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  1. Patton3rdarmy13

    Can the Ocean map just get removed already,?

    I never see ocean, would like to play on it more. However I do think it needs improvement. I would like to see 1 big island that gives only cover if you hug it right in middle of map.
  2. Patton3rdarmy13

    Naval Battle in a Nutshell

    rabiwatt, you know can message me at any time to answer questions for you, as one of your XOs I am glad to help out my CO.
  3. Patton3rdarmy13


    Did they fix Cleveland guns not making any sound when firing?
  4. Patton3rdarmy13

    Help with Bismark/Team Play

    1. Use islands and fire only when enemy can't return it early on and then push in on low health ship later on. 1a. Bismarck is great flanker when top tier. 2. Tirpitz is most useful to push into enemy when has 2-3 other BBs drawing fire as you get in brawling range.
  5. Patton3rdarmy13

    Sheesh! Some people...

    Karma should only be allowed to go up unless you are reported same match as AFK, team damage, or team kill penalty.
  6. Patton3rdarmy13

    Major problem with Alaska Release...

    Just get the Alaska, and worry about the rest after. Every ships plays different for different people so don't take LWM review as word of God.
  7. Patton3rdarmy13

    Looking for a clan to join

    JAV is looking for everyday players to do clan activities. Submit to join in game client.
  8. Patton3rdarmy13

    How many 19-pt captains do you have?

    1-19 point commander
  9. I stopped at rank 10 because too scared to fall in rank. Need more non-reversible ranks.
  10. I would like to see tech tree prems to be switched up with new ships.
  11. I got the Atlanta, which is my favorite and most played ship. I was kind like being on blind dating show and reveal that you matched with your wife.
  12. Patton3rdarmy13

    My turn to whine.

    Been in support of removing them since Closed Beta. Balance comes in 3s, so removing 4th class of CV is best for balance.
  13. Patton3rdarmy13

    Post CV first impressions here.

    Hated playing CVs before and they are worse now. I believed they should have removed them back when I played them in CBT and even more now. CVs in real life were and are OP and you should not have them in game. 3 classes that balance each other are best, a 4th class throws everything outs of order. DD trumps BB, BB trumps CA/CL, CA/CL trumps DD.
  14. But it was there only 2 and other UK built BBs got sunk other ways , all US built BB got sunk by planes.
  15. Patton3rdarmy13

    can't load in to a match

    Happened to me a couple days ago. Internet was fine but Wargaming website and Warships were not working for me. Got 3 and 10 game penalty and from all I could tell the issue was with them and not me