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  1. Something is afoot... Our clan is not able to drop into Clan Battles even after restarting the division several times with different div commanders. Is this a server problem?
  2. Pigpen_721

    You're loosing customers wargaming

    ...it might have been a good thing if I didn't typo the title...
  3. Pigpen_721

    You're loosing customers wargaming

    @Gunga_Dinner That certainly is another way to look at it. Mind you, it took a couple years for my to realize that my WoT and then WoWs hobby was better than hookers and blow...
  4. Pigpen_721

    You're loosing customers wargaming

    In seems a good number of folks are missing the point of the post I made. I did not come here to analyze wargaming's global business performance nor, the participation rates of the accounts on any of their servers. I did come here to post the fact that when a business makes a mistake by honest error, incompetence or contempt for their customers, THEY LOOSE CUSTOMERS... ...or as NoLoveForPhatFish stated, they close their wallets. This is where I am at this point. NavalPride is correct in my mind that "It takes time to loose/scare off people who have been playing a long time". After things like I've listed in the OP wargaming is a good piece down that road with me. I think Sparky's final sentence in his post sums it up for far more people that didn't decide to drop by here to post their thoughts. In retrospect, in leading a clan with a few other folks, a concerning amount of the member turnover we experience lately has been due to wargaming's behaviour. These players that are turning over... leaving the game, have played over 1,500 battles. I would like to see wargaming get their craptogether. I enjoy the game mostly. I don't enjoy the contempt they are displaying in what they have done.
  5. I sat down with my coffee this morning and noticed that there was a new video up from Jingles on WoWs. I thought "Great!"... Then I watched it. The following is what I posted in reply. "Its really looking that the brain trust in wargaming's World of Warships has gone full [edited]. CV re-work, Russian BBs and to a lesser extent, CAs, Research Bureau, Colbert, Smolensk, Puerto Rico, Cost of most premium boats are way out of line witht heir worth, now potentially subs that can't surface and can run with impunity under certain game conditions... At 15:00, you question how much of a deal breaker this could be... Even prior to this information; 360 days of premium comes up half price once a year, it did so yesterday. I've been buying it on that sale for the last five years or so. I might spend about $100 a year on the game. I know that if I don't buy that its not even noticeable to wargaming. However, I don't doubt there are others that are voting with their wallet in the same manner. If it comes that I don't play anymore, wargaming's real cost is in the loss of personality to the game. I do not hold myself in that high of a regard. However, there are about 40 people that I play the game with regularly. They spend cash on the game as well to varying degrees. When one leaves, there is less of an incentive for others to keep playing. wargaming: You have a dumpster fire that has gone beyond the things I listed above. If you want to save your investment in the game, you had better do something about the folks that are coming up with this hair brained [edited]. You have a good product. It is worth saving. You won't though if you allow these things to continue." iChases' Oh FFS WG video is playing in the background while I'm posting this... I agree with his lamentations at this point.
  6. Pigpen_721

    wargaming did something good :o

    I might not have as dim of an outlook on the game in general as PoonVeteran does but, I wholeheartedly agree with his enjoyment of the 3v3 Clan Brawl... Give us more!! I think you might be a bit of a masochist NeoRussia... Although I think I'd like to see this in randoms with a kind of morbid curiosity.
  7. Do more 3v3!!! That was great!
  8. Pigpen_721

    Bring Back Ocean Map

    No Don't...
  9. Pigpen_721

    Clan Brawl

    That was a friggin' hoot!! I even got to see Canucklehead detonate a Sinop in an Atlanta with a ram! I'd like to see this 3v3 format again soon and frequently!
  10. ...and therefore, the asking price ought to be even less.
  11. Hats off to your efforts @TallenAtear .Travel safe.
  12. Pigpen_721

    How do you disable to post game screen music?

    Na... A fellow wouldn't be that fortunate.
  13. Yeah... Today's world is properly [edited]. There is going to be a lot of butt hurt when the pendulum swings back.
  14. Pigpen_721

    How do you disable to post game screen music?

    Ahhh... I suppose you're right. I didn't read it carefully enough. If that's the worst thing, I suspect that they've never jambed a TV crew up your knob looking for bladder cancer then... I assure you, that's far worse than having to ignore a 10 second ditty.
  15. Pigpen_721


    Don't worry... the part of forum denizens that are continually butt hurt have successfully lobbied to have the thumbs down button removed.