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  1. Easter Egg in operations

    Try hitting it with a torpedo
  2. West Virginia update

    Yes, we should all be thankful for what WG did to Graf Zep....
  3. West Virginia update

    Still waiting on a '82 spec New Jersey - make it happen NA! (because we all know it would be "balanced")
  4. It's great that Clan Battles are also going to be included but it also raises the question of why not include Operations as well?
  5. hope?? HOPE??? Why would I leave it up to chance? Saipan + Kidd + MK Div == guaranteed CV trollage
  6. New xvm mod now working?

    I wouldn't say they were completely useless - they make great meat shields and damage sponges
  7. Default limit is 75FPS but it's only a single edit in a XML file to essentially remove it.
  8. NOT a Summer Sale: NUEVE and BOISE

    The Mission to get the NdJ is 300k XP (After modifiers) in Randoms/Co-Op/Scenarios while in the Boise - I imagine mission to get the Boise would be the same except has to be done in the NdJ
  9. 7 day ban for not cheating

    Seems like you're making as big an assumption as the OP here.
  10. Ah cool. I'm on 10 as well so it should work fine for you
  11. Assuming you're running Windows Vista or later (so 7, 8 & 10) you can use a built in Windows feature call Symbolic Link I actually use this method myself for the exact same reason you have - keep replays/updates/screenshots on a large HDD with the game itself running off a SSD This guide seems fairly decent - the method you want to use is the /J one with is used for folders Now, some of the terminology might not seem intuitive but I'll try to explain as much as I can. Where it says 'Link' this refers to the path of the original folder and 'Target' is the new location eg: the command I use is: mklink /J "F:\World_of_Warships\Updates" "D:\Game Updates\World_of_Warships\Updates" In this case: "F:\World_of_Warships\Updates" is the original location (ie. where WoWs is installed) "D:\Game Updates\World_of_Warships\Updates" is the new location on my storage drive One thing I did find that isn't mentioned was that I had to move the original folder to the new location before creating the link
  12. Got some JC flags from a TYL container on Friday last week - in fact just looking over my records (578 containers), JC flags have been one of the more common drops at 7.27%
  13. Personally, I find Saipan + Kidd + Mk divs work best for irritating CV players
  14. Correcting the Misinformation

    If you'd bothered to do any testing (because you know - Public Test Server) instead of just assuming you understand how it works, you'd know that Orange players just get sent to the regular Co-op queue not some special "Bot-only coop"
  15. Yeah... people will still do it for the same reasons they used to div T2-3s with a T10 - either for the lolz or just to troll their own team. I remember some fun 2x Chikuma + Yamato divs back in the day