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  1. XVM caused this ALL the time when I played WoT. Why WG allows it I have never understood. Never. Toxic piece of crap.
  2. Those hard hitting fast torps are her ace in the hole. Knife fighter. Let them go at like 4k or less and you should hit....and often win fights with BBs.
  3. I understand but when I began to play this here stuff in my early 60's I was pretty shocked at the damaged freaks that are out there in our culture. I found it not only sad but pretty shocking. I noted that many of em do NOTHING but play video games the entire day....just lay around. My daughter dated a guy like that for a couple of months. Woke up, got high, played ALL day, ate her food (she held a job), lived off her, worked on occasion, like a couple of weeks, then quit or got fired. She kicked him out. I was never so happy in my life. He is now in his 30's and lives with his mommy. Total doper. That is all that matters to him. O, he also calls himself an "anarchist". Worthless POS. Now lives off the Gov.....like those of us who work! Conned a Doc into disability money. Not a damn thing wrong with him. Now, do ya want to know how I really feel? I have worked all my life. I be 69 this summer. I have earned the right to take it easy. Took YEARS.
  4. Me...."The sky is blue today". "Shut up dmckay you don't have the STATS to say that!" Ha ha. Crazy. WoT. Lotta weirdos.
  5. You are correct. It was that bad. Sickos drove so many to quit that freak show. I do think it's may be better now. WoW is fine. I don't see much crap here. Really, I do not. It is worse than it was however. That happens over time until the mods REALLY drop the hammer. With some players the better they get the more salty and intolerant they become. Not ALL but some.
  6. I played WoT for a number of years. Toxic? Oh wow you all complaining bout WoWs have NO idea...unless you have played the tank thing. This place is pretty dang nice overall compared to that tank game. Serious freaks over there. Deranged IMO.

  8. Tks. Hmmm don't fish in the land of a thousand lakes is kinda like living in the South and not liking grits, Southern fried chicken, and catfish. Ha!
  9. Love to go there but she does not have enough time off to make it worthwhile. Besides I do not want her and I to die from being fried by all that Lava ya got flowing!
  10. I to am a lone wolf...100% solo random. That's just the way I like it. By the way this is off-topic but I see you are from the great state of Minnesota. I took my daughter fishing lots when she was growing up. She now 35 and lives in Chicago and wants to do some serious fishing with me this summer for a vacation. Anywhere you might suggest in Minnesota? I looked at Pelican Lake...very very expensive. Any ideas? You got some monster fish up there. I from S Ohio.
  11. Hey you Dad's I am deeply touched. My daughter is 35 now but I sure miss those days when she was a little kid. She will always be my little girl. She doing great.