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  1. iChase

    Please don't CV snipe in the CV beta

    It's a test, kinda meant to test everything. If something is really broken, need to discover it now
  2. Except the reason the Mass works is because she isn't painfully slow. She's certainly not fast and closing the range can already be a challenge, but at least she isn't running at 21 knots. A good way to compare is to think would you rather play a T8 Mass or a T8 WV. I think the answer is self-explanatory. At 21 knots, you will be unable to even get into those kinds of brawling ranges, and worse still if you get into trouble in brawling range, you can't even turn out and run away. Just too slow
  3. Kinda why I gave the range of 1.7 - 1.9 depending on how she ends up performing. I just think the USN really needs a premium battleship that doesn't do 21 knots
  4. They did change the name of the West Virginia to West Virginia 41...but the one we all want...well it still doesn't fit anywhere but tier 7...so maybe this could be the solution? Although I think a 14" NC is actually a better T7 premium ship What are your thoughts?
  5. Never hurts to remind them, plus a lot of times they read the comments sections of videos like the one I just did, so having a lot of thoughts compiled there helps them think things through
  6. Hmm so you got reinstated then?

    1. iChase
    2. BladedPheonix


      congrats chase!:Smile_Default:


    3. BladedPheonix


      BTW are you going to do a video on the new Total war area that WG just released today? If its anything like the originals I might throw some time & money WG's way.:fish_book:


      but I'd like some better information first.

  7. hello there you around still waiting?

  8. Hi buddy have they ruined the italian bb tier 5 are you testing it?

    I wanted to buy but i feel they have done a konig albert on it.

  9. Can you help me get defensive fire with hydro for the krasny krym please buddy :D appreciated.

  10. I dunno why everyone's mad at WG because of you, but if you can make a playerbase mad at WG you must be doing something right.

    You're just as big as the new premium CV!

  11. Crossing fingers now :)