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  1. Cool stuff. Except for that "musical" interlude... What the hell was that??? That had to be the most annoying thing I have ever seen on a Wargaming video. Ridiculous! Please do not ever do anything like that ever again. My ears and my eyes are bleeding.
  2. For clans who have maxed out their Naval Base, which I assume is most or all well established clans, Naval Battles are totally useless. We are amassing Oil for no possible reason that I can fathom. Why not allow clans to exchange Oil for Coal or Steel or credits or doubloons, so that they can distribute the Coal and/or Steel to their clan members who participate in and earn Oil for their respective clans? My clan has basically stopped bothering to Enable Naval Battles as it is a 100% waste of time and effort. There is ZERO incentive for clans with maxed out Naval Bases to bother with Naval Battles. Seems like a very simple improvement that can be made. Anything would be better than the current stale situation as it is now.
  3. I will be doing this for the rewards on the way but even though I would like the Odin, no way I am spending real $$$. The ship(s) should be free as a reward for completing the mission and NOT as a way to suck in people to give Wargaming more $$ than they already do. For those that want to spend their money on this hobby/game and donate to Wargaming upper management, feel free to spend willingly and often. ;-)
  4. 94EXPOS

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    OK I just reset my Des Moines to try this out. I used my free XP I had accumulated (over 950K) and my creds (over 115 Mil) to power my way through this. I Free Xpd to tier VI where the Research Points start taking effect. I played 1 game in CO-OP for the win in each tier and moved on. Needed 2 games for tier 9 as we had only 2 humans and we messed up. Bottom line is with the 10K free Research Pts (I have every tier 10 in the game except Sov BB and Fre DD) I had 30K Research Points. I sold every ship along the way and ended up losing about 30 Mil in creds. With my 30 K RP I purchased 500K in Free XP and still ended up losing about 300K Free XP overall. Now I have 5K Research Points left over to buy flags with. OH JOY! So I paid 30 mil in creds and 300k in Free XP to basically buy some flags. WHAT A SCAM!!! Don't waste your time, creds, and Free XP. Take your 10K free Research Points if you qualified for it and buy flags and you will be WAY AHEAD of everyone else that got sucked in to this [edited] Wargaming Scam.
  5. 94EXPOS

    Unique Commander Skills

    So to get this straight.....you have to use your commander skill points on the special skills in order to get the bonus that comes with that specific skill or is the bonus skill automatically applied without having to use commander skill points?