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  1. Magnus_Lux

    FAQ about the Economic Rework

    Combat Flags (e.g Det. flags) were moved to the Equipment page. I imagine it was done to streamline the UI a bit and have ship-based performance modifiers (modules/equipment/combat flags) all on one screen, with the Exterior page now serving only cosmetic customisations. Not sure I completely agree with the changes myself but I can see the reasoning behind it.
  2. No doubt Tech Tree sips have worse economy than Premium/Specials. I did the exact same test with my Woster (no perma/bosters) on PTS and lost ~90k credits - If I was on the Live Server today, I would have lost ~120k*. So hey, even under this absolute, worst case scenario I'm still better off after the changes. *Base service costs for T10 are being lowered from 180k to 150k under the changes Wow.... After watching this video, you're telling me that "best breakdown and analysis" is by someone who seemingly failed maths in Primary School. Well, if this is an example of a "trustworthy contributor" it's no wonder the state of the community is so bad.
  3. How is it skewed? PR is a Special Ship - you cannot get a Special Ship without also getting these bonuses, so for all intents and purposes this is the baseline result for this type of ship . At best you could argue the base result is -12.5k credits, accounting for the Personal Merit bonus. But that's the point: the only way to lose credits on one of these ships is to literally do nothing. Hell after I posted those screenshot, I tested this with my Bourgogne and I accidentally got a single spotting ribbon - the result: ~8k profit without premium (~54k with a PA). The credit economy for these high-tier Premiums and Special Ships is crazy good
  4. So I decided to have a bit of a play around on PTS to see how cripplingly bad the new economy is... I think I'll survive see my screenshot above - with a special ship you can still make a profit doing literally nothing
  5. going by those screenshots it looks like your account wasn't copied across. Did you play on PTS during 0.11.5 Public Test? Because AFAIK you have to have 1 battle to get your account copied for the next PTS
  6. So to summarise: Good players get more rewards for playing better
  7. Magnus_Lux

    US Independence Day Mystery Achievement(s??)

    I think there may be a Survive requirement in there somewhere as well. I just played 5 battle (won 5, survived 3) but didn't receive the achievement, then I played a 6th battle (won & survived) and got the achievement
  8. Magnus_Lux

    Why Base XP?

    Really? I usually find potential damage missions quite easy to estimate especially if I'm playing BBs. Cap/defense missions are the ones I find really random. As for BXP missions, recently they've been available in Operations so I just get some clan mates together and run a night or two of Narai and chill with 1500+ per run. Also great for farming FXP.
  9. Honestly? I fail to see the point squealing like a stuck pig about a ship that hasn't even hit the Supertest server yet, let alone seen any sort of testing on the live servers. It is however a source of constant amusement how many people seem to be under the impression that WG has never nerfed a ship between the initial announcement and eventual released.
  10. Magnus_Lux

    WEIMAR, the bane of Narai

    The additional wave happens by your team taking to long to rescue the convoy. It is, essentially a penalty for being bad.
  11. Magnus_Lux

    Dockyard Error?

    We have 28 days to complete that mission. So working from your 20k average, so long as you're playing 4 battle a day you should complete it with time to spare. Best strategy with Dockyards is to focus on doing the easier missions to unlock stages and missions like this will usually take care of themselves. As they say: Work smarter, not harder.
  12. Magnus_Lux

    Supership rentals and upgrades

    Sure can but given you loose 50% I'd recommend against it unless you are really strapped for credits because they'll pretty much always get used on other ships anyway
  13. Magnus_Lux

    Supership rentals and upgrades

    Upgrades on rental ships get demounted for free and stored in your inventory when the rental expires
  14. Magnus_Lux

    Saying quiet part out loud.

    Frustrating grinds?? LOL sure you're not playing World of Tanks instead of World of Warships? Because in WoWs you can do a full T1-10 grind in <200 Battles or <100 Battles if you grind FXP in Operation
  15. I ended up with ~132k bonus on my ASIA main. Only managed to grind out ~600k FXP in Narai during the event, probably could have done more but had other IRL things to deal with