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  1. Carrier rework proposal

    Thanks for your opinion my friend, I appreciate it. I too consider myself a CV main albeit an average one at best. I do agree with many of your points.
  2. Carrier rework proposal

    What would you propose? You're a Supertester with many more games than I do so you probably have a lot of insight I dont.
  3. Carrier rework proposal

    Yeah, that is true. Hopefully maybe it sparks a few ideas from community member's for the Devs to build off of.
  4. Carrier rework proposal

    The idea is for a friendly CV to use it strategically on a long CD (thing Defensive fire) to protect a team. Again, just an example of an idea. None of them are perfect.
  5. I think a few ideas could potentially be adapted from EVE Online game play specifically, from EVE's carriers and command ships, which have been very successful for carrier gameplay historically in that game. 1 - Keep the RTS game-style. 2 - Remove "Manual" drop/strafe from all nations/planes (hear me out). 3 - In the load-out screen, add multiple styles of each plane type for additional customization (fighters, dive bombers, torpedo bombers--models could even be brought in from World of Planes). These type differences would each possess a unique ability and must be selected at the loadout screen before a match, only able to possess one style of each plane type. 4 - To replace the manual and strafe mechanics give each plane type a unique ability or two with a long CD. If you click the target the plane will dogfight, the dive bombers/torpedo bombers will drop; however, if you use your unique ability for that plane they will do perform a unique action for that plane or type of plane. Potential examples (only one of each plane style could be preselected for each match in the loadout screen): Dive Bombers: - High Altitude Bombers: Have these bombers have a smaller field of vision and slightly lower health by default. Using the special ability allows bombers to "fly at high altitude" (make them invulnerable for X seconds). During high altitude, their range of vision would increase dramatically, while only able to loiter. This helps the destroyer scouting issue. - Radar Bombers: Because removing manual drop eliminates the ability to drop on smoke, Radar Bombers would be able to identify where a ship in smoke is and focus it's drop pattern (like a Kaga drop pattern). This would not grant vision to the entire team. - Etc. Torpedo Bombers: - Formation Torpedo Bombers: Torpedo Bombers use a unique torpedo spread on a long cooldown in the fight. - Long Drop Torpedo Bombers: Torpedo range is greatly extended for a short time. (This helps carrier's avoid AA but gives the enemy more time to maneuver). - Etc. Fighters: - High Speed Fighters: Using unique ability greatly increases fighter speed for ~20 seconds and requires a very long cooldown, ~2-3 minutes. - Barrage Fighters: This unique ability is functionally the same as strafe, imposing a long cooldown on that ability. - Etc. 5 - Finally, you could give the CV "Command Ship Bonuses" to the friendly team within a specific range tactically (think of carrier bonuses during the Halloween event). Examples (just a few): - Minus 4% dispersion for X seconds. - Increased concealment for X seconds - Increased spotting for X seconds - Fire prevention added to friendly's for X Seconds (looking at you English) - Increased AA defense for X Seconds - Etc. In Summary: Keeping long time CV's happy: - Keep the RTS gameplay. - More plane options and more loadout options I.E. More customization. Lowering the skill threshold for new players: - Remove all Manual drops and strafes. - Add one or two "unique" abilities to planes. - Better Team play. Other: In-game name: Rikan
  6. Division window

    +1 Bump - This is 100%
  7. Hi all, Thank you for posting your Clan information. We've gone ahead and picked and clan and moved forward with it. Best of luck and fair seas! Rikan
  8. Hi all, Three of us here, looking for a clan to become part of with the Clan expansion. We'd like an active clan that is mature in age, with Discord and that is friendly to Females and LGBT members. All of us have 9-5's so we play in the evening a few times a week and during the weekend primarily. We are all currently grinding up different Tiers of ships on different lines (Current ships/lines: IJN CV T7, USN BB T6, KM BB T5, FR CA T5) and desire fleeting up and learning more about the game, strategy, Clan battles, Divisions, and one day Ranked. Message me: - in Game: Rikan - Discord: Rikan (Trucido)