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  1. StingRayOne

    Something WG did right

    im sorry but WG has not gotten anything right in a very long time, i want to be constructive with this idea that WG cares about player base, but it does not. This is reflected in the Premium ship choices and costs. the Clan idea of Naval Battles is good, but so many clans are having problems keeping players now that the CV fix has destroyed the game almost entirely. Ask yourself and all clans out there about how many players have been lost to Fornite and other games because of these issues. The games are not getting better. In fact scores are down, way down for all players even the devs see the issues. WG is now a failing stock and the idea of the Aprils fools being a rework of old ideas proves it. Before we as players used startgey in a 20 minute game. Now wins are more random than before. WG has missed the boat
  2. What is sad is the CVs were just fine and forced to drive to survive. Now a CV can sit and kill without remorse. If one CV player on either side is really good the lower tier ships do not stand a chance. The truth is as you can see in the numbers of players that the CV patch has decreased the amount of players overall. Many are leaving and there is no reason to stay. The ships fighting to rise in a class will now take twice as long to gain exp for the next ship. Many players will give up. The forum has now become a nightmare of stories other than gameplay because WOWS has made the game less fun overall. many more will leave. As of today I will sell all Cvs because in fact they are no longer useful overall.
  3. StingRayOne

    CV Rework-WG go with the flow

    This is not a compliant and judging by the Latest patch and CV rework I feel going the staff is time wasted. The MM is so far off and with the drop in player base is unlikely to change. The CV rework has in the lower tiers made cvs um playable and in the higher tiers has made DDs unplayable overall. What it has amounted too is that War Gaming has designed a whole new game by trashing a really good one. What I suggest is this, BUY NOTHING, VIDEO NOTHING, POST NOTHING and if possible and by the grace of god they will get the point. Meanwhile I will watch as I have not given up, How just don't see a viable option and if this CV rework is any indication of Submarine understanding, well god be with you.
  4. StingRayOne

    Post CV first impressions here.

    Well I would like to post a positive comment about carrier, but I can't because their is nothing positive to comment on in the new play
  5. StingRayOne

    This is not Possible, SUPER COntainer openning

    Yesterday I received in a box, a Black Massachusetts.............awesome congrats on your Kron
  6. StingRayOne

    This is not Possible, SUPER COntainer openning

    Way To Go
  7. StingRayOne

    Mouse's Little White Christmas Reviews #1: Vanguard

    Thanks Mouse, Great Work, I am going to save money to rebuild our vacation home in California so I could not buy her anyways.
  8. StingRayOne

    Dasha Absent

    [hidden] Good one
  9. This is a side issue to having too many things going right now. CV rework Alexander whathisname Halloween RN event Kitty PUrrrfurst and so-on with all that you should be making bank for free why worry?
  10. Look OP, NO NO NO things happen, fires,kids,wife,dog,internet Things happen...Report move on
  11. StingRayOne

    Happy Halloween y'all

    Happy Halloween, Thanks a Bunch buts I kinda like the classic approach.
  12. StingRayOne

    This game cost me 2 karma

    Perhaps you said something in chat then?
  13. StingRayOne

    Thoughts on CV rework.

    This rework will be the death of CV playing, so if that is WG plan, its working. If the current reviewed videos are of any indication of the game play. I will sell all mine. it looks like; WG has removed "x" drops of Torpedoes WG has removed Carrier driving as a whole, its fixed destination now, which means I am screwed if I am chased by a DD, this does matter as I used to just turn and fight them, and even kill them with guns. WG was unable to fix the map rotation error that leaves your ship upside down I am hope some enjoy it, but
  14. You should always check with LittleWhiteMouse FIRST