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  1. This is by far my favorite battleship I've ever played so far. The guns, the armor, the concealment, the speed, the AA firepower, its such a good and flexible ship. I used to have the Bismarck, and this is by far miles better. The guns are fantastic, and are much more consistent and powerful than the Bismarck's secondaries and crappy main battery. Currently I'm sitting at a 68 percent win rate, 84k average damage, and 1.8k average base xp per game, and I've only played 19 battles in it. Ive gotten consistent 120-140k+ dmg games. Its play style just clicks for me. It can brawl just as well as the Bismarck and hit hard at range so much better than the Bismarck. It truly is a joy to play, and even when I was grinding it stock it was quite powerful. Its an amazing ship, that IMO leaves my old Bismarck in the dust. This will definitely be a keeper ship for me, probably my favorite ship alongside my Fletcher, Budyonny, Emile Bertin, Farragut, Cleveland, Leander, Fiji, Pensacola, Blys, and others. My average stats are already higher than almost every other ship I've played. I also want to get the Amagi at some point, is it as good as the NC? Is the Bismarck as good as the other BBs or worse?
  2. I've already used most of the 20 super xp flags wargaming gave to me, and 75 percent of those games have been defeats, since weekend events just love to bring all of the window lickers out of the wood work. While I see posts of other people getting 20k+ free xp in one game, the most I've gotten so far is around 7-10k, and only 2-3k on defeats, even when I play super unicum and carry as hard as I can. But it's just never enough to win. So I've wasted almost all of my free flags and gotten nothing compared to many others. Just when I have the perfect opportunity to get a ton of xp MM totally shafts me. It's absurd. Just why do weekend events always make the average player lose 50 IQ points? I just don't get it. During the week I win much more consistently but get crapfor xp, but when I have the once in a year chance to get a ton of xp wargaming trolls me harder than it ever has before. I'm just tired of this honestly.
  3. Yeah I'm not uber rich like all of you I've got none. I have a fletcher but that's tier 9.
  4. I can barely run it on low medium graphics and I have a brand new 2017 iMac 4K retina, the optimization is so bad . Most other games I can run them on higher settings but not this one it's so frustrating
  5. It's not fair that PC players can have easy access to the test server for WoWs but Mac players can't. Why can't a test server for Mac be ported over? Mac users play this game as well and want to test new features, we shouldn't have to use boot camp just to get on a test server. I know people are gonna say just buy a PC but for me and many others macs are better for work and gaming and are much more reliable and better quality. I wish wargaming could at least explain to me why Mac players still don't have a test server client for them.
  6. Well I just wasted 3 million credits...
  7. Also, I don't have a premium account, so I'm losing money a lot in this ship. Is it just because I'm not doing well or are all high tier cruisers that expensive? I can usually earn a profit in my fletcher, but not so far in the donskoi.
  8. Hi, I just recently unlocked, bought, and equipped my 2nd tier 9 (1st being the fletcher) and my first tier 9 cruiser, the d.m. Donskoi. Although i don't have any of the upgrades yet, I do have modules for all 6 slots, and was lucky enough to get a radar module from a super container. I also have my 14 pt captain from my chapayev (PT, EM, DE, CE, IFHE). I picked the reload mod rather than the range one, and so far I think I'm regretting it. I'm not good in this ship. I've only played 4-5 games in it, but I'm not doing well at all. I've tried to stay at range and use the rail guns but the rudder shift is so bad that it's very hard to dodge shells and I only have 16.2km range. I'm close to unlocking the range mod but I need another 2 million credits to unlock it, and me being the stupid person that I am, I sold several ships including my chappy to get the Donskoi. I hear it's a good ship, but I really hate how unlike the tier 8 it doesn't have great concealment to make up for it's lackluster armor. It's like a moskva but without the tankiness. Any tips to using it, help with getting through the stock grind? Is the range or the reload mod better? What's the best playstyle for this ship? I want to do well and want to get the Moskva as my first tier 10 (gearing doesn't seem worth it to me, fletcher is perfect). Thanks
  9. Yes I took the 4 core skills
  10. I've considered it, but I'd have to use a completely new captain since I don't have any gold ATM, and I only have a 10 pt. ARP captain, so Id either have to skip last stand or not take CE, neither are good options, idk what to do.
  11. I had enough free xp left over to fully upgrade it, Im using the 10km torpedoes.
  12. Sorry for the all caps clickbait title, but I just have to get this out there. Ive had it with the fubuki and its awful torpedoes. They're so goddamn slow and easy to detect that they can't hit anything at all. No matter how many times I launch them, from as close as I can, with perfect spreads, they all miss, since they can be spotted from miles away, rendering the whole point of the Fubuki as a stealth torpedo boat moot. Its just so bad. Just check my stats on it and you will see. Of the 6 or so games I have played in it, I only managed to actually hit torps in two of them, and I haven't won a single match. Now I know I haven't played very much in it so I might just not know its playstyle yet, but Ive tried everything to make it work and nothing does. The torps are just so bad and slow. My Farragut just eats this thing for breakfast with BOTH gun and torpedo power. Its just ridiculous, the line thats supposed to have the best torpedoes actually has the worst. I'm just miserable playing that thing. How do I play it well? What am I missing? Just how do you actually manage to land hits with it? Please help, I'm so [edited]close to just rage selling it at this point. I want to do well in it and I love destroyers, but is the Japanese line really just nerfed into oblivion at this point? Please help me, I don't want to be a potato with this thing.
  13. No matter how many I launch, from all angles, at all kinds of targets, these god awful torps never hit the target at all. Every game it's pitiful damage with guns cause I can't hit anything with fish that are way too slow and can be seen from miles away. Every god damn time I launch them some stray plane or hydro spots them miles before they can do any damage. Yes if they connect they hit hard, but they can't hit anything in the first place. My Farragut is a better torpedo boat than this piece of garbage. It really says something about wargamings balance decisions when the line that's supposed to have the best torpedoes actually has the worst. I wasted over 40k free XP to mostly skip the Mutsuki, since I thought this ship would be much better and I knew the Japanese play style. That's probably one of the worst decisions I've ever made in this game. Now I'm stuck with a ship that used to be good but has just been nerfed into oblivion, just like the rest of the Japanese dds. At least I still have my pride and joy, my fletcher, which is frankly a better torpedo boat tier for tier than any of the Japanese ones.
  14. Well I eventually got the game to work but I have to play on low graphics, I'm using a brand new, 21.5 inch, 4K retina 2017 iMac... this is ridiculous
  15. I'm having the brief pop up then shut down issue as well, I tried following the steps wg told me but it's still broken. This issue has happened multiple times through several patches, I'm sick of how these crippling bugs aren't fixed before updates roll out. The game is unplayable, and before the update it crashed constantly on my brand new 2017 Mac, but worked perfectly on my old 2010 mac. I'm sick of this