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  1. dmckay

    Why have so many good players.......

    It befuddles me to get on a team in random that only gets 2-3 kills but ALL of them get killed and lose of course. Duh. This is fun? IMO it's weird and NOT at all uncommon. Weird. Ya see em start running as soon as they are a couple of ships down. Not always but to much of the time.
  2. dmckay

    Scharnhorst is the Summer Sale Ship Of The Day

    S She is not meh but not as good as she once was cause of new ships. No doubt about that.
  3. dmckay

    Scharnhorst is the Summer Sale Ship Of The Day

    Great ship.Those torps are potent. Fires FAST for a BB. Can take a LOT of damage. I play her all the time.
  4. dmckay

    Clean Up Your Act

    I am with you. Toxic players are NOT a big issue, IMO, in Warships. Now in World of Tanks? Sick. Bad. I hardly play it anymore.
  5. dmckay

    invisable ships.

    Too much smoke is being used these days IMO.
  6. dmckay

    Random Battles

    Bout half the time, or more, random just makes me angry. Not real fun IMO.
  7. dmckay

    Mute the Dead.

    SOME have 2-3-4 kills before they die cause they are GOOD players. Their advice and comments may be worth listening to.
  8. Nice.....helpful! Tks. However I maintain experience is the best "improve your aim aid" there is but this is good.
  9. dmckay

    The hardest loss to take.....

    There are many players just out for kills...for them capping is incidental. See this all the time.
  10. dmckay

    Why Is This Community So Toxic?

    MUCH LESS toxic than many. Mild in my opinion.
  11. dmckay

    What is your favorite camo?

    I PREFER traditional WWI and WWII camo. I kinda don't like my ship looking like a clown but I got no real issue against those who do. Each to their own.
  12. Seems to me there are more childish foolish players today than there used to be. Not always but some matches are pretty bad.
  13. I agree. I am dodging friendly torps launched from behind me all the time these days. Also some matches now are almost nothing but torps........gets a bit crazy IMO Some may like that but I don't.
  14. dmckay

    Herman Wouk died

    Humphrey Bogart gave one of his best performances in The Caine Mutiny film IMO.