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  1. It’s not working at all for me, I don’t know what to do. Should I just wait more?
  2. Does your FPS suck? I got the game to work sort of, but the frame rate is complete trash now, 30 max, usually around 10 or so, when it used to average 70-80 on low settings. This game used to work fine, but it’s just gradually gotten worse/more unstable, for now it’s still unplayable for me, the FPS is just too bad. Why can’t WG actually fix their damn game
  3. Mojave. My Mac is late 2017, i5, 8 GB RAM, it should be able to handle wows, and it used to easily
  4. Well, I can play a battle, but the FPS, in MIN GRAPHICS, is complete TRASH. I used to be able to get over 70 plus FPS average with my settings, but with this it’s 35 max, and regularly dips below 10. Game is pretty much still unplayable. I’m using the beta WGC/wrapper. As usual, u screwed it up WG
  5. I downloaded the beta Game Center and am now downloading the game through it, will update when it’s finished. I just want this game to be playable again, is that too much to ask
  6. I used to play this game a ton, I did very well, grinder up and got 6 tier 10s, but they game is unplayable now. Fingers crossed 8.3 finally adds working 64 bit client and fixes everything, but I don’t have high hopes
  7. Thanks for replying and relating feedback, we used to never get any attention/posts from devs or moderators, I hope that the game will be fully fixed and playable at some point, for now I am gonna wait and see
  8. Was able to get on the public test, but the game is still almost unplayable. No torp leads, frame rate is much worse, super unstable, still broken.
  9. Has the update fixed anything?
  10. Will update 8.2 fix these issues, or will it just make everything worse?
  11. Haven’t been able to play since January it’s so bad.
  12. bubbleboy264

    Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    Good luck with that. Noble effort, but doomed.
  13. Are you sure 8.2 will make the game 64 bit? Where did you hear it? If you are right that’s great news that should fix most of the problems, but I’m worried they will never fix it
  14. Why is the Mac version still 32 bit, it’s so stupid, it’s causing all of these problems.
  15. Thanks, but it is pretty soul-crushing. What’s your most crushing defeat