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  1. Pigpen_721

    CV rework as of now is a JOKE

    It sure would be nice if it even seemed like wg was paying attention to the players... But then, I see some of the suggestions that some of these players make... Some of the choices they make in battle... Some of the things said in chat... Some of the crap said here in the forums... I think there is essentially already a "player's association" in the community contributors but, it doesn't appear for this perspective that wg is heeding even them. As to a broader association, folks in this game can't even get their crap together for 20 minutes... While your suggestion is noble, imho, I think organizing would be like trying to shoot pool with a rope.
  2. Pigpen_721

    Naval Service of Canada [NSC]

    Look! A nickle!
  3. Pigpen_721

    Naval Service of Canada [NSC]

    Wow... I just noticed the down vote. That's pretty special.
  4. Pigpen_721

    Naval Service of Canada [NSC]

    A bunch of decent fellows in NSC are looking to add more active, decent Canadian fellows to the clan for CB and division play. Teamspeak is necessary.
  5. Pigpen_721

    Looking for a CLAN, without Voice Chat

    For $2.00 you can get a pair of ear buds and at least hear your clan. Typing kills.
  6. I would love to have the chance to watch my clan in CB when I'm number 8...
  7. Pigpen_721

    Clan wars countdown

    Open the pocketbook wargaming.
  8. Pigpen_721

    Clan wars countdown

    So... We've got a bunch of pissed off players now.
  9. Pigpen_721

    Canadian Naval Service

    I'm sure you jest but; With paper ships being in the game aplenty, it would be nice to see the Habakkuk enter the game. They did build a proof of concept in northern Quebec during the war. Apparently the remains still lay on the the bottom of the lake. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Habakkuk
  10. Pigpen_721

    Naval Service of Canada [NSC]

    NSC is a clan for mature Canadian players (although the odd American makes it in) and we are recruiting. We are looking for active players that will use TS for div and clan battles. Take a look at [NSC] in game. Send me a PM and I'll swing you our TS address for a chat.
  11. Pigpen_721

    Not fun playing with newbs that don't care

    I was going to put a bunch of words down here eluding to the OP behaving like a dink... It seems you folks have it rather well covered though.
  12. Pigpen_721

    CvC and Prime Time Matching

    Recruiters should have the ability to set Clan Prime Time. As it is, we bashed our heads off this inability for a couple days. Eventually, cdnice promoted a bunch of us which is one work around but, it shouldn't have been necessary.
  13. Pigpen_721

    what do you have to do to get a win?

    I'm seeing a ridiculous number of battles like that. Usually, I'm in the same position that you were in this battle you shared. Notser made a point a few months back, with Jingles backing him up, about WG needing to reward better team play. I think that in doing so, with missions and visible in battle ribbons and rewards, that a large number of these battles would be less of a rout.
  14. Pigpen_721

    Clan Commander AWOL

    I think you fellows might need to go clan shopping. You're going to have to live with the situation, start your own clan with the remaining actives or find a new clan to join. You might be able to reach you command with a message through the forums. They may have their e-mail notifications activated.