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  1. 94EXPOS

    Superships in the Tech Tree

    Sure hope Wargaming is not stupid enough to allow Super Ships in Ranked or Clan Battles.
  2. 94EXPOS

    Superships in the Tech Tree

    Wargaming is 100% about making as much profit as humanly possible. Super Ships are just another cash grab. Still am not 100% sure if you can use your Tier X Commander and retrain for the Tier XI in the same Tech Tree Line. I think so but again am not 100% positive. All we non Tier XI Warship players should focus those same Tier XI's in every game we play if possible. They wanna pay to win, well hells bells, lets make it as painful as possible for them. :-)
  3. Clearly the Rewards for participating in Public Tests are not enough to attract a greater number of players. I spend my 6K tokens on Super Containers, however I mostly get useless camos of which I have far too many of that I will never be able to use. Sure there are 3 Premium Ships that can be obtained with Research tokens/pts. The Leningrad I already own and the other 2, I have no interest or use for. There should be a much higher number of ships available anywhere from Tier II to Tier X, starting at 5K for tier II with 2500 increments per tier . The rewards should also be upgraded to include Doubloons.
  4. 94EXPOS

    Climb for the Torplushie

    Just a way to try and get more people to play Savage Battles. For 5K gold (sure hope they can't ship to Canada)...I'll play a few battles for the helluvit. :-)
  5. SUPER SHIPS truly not so super. I just played my 1st battle in a Super Ship..the Yamagiri. Unfortunately I spent about 8.4 Mil fully upgrading the ship before playing it. BIG MISTAKE! After the game I was dumbfounded to learn that there are NO Credits exchanged for playing Super Ships. You don't lose any credits but more importantly you DO NOT GAIN any credits. WTH!! I checked in the notes for 0.11.0 and NOWHERE did I read that Super Ships are treated like Twilight Zone ships by Wargaming. After my 1st and only game playing Super Ships, I immediately sold all Upgrades at half the cost. Just like Wargaming to fail to inform, misinform and fail to reward players who actually get sucked in to playing Super Ships. Total 100% waste of time and credits.
  6. What I get from this is that FDR owners will once again be screwed with a super nerf to their plane's HP pool. Get your premium, watch it get nerfed till it sux. That's the Wargaming way. They have been doing the same thing in World of Tanks for as long as I've been playing...see Type 59 (decade probably.)
  7. 94EXPOS

    2021 Results in World of Warships

    Overall Warships is still the most organized and fun to play of all 3 that I do play...Warplanes, Tanks and Warships. However this video just reminded me of 2 changes that I disagree with 100%. No damage done for Team Damage makes zero sense to me. Team Damage should be allowed but the penalties for clearly done on purpose as opposed to accidental should be extreme. Also nerfing Attack planes on Carriers by giving some carriers a huge time delay was ridiculous. Carriers are already hard enough to play and now defending against an attacking DD is almost impossible. I have ALSO been beating this drum for years. I could not agree more that Free XP, Premium time and especially gold should be interchangeable between all 3 games. This was done between Warplanes and Tanks for quite a while but recently I have noticed that Premium Time is no longer interchangeable and is now game specific between Tanks and Warplanes.
  8. Thank all the people that mentioned here and possibly in tickets that placing the Holiday Tree Missions in the game COMBAT MISSIONS would make a whole lotta sense. Wargaming listened for a change and did so. Ahskance just noted here in forums what a lot of players were asking for and what Wargaming gave us that should have been done and obvious from the start. So thank you Ahskance for listing here and explaining the updated Holiday Tree Missions that now appear in Combat Missions.
  9. Looks like Wargaming Devs/Admin have changed their tune and now Active Holiday Tree Missions appear within the Combat Missions in the Common section.
  10. The way this Holiday Event is presented and structured, no matter how you look at it...is just a hot mess. Very confusing and complicated for no good reason. This could have and should have been de-mystified and simplified and included IN-GAME in the missions category or in any manner that would make it clearer and easier to understand than what has been presented to us, we the community of players who are forced to try and figure out this mess. And of course all posts were eliminated and deleted from the original post on 'Discuss in Forum" because apparently actually 'Discussing this on The Forum" is frowned upon. lol
  11. 94EXPOS

    Hot Fix: Testing and Bug Fixing

    Does this require a 31 minute long video??? Really?? Wow if I want to be put to sleep at night I now have a sure fire video that will do the tick. Thank You Wargaming. lol
  12. 94EXPOS

    Santa Containers

    Please do NOT close this thread as I am sure we are not the only ones that do not understand why the Santa Crates only become available 2-3 days after the latest Update in which they are to appear.
  13. 94EXPOS

    PTS 0.10.10 Bug Report

    Tried playing FDR in both Ranked and COOP game. Both times I could switch from Attack planes to Torpedo Bombers to regular Bombers no problem using 1, 2, 3 keys. However no matter how many times I clicked the same keys... 1 , 2 or 3... Nothing happened. The planes refused to launch. Both games the enemy team had a Midway that had no problem launching its planes. Never had this problem in Regular Warships. Very frustrating playing a CV that has planes that refuse to leave the deck. Both games had no choice but to yolo. Just read all the previous issues with FDR. I was not even able to launch ONE flight...nothing, nada, zilch, rien, nyet!!!
  14. Could not agree more with Sky Cancer. The only reason I will ever play another game using a CV is to complete missions and I will only do so in COOP if possible to complete that specific mission. Clearly Wargaming Devs have done and are continuing to do everything they can possibly do to make CV's useless against DD's, other than spotting them. Forcing CV players to hope by some miracle that their team mates are close enough to fire at the spotted DD's and are actually good enough to hit the spotted DD's. CV's can no longer help team mates by doing any damage to DD's unless the DD player is not moving.....ie sitting in smoke with it's AA firing, giving the CV player a target easier to hit than a DD that is actually moving and actively dodging Attack/Rocket planes. Wargaming should just ban all CV play except by bots in Random games. Based on bot play of CV's in COOP games, this would surely appease the CV haters that Wargaming Devs are bending over backwards to make them happy little campers. Wave Rider is clearly at the top of the clueless CV hater group. CV's were historically very important in real life. Wargaming has now made them pretty much useless and unplayable thanks to listening to and trying to appease players like Wave Rider.
  15. The CV haters and clueless players must be loving this latest nerf to discourage anyone from playing CV's as they kowtow to the vocal minority......ESPECIALLY the DD players. Can't wait to see the same type of nerf happen to Torpedo planes and Bombers.....After that, I don't know how much more the Wargaming Devs can destroy CV play but I am sure they will find a way. I have 100% confidence that they will continue to brutalize CV's to the point that no player in his right mind will even bother anymore.