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  1. FrumpyFurling

    Decline of BB support role. Why?

    I've had a few conversations with the guys I play with over this and before we really thought it through and put some analysis to it I initially blamed the BB I was driving...as I looked on with Jealous eyes at the new toys that the New BB lines were getting...BUT with further thought and game play, this is the trickle down effect that the MASS influx of Radar Ships has had on the game. Issue #1. for conservative BB game play Because the threat of Radar has become so prevalent the DD game play has become more self centered in that they are less willing to take risks in and around the points, which I think is also why I have seen a an increase in Shima & Kaborosk gameplay. and more towards the edge of the map play from DDs. I assume the logic is Im going to get radared down anyways so might as well farm damage on the BBs. (and Not sure if your in NA or not) but the Carrier scene is almost Non-existent and CVs are the best counter to DDs. Issue #2. for BBs As with the influx of Radar Ships came the sit behind the island and throw fire. With out DDs scouting (I am aware that there are those of you who do scout the point and play for the team, please put the torches and pitchforks back) BBs get ALOT of mystery fire from nowhere, and EVEN if they are spotted its difficult (if not impossible) to get a return shot on some of these Campers. (not saying its a bad strategy CA/CL drivers just an annoying one...and part of the new meta...) So if a BB driver decide to push the point, and he hasn't been mystery torped yet.....then he will most likely get burned down fast if they do not death turn out... So I do not like the new Meta, but it is what it is until the next Gimmick comes out. So if you're a BB driver, Go Slow, look who is where, Identify where the team needs you, and where the machine guns of fire are coming from, communicate with your team (as best you can....) and try and flank and support where you can.
  2. FrumpyFurling

    Tier IX-X BB Curve and over all balance

    Correct, and these were all base stats, I am aware that there are other mitigating factors. You are correct, I guess my frustration with the Montana is its "Advantage" is to just sit and take the damage, instead of being able to detect it and avoid, i.e. hydro, or ward off with secondaries, etc. Everyone here has made some great points, and I have no delusions that the Des Moines is a dream boat, was just using it as an example of the massive increase in changes between 9-10, where the Montana's increase was her HP, Its effective, just not flashy again I like the Montana, just wish she had some better bells and whistles...
  3. FrumpyFurling

    Tier IX-X BB Curve and over all balance

    Understandable, however, they could be 6k torps...and it wouldn't matter because The Montana cant see the DD and Cant see the Torps without another ship or if its lucky with its fighter. Additionally, I think a lot of this came from several games of rage at Tier 10 this weekend, was just getting devastated by torps and fires and had several teams that did not want to push objectives. (i.e. All the Cruisers were hiding behind rock throwing fire and my DDs were all the Russian persuasion)...get torpedoed ask for DD help...literal response: "Im a RU DD its not my job" lol, while normally no it isn't....but, its just me you and the Zao (14km behind me...) and its sure is more your job more than it would be the Montana's...I knew there were torps coming....but without intel there's nothing I can do. Im finding more and more games where the BB is in front of everything, (and not just me being out of position) and all the support ships are behind the BB line. From the sounds of it though Im gonna assume that you primary DDs (or at least play them regularly)? While I understand that AP vs Destroyer is devastating, IF, (and that is a HUUUUGE IF) it hits, I guess more to what I was getting at was articulated better by Ranari, I like the Montana, and it's more than capable, I just wish they had some of the shiny new toys that the newer line is getting, and positing that the other ships are advancing faster and in better ways than the Montana.
  4. FrumpyFurling

    Tier IX-X BB Curve and over all balance

    Oh hey thanks, I would have never considered playing a different class. Thanks for the tip... Im never said 17,900 HP wasn't enough, what I said is every other ship (American CA/CLs in particular) have ramped up fire rates and and the new BBs are getting better tools. All the health in the world wont help if you're always on fire, and can't see torps....and merely suggested some ways that BBs could be improved, but Jeezuz Jingles apparently using a forum to have discussions is just unheard of...MY bad Bro....
  5. FrumpyFurling

    Tier IX-X BB Curve and over all balance

    Thanks for the cordial reply. I guess Im not getting my point out very clear, especially form the REALLY helpful folks who think I haven't played any other class...I agree with your point, that they do get upgrades, my concern though is that they WERE balanced, when it was USA vs Jap, and now with the US Cruiser tweak, its getting nuts, while yes OoOo big scary guns, and lots of health...doesn't help when you have a Worcester, Des Moines, and Kaborosk with machine gun rounds yes...I could one shot the cruisers if they were out in the open not an issue. I was just stating that I think the upgrade curve is getting out further for the newer lines and the old ones "Montana" aren't getting any needed counter balance.
  6. FrumpyFurling

    Tier IX-X BB Curve and over all balance

    Hey, thanks for being a positive contributor to the conversation. [edited]. just stating opinions.... While yes the Montana, has 3 additional shots and is a good ship, and Im not saying it isn't but what Im saying is it requires more support from other ships in order to function as well as other BBs (and Im thinking German BB line here) have the tools to be autonomous. "Montana has more firepower, much better armor, and slightly better AA...." NorCal, Bama, Iowa, and Montana all have like 100 AA, and I play on NA server so, I don't think I've even seen a Tier X Carrier. Not much of a Win.
  7. FrumpyFurling

    Tier IX-X BB Curve and over all balance

    So, firstly I play majority BBs, I enjoy the play but a few things that stand out to me now after playing several games in the Montana, and that is the Balance is skewed WAY off in favor of every ship class except the Battleship and (Yamato is the exception AND the rule to this issue) I say the Yamato is the Exception because it feels as though the balance at tier X is set so every ship can destroy Battleships specifically the Yamato, with exception of other battleships....based on Montana's performance. Im not saying that I have trouble killing other ships, I am saying that other ships have an easier time killing BBs and are provided the tools to do so. As a Montana, If not in a division, I will have no way of reliably avoiding torps, and with Shimakaze able to throw torps at 20k, I will NEVER find that ship...unless I am EXTREMELY lucky and catch it with Catapult Fighter...(aka will never happen) and that's if its not on cool down. The New American Cruisers...sigh...yes while squishy on the sides they are also almost always hidden behind an Island able to see me with all the fancy gadgets and if I get a shot off (not a broadside shot) its almost 100% guaranteed to Over pen...now I do not have an issue with Over pen, but it should have a negative status effect, (my suggestion would be a 3-5 second flood if shell exited on the water side...(I understand for DDs...but come on...4 x 16" shells go in one side and out the other and nothing? dd just laughs and throws all his torps and strolls out FU BB....I might be salty...) Tier IX - X change curve Most ships (Not BBs) have SIGNIFICANT improvements when transitioning from Tier IX to Tier X for example the Des Moines (Base) goes from 4.6 shots per minute with the Buffalo, to 10.9 Shots per Minute, as well, increased range, health, turning radius, but there are negatives...like +2 meters dispersion... Now, lets upgrade to the Montana! I get +2.42km to my Range, and 17,300 HP, but now my Dispersion is worse, speed is worse, turning radius is worse, and Im not firing any faster or doing more damage...over all its a fat slower Iowa...No extra widgets to help offset 20km torps or deal with the American & Soviet invisible fire throwers...just a fighter. American BBs are not great at Max range and need to be in that mid-short range to get in and brawl, yet somewhere along the road WG forgot that and we got a generic big Iowa. and the Yamato is the same way, with exception that the Yamato can obliterate almost everything regardless of angle.... I kind of feel like we had balance at Tier IX and then it was lost at Tier X which makes a lot of the Tier X games feel very frustrating, especially so if youre not Tier X in a Tier X game then the unbalance is even more apparent (Tier X almost needs to be its own queue) . The BBs could use a rework at Tier X a few ideas: 1. -3 - 7 second reload, If not then increase the Accuracy 2. Increased Rate of fire and accuracy against destroyers ONLY within 10K (to put a stop to the suicide torp charge) or Make this a BB only Defensive Fire ability for secondaries. 3. OLD style BBs (i.e. American and Japanese) need toys (Hydro etc...) added to match their counterparts (actually hydro all around would be great...with as much torp spam as there is at Tier X this really needs to be there...) 4. This may be related to #2 but, Secondaries unless German are almost useless...since they are such short range, increase accuracy to 85-90% (all BBs except German or Secondary Build BBs) as a deterrent to getting to close to BBs and a encouragement to BBs to get close... These are just a few thoughts, like I said I enjoy them right now but just seems like (Montana in particular) BBs got left behind on the jump to Tier X.