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  1. iChase

    AA is now to strong

    Is this actually a real thread? *reads through it* holy crap...it is
  2. you're very welcome, there's still more videos coming up in the series :)
  3. iChase

    How would you "counter play" me?

    I'm just waiting for the pro-CV defenders to hop in and tell you everything that the enemy team could have done in one giant blob to defend solely against you :)
  4. It's a good point, I considered it, might do a future video on this
  5. It's a fair question, the answer is unfortunately you cannot control the actions of the other 11 players on your team. The best you can do is utilize them as either damage contributors for your own plans of attack (aka try to hurt ships and thereby making the damaged target more attractive for your team to shoot) or use them as HP. If they are going to throw their HP and ships away, can you take an enemy ship down for the amount of HP/kill the enemy team gets off your team. In short, you focus on maximizing your own contribution to your team's ability to win in terms of damage/kills/caps/etc. If a few other people do the same, then your chances of winning goes up in the long run :) I hope this helps
  6. you're welcome :) and I'm glad you've picked up some useful tips
  7. iChase

    Why are T8 put against T10?

    I'm not on any high horse, I'm simply being blunt and saying what is true. The OP's problem is his own play, not the MM or the ship.
  8. love this <3 No, the target audience is actually people who want to learn, not those who think they have nothing to learn anymore
  9. iChase

    Why are T8 put against T10?

    It's not the ship, it's you
  10. iChase

    Casual players perspective

    No, because all you are trying to do is reduce the skill even more. That's not how games like this work, PVP games are a contest of skill. If you are bad, then you are meant to be food for better players to stomp on so they can collect their tens of thousands of exp and millions of credits. Try to get better yourself instead of trying to reduce the skill requirement of this game even more
  11. There are people who play thousands, even tens of thousands of games while below 50% win rate who strongly believe that they are already masters of the game. They believe they know everything about the game and refuse to learn how to play the game properly. That's the mindset I'm addressing, the I think I know everything but I am still absolutely horrible at the game but it's the fault of everybody else not me. I'll look into it, but I'm not sure it's something I really want to do right now tbh
  12. learnwows.info is available for $4 -- redirect it to your how to series so we can easily hand it out in game.


  13. glad it has helped you :) there'll be more videos in this series
  14. There's a drop down menu in the settings --> select crosshair --> dynamic section that'll allow you to switch to what I assume is Nomograms crosshair