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  1. I see you didnt read any of the positions that i posted and responded with zero insight. I didnt say there was particular troubles. I said having rentals in ranked is similar to playing with bots and it dilutes the experience. And everyone does judge a players quality after the match, but when a trend is noted it will continue at that same rate. ie, enough rentals have made the point that they arent as good quality that you can bank on that going forward. "Lack of permacamo is only a few hundred meters' detection difference. Island cover is just as effective. I had a couple teammates who used their rental BBs to great effect and one even helped score a win yesterday." - this explains u know much less than your claiming, perhaps you need to re-look at those rulesets, a few hundred meters makes all the difference, islands have zero effect on detection range and particularly dd's benefit more from being away from islands, and camo also negatively effecting incoming fire dispersion. therefor people that are in a como-less ship will be hit harder and/or more often by incoming shots. Thats the math son.
  2. This isnt your typical whine thread, bear with me. I will make some valid points and do it in a rational manner *gasp* In my crew I am always the positive one. I defend all the new game modes, I love variety. I defend the CV rework, I enjoy playing them and I dont "fear" them in any boat. Im loving the hell out of the new Russian BB's, they are a blast. I am all for a nerf to premium ships if it means fairer gameplay, screw it if people get mad they spent $50 for an OP ship. Im all for the idea of adding CV's in Clan Battles and Ranked, adds more variety and new strategy. Hell, bring on the submarines, I will enjoy learning them. I have ranked out the past 3 or 4 seasons and I have enjoyed every ranked season. I am not unicum, i play pretty well, knock out a couple hundred games then get my rank 1 with an above average win rate. I play every Clan Battles season and I am always looking for an edge. I am a Wargaming WoWs fanboy. Rental boats, at T10, in this ranked season have tainted the fun of this season. Rental boats are Objectively worse than their tech tree counterpart. They are unable to get camo, losing out on both concealment and dispersion of incoming shells (minor buffs that every T10 player knows is vital). They are being played by an individual who does not know the in's and outs of that T10 ship and where its strengths and weaknesses lie. The Hinden does things different than the Hipper, just because you have a Yamato doesnt mean you have any idea how to play a Shima, etc. Noticeably absent from the rental pool are carriers AND the russian BB, if you want to give lesser ranked players a chance at ranked why leave out your new gear? 7v7 game mode means that each rental player accounts for 14% of the team comp, thats huge and not the place the "test" a new boat. Give rentals in randoms where it doesnt matter and each rental only accounts for 8% of the team comp. That is where "test a new boat" should be done. IF the intent of the rentals was to increase the overall number of people playing in a ranked game mode, then why keep it at T10? Go to a lower rank where people have more equipment. That wasnt the intent. I understand the intent, give people a taste of the higher tier equipment, the ranked gameplay, earn some more of those in game rewards so they keep coming back for more and spending money. It is not fun to win when then enemy team has 1 or 2 rental boats. Its a kick in the teeth to lose because a rental boat is doing something it shouldnt be doing. This is all further exacerbated by the fact that rental boats are highlighted with [ ] separating them from the team and immediately identifying them as a weak position. This is a mental hit taken by every player in the game. They all immediately know "I have to do double work to carry this fool" or "That enemy shouldnt be much of a threat" I have said many times, "well get good" "just carry harder". Bad players will exists. Not everyone plays videogames on the same level, damage, or win rate. I am completely understanding of that. Those people are still in ranked, they are still a person that has to be carried or exploited to help your team win the game. Rental boats have possibly doubled the # of players that need carried or exploited. The marking on rental boats identifies them immediately to both sides. The feeling I get would be the same if WoWs had to add bots to fill out the match, similar to how Warplanes had to. It sucks to lose watching a rental Hindenburg roll into B cap 3 minutes into the game, its not fun to win after deleting a rental Grozovoi who has no understanding of radar ranges of other ships it should be concerned with. Prior to really getting into T10 gameplay alot of people dont even understand the "last spotted position" option on the minimap which is VITAL. All of these problems are further blown up by not being able to division in ranked. At least if a person wanted to learn a new game mode or test out a T10 ship, they could have the option of a div mate to coach them up a bit, maybe just maybe, the rental player wouldnt stick out like such a sore thumb. But as it is they are thrown into the deep end of the pool with one arm floaty and told good luck. Yeah I am done with this ranked season. Everyone I know will probably continue the grind. Rather than solo randoms, ill play more Escape from Tarkov, or get another feel for [edited]. Hopefully WoWs pulls another carrot out to keep me coming back to my addiction, but this has been a terrible carrot.
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    [-BRS-] Black Ribbon Society

    Clan battles, day 2 server test, here we go....
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    Clan Battle Ping Issue

    [edited]. thumbs up how is L-m.f.a.-o edited?
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    Clan Battle Ping Issue

    where are u getting that information?
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    [-BRS-] Black Ribbon Society

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    [-BRS-] Black Ribbon Society

    https://www.webcountdown.net/?a=s2jmDFc BRS Madness is upon us..... https://discord.gg/dxyrDE
  8. I need to check my highest xp on a ship. Im sure its not that high. Im curious. Its friday for me. Ready to sink some ships. Did i mention im enjoying the hell out of the midway? You should give it a try.... I like to use this analogy... You love your henri... When you see a shima or Montana you arent scared. You know that shima or montana better than the driver probably does so you know how to handle it. Alas apply that to cvs. You cant counter them as effectively until u know what they do well and what the struggle at. You cant learn that from biased youtube videos and forum trolls. Im playing alot as cvs and now ill roll out in my shima in randoms because that cv doesnt scare me, i can manage it.
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    [-BRS-] Black Ribbon Society

    Its friday! Woooooo. Friday for me [edited]!
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    Incompetence, Greed, and Obliviousness

    Maybe u both should read my whole message. I did not say they were good at t10. I said that experience makes a person better at anything they do. To get to t10 they must get experience, they still could suck but they are better than they were when they rolled into t7 for the first time. Also saying ur an above average player but bad at t10 is an oxymoron. U play well vs weaker competition, congrats. U play bad vs more "experienced" competition. Thats like when people make excuses for their kids and say "billy is really smart in school, he just doesnt test well" no no billy failed at the only measurable metric for testing his knowledge, therefore hes not all that knowledgeable.
  11. xTybaltx

    Incompetence, Greed, and Obliviousness

    Well a potato at t8 is just a larger potato at t10. It has grown and therefore takes up more space.
  12. xTybaltx

    Incompetence, Greed, and Obliviousness

    Was this supposed to make sense? Or be enlightening? Cuz it failed. At t10 we should expect people to be playing the best that they personally can play. Skill advances with experience, it just does. Doesnt mean all t10 players are good, but after 8k games they are as good as they have ever been.
  13. xTybaltx

    Incompetence, Greed, and Obliviousness

    Please go to wows numbers and pull up the average numbers by boat of the top players in their boats vs the lower players then make this comparison. People always argue "how they feel" look at the numbers. All t10s have skill gap, some are huge. Look at the conqs average and max damage games then compare that to midway. Do this with a few ships and notice the perceived problem isnt exactly a problem. Also make sure ur not looking at pre rework cv stats to skew the numbers. Btw whoever made popular the saying "perception is reality" is a fukn idiot. Reality is reality, perception is foolish opinion backed by emotion. Midway is powerful and may get nerfed but its not this op god tier thing people fear it is
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    PSA - Don't complain about MM in all chat

    I too am an author! not published, but i play one on tv.