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  1. iChase

    Azur Lane: Fourth Wave

    I think this information belongs in the main page article on this promotion
  2. iChase

    Azur Lane: Fourth Wave

    What happens if someone buys the big package and has duplicate AL ships?
  3. Rest in peace buddy, going to miss you badly. 

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    2. Wolfswetpaws


      Perhaps I misread this status update?

      Should I offer condolences or did someone change their name, or... what?

    3. iChase


      I have no idea how you can misread something like this. Like what other meaning can this even have?

    4. Wolfswetpaws


      Then I offer my condolences.  
      Fair winds and following seas.


  4. Does WG just enjoy watching their staff squirm or something? :|
  5. No, just no. Your "Nexus event" is entirely invented. Don't even want to attempt to correct all the other things that were wrong in the video. Stop making so many assumptions about a past you were not a part of.
  6. iChase

    Yuro calls CC's monkeys

    Because there's more instances of him saying racist crap in PUBLIC channels like #general
  7. iChase

    Yuro calls CC's monkeys

    His discord server was not private, its public. So yes, the rules will apply
  8. iChase

    Yuro calls CC's monkeys

    Actually, yes. I was not part of his Discord so I was unaware of what he was saying. It was someone from his server that sent me the screenshots. So yes, I was livid because in all my past interactions with him I thought he saw us as being on the same level, instead no, he thinks of anybody who didn't agree with his position as being essentially stupid monkeys. WG will handle him so that's all I have to say.
  9. iChase

    List of Departed CCs

    The current list as of now is: LittleWhiteMouse iChaseGaming Jingles Flambass Yuzral Doc Brighter DobbyM8 Mr Gibbins ClydeTheMonkey Bl4ck_SK Denarmo TheGrumpyBeard Aetam PointyHairedJedi MageT ChaosMachineGR Athotek101 Malimoo tomaslanger Houmer Destroyer_KuroshioKai captn_honour
  10. iChase

    Yuro calls CC's monkeys

    Let me shed a bit more light on this situation. a. the usage of racist terms was not limited to private channels only. They were in the public channels as well. b. I had no personal beef at all prior to the incident. In fact my last conversation with Yuro prior to this mess was what I thought was civil and friendly discussion. I asked him if he would join an exodus, he said no, we chatted about content creation and that was that. (the blocked messages are exploded as I have now obviously blocked him) c. I was absolutely livid when I found out that he had thought it perfectly acceptable to call us all a bunch of stupid monkeys. d. I was then given additional information with regards to Yuro's overall conduct and I was absolutely disgusted with the behaviour. e. For those claiming the whole cultural ignorance thing, Yuro is a NA CC, interacted in an international Discord, interacted with NA/EU CCs in English, made content viewed largely by an English speaking audience. He was not some random Asian guy living in a small remote village with no access to the internet. He is fully aware of what his words mean and how those words carry offense. Stop excusing his absolutely crap behaviour.
  11. iChase

    ichase is gone now too?

    For the CCs who are going to leave, they need your support more than ever. Many of the smaller guys and gurls are putting their channels and livelihoods at risk in order to take a stand. I'll make a follow up video eventually listing everybody who has left the program so you guys can go and give them a sub/follow
  12. iChase

    Please help me understand

    Please watch this video on the concealment mechanics in the game. Perhaps they will help you understand your problem.
  13. iChase

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    I seriously don't understand the pitchforks happening in this thread right now. Everything I've seen so far indicates that a discussion is happening and that work is being done to remedy the issue. Is it going to be slow going? Is it too slow for LWM? Yes, but that's the nature of what needs to be done. Also, like any discussion, things take time to iron out. People change their minds, new things to be discussed (at one point WG offered the Yukon camo, Mouse was okay with it at first but changed her mind after). So a brand new discussion has to occur. From what I've seen of the discussion, a two way street currently does exist, an exchange of ideas is happening. The larger the demand, the more discussions need to happen. Just because someone says I want x ship, doesn't mean someone can just say okay, we'll give you x-ship. While I'm no fan of WG in so many ways, I can attest to the amount of work they need to put in for every single ship. Their roadmap for any ship is mapped out at least a full year before any of you even hear about it (CC summit 2019, we saw the entire roadmap board of ships a full year+ ahead of time. For example, I knew about Tone coming into the game in 2019, and she only just made it into the game). Good things take time and the last thing anybody wants right now is a rushed process where more stuff gets messed up/screwed up.