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  1. StingRayOne

    Dasha Absent

    [hidden] Good one
  2. This is a side issue to having too many things going right now. CV rework Alexander whathisname Halloween RN event Kitty PUrrrfurst and so-on with all that you should be making bank for free why worry?
  3. Look OP, NO NO NO things happen, fires,kids,wife,dog,internet Things happen...Report move on
  4. StingRayOne

    Happy Halloween y'all

    Happy Halloween, Thanks a Bunch buts I kinda like the classic approach.
  5. StingRayOne

    This game cost me 2 karma

    Perhaps you said something in chat then?
  6. StingRayOne

    Thoughts on CV rework.

    This rework will be the death of CV playing, so if that is WG plan, its working. If the current reviewed videos are of any indication of the game play. I will sell all mine. it looks like; WG has removed "x" drops of Torpedoes WG has removed Carrier driving as a whole, its fixed destination now, which means I am screwed if I am chased by a DD, this does matter as I used to just turn and fight them, and even kill them with guns. WG was unable to fix the map rotation error that leaves your ship upside down I am hope some enjoy it, but
  7. StingRayOne

    PSA - DO NOT BUY - Le Terrible

    That is frightening, thank You
  8. StingRayOne

    PSA - DO NOT BUY - Le Terrible

    You should always check with LittleWhiteMouse FIRST
  9. OP may be out of line in context, but the event so far is too tough and the rewards are not worth it. we will have to wait a little longer for it to prove "poor", WG can track the numbers of players in any ship,tier or mode. I am sure they see what we don't. AS for the event I have given up as the T8 is too difficult.
  10. StingRayOne

    Are RN Destroyers worth the grind?

    Well so far I am regretting getting the extra Guines for the Cossack, because I find the ; Acasta would be an under powered T4 let alone T5, her concealment makes her an easy target Icarus Cannot inflict enough damage with guns, poor torp speed Jervis So far next to Gallant its the best for hanging at T9 which is where its matched most of the time, decent HP and guns. Lightning Slow, dies in a T10 Battle too quick Gallant Patient killer, good potential for T8 matches which is where it ends up. Why anyone says a T6 boat is good at T6 has most likely not understood the game. Ships at T6 need to Hang at T8 due to the MM being set up for a low player base.
  11. StingRayOne

    Mouse and the CV Rework

    You may be correct
  12. StingRayOne

    Mouse and the CV Rework

    I kinda of liked it the way it was, just change the AA balance and fix the map. I'm afraid they over did it. Thanks Mouse
  13. StingRayOne

    CV beta postponed until Oct. 18th

    how do fly 6 squadrons in the first person at the same time?