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  1. maddad1947

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    I am sad to say I only have 383 ships, but I am thinking about adding that new BB that would make it 384.
  2. For  months now I have complained about not having the After Action Screen from each battle, only about half the time. And I have been told they are working on it.  Well with this new Public test I see what they have been working on a European Road Sign Style of generic symbols that in general only about half of the Europeans understand about half the time.  In other words why try to fix something that they are working hard on to screw up even more.

    Next the dockyard in Public test Shades of Puerto Rico:  With two differences.  1.  This time we get to build not one ship but two a Heavy Cruiser and a BB.  2. This time we get to play one, but only one, of the ships we are building, the Heavy Cruiser, But of course the interesting one, The BB Nope no get to play it.  Like I said shades of Puerto Rico.  This has all the ear marks of another jug [edited] like the Puerto Rico all I feel like saying is we have been there and done that.  Do we really need to do it again?

    I mean with just a little bit of imagination instead of greed the "Dockyard" could be a great idea, and still make them some money without pissing everyone off.  Will time will tell and WG had better be careful.

  3. I have a problem: for PT part 1 and 2 My armory doesn't show ANYTHING for the Soviet Cruisers or those tokens. I have worked all the way through and finished the four parts and am now starting the Hall of Fame, and collected, I believe, all of the tokens. But as they do not show up at all in the armory I have no idea of how many I have, nor is there any way that is shown about how or where to use them. Further more at the start of each day there are Two different daily award screens. The first one is at the start like normal and has the Soviet Containers and Tokens. The second one is in the Port Screen but doesn't have anything to do with the Soviet Containers or Tokens. Is this part of the problem? Let me know. Thank you.
  4. maddad1947

    Clan Battles: Warrior's Path Season

    OH yes my annual complaint: There must be more ways to get STEEL. There should be an exchange rate (both ways) between all resources to get any other resource.
  5. maddad1947

    Clan Battles: Warrior's Path Season

    PS Where are the SUBMARINES? WHEN are we going to get them?
  6. maddad1947

    Clan Battles: Warrior's Path Season

    OK Just a FOOLISH position on my part but, games should be FUN to play. This isn't real life War Gaming where you are trying to develop the best tactics to strike down the OPFOR, NO this is a GAME. And it should be fun, maybe even a bit crazy to play it. For an example I would say WG hasn't got a hair if they don't get off this tier ten kick for Clan Battles and use ALL of the other tier ships. I think it would be a riot to have a Clan Battle with only tier ONE ships. Everybody has at least one of those so everyone would be able to play. There would be no torps, and no planes only guns. Don't get me wrong I hate plane and love my torps but I do believe an only tier one Clan Battle would be a riot of fun for all. And no it should not have a reduced prize structure for winning either but the same as the stupid tied ten. And just how hard would it be for WG to set it up so that ALL tiers would have their own battles at the same time frame? The teams would have to be smaller in size like maybe 5 ships max(?) and you could even have levels of play where you could have CV or BB's or both or maybe pure BB or CV or CA or DD the possibilities are quite numerous, and some would be quite fun. And after a few times of playing these Clan Battles WG would have the statistics to indicate what the PLAYERS like most to play. Reminder to WG YOU MUST KEEP THE PLAYERS HAPPY or go BROKE! Because un happy players will find other games to play. Just my opinion and an idea or two for suggestions.