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  1. Premium ship as credit sink

    I doubt they will, they have to pay the bills with real currency. Another thing they could do is a credit for free xp conversion. As it is It would take about $240 to clear out the xp I have on one tier 10 boat. My marriage won't handle that.
  2. The New WGC Launcher

    Simple as this; If I don't play the game, I have no reason to watch the videos. Therefore, Jingles, Notser, NoZoup, ichase, Vulgar Viking, BIA, Lord Zarth and possibly a couple others are all down one sub.
  3. The New WGC Launcher

    Same here. Push this, and I'm done...
  4. I [edited]love it when I take down a player that is supposedly a better player than I am statistically. It might be one of these elitists. I treat this game like golf. In reality, I am only playing the game against myself. Even in a loss, if my performance was better than the balance of the team, I'm satisfied though, looking to improve. "There are three types of lies: Lies, damn lies and statistics" ~Mark Twain
  5. Naval Service of Canada [NSC]

  6. Looking for a casual/semi-competitve clan

    You might want to look into Naval Service of Canada. [NSC]
  7. Naval Service of Canada [NSC]

    Naval Service of Canada [NSC] is recruiting. We are looking for adult, moderately active that play 3-4 times a week, players. We are looking for players with at least one tier 8 boat to complete the rental mission for Clan Battles. We would like to see >1000 random battles. While not mandatory, Team Speak is available and its use is encouraged. Inactive players, without reason, are regularly excluded from the clan. The Clan Port is fully upgraded. We are a casual clan that leans towards the competitive end of the spectrum. If you feel that you would like to try us out, please submit an application in game.
  8. I was goign to use my FXP

    It could be that what ever follows the Cleveland in the tech tree has to be inferior...
  9. You could make an alternative account and put that account in command of your current clan. Who knows, you might want to re-activate it again in the future for some reason.
  10. Radar has ruined dd play

  11. Actually, I was trying to be encouraging. The game is a marathon as oppose to a sprint. Those operations will be around for a long time. Everyone has the chance to get to them eventually. For myself; I might, if lucky have a couple hours to play on most evenings. Normally not however for all the noted rl reasons and maybe a few that aren't. In support of your point; wargaming potentially could mirror those allied missions for axis forces as well. Further they could run clan battles and ranked at lower tiers in an offset season. I think a tier 4 ranked would be a hoot!. Mind you, I'd be dropping a 19 pt captain into a Pheonix or Clemson.
  12. Grind another line, you've likely got the port slots. You can be at tier 6-7 in a few days or so. Those operations that you might miss will rotate back in... or if you find at least 4 others, you can run whatever operation you would like.
  13. I have a story that I would tell about a Cleveland in a battle last night but, the language would be R rated at least... If this were a 976 number, maybe. Suffice to say there was plenty of team damage. Fortunately not enough to wear pink.