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  1. This is a terrible change that will make ships melt even faster, it’s not needed and is pointless. It will just make people even more passive and fixes an almost nonexistent problem. Please don’t change this.
  2. This is a really dumb idea
  3. This thing is SO AWFUL. The guns suck, the torps suck, it’s slow as crap, the smoke sucks, it’s just awful. The jervis looks like just a worse gadja madha to me, the 7km range is ABYSMAL. The pan asian smokes are better in every way and even those have been nerfed a ton. I can’t deal with a grind this awful. I don’t care how great the tier 8, 9, and 10s are, these mid tier UK DDs are abysmal. The Icarus is just a worse gallant, and the gallant is a bad dd to begin with.
  4. This is a really bad idea.
  5. I love the ship, it’s just so annoying to constantly have to deal with bottom tier
  6. Every game I’ve played so far in this ship is bottom tier, this is getting really annoying. It’s an issue that affects all tier 6s.
  7. bubbleboy264

    WG logic at its worst

    I loved that ship, 41 knots top speed was so much fun, you could play it as a super-DD, but now it’s completely neutered.
  8. I saved a ton up and bought my Musashi with coal a couple months ago, now I have around 20k or so, idk what I’m gonna save up for now
  9. bubbleboy264


    Is there a version for Mac? How do you download it, cause as far as I know they aren’t gonna support the old Mac launcher anymore soon. I’m worried that I can’t play the game anymore if there isn’t a WGC for Mac, and as far as I know there isn’t a version for Mac now.
  10. bubbleboy264

    Porter Class Destroyer?

    Wonder why the Porter class hasn’t been added yet, I think it would make a nice premium or a side-branch ship. It’s quite unique, a large flotilla leader with 8 guns. You could balance that as a tier 7 or 8 premium I think, just give the guns slightly worse reload so the dpm isn’t crazy and have it be slower, kind of like an American akizuki. From what I’ve read about the ship class it was highly successful and the armament varied widely from ship to ship so there are many different versions they could implement.
  11. bubbleboy264

    Where are you from?

    As title says, where are you from? I’ll start, I’m from Baltimore.
  12. Seriously, what’s even the point of this ship. The Nicholas is better in almost every way. If the torps has like 8km range then it wouldn’t be half bad but they have an awful 6 km. The guns are just worse versions of the Nicholas guns, it has worse AA, terrible smoke, and it isn’t tough at all. The only nice thing about it is the acceleration and maneuverability but that definitely doesn’t make up for all the crappy things on this ship. Hopefully I’ll get the bonus missions for the other British DDs and they won’t suck as much as this thing does.
  13. bubbleboy264

    WG is jumping the shark by adding submarines

    Adding subs is an incredibly dumb idea. They will be almost impossible to properly balance, and historically speaking it doesn’t make sense either. Subs were rarely used against capital ships, an expection being the Pacific, as far as I know. They were mainly used against slow moving merchant and supply ships, their main mission being to cripple the enemy’s logistical system, hence why the battle of the Atlantic was so important in WW2. But subs in WoWs would be up against ships they were never really designed to fight. Based on how they are balanced subs will be either insanely broken or complete garbage. They just won’t work properly in my opinion. I could be wrong, maybe subs will be a great addition. But from what I can see so far this looks like a bad idea and waste of time. There’s so many more major balance issues that need to be fixed before we add even more of them. There are plenty of great submarine games out there WoWs doesn’t need to be one of them to stay relevant.
  14. bubbleboy264

    Finally Got First Tier 10!

    Congrats, Gearing was my first tier 10
  15. bubbleboy264

    Anniversary Supercontainers

    Why can’t i have your luck