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  1. have opened 18 crates and no missions yet
  2. anyone have a link to tickets for this?
  3. WE NEED YOU Sea Wolves

    If you are looking for a Clan; Thanks
  4. I would like to SUBsitute your SUBmarine Subforum with a SUBsnadwhich.
  5. It will be a separate game mode like the bath tub boats would be my estimate
  6. hate to tell you but, There was a notice, that these would be gone when the event ends. it was in the original event update.

    For Halloween, awesome For game play not so sure
  8. Thank You for the Goodies

    Played all my T10s this Saturday and Received 9 Boxes, included a T5 ship, Flags and free EXP awesome.. Thanks a Bunch
  9. Yes there are its like the amount of Liberals in California, you have to get use to them.
  10. Terrifying Players and Clan Tags

    If LWM is in , I pray she is on my side, and then i hope i don't screw up if I see STW i worry slightly
  11. RIP Burt Reynolds

    I owe Burt,his movies helped me get knowledge that every teen boy needed to get to second base and eventually Home Thanks Burt
  12. Could use some help with Yamato

    I can tell you in a battle that if there is not a cruiser within 5k of you, you are in the wrong place. Do not be afraid to use HE.
  13. Soshi Lives!!!!!!!!!!!!