ships I have kept such as my all time favorite USS St Louis.....cause I can win in it a bunch! I like victory. Wish I was better than average however. Still got Kuma for instance. Great ship still. I like to have fun. Each to their own.
  12. dmckay

    Major problem with subs - Capt issue

    Amazing? Maybe. Maybe not. It will not be like Das Boot movie. I don't think so anyway.
  13. dmckay


    Agree. Good point. WoT is an insane asylum. Lotta freaks there.
  14. dmckay

    Um...hey. And whatnot.

    I check this kinda thing from time to time. A LOT of high stat players play a LOT of very low tier matches with their buddies to keep their sacred stats high. They don't like to admit it however.
  15. dmckay


    No. It's on the DD in this game. You have enough to worry about with red ships killing you and you should NOT have to worry about a friendly DD who is torping without a BRAIN from God knows where behind you. DD IS responsible to not put his mates in harms way. Do you deliberately fire your guns when you know you may hit a friend? Huh? Do you? Idiot DDs torping and expecting engaged mates to get out of the way is on THEM. Period. Players have enough to worry about without having to worry about mindless torp freaks. When you are engaed in battle the LAST thing you should have to look out for is stupid torpers.