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  1. Khorne_Bread

    Remembering the Great Battle: Midway

    So they are basically penalizing people for buying the Atago before hand by giving them credits if they get it?
  2. Khorne_Bread

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    Will this work like the American cruiser split? I have the Moskva already so will I get the Alexander Nevsky?
  3. So I was thinking...that if you are one of the few that bought the Puerto Rico, earn the Puerto Rico but still have some tokens left over, or not going for it at all that you could spend the Ship Building Tokens on Coal or Steel. Such as say 1 token equals 100 Coal. And/or 1 token equals 50 Steel. Technically you're still using the Ship building tokens to build a ship for yourself so it makes sense to me.
  4. Khorne_Bread

    Feedback: Map Edge

    I know what it does and I still disagree that they should get off free and clear for abusing it.
  5. I think many people can agree that players should be penalized somehow for riding along the edge of the map since it lets you slow down and turn without using your full turning radius and throws off the opponents aim. I believe some sort of inmatch penalty should be institutionalized such as receiving damage as you would when you get rammed by a teammate, a slow drain on your hit points that is heal-able but the longer you're in the map edge the more damage is does quicker. Another could be those that are in the map edge gets hit will receive double damage they would normal get, gets hit by a 10k torpedo hit they get 20k damage for example. I think something just needs to be done to stop it from being a viable use of the limited play space.
  6. Khorne_Bread

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    Right after I posted this, split seconds, the bar went grey and still said 47% and now says its playable. I guess all I had to do was b**** about it.
  7. Khorne_Bread

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    My download has been running since its been pushed and was at 20% till 1800 EST. At 1826 it then went to 16%. At 1832 it went to 71%. At 1835 it now says and has not moved to 41%. I don't want to close it for fear of corrupting anything, last time I did I had to reinstall the whole game because it just kept crashing as soon as I would launch the client...What do I do?
  8. Khorne_Bread

    Wargaming.net Game Center Feedback

    Where I need this, I hate the new launcher.
  9. Khorne_Bread

    Wargaming.net Game Center Feedback

    So, I took a break because when wargaming released the British battleships it ruined the game...ABSOLUTELY RUINED THE GAME. It made it unplayable as a cruiser, when its already difficult. So I took a break. I came back and started playing again because the cancer subsided a little. I didn't know it but until recently, I couldn't figure out why I was losing money or barely making any. I'm nowhere near a good or decent player but even only winning 40% of games in a weekend I could make at least a million credits. Now even with a 60%-70% of wins over a weekend I made roughly 100,000 to 200,000. In about 30 games. Previously before if I broke 150k damage win or lose I'd get about a million and some change, now when I do I get half that. (Pictures below). When I would only get 50-70k damage I'd get only about 200k after everything was taken out. NOW even with Premium time, Zulu flag, India Bravo Terrathree flag, 100% for first win of the day and doing well I only make 100k-ish. My point to all this the new economy sucks major c _ _ _ su _ _ _ _ _ f _ _ _ _ _ _ a _ _ now. I'm about done with this game because of everything wargaming is doing is ruining this game. Its terrible. First the British battleships, then this bull_ _ _ _ economy, and then the next thing is the smoke! What are they going to ruin next about this game?! The world can only guess and wait. I understand tier difference but I just only really started paying attention to the economy when last weekend I lost money overall and I was playing well. Even my clan members have reported having garbage earnings after carrying a team. This economy in the game reminds me of World of Tanks economy. Since there was a lot of pictures I added them to Imgur because I can't upload that many here. The game I referenced. Also, the launcher is garbage.