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  1. Almost made the same mistake as RightYouAreKen till I read it a second time. Also disappointing to see you never mentioned the boxes you were opening were provided to you free by Wargaming (which AFAIK you are required to do by FTC)
  2. Magnus_Lux

    install TST is not there

    You need to log into WGC for it to show up
  3. Magnus_Lux

    Are discontinued ships given away often?

    In a manor of speaking, Yes. KTKM-sama was only available in-game (ie. for Doubloons) during the CBT and at the end of CBT, if you've bought any of the Tech Tree premiums you were refunded the Doubloon value going into the OBT - which is when Kitakami was replaced with Atago
  4. Magnus_Lux

    Is Jean Bart Vapor ware?

    Going by the Dev blog, the only thing that changed with this version was a reduction in the duration of the MBRB (30sec to 20sec) so #RNGesus
  5. 91 and counting on the craphole that is ASIA
  6. Magnus_Lux

    My honest view of RANKED SPRINT!

    Who says you have to hit Rank 1 to have fun? - yolo swagging my way through in cruisers with a sub-40% wr after 75 battles
  7. Magnus_Lux

    Easter Egg in operations

    Try hitting it with a torpedo
  8. Magnus_Lux

    West Virginia update

    Yes, we should all be thankful for what WG did to Graf Zep....
  9. Magnus_Lux

    West Virginia update

    Still waiting on a '82 spec New Jersey - make it happen NA! (because we all know it would be "balanced")
  10. It's great that Clan Battles are also going to be included but it also raises the question of why not include Operations as well?
  11. Magnus_Lux

    Do You Ever Go AA Trolling Hoping to Get CVs

    hope?? HOPE??? Why would I leave it up to chance? Saipan + Kidd + MK Div == guaranteed CV trollage
  12. Magnus_Lux

    New xvm mod now working?

    I wouldn't say they were completely useless - they make great meat shields and damage sponges
  13. Magnus_Lux

    Gameplay with Ryzen what to expect?

    Default limit is 75FPS but it's only a single edit in a XML file to essentially remove it.
  14. Magnus_Lux

    NOT a Summer Sale: NUEVE and BOISE

    The Mission to get the NdJ is 300k XP (After modifiers) in Randoms/Co-Op/Scenarios while in the Boise - I imagine mission to get the Boise would be the same except has to be done in the NdJ
  15. Magnus_Lux

    7 day ban for not cheating

    Seems like you're making as big an assumption as the OP here.