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  1. Magnus_Lux

    WoWS Reddit thread

    did you you actually read the message on the sub-reddit?
  2. Magnus_Lux

    Feels like the end

    You're right. I doubt the typical BB player has mastered advanced level tactics like how to use the rudder controls or how to change speed
  3. Magnus_Lux

    Research Bureau tech tree reset

    I haven't reset yet and it still shows 3 months. sounds like a bug to me
  4. WG hasn't released a brand new FXP ship for almost 3 years now - this is not as much of a new problem as you seem to think it is. All the announcement did was officially confirm what most of us already knew. RB ships quite coincidentally cost around the 2M FXP mark if you wait for the 2x reset on the Harugumo line so they are the defacto new FXP ships.
  5. At least from what I've seen on ASIA, most of the complaints seem to come from casual/low skill clans. The Typhoon/Hurricane types seem to be either happy or just indifferent about the restrictions (probably because they know they're still going to crush it regardless)
  6. Magnus_Lux

    Bots Behaving Oddly in Ops

    It wouldn't be a new patch without WG managing to break something in Ops. God knows how the devs manage to continually stuff things up in a mode where there's no reason to touch anything. @Ahskance Why does this keep happening? I know the devs used to hate the very idea of Operations even existing, so they kept nerfing the economy but this is starting to get ridiculous.
  7. 7 Mega containers from certs - Not great, not terrible (who am I kidding, Malta it a great drop, and Ark Royal means I have everything from the V-ViI drop list)
  8. Magnus_Lux

    5 BF containers form Prem BP

    625 is only for the 'regular' BF Containers. Premium containers have a guaranteed drop after 20 boxes
  9. Each season lasts 90 days (so approx. 3 months)
  10. 6250 dubs is for the Premium pass + temp bonuses, base price for just the Premium pass is 2500 dubs on PTS (which is inline with WoT BP, so it'll probably be the final cost)
  11. Magnus_Lux

    Dalarna underwhelming.

    Is it? Just after 0.11.8 dropped, I bought 6 Super ships and as many T10s and I still have ~550M credits just sitting around.....
  12. Just FYI - those comments about the original dockyard being aimed at those with no life or a "disability" originally came from Malik Khatazhaev, the founder/GM of Lesta not from Sub_Octavian [Original post link] [Reddit link]
  13. Magnus_Lux


    If it's anything like what's happening on ASIA, it's a 'sign' that they want to farm/exploit XP from shooting down planes & patrol fighters
  14. Magnus_Lux

    Incorrect Unsporting Conduct Warning - Can I appeal??

    TBH I take full responsibility for my mistake. I forgot to put my flags back on before heading into battle (NFI why I demounted them since I quite literally have thousands of each combat flag type) and as a result my team was at a disadvantage, like the OP. I imagine from the automated system's perspective we both, quite rightly looked like bots Quite frankly, I'm with El2aZeR on this. Anyone that is so bad at playing CVs they can't even land a single rocket/torp hit goes well beyond simple "poor play" and into active griefing territory
  15. Magnus_Lux

    Anniversary Battle Performance Bonuses

    That's not quite how it works. The number of ships in port essentially tells you the maximum number Extra Rewards you can get. E.g at 300-399 ships the maximum number of Extra Rewards you can get is 3 (@ 1k bXP), but if you only get 900bXP in a battle , you'll still get 2 Extra Rewards to use