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  1. iChase

    Done complaining......just done

    No they won't, the main reasons the bad players are bad is they are failing in every other area of the game as well. It's not just "aim". Also when u see a 10% difference in hit rate between the unicums and the bad players, that 10% isn't going to be made up by simply removing RNG. As I mentioned earlier, the RNG saves the bad players far more than they realize.
  2. iChase

    Done complaining......just done

    I absolutely hate to say this...but you seriously need to look at yourself.
  3. iChase

    Done complaining......just done

    Until you realize that the unicums who are absolutely destroying the noobs are getting the same laser dispersion. All that's going to do is make them destroy the noobs even harder. It's not simply dispersion that's the difference, it's map awareness, positioning, knowledge of mechanics, knowing when to do exactly what...etc...etc...etc...giving unicums the same laser dispersion is only going to kill the noobs more, since right now the thing saving the noobs from getting dev struck constantly is the RNG
  4. Um what? No, CCs at the summit pretty much immediately started hammering the dev making the presentation and a good number of us are going to continue to hammer them for this.
  5. iChase

    PTS 0.8.5 AA change (reddit post)

    Pretty much exactly this
  6. iChase

    The iChase Case (con't)

    Yup, this one is just that much worse... 1. You can start so far out that your planes aren't even spotted by the surface ship 2. Boost in and essentially avoid almost all AA and literally appear on top of a ship at a much higher speed than normally possible with boost 3. When used against single ships, it's entirely possible to strike and not even taking plane losses. Even groups of ships can only really tag 3-4 planes before your squadron escapes as you can F-key disengage before you even gain control of the squadron after weapon release, thereby utilizing another slingshot to escape. But most seriously... This was SUPPOSED to be a WG NERF to DB...yet by increasing the duration of the invulnerability frame more hilarity ensues
  7. iChase

    When was "The Golden Age" of WoWS?

    CBT, at least we had hope back then
  8. iChase

    Enlightened drop

    Sure, I can do it against AA DDs as well, it's irrelevant what DD you're in lol. You can always find a competent CV player, tell them to use this tactic and you bring whatever DD you want.
  9. iChase

    USS West Virginia 1941?

    Please don't lump me in with the everything-is-great-with-cv-rework crowd.
  10. Your welcome :D may the spam continue
  11. I developed that flying shima spam tactic solely for the lowest skill possible. The entire gameplay doesn't require aim, doesn't require a tight reticle, doesn't require skill, doesn't require F key spam, so long as you can say right, their ships are going...SOUTH-ish, you just drop torps so the torps will intersect that SOUTH-ish path and u'll get torp hits
  12. this gave me a good chuckle. Cheers bud
  13. Yeah ._. sorry bout that...the infinite torpedo spam probably didn't help ._.
  14. iChase

    Please don't CV snipe in the CV beta

    It's a test, kinda meant to test everything. If something is really broken, need to discover it now