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  1. Wows is by no means perfect but it is infinitely better than the raging dumpster fire known as world of tanks. It is so much easier being bottom tier here than in wot. You do have a good chance of winning if you play right and can damage any ship, unlike in wot where many top tier tanks are completely immune to frontal damage from lower tier tanks unless you dab the 2 key. Premium ammo as well is so awful, and is one of the reasons I mainly play WoWs now, it’s just more fun and fair.
  2. bubbleboy264

    What do you guys consider as a bad ship?

    Anything with really bad gun arcs that has an easy to hit citadel. I just can’t stand having a 50-50 chance of getting deleted every time I want to fire a full salvo.
  3. LOL just because I don't have a full on stats sheet hidden up my butt to pull out any time you think my entire argument is worthless?? Wow that really is some bottom tier logic.
  4. Yes, gambling isn't evil, but it is wrong when they can do it without any oversight, because it is incredibly easy to get people addicted to it, leading to lives being destroyed. And I never said it was a guarantee, but instead that they massively overemphasize how you can get OP ships that aren't in the game anymore, people will sink thousands in to get that rare ship, when it used to be only 50 dollars or so. They use the meta to lure people in and manipulate them, that is wrong.
  5. You give no evidence whatsoever for this assertion, please, refute my point, I'd like to see where I am wrong. But you can't do that, can you, because that would involve actual effort on your part. It's so much easier to just dismiss and use lazy straw mans and fallacies, isn't it.
  6. Why are you so eager to defend Wargaming, I'm not saying that they are a horrible evil company that should be burned to the ground, just that they shouldn't do this, its unethical and deceptive.
  7. I love how you can completely misinterpreted everything I am saying and hit back with a ridiculous straw man and yet still people will agree with your worthless argument.
  8. It's not about forcing people, its about how they will exploit your vulnerabilities and lure you in with the chance for a rare or OP ship, and since the house always wins you probably won't get anything really worth the amount of money you sunk in for that small chance. I haven't spent and won't spend any money on these loot boxes, I just won't want other people to fall into that trap. It's unregulated gambling, as far as I can see it. And I don't have anything wrong with gambling, when it is properly regulated and supervised. But this isn't. I'm sure there are gonna be tons of kids who see this and then steal their Mom's credit card and then go wild, its terrible.
  9. No it doesn’t. People don’t buy these for the camos they buy them cause they see that you can get a Missouri or gremy, and 99.999999% of the time you won’t get anything like that. It’s deceptive advertising to highlight how you could get it as the main selling point.
  10. These loot boxes are disgusting to me. WG is basically running a full on slot machine and getting people to waste hundreds of dollars for a tiny chance to get a rare or overpowered ship, exploiting people to milk as much cash as possible. They are running a casino, and the first rule of gambling is that the House ALWAYS wins. You will give WG money because some YouTuber or forum poster got lucky, and you will most likely get crap. You will be angry and disappointed, but WG still has your money, no matter what you do. They are using the same kinds of tactics to lure you in as the CSGO gambling sites did, and that real casinos do. But casinos are regulated, and this crapisn’t. Don’t waste your money on this crap, if you want a nice premium just buy one straight from the store, don’t roll the dice hoping for a Belfast, you almost certainly won’t get it. It’s terrible what WG is doing, and how some of the CCs are going along with it. How many kids will see this and then steal or beg for their Mom's credit card, and then will go wild, flushing hundreds of dollars down a bottomless hole? It's just terrible, its deceptive and its scummy. WG should be better than this.
  11. bubbleboy264

    Old, outdated and ugly models.

    Agreed, Nagato and Amagi have hexagon gun barrels instead of cylinders, as just 1 of many examples of bad models from the older ships.
  12. Love this thing now, the guns are incredible, you can easily land 7k+ HE volleys from max range with the improved accuracy, and the turret traverse is actually useable now. I’ve gotten mostly 100k+ DMG games after the changes. Definitely a well derserved and implemented buff.
  13. I finished the first part of the UK event missions but I never got rewarded with the UK crate it said I would get. Why is this happening I need help.
  14. bubbleboy264

    Black Ship doubloon missions are [edited]

    Yes, that’s what we are all saying that it isn’t clear enough, not that we are illiterate babies.
  15. bubbleboy264

    Black Ship doubloon missions are [edited]

    When the hell did I ever say reading was hard?