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  1. I want to see what they have in mind for this re-grind crap before they institute it.
  2. Pigpen_721

    PSA: Naval Training Center Update

    In the previous iteration of NTC, this reset thing was also a big part of the problem for me. I think it would be a good idea to flesh this reset thing out sooner rather than later. I am glad to hear of a step in the right direction with the removal of the buffs.
  3. You'll have to "kill" that conqueror three time in a battle ffs
  4. I suspect that he is pulling the pin now as it seems that every other month there is some controversial decision that wargaming tends to make without heeding those that are paying the bills... CV rework (bad enough that one CC risked getting sued in leaking it), Wargaming Centre Bloatware, Premium time changes, continued Ranked frustrations, ignoring +/-1 match making test... now this? I get why he pulled the pin. If they push ahead with this, I'm going to play out my premium time and likely pull the pin myself. I have NO INTEREST WHAT-SO-EVER in grinding lines four times over.
  5. If they don't wake up and smell the coffee... I'll wind up going to find another game to play... While what I spend on the game isn't going to break them if I'm gone, I doubt I'll be the only one to say screw it.
  6. As oppose to this Paragon bunk... Why not regular tournaments utilizing all boat tiers after a player reaches a particular battle threshold. No rentals though. Or Some other type of regular league play that uses all tiers of ships on a regular rotation? It isn't that the game doesn't have a good selection of ships to draw from or a good selection of rewards for such play. Possibly some sort of Grand Battle could be devised using larger maps and more players that would add more of a strategic aspect to a given battle. @Kami @LittleWhiteMouse@Radar_X
  7. @Kami You wanted something other than "Don't do this. it sucks"?... I think LittleWhiteMouse nailed it. I for one, do not have the time nor, the desire to grind through lines twice over let alone four times over. To convert XP to FXP, which I have a considerable amount of, could be done for the low price of a divorce from my wife... It ain't happening either. I am currently competitive with my ships... although, skill is another issue of my own accord. Should this be removed for lack of time or desire to grind out lines four times, I can't see myself playing the game anymore. WoT is a painful grind. I pulled the pin on that one almost two years ago with 12,000 battles...
  8. Pigpen_721

    Recruiting Station: A Full Guide

    Whoever in wargaming is coming up with scenarios like this that are so convoluted really overshot his skill set... Keep it simple ffs.
  9. Pigpen_721

    Recruiting Station: A Full Guide

    He must be offering to pay for any further development and upkeep for the entire game... That's mighty generous.
  10. Pigpen_721

    Lost Karma points tonight and I deserved it

    So... in other words... You were behaving like 85-90% of the folks in random in any given battle... Glad I stopped by. Have a good one.
  11. You shouldn't need a passport for a domestic flight
  12. Pigpen_721

    Clan Entitlement and Superiority Sucks

    I'm not going to claim that I'm good enough to carry a team all the way. I do have my share of good games and know when I'm playing piss poor. However, I think that the OP has a point that no one can argue. There are those toxic bastards out there and some of them are in the same clan. A good number of them are solo as well. Dude had a rant, so be it. I'm just going to leave this here, you can find it on warships.today as well... PR = Damage 50%, Kills 25% and Win Rate 25% So... To you purple folks: Congratz on your stats. If you are using your skill to help others along, I salute you. If you are using them to brow beat others that don't have the purple stats, how about you stfu.
  13. Pigpen_721

    (C4C) ClashforCash

    I remember you from when I was trying to get into 5D many moons ago Morbid. Good luck with the new clan. To the rest of you, he's good people.
  14. Pigpen_721

    Nephews and nices

    I like this idea... The other dude has a point... Give 'em a couple tier 4 ops to play as well...
  15. OP: You can't blame the CCs for something that is wargaming's responsibility. Its their game and their responsibility to teach the players the mechanics of the game. It isn't that this is checkers either and it appears that they have a ways to go yet. Unfortunately, there are times it seems that wg isn't listening to anyone *cough* Auto-resupply of camo and signals for in-game currency negative billing *cough* I enjoy the videos, streams and other materials the CCs put out. If I gleen something that makes my game better... so much the better.