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  1. Those two collections are permanent, so you can finish Yamato before you start Halsey.
  2. I'm looking forward to this one. Clan Battles were going on during the last Public Test. Ranked has been like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer. It feels good when you stop... So, Rank 10 is good enough for me this time around.
  3. Come on WG really 0.7.5/0.7.6?

    I've been playing WoT since august 2013. I took a swing at WoWp. I found I like WoWs much better. Other than RNGebus in WoT and some of the payouts in the tournaments they used to run there... and this new penalty system in WoWs, I've never felt on the short end of the stick with wargaming. Given the opportunities for them to screw up over the last 5 years or so, that's a pretty good record for them to have with someone that can be as critical as I can be.
  4. Chicken of the Sea

    I don't want no stinkin' participation prize... I'd want something useful for the win.
  5. Because when you do step up a rank, the payoff is pretty good. That's why I pay it. The big thing for me is to know when to pull the plug.
  6. Chicken of the Sea

    Tournament? Prizes?... Undesirable moniker... Oh well. I'd be on that like a fat man to a Smartie.
  7. A great start to the day.

  8. Seems to me that this new system is a little delicate. It certainly can't differentiate between an accident and intent. Bump a couple friendlies and you get to get scolded. I got a little sloppy with my torps in a tier 4 battle with a couple clan mates last night. I didn't let Dave know not to turn left for a while... Dave turned left. I got him with three... sent him straight to the bottom. I turned orange. Deserved to as well. that was a bad one on my part. However, listening to some computer generated voice [edited] at me for a bit of accidental bumper boats my fault or not, reading some of the stuff above about getting penalized for instances beyond the player's control, the lack of the "forgive team damage button"; I figured I would do something about it. As I entered my co-op battles to work off the penalty, whilst my div mates were laughing about it I announced to the co-op denizens that I was orange. I thanked them for their patience and allowing me to work off my punishment in co-op purgatory. In the second battle of my punishment, one of my team mates torped me. Not sure if it was an accident or on purpose. I forgot to mention that i took Dave for about 5,500 damage to get the penalty in the first place. I've been pink twice since this new system came in. I wasn't pink that many times in the previous 2,000 battles. I'm not going to go out there and intentionally damage a team mate. However, until this thing is fixed, every time I go pink, I am going to go work it off in co-op. When I do, I'm going to do it at high tiers and thank the PVE players for letting me use their preferred game format be the penalty format for the game. Maybe the resulting [edited] will have the devs take a closer look at the problems with their system.
  9. Punished

    You didn't think about that too hard did you? Let's put this in another context... Let's say you have a brother. That brother breaks the neighbour's window. You take the blame and the beating for it...
  10. You mean like the crapyou've been posting here on their recruitment thread? Of all the things going on, you have nothing better to [edited] about? Good luck on your recruiting [ONAVY]
  11. Punished

    Yea! 'cuz the player has all the control over the connection.
  12. You're going to find it allows you to run the lines quicker and maybe some of the missions but, other than that, a premium account or ship has no advantage in the game. The folks at wargaming work pretty hard to keep away from the "pay to win" label.
  13. O7 Discord Community

    Tell us what you really think... @_V12 You're my kind of "take no [edited]" kind of people.
  14. Update 0.7.4 - General Performance

    I went to take a look at the signals I have available last night. I read that we could purchase them with dubloons. I thought that I might buy a few as I was running low on some of the economic signals. I noticed that it was a pay as you go thing. So be it. However; You fellas have a problem coming up that would be well to nip in the bud right now. If the signals are mounted with the auto re-supply enabled, the signals will be automatically mounted and paid for in dubloons when a player's stock runs out. This needs to be changed to an opt in so that a player consciously selects to pay for those economic signals with dubloons when he runs out. Otherwise, as currently configured, it is looking to me that wargaming is reaching into my wallet at will. That would make me pretty mad, pretty darn quick... So it looks like you have a micro patch coming up before a bunch of people start being far less constructive.
  15. Do what you will but; Don't forget that match maker in its current form puts the screws to tier 8 75% of the time by jambing them into tier 10 battles anyway... Clan Embassy huh? How does this work?