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  1. I am all for changes to fighter consumables as a CV player, and I do like the direction these changes are going. But, I can already see CV players aggro-ing fighters from 6km out and dragging them to their doom into friendly AA. The fighters will need to stay in or near their CAP circle and only go after strike planes that come into their circle. Fighters canceling each other out will still be a thing and getting rid of the fighter plane on BBs may be easier. The CAP circle would be so huge the carrier fighters would eventually go after the BB fighter plane. It would take a little more time then now. These changes also make the fighter mainly a preemptive area denial tool. that means no more consistent spotting for the most part, and the fighters will fly in such a huge circle that nothing will be spotted for to long. They will also very likely be flying through parts of enemy AA now so raising fighter plane HP values back up might be a good idea. I've only found the fighter consumable useful for defending friendly ships by parking it right on top of them, and with the exception of the possible issues I've described I think Ill be able to defend my DDs and Co way better with these changes to air cover. Although I would prefer a few more drastic changes to give CV back some of their air superiority options. For starters, combining all the fighter charges into a big fighter pool of planes on the CV the player can call squads from complete with plane regen values would be a great foundation to work from to bring back a bit of the RTS CV air superiority game play. Disconnect the fighter consumable charges from the fighter consumable and allow any of the strike squads to call down a max of two to four fighter CAPs and cover an area. Setup a fighter CAP cancel option with a recharge timer so the CV can reset or setup new patrol areas, and essentially make an obstacle course for the opposing CV to navigate through to get strikes done. The recharge timer on CAPS leave gaps in the defense opposing CVs can take advantage of and the fighter pool will punish poor fighter placement, and good fighter CAP management means the CV can keep the few ships left on the team in the late game well defended. This would also fix the multiple CVs in a game problem too as the CVs would have to deal with a wall O fighter CAPs until surface ships are engaging each other in combat, blasting fighters out of the sky with AA. Play with carrier numbers and options so Hakuryu has her four fighter plane squads back and midway gets her three fighter squads back. Even a little RNG could come back between fighter V fighter and fighter V strike plane interactions as strafing and manual fighter control are not a thing anymore. Even the Baby CVs could get some fighters so all the seal clubbing matches end. That would go a few miles with ending some of the CV hate. Oh, and I would absolutely love it if I could launch half squads instead of dropping half my ordnance into the ocean. It is a lot of changes beyond what is quoted here but they would go a long way in making matches more fun. CVs still kinda dictate the fights and everybody just death balls out of fear of the carrier. the First CV to kill the DDs usually wins the match in a blowout. The most aggressive BBs usually just roll over everybody. If there are any DDs left alive its because they never left the death ball and nobody has gone near the capture points. CV need their air superiority options back so surface ships can make their plays.