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  1. Flamu I like your videos but do you have to be such an elitist [edited]? Please stop doing stuff like stat shaming it’s beneath you
  2. You didn’t get lots of credits because most of your damage was on just 1 or 2 battleships, you get credits for the percent damage of a ship you deal, not number. You get the same credits and xp from taking all the hp away from an enemy DD as you do from taking all the hp away from an enemy B.B. To make most credits you have to deal most percentage of hp on an enemy, even if your total damage numbers aren’t as high. So don’t just shoot at 1 BB who tanks all your damage when instead you could have deleted 2 cruisers and gotten much more xp despite lower total damage
  3. IJN DD status

    Yeah I really like my Shinonome as well. It’s a good balance and a lot of fun, especially because the torps can’t be seen from space like the Fubuki’s. The only truly awful thing about it is the AA. It’s the only Japanese DD I play
  4. IJN DD status

    What about the Hatsuharu, it just seems like an even worse Fubuki. The only IJN dd I really play and like is my Shinonome since it’s torps can actually hit a lot of the time due to being faster and stealthier. But the Akizuki looks like so much fun and I love my gunboats and want to get more into IJN DDs, it’s just the grind scares me
  5. IJN DD status

    I want to get the Akizuki but I’m worried about grinding through the Minekaze and Hatsuharu, and that the shiratsuyu was nerfed huge by not letting u use both torp reload and smoke at the same time. Is it worth it?
  6. Yeah I just got the camos as well but I still don’t see the extra days showing up
  7. I still have not gotten the 10 type 59 camos and the 2 extra days to complete the mission as WG promised when they said everyone who have part 5 of the campaign unlocked, including me. This is ridiculous how haven’t I gotten them yet and it still says 7 days left instead of 9 WG please explain
  8. I had mission 5 unlocked and the mission doesn’t look extended to me
  9. I’ve been patient it’s WG who can’t get there craptogether as always
  10. As title says, I started playing today and I haven’t gotten any type 59 camos or the 2 extra days, still says 8 days left and no camos. I thought they would give them to us today, is the mission still broken wth
  11. Impossible DoY missions

    Oh please, just stop already
  12. Impossible DoY missions

    Dude I already spent all of my duplicates I don’t have any left
  13. Impossible DoY missions

    I’m sorry but this is ridiculous, 90k torp damage in 1 game, 75k xp mission that’s broken, 11 British cruiser torp hits, 10 B.B. kills this is absurd. Last year in hunt for Bismarck and the graf spee we could easily finish all the main missions and get done the convoy ones for free tech tree ships. But this is so much harder, it’s impossible to get the convoy missions done and the Scharnhorst camo that I really want without forking over money to get a crapKGV. And I can’t even finish the duke of York collection as I got all duplicates and don’t have any left? I have 1 item left I can’t get since I’ve used all of the box rewards from the main missions already. This is a complete rip off and much worse than last year. Idk if I’ll even be able to get the DoY in 9 days, let alone the convoy missions. It’s ridiculous. These missions are too hard or too long and tedious to complete for most people. WG please fix this now
  14. Bull$&#¥ pink status

    I was about to explain it before he told me to stfu
  15. Bull$&#¥ pink status

    How is that spamming? Just how? I just don’t get how what I did was spam, and even if it was he didn’t have to tell me to stfu he could have just said please don’t ping so much like wth