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  1. Magnus_Lux

    Survey on SEA

    God I hope they are planning transfers. The quicker I can get my main off the s hithole that is ASIA the better
  2. Instead of just hearing, maybe WG should actually listen - especially since most of the issues with Smol were pointed out during testing
  3. Actually, if you take into account of the timing, it's worse - EA is the one copying Wargaming
  4. Magnus_Lux

    Rank is just a [edited] show

    Sync dropping is much more effective if you're doing it with a friend (preferably with a dummy account) on TS/discord ;)
  5. There is no such thing as "giving up" - only the allocation of resources based on the possibility of a positive outcome. Low probability of winning = why even bother, might as well try your luck in a different battle
  6. By the time you've been playing that long, you should have realised the truth - most WoWs players are utter trash and they don't need poorly designed mission to play like glorified bots
  7. Magnus_Lux

    Smart on WG’s part ?

    Only flags I'm using in Savage battles are Zulus just to make the credit grind go marginally quicker (and I have like 2k+ of the useless things lying around too)
  8. The missions as they are now aare basically "How to encourage Botting 101"
  9. Magnus_Lux

    This Is Exactly Why I Have Not Played Ranked Yet

    Honestly after seeing what rank has be come this season, I'm happy that I took up my clan-mate on his offer to rank out for me this season (only cost me the price of an Graf Zep too)
  10. Magnus_Lux

    Another CV trend that is becoming very concerning.

    Best and easiest 'counter play' the uniscum CV is simply [Esc] -> [Exit to port]. Simple, effective - added bonus you don't have to worry about carrying useless "team mates"
  11. Magnus_Lux

    Sail! Strike! Win! Event Ship

    close (well, not really)
  12. Cheers mate. looks like I'll have to log a ticket with WG ASIA and pray I get someone who understands english
  13. Hmmm yeah probably have to. Are you able to mount them? I had a better look around and they show up in the Inventory but don't show up on the Exterior tab
  14. You still have the Gorgon and Nobilium camos? I had both before the rework but are now MIA (seem to have been replaced with the standard perma camo)
  15. Magnus_Lux

    So the Irian* cost is 26,664 doubloons?

    Are the LNY loot crates the Premium ones or the regular trash-tier ones?