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  1. Best and easiest 'counter play' the uniscum CV is simply [Esc] -> [Exit to port]. Simple, effective - added bonus you don't have to worry about carrying useless "team mates"
  2. Magnus_Lux

    Sail! Strike! Win! Event Ship

    close (well, not really)
  3. Cheers mate. looks like I'll have to log a ticket with WG ASIA and pray I get someone who understands english
  4. Hmmm yeah probably have to. Are you able to mount them? I had a better look around and they show up in the Inventory but don't show up on the Exterior tab
  5. You still have the Gorgon and Nobilium camos? I had both before the rework but are now MIA (seem to have been replaced with the standard perma camo)
  6. Magnus_Lux

    So the Irian* cost is 26,664 doubloons?

    Are the LNY loot crates the Premium ones or the regular trash-tier ones?
  7. If you do that, the game automatically demounts the camo from the ship so you'll loose all the benefits from it.
  8. Magnus_Lux

    Narai Operation

    I find Fiji (no #1 by far), Myoko, Scharnhorst work quite well. Atlanta, Helena and Boise/NdJ are also decent I find I can usually carry teams with 1-2 DDs to 5 stars. Once I start seeing 3+ DDs I tend to just suicide ASAP. Zero point wasting time with teams like that
  9. Magnus_Lux

    Friend quitting over torpedo hacks

    IDK about you, but the in game description seems pretty accurate to me
  10. Magnus_Lux

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Bugs Report

    From what I've been able to test, the CV compensation mechanic does not work correctly. When 'selling' a CV via the inventory only the credits are refunded - no Free XP is received
  11. Almost made the same mistake as RightYouAreKen till I read it a second time. Also disappointing to see you never mentioned the boxes you were opening were provided to you free by Wargaming (which AFAIK you are required to do by FTC)
  12. Magnus_Lux

    install TST is not there

    You need to log into WGC for it to show up
  13. Magnus_Lux

    Are discontinued ships given away often?

    In a manor of speaking, Yes. KTKM-sama was only available in-game (ie. for Doubloons) during the CBT and at the end of CBT, if you've bought any of the Tech Tree premiums you were refunded the Doubloon value going into the OBT - which is when Kitakami was replaced with Atago
  14. Magnus_Lux

    Is Jean Bart Vapor ware?

    Going by the Dev blog, the only thing that changed with this version was a reduction in the duration of the MBRB (30sec to 20sec) so #RNGesus