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  1. WolfenRepentant

    1 Year Premium Sale In RU Shop

    I did this last year and regret it completely. Never again. I was sick the first month and one half, CVs were remodeled and made life miserable for the next 5 months or so. Just one mess after the other this last year. Interest is 90% gone. I play maybe 20 battles a month now, same with my Dad. Just made an account for the daughter a few months back and she has already lost interest with all the CVs at tier 4. I highly recommend everyone think long and hard before giving anymore cash to the beast.
  2. WolfenRepentant

    Lose unique ships if I reset?

    Amaruk stole my Avatar! That's just Rude!!!
  3. WolfenRepentant

    WG, your mercy rule sucks

    Yeah... much better to chase down that last CV for 15 minutes in a Colorado.
  4. WolfenRepentant

    Carry Harder They Said.

    Bah... win rate is all luck!!! Great job Kuroshio!
  5. WolfenRepentant

    The Merits of DD Pack Tactics

    I think the important thing is what is your winrate when you are doing this? If it is 55+%(hopefully even better) then it is worth it. If not then you are obviously being detrimental to the team and not doing as great of a job as you think you are(most people think they are awesome, especially 45% folks). My $0.02
  6. WolfenRepentant

    So, when can we get the wood model Atlanta skin?

    Love that look in the opening screen art. I second that request! +1
  7. WolfenRepentant

    What the hell is smolensk supposed to be?

    I have been citadelled many times in it and have citadelled several myself so its not the ship.
  8. WolfenRepentant

    Birthday Port - There is a Hidden Code

    Are you talking about the naked lady you can see through the windows across the way?
  9. WolfenRepentant

    Does Wargaming actually listen to your suggestions

    I can't see that the OP has gotten better. Still seems full tater to me. Which is fitting due to name.
  10. WolfenRepentant

    Another project and spreadsheet to share (BXP)

    You manually checked the stats of 16,000 games?
  11. WolfenRepentant

    Most games zero damage - Hermes

    I hope you are practicing in coop and not leading losses in randoms. That would just be rude.
  12. WolfenRepentant

    200% coupon

    Trust me it wont be at any conversion rate super value or discounted additionally amount because there is a special value somewhere.
  13. WolfenRepentant

    200% coupon

    If you buy $100 worth of credits you will get $200 worth of doubloons. If you buy a ship for $30 you get $60 worth of doubloons. Good coupon!
  14. WolfenRepentant

    Premium AA power

    The Atlanta is my favorite ship and they definitely have decreased its AA damage. The guns do not open up until planes are 5km out (it used to be a 7.2km ring of death). Even AA specialized does not do as much as non AA spec did pre-rework. WGs sledgehammer 'adjustments' are a primary reason I left for 4 months and play very little any longer.
  15. WolfenRepentant

    Where to go at the beginning of a battle

    For BBs, I recommend sticking within 3 minimap grid squares of the center most of the time. try not to be more than 15km from the enemy main line(12km is better). try to have one dd/cl in front of you to spot torps and change general direction and speed every 30-50 seconds. You really need to maximize the amount of ships shooting at you to contribute the most to the game. Use that armor!