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  1. 6thGuardArmy

    Hermes OH boy !!!!............

    Just need a few more florins and then it is mine!
  2. Just wait until I get access to RN CV's :P
  3. 6thGuardArmy


    How about another version of Ocean? Maybe Sea or Atlantic?
  4. 6thGuardArmy

    Make me a: Meme - 25th to 4th

    DD player: Spots a Minotaur and closes the distance to torpedo. Minotaur: *has radar* DD player:
  5. 6thGuardArmy

    FINAL WEEK - Earn Exeter FREE!

    Tall order, but guess it wasn't going to be easy. It is cool that there is at least the sliver of a chance to earn a premium ship though. But seriously, you can discount British cruisers for the 'start fires' mission. Adding them in only seems cruel haha
  6. 6thGuardArmy

    Keeping a Ship From Each Tier.

    Tier 6 is tough for me. I kept the Fuso, because I have an excellent winrate in it and that broadside can be ridiculous. Pensacola is fun as well. The turrets are challengingly slow, but the guns are extremely accurate and if they hit something it stays hit (especially if it's tier 5 cruisers). Leander is amazingly fun as well, and an absolute beast in operations. Fubuki is also shaping up to be a favourite, since the torpedo spam you can put out is quite powerful. 10km torps are nice as well.
  7. 6thGuardArmy

    Free exp ships

    Fair enough, I have noticed that the amount of free exp I get increases as I get into the higher tiers. I had to grind like 1-2 years (admittedly, not consciously focusing on it) to get the free exp required for Nelson. Then again, both Nelson and Musashi as prems should help with the free exp grind as well.
  8. 6thGuardArmy

    Free exp ships

    Good point. I only recently started accessing tier 8 ships (which is required for the campaign) so the missions are going a bit slowly at the moment.
  9. 6thGuardArmy

    Free exp ships

    I am a completely free to play player, and as such it is really hard for me to get my hands on any premiums. I love the fact that one can still obtain premium ships without spending any real money through coal, steel, free exp or lucky supercrates. It really motivated me to keep playing the game when I would've otherwise stopped. I grinded enough coal and free exp for the Musashi and Nelson, and am really enjoying them both. They are also a massive help on the economic front. With that being said, I would love for WG to introduce more mid-tier free exp ships. Grinding 750k-1 mil free exp is basically out of reach for me and any other free to play player. I don't think it would be too much to ask for WG to sell tier 5, 6 or 7 premiums for free exp as well. It could even be underperforming ships like the Krasny Krim or Huanghe. I, and many others in my situation, would probably grab any premium we can get our hands on.
  10. I'll probably go US CV's, since I have a 10 point captain laying around looking for a posting. Currently grinding out the free exp needed for the Langley
  11. 6thGuardArmy

    Your very first Premium was?

    While I haven't bought a premium with cash yet, my first (and currently only) Prem in the Mushashi. I'm about 40k fxp away from the Nelson, and really looking forward to it.
  12. 6thGuardArmy

    Why is Ocean map still in the game?

    Honestly, I haven't seen this map once in the, admittedly limited, amounts of battles I have played or even the larger amount of battles I've watched on YT. Is it usually limited to high tier matches? Edit: After actually reading the thread, it turns out that the map is only really rare.
  13. 6thGuardArmy

    A good day

    Nice! I received my first SC in a while, and got the 12k coal needed for me to afford the Musashi. So glad I got it before they removed it from arsenal!
  14. 6thGuardArmy

    did you ever wonder

    RNG just be like that, I'm afraid. I think the best way to circumvent it would be to play ships that aren't as reliant on RNG, such as battleships and cruisers with high sigma values.