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  1. Well, considering I've yet to tank out and I've been playing since the Beta, I REALLY hope you're wrong on that one...
  2. To be fair, that applies to virtually all DD's anyway, and the Gearing isn't too far out of line with the others that with RDF it can catch them more often than not.
  3. That only goes so far. There tends to be a large disparity among the average to skilled playerbase, where their ranked stats (win %, damage, etc) are worse than their random stats. I know mine are, and I'm fairly above a 50% win rate in random battles, but considerably worse in ranked. All it takes is one guy deciding that he was Admiral Halsey in a previous life, going off and getting sunk, and now you're down a ship and most likely behind in a difficult time to play catch up. I have upwards of 35 matches in ranked, for about a net 6 star gain. It's hard to advance when virtually every battle is a slaughter one way or the other. It becomes less about individual skill, but who has the fewer reincarnated Halsey's.
  4. Nelson on the Bridge Error

    Same here...
  5. 1) I couldn't agree more, I can't count the number of times I've over-steered into one thing (torp/island) because I was avoiding something else (torp/island). 2) Agreed, but considering that reverse torpedo bug is still around I always keep an eye on friendly DD's. 3) I can agree within reason, but I've fired the 20km Shimakaze torpedoes and hit an ally 18km in, it's not really possible to plan out what an ally will do ~2 minutes later. Or better yet when I've had an ally (who I warned repeatedly that I was torping the Scharnhorst) make a U turn out of safe cover, eat all six of my Blys torps and die, simply so he could fire off his 3 Fiji torps, fail to kill the Scharnhorst, and also get me killed by said BB in the process.
  6. Same thing happened to me as well, and I happened to hit an allied Iowa who had already damage controlled a fire. Who then nearly flooded to death, and gave me team-killer status. I'm not even sure what to make of this bug.
  7. Because that would make too much sense. It makes more sense that a friendly can kill you simply because you annoyed him, he didn't aim his torpedoes correctly, or that he decides to match your speed while sitting next to you while spamming HE and blaming you for blocking his shots.
  8. Seeing as we've done that song and dance twice now (once in regards to a certain premium battleship, the other a certain other CC), I'd be more or less inclined to agree. While I do believe that this thing is being slightly blown out of proportion, I will agree that WG messed up on two fronts, and is now trying to perform (albeit ineffective) damage control.
  9. This. Entirely this. The capabilities aren't what we're arguing, it's the RELIABILITY.
  10. This is pretty much my opinion in a nutshell. The last thing this game needs is to go back to the four Shimakaze's per side, but it would be nice if the line was buffed to the point where doing our supposed job was easier would be much appreciated.
  11. As a member of the IJN DD Mafia, I resent that statement. I still maintain that WG has been too heavy handed with the nerfs (because the Minekaze/Mutsuki and Hatsuharu needed to be worst in tier), or nerfed things that didn't need nerfing (Fubuki and Kagerou being prime examples). But that being said, I agree that nerfs were needed, the days of "Whoever has the most IJN DDs wins" needed to die.
  12. While I'm no fan of the smoke camping meta, and I do agree it needs to change, this is the wrong method. What the right method is, I don't know. But this change has the potential to do more harm than good in terms of balance. Example: Sims is one of the best team play DD's at its tier, and arguably one of the best in the game. It's good at laying rubber band powered torpedoes, and laying USN smoke for its team. With this rework in play, the Sims LOSES some of the reasoning to do that for anything larger than a light cruiser.
  13. ANOTHER Khab nerf....

    While I do agree that the US Armed Forces are the best military force in the world, look at the latter half of that statement. And apply it to the Kahb. "It exists to give the rest of the players a challenge and to keep them humble." Think about that. The current Khab is far and away the best DD at its tier, and it should stay that way because, it keeps the other players at tier ten humble/provides a challenge. That doesn't even compute...
  14. ANOTHER Khab nerf....

    A lot of these posts tend to either be that the Khab is OP and that this nerf is needed (or not enough of one), or that this nerf is going to severely impact the Khab's ability to put out damage/ or its versatility. I'm more toward the former, I've been up against a Khab many times, and I'm generally coming out behind, even in heavy cruisers like Ibuki and Zao. The Zao is really the first ship I've had that can stand a chance against it outside of 10km, but even then it's not reliable. The Khab really does need some sort of nerf, it's out performing everything around it, by more than the old IJN DD's EVER did. And yet somehow, it's not being nerfed.
  15. It's connected to my debit card, which has money it can draw from.