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  1. WolfenRepentant

    Why is Dallas such a turd...

    Learn to island hug or die basically.
  2. WolfenRepentant

    Favorite Premium

  3. WolfenRepentant

    PEF final task mission 6?

    Reboot usually solves these.
  4. It pays to read before you click buttons.
  5. Your mama just got on board so they need to raise the waterline!
  6. Not seeing them on US Amazon Prime. Can anyone else verify?
  7. I believe many folks have stated that the mission resets at years end with your same progress(ie. it gets a new extended expiration date).
  8. WolfenRepentant

    Carriers nerfed to the potato

    No torpedoes? Where did you get that idea?
  9. WolfenRepentant

    Flamu tries CV Rework

    The skill gap can be reduced. Compare the simplification of tier 4 and 5 cvs versus manual aiming/strafing. a low skill player can compete better at t4-5 than tiers above that. This system just shows me that those who can master the targeting reticle will find life grand as will their teammates. Those stuck with the new noobs will loose. Same old thing. A lot of effort for no effect or possibly worse effect. Bummer.
  10. WolfenRepentant

    Flamu tries CV Rework

    Can't say I like it at all. CVs still show MASSIVE disparity in skill. He had nearly 100k damage in 5 minutes. There were only Cvs left pretty damn quick. Getting torped then torped again by the SAME planes in a matter of seconds is ridiculous. The screaming will be deafening. Good CV players used to own the game they still will. No one will be wanting to venture off alone. The dogpile and hiding will increase. Nope. Not good.
  11. WolfenRepentant

    I want to thank WG

    Merry Christmas WG!
  12. WolfenRepentant

    Premium Shop Organization

    How about a shopping cart first?
  13. That was for people who already owned the regular version of the ships.
  14. WolfenRepentant

    Why did WG take 50 doubloons from my account after winning battle

    You also need to recheck the box after updates. Sometimes they are kind enough to turn it on for you.