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  1. In love with my obvious expansion of power in 蒼き鋼のアルペジオ(Arpeggio of Blue Steel) Manga which is produced by Ark a performance.. Its obvious that Iona's been a sub par heroine and that I, Yukikaze, will be taking her place as not only number one ship in the fleet, but as the number one girl in your hearts ~~~

    1. Scrubmarine_I402


      Where do I fit in to this?

    2. Fog_Destroyer_Yukikaze


      My beloved sidekick, of course :P

  2. What's on my mind? Oh, that's a toughie.. I guess what I'll eat for lunch..? I'm thinking some balsa tea with some oak sprinkled birch sandwiches ^_^

    1. HamboneDeluxe


      Sounds like it will hurt coming out the other end...

    2. Fog_Destroyer_Yukikaze


      But I'm a beaver..! Don't be so silly :P