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  1. sheppard12

    Shimakaze Build

    Well that’s it . I play no favouritism here because of the clan tags but the many videos I’ve watched of Kuro on you tube have most definitely improved my games in DD’s beyond anything else I found and the poise and calmness displayed during his gameplay is something I strive for but I find it funny that someone had time to go look at his stats but obviously didn’t do too good of a job to find out who he is and the requirement to be in the clan he is in. I’ll keep watching @Destroyer_KuroshioKai and learn to be a better DD player and Stinkweed can go do whatever he wants .... Plus let’s be honest radar is not an issue, sure it’s mildly annoying but one I hardly find giving me trouble as you start to know where not to go and where they more likely are gonna be set up with the radar cruisers
  2. sheppard12

    Shimakaze Build

    You’re obviously joking at this point ........ Trolling maybe ....? There is no way you went and looked at@Destroyer_KuroshioKai stats and came back and wrote this post 🤔.
  3. sheppard12

    So How Is This Not Cheating?

    Wow entitled much ......
  4. Played a match with tier 10 matchmaking last night in my donskoi wth double cvs and our tier 8 CV just gave up literally didn’t move, did not send planes in the air at all and our one CV tried his best but the enemy team realizing they only had 1 CV to go against had complete air superiority and sadly we actually could of won that match. Had that CV been playing instead of whining that game was in the bag. Why queue in a tier 8 CV knowing fully you’re gonna see tier 10’s I just don’t get it .....😐
  5. sheppard12

    Kami's Target Prioritization Tips!

    Unless I truly don’t want them to know where I’m going at the beginning of the match and give away my path of entry into the fight since some BB’s have great concealment ( flanking or getting into a nice crossfire position) I may hold off firing at near max range since the pay off may not be worth it. But if I’m not worried about my positioning being given away, I will take a shot at max range. You miss 100% the shots you don’t take 😂.
  6. sheppard12

    Kami's Target Prioritization Tips!

    Anytime I’m in my BB and a DD gets spotted I take a shot even if only 1 shell lands ( give or take 1500 damage) you get to do 10% of his health in damage. 1500 damage to a BB is nothing but to a DD with 15000 Hp to 18000 Hp it’s a good smack. Now if you luck out and get 2 plus shells to land .... you’ve changed that player’s gameplay for the rest of the match.
  7. sheppard12

    French Destroyer containers question

    I just pulled the tier 7 DD one in a free container . First mission so far from a free container.
  8. Hard to believe I actually got a Kraken in that thing Saturday night probably the only one I’ll ever in that ship since first I don’t really play it at all and second we all know about the krispy kreme’s actual prowess , one would say the stars aligned that night I guess . 😀
  9. I see what you did there 😂
  10. Maybe it’s just me but on the credit and xp picture I don’t see any bonuses for service cost from the camo , I know usually tier 9 don’t have credit bonus but it should have -20% service cost ... oops I see Vader got to it first lol.
  11. sheppard12

    Let me in. Let me in!

    When I travel and bring my computer with me to play it will send me an email letting me know the login is being dome somewhere different than my house but other than getting an email I do believe it let’s me play .......iirc. 😐
  12. Examples nobody calls a toaster un grille pain we all call it a toaster. Or une perceuse we all say vas chercher ma drill and it’s rare we say hamburger au fromage it’s just easier to say cheeseburger 🍔. That’s sounds about right . I’m a quebecer and I 100% approve this post . 😂
  13. Got 6 free containers and got no ships missions. Not sure I wanna buy any premium ones ......😐
  14. Well so much for getting the Hak ...... but again after seeing Notser’s video there was no way they were gonna try that setup, kinda wished they would leave it the way it is.
  15. sheppard12

    Why am I saving up my coal for the Yoshino?

    The question is ? How much will the Yoshino and the Georgia be.....