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  1. But it was there only 2 and other UK built BBs got sunk other ways , all US built BB got sunk by planes.
  2. Patton3rdarmy13

    can't load in to a match

    Happened to me a couple days ago. Internet was fine but Wargaming website and Warships were not working for me. Got 3 and 10 game penalty and from all I could tell the issue was with them and not me
  3. To me it looks like WG need to push CV rework back to other update. They need to remove meat from this next update and let it cook longer.
  4. Patton3rdarmy13

    Gave in a purchased & preimum ship

    that's twice what I got mine for, you got ripped.
  5. JAV is clan with long history in World of Tanks and has had great success in Clan Wars. JAV World of Warships is looking for people who play daily and want to play clan battles and division in random and ranked. Requirements: 1. Must have stats public or made public for short term to review them. "Bad" stats will not be judged against you, just don't to recruit player who has played 10 matches. 2. Has or actively trying to get tier 10. 3. Has tier 8 ship, tech tree one ideal but if stats are solid in premium one that is acceptable. 4. Must play near daily and be on during clan battles time period. Most of our officers have been together long time and we try to keep clan a fun and social place to play with others. If interested please submit application in in-game client or PM clan officer.
  6. Ognevoi, just don't get it. 10 km torps that move too slow to make use of range.
  7. Patton3rdarmy13

    WarGaming response to our clan member being killed - in real life

    Sorry for your loss, In the World of Tanks division of my clan JAV over the years members and some members family have passed away. We kind of became family in JAV so losses were hard at times. The core members of clan would take trips to each other houses across country. It weird how someone who just a voice over a headset can become a longtime friend and once their gone you feel like a part of you is missing.
  8. Patton3rdarmy13

    Any particular way to play the Aigle well?

    She seems to play well ambushing other DDs with guns and torps. And after just looking at Wiki, that is what she is- kill enemy DDs.
  9. Patton3rdarmy13

    What is going on with my game.

    Its happened to me again, this time I sent a ticket.
  10. Patton3rdarmy13

    Not receiving valid rewards.

    Having same problem with daily mission rewards.
  11. I have been long time against AFK punishments, it should be limited to exiting match while ship is still active and connected to internet.
  12. Patton3rdarmy13

    Why do people hide their Stats?

    I am officer in clan and I don't accept anyone who hide stats, I am very fair if you have less than great stats but need to see them to make some judgement.
  13. Patton3rdarmy13

    Ramming Mechanics

    Avoid torp bulge armor and also keep in mind torp damage reduction values when ramming. Also try to not ram higher tier ships.
  14. Patton3rdarmy13

    Fun question! Most fun ship for coop?

    Use DD, do all the damage, and upset the cruiser and BB players because you nuked everything before they had chance. That is how you have fun in Co-op. PS: this is salty reply. but really use Kama, Fujin, or Grem they are fun and you will sink everything before team has chance.
  15. Patton3rdarmy13

    What is going on with my game.

    I just played game in my Bismarck in random battles and won. I completed a mission and got reward for sinking ship after I sunk. I did not get reward for them until 5 or 10 minutes after ship got back to port and 30 seconds later they got removed again. What is going on? The problems is not worth a ticket for but would like to know and maybe get me rewards.