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  1. How is only 30mm of deck armor enough to arm all of the bombs, it was absurd. My def fire was recharging and I had to angle against 3 BBs so there was nothing I could do to avoid it, i was full health then dead instantly. How is that possible it shouldn’t be. I though AP bombs were only really useful against BBs
  2. Yeah I like this ship a lot lol. It’s so much fun. The firepower levels are insane.
  3. Caption the profile image above you.

    Generic cat girl #9867
  4. And I’m not even a bills fan, I’m from Baltimore dude
  5. “Screaming”, yeah right totally, I’m just a little baby aren’t I, wow what an original insult. Just piss off with that please, I’m sick of it and I’m sick of this ship
  6. Very funny but I would like some actual serious responses thank you very much, my frustration levels have hit their limit
  7. This ship is so awful, the range is so bad, and you have to give up dpm just to have somewhat useable range, and it gets targeted by everyone. I don’t know how to play it I just don’t get it. It’s so bad please can anyone help. How do I play it I try to use islands but I just get radared or plane spotted. I just want the damn Des Moines
  8. Relatable gifs

    After getting a Devastating Strike...
  9. Yeah, I tried to get through the Izumo but I just couldn’t do it, I rage-sold it and haven’t had the balls to get it back yet, but once they properly buff it I’ll see if I can finally get the Yamato.
  10. Yes! I should be actually able to suffer through the Izumo now and survive! Yamato will be mine!
  11. Dev Blog - ST IJN DD balance changes

    I love my Akizuko but this looks dumb, I don’t get what they are trying to do here. If the changes stick I’ll probably still use IFHE as then I can pen 32mm of armor and be like a light cruiser against BBs, this doesn’t add much more variety to captain builds
  12. All my tier 10 ships have crap upgrades (Gearing, Khaba, Moskva), it’s so frustrating
  13. But why? Seriously, why do you prefer it?
  14. I really don’t see any logical reason to not get rid of team damage. It’s off in scenarios and the game still works fine, what’s wrong with just getting rid of it in randoms too. It gets rid of a major headache and streamlines gameplay. Yes it might dumb down torp spreads and lowers the skill threshold slightly but the benefits outweigh any negative effects in my mind. I don’t see any reason to keeping team damage besides nostalgia. This is an easy solution to an annoying problem that just adds unnecessary complications. I don’t see the harm in scrapping team damage.
  15. I’m currently grinding towards it, I’m on the Shiratsuyu, and I’m worried that I might have wasted my time grinding to the Akizuki, I’ve heard that it actually isn’t good at all. Is it true? Is the Akizuki a good ship or not? Does it work in the current meta? Or does it’s speed make it useless with all the radars now? I was thinking of using my Yamamoto captain on it once I get it, should I even bother?