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  1. I recently unlocked, bought, and fully upgraded the Pensacola. I was worried, since it has a reputation of being a pretty bad ship and difficult to use. But I actually love it. The guns are fantastic, they can easily burn down BBs with HE, and demolish broadside cruisers from any range with AP. It's also stealthy, and very manuverable, and is a rather short and compact target. Granted, it does have trash for armor and you will get [edited] slapped if you give broadside. But honestly the Schors has even weaker armor and turns like a G. Kurfürst, with a much bigger citadel and length as well. When I played the Schors, it got deleted much more often. As long as you don't show broadside and mainly stay at range, dodging shells and using your stealth, the Pensacola is a great ship, and it's shows as I'm having consistent ~70k+ damage games. I honestly like her more than the Cleveland. It's a glass cannon, but it packs one hell of a punch.
  2. To clarify a few things: I'm not saying DD's are horribly underpowered or that what happened to me always happens when a BB so much as looks at a DD. And I recognize that it was partly my fault, with me not accounting for radar before it was too late. But still, it's very frustrating to deal with. I do think that they should make it less likely to get full pen damage against angled DD's, cause this is a problem when most BB's, including myself when I play them, never use HE at all, since AP is arguably better against the only real target HE should be used for in BB's: destroyers.
  3. I wasn't close, I was 9km+ away, near his max radar range
  4. I would have if there wasn't an Ibuki right beside him shooting at me as well. No matter what I did I was screwed. Radar+ bb orbital laser cannons+rain of HE death, rip me
  5. Yeah it's not a citadel penetration but it's the equivalent of that against a dd
  6. I was in my fletcher, capping, and had just layerd down torps against an enemy Missouri. Then out of nowhere he radars me. Ok, really annoying, but I did get too close, fair enough. So I start kiting away. Then I see the shells come in, and I can feel my pants crapping themselves. I dodge, I weave, I do everything I can to avoid his salvo, but he somehow magically hits me for 14 THOUSAND HP. He basically got a citadel penetration on a target with 19mm of armor max. Just why, why. 1 second I'm at full hp confident I can tank an over pen or two. The next I'm at less than a quarter of my health. It's ridiculous how powerful BB AP is against DD's, there's no point to even using HE shells anymore. This has to stop. Destroyers shouldn't take citadel hits when they don't have any to begin with.
  7. I'm not a destroyer main check my stats. I just like them more than the other classes. I play all other classes a lot except for carriers.
  8. I'm sure you are all aware of the infamous thread Stannis Baratheon started a few days ago. I agree that radar is a seriously flawed mechanic, and as a US DD player it's super frustrating to do my job of cappping and then get radared, and when I die or lose 2/3rds of my hp I get blamed and called a noob, despite me doing my fricking job as far as I know. People need to see it from the DDs perspective too. No other class has to deal with as many counters (radar, hydro, aircraft, etc). I love destroyers, and the high risk high reward style of gameplay is unique. But the risk is too much now in my opinion. Radar shouldn't be removed, but it should be nerfed. A good idea is to give a notification if you are in the range of a radar cruiser, like the notification you get if RPF is targeting you. And radar shouldn't magically go through islands, that's not even how it works in real life. And it's cool down should be increased, right now it's higher than the cool down for smokes often. It should be used situationally and you have to time it right, like the torp reload booster on Japanese DDs, since frankly it's just as powerful as that. Radar is honestly just spammed sometimes. It shouldn't be. It has a role, and it shouldn't be removed, but it has to be nerfed. Just my two cents.
  9. I get your pain Stannis, as a fellow DD player myself who uses us dds mainly I have to push into caps, and it's really frustrating to get radared and then get blamed for dying despite not doing much wrong. While I don't think radar should be removed it should be nerfed. The least they could do is give a notification when your in range of a radar ship, like RPF. And radar shouldn't go through islands, that's not even how it works in real life.
  10. Is there anything I can buy that I don't have to build myself? Like is there a good full PC with a decent graphics card, memory, etc, like it's already built and installed? I don't need amazing max graphics, just something that can run well easily wit decent graphics. Idk about building your own of or anything, sorry
  11. Hi, the Mac I currently have is very old (2010, yeah) and I'm tired of dealing with issues with games for Macs. I plan on replacing it with a gaming PC, my budget being ideally less than $1000 for the whole set (monitor, PC, keyboard, etc). I know almost nothing about PC's, but I want one for gaming and work. What should I get? How do you upgrade or maintain a PC well? Should I just get a new Mac instead? What would you recommend? Thanks
  12. I finally got the Fletcher, a DD I have wanted ever since I first heard about it, and it's amazing. I really liked the benson, but this is just so much better, with great torps, great guns, good AA, and is just so flexible, it fits my DD playstyle perfectly, it really is an amazing ship.
  13. For the final task for mission 1 it says deal 120k dmg, not 120k over any number of battles. Does this mean you have to deal 120k dmg in one game just to advance to mission 2? Because that's a lot harder than it sounds, I'm worried I won't ever complete it so I won't be able to get the Bismarck in time. Does anyone else know about this?
  14. Hi, I'm close to getting my 10th captain skill on my Shchors. I'm considering getting concealment expert, but I hear ifhe is great on Russian 152 mm guns. Should I get ifhe, or should I just get CE? Thanks
  15. I'll try to when I find the time, hopefully within a week, I'll update you after.