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  1. PzkwVIB

    What ever WG did to the T8 MM it made it worse.

    Unless you've made a mistake in a battleship, got radar'ed by something like a Worcester and you're sitting still in a DD, went broadside on in a cruiser in front of a battleship that was aiming at you, or simply made the mistake of playing a tier 8 CV, that should never be the case. Unless your name is Z-23, most every tier 8 ship should be able to at least make it difficult for the opponent to sink them, if not take them with you. I've lost count of the number of Yamato's, Montana's, and Moskva's that I've rushed and then proceeded to sink them in something like my Alabama. Did I lose a good chunk of HP? Yeah. Do I sink as well, pretty often. But it was worth it. It's all a matter of knowing what your ship can do, and what it can do it to.
  2. This. Entirely this. As a concept I don't mind the "save a star" feature as a concept considering how WG has set up their ranked mode. But as someone who's played ranked in League of Legends and a few other formats as well, WG has one of the WORST setups for ranked I've ever seen. Now, I understand the whole "It encourages team play and is meant to draw the more serious players into the game mode" viewpoint that they're going with. But that being said, it is FAR too easy for things to go drastically wrong with trolls/MM/idiots to stick with this "Wins are the only thing that matters" mentality they've given us. And I agree with you that most if not all of us simply want to rank out and be done with it, not that I have any experience in that field but that's another matter altogether. All that being said, unless WG suddenly decides to rework their entire setup for ranked, we're going to be stuck with it.
  3. PzkwVIB

    The New WGC Launcher

    This is more or less what I've been forced to do. When I try running warships with the WGC active I need to run the game on virtually bare minimum graphics to get it even in the realm of playable. Whereas prior to this I was more or less running it on the maximum to high on all graphics with little to no issue. No idea what the issue is, according to task manager the WGC was taking virtually no memory/disk, but the results are hard to deny.
  4. I tend to spam "Try your luck" and "extra flags and camo" as it stands anyway, I have more flags than I know what to do with right now anyway. That being said I can see an overall net loss (as of right now), but that most likely will change upon the patch hitting the live server. It stands to reason that they'll add in some other form of coal gathering aside from missions.
  5. PzkwVIB

    Fighting Fridays - On Fire!

    It depends more on the hp level (overall %) than anything else, and how likely I am to need my Damage Control in the near future. Seeing as fire does % health damage, it also depends on how likely I am to sink during the fires duration.
  6. PzkwVIB

    Iron, Coal... just not a good idea

    Well, considering I've yet to tank out and I've been playing since the Beta, I REALLY hope you're wrong on that one...
  7. PzkwVIB

    Legendary Upgrade theory crafting

    To be fair, that applies to virtually all DD's anyway, and the Gearing isn't too far out of line with the others that with RDF it can catch them more often than not.