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  1. I just want the z-46, I hear it’s great and I loved the Maass it’s just this ship is so bad
  2. I’m miserable playing in it why do they have to have bad ships at high tiers so ur stuck with them for hundreds of thousands of xp
  3. Very funny and original but no
  4. This thing is just trash. I hate the sluggishness, the terrible stealth, the horrible gun choices, the huge size, the clumsiness, the terrible gun range, it’s just so frustrating to play. I still have 85k xp to go to the z-46 it better be worth it cause this ship sucks.
  5. Well at least you haven’t played that much in the conqueror... *cough Remove Khaba cough*
  6. Your username makes a lot more sense now...
  7. Yeah I know, I’m just so used to my 5.8 km Fletcher (prob my favorite ship in the game) that having 6.2 is quite different
  8. Max stealth u can get for the z-23 is 6.2km, compared to Kagero: 5.4, benson: 5.8, and even ognevoi: 6.1. The z-46 and z-52 are quite stealthy but the z-23 isn’t, that’s honestly my main gripe with it besides the low gun DPM
  9. I have it of course, I used it on all my ship builds
  10. Earlier I had posted a pretty ragey thread saying how awful the z-23 was and how bad I’m in it. Well I’ve played her some more and finally gotten the ship fully upgraded, and it’s actually not half bad at all. The torps are amazing, I’ve already gotten a double strike from killing 2 unaware DD’s hiding in smoke together. The 150s dpm is low but the alpha is high and so is the fire chance, and you can still deal high damage with HE and AP if you aim well. And the hydro is very useful too. It isn’t very stealthy and is quite sluggish, but with SE I have almost 23k hp on a tier 8. I think I understand it’s playstyle now and have already gotten several 100k+ dmg games so far. It’s funny how this post is so polar opposite to the one I posted several hours earlier but it’s true, the ship is actually pretty good once you get the hang of it. I still liked the Maass a lot more and really want to quickly get the Z-46 as I hear it’s amazing but so far I’m doing better in the Z-23, as I usually get a ships playstyle eventually and do well in it, despite the initial raging.
  11. I can’t get above like 60-70k dmg I’m just so bad I got outgunned by a god damn blystawica please how do I use this thing
  12. I can’t take the awful handling and gun range it’s just so bad. HOW DO YOU PLAY THE SHIP I CANT SUFFER THROUGH 140K XP LIKE THIS
  13. I’m miserable in it it’s not fun like the Maass was please can anyone help
  14. I don’t understand this ship at all. I’m just so bad in it I need help now. I loved the Maass and averaged over 70k dmg in it but in this fat slow pos I can only do like 30k. I’m so bad in it I don’t understand the playstyle at all. I loved the 128s on the Maass but it had 5 and this trash ship can only mount 4 at tier [edited]8. So I have to use the 150s, and there slow firing, short ranged pos as well, with terrible dpm and AP that can’t shred battleships like the Maass could. I still don’t have the range upgrade yet so it’s a pathetic 9.9 at tier 8, and it’s so slow and clumsy and stealth is bad too at 6.2. HOW DO I USE THIS SHIP I DONT UNDERSTAND I DONT WANT TO SUCK IM A GOOD PLAYER PLEASE HELP. Why the hell cant I use 5 or 6 128s at tier 8 but I can use 5 at tier 7 that makes no [edited]sense. Please help me I’m so bad in this ship please I don’t want to suck I just want to do well and get the z-46. Title moderated by Mezurashi.
  15. God WG customer service is awful...