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  1. Destin65,

    Good morning.

    I noted ur interest in 'Pan-European' Navies like Finland - when/how did you become interested in Scandinavian/Baltic fleets?




  2. Am I the only one who LIKES the CV rework update? Yes, that's right. Me of "critical of Wargaming" fame actually likes many of these changes. People also need to have patience with it. I'm sure WG is monitoring everything going on in battles and will be tweaking the system to perfect. But as for me, for now, I'm pretty happy with it. It gives Carrier captains much more strategy and influence over the battlefield. It is far, far better than the previous system of spamming strafing runs until everything's shot down or you lost all your planes, in either case the battle is over for the CV. I find the new system to be much more challenging requiring some patience and SKILL, yes, ACTUAL SKILL for carriers for the first time ever! The only thing that could make this update better is if you brought back the odd tier carriers soon, lol.
  3. I agree, though I already had the ship. Still, I agree that Wargaming was misleading players on when the Friedrich event would end. I was still doing a mission on the PEF campaign when it ended. So I presumed I'd eventually lose connection shortly after thinking the update would happen after the event wrapped up. It wasn't until I surprisingly got into another battle after servers didn't go down that I found out from another player in the battle that the patch wasn't due for another 24 hours. SERIOUSLY? But yes, that's bad form by Wargaming that should result in some form of compensation for those players who were on the cusp of getting the ship but didn't because of the misleading statement they made.
  4. I'm keeping an open mind about the update. Looking forward to the CV changes at least. As for the rest, I'll just wait and see as I didn't have time to be able to do a visit on the test servers.
  5. And I didn't make it. Got the flag and 3 paints of the Azure, but was only a little over halfway though the last stage of raising 3 million from completing Azure Lane. Guess I'll have to try next time, if there is a next time. :P But I suppose I did ok on such short notice.
  6. I keep seeing stuff about aircraft. As someone who likes aircraft I think it's cool. But I can't help but feeling that WoWP and WoWS will at some point merge into a single game perhaps?? And why not? Non-naval aircraft could be controlled by a player who, instead of commanding an Aircraft Carrier, instead goes into battle in command of a Military Base on an island, or mainland shore base near edge of map. Wouldn't that propose an interesting twist to the game? I, for one, would love the idea of commanding a shore base and using ground-based aircraft to take off and attack ships. And, of course, I would expect the big Battleships to get annoyed by me and come within range to start shelling and shutting down my airbase. That would only be fair, right? ;-)
  7. Was wondering when the Azure Lane thing was starting since I kept seeing references to it here and there. Now I know you have to do the silly "opt-in' thing. Ok...
  8. Destin65

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    Why would Wargaming listen to such an uneducated authority as yourself? There are quite a few reasons why broadside to the enemy is the preferred position for a naval warship of that era. It all began with a very obscure battle in the Russo-Japanese war that I'm sure you've never heard of by the very language you use in your comment. There's a reason why the Japanese fleet completely annihilated the entire Russian fleet in that one battle. Admiral Zinovy Rozhestvensky himself was captured and taken as a prisoner of war due to the very ignorance you espouse in your comment. Where is the most armor on a battleship? On the sides. Where are the most guns on a battleship? On the sides. Where is the best protection against citadels, aka protecting your magazines? On the sides. If you've even played this game for 5 seconds then you would know that the easiest way to get yourself a Detonation medal is by sailing bow-first towards the enemy where you have the fewest guns, the weakest armor and the easiest access to the magazine of your ship, aka the citadel. The weakest armored areas of the citadel, always, is fore and aft. There is very little-to-no protection for the citadel from the front or back. The only time you want to be facing an enemy fore or aft is if you are zig-zagging to dodge their fire to either close range or escape. Once you close range, you still gotta turn sideways to protect yourself and give yourself the only chance you have to fight back. You remind me of the so-called "good" players in WoT, like that idiot QuickyBaby, who often tells players the exact WRONG way to play tanks and how to use the wrong strategies. Then he invites people to play against him. Then he looks so good against sitting ducks who are doing exactly what he told them to do. He's not teaching you how to be a better tanker, he's teaching you how to be a victim. The same as what you are doing by telling people the wrong way to fight a battle in a warship.
  9. Destin65

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    I don't know why they can't just leave things as they are and simply remove strafing from the game. Or even manual attacks altogether. A complete rebuild of the game just to fix one flaw is tantamount to a car mechanic rebuilding the entire car just to fix a bad spark plug. I'll keep an open mind, but I'd probably rather see Carriers used more like a command and control type of unit. With their ability to quickly scout, see the full scope of the battle area in a way that other players cannot which gives them a unique advantage in that they can help their team dictate the flow of battle. As such, give the CV drivers some commands or abilities to help with that, such as hotkeys to help direct friendly units around the map or alert to the presence beyond just simply clicking minimap. I don't mind the RTS aspect of the CV as it currently is, so making it even more RTS would make things better. Like clicking an ally's ship and hitting a key to give them orders. Course, the player could always ignore the orders, lol. It seems to me that CVs are best used in COOPs and Operations more than random battle formats. Random battles are exactly that, totally random with no rhyme or reason as to why everyone just got throw into a battle together.
  10. Really? Then how do you explain why they sometimes deliberately keep information off of their website? For example, the USS Albany giveaway a few years ago. That was never published on their launcher or on their website. Hence, I never got it because I rarely read the forums. Which is the only place the free USS Albany code was published. That alone pretty much exposes your excuse as a complete fraud.
  11. Destin65

    In Praise of Pre-dreadnoughts

    One last thing. I don't agree with limiting a game. And Wargaming as a business should know this, lol. Who cares if we have 14 branches on the Battleship tech tree for several nations? If that's what the players want and keeps them playing and interested, bring it on! If it was up to me then every ship that ever served from 1900 til 1945 would be in the game, lol.
  12. Destin65

    In Praise of Pre-dreadnoughts

    Everyone talking about the Borodino, that's a pre-pre-dreadnought, lol. If we're trying to keep things on the level of a Mikasa then I have a better suggestion, the Russian battleship Retvisan which hails from the turn of the century. And it's beautiful. Often seems to be confused with USS Georgia BB-15 due to similarity of appearance and artwork on the bow, but had very different main turrets. I was gonna suggest the aforementioned USS Georgia BB-15 as well, but someone already did on like page 7 I think?? Anyways, here is a picture of Retvisan. It's pretty similar to Potemkin, so Potemkin should likely get the nod over this one being more famous and all. But it certainly would make the case for more and more ships to be added. I don't agree with the 1 ship per nation rule. Bring them on even if they are premiums. lol
  13. Very nice video, great to see all the faces from behind the scenes who often go unnoticed. After coming back to the game after several months away and seeing positive changes I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the game and am having fun again. The toxicity level has dropped, not that it was ever as bad as WoT, mind you, but most people seem nice and friendly, though a bit quiet at times. I can't say as to what goes on in voice chat as I keep that turned off in every game. If someone has something important enough to say to me then they can type it. If I can type upwards some 64 words a minute at 94% accuracy as a completely average potato player then they should have no problem being able to messages to me, lol. I can literally type faster than I can talk. It's a Southern thing, you wouldn't understand. But yes, toxicity seems to be down in the game. Now, I have something to say about CVs with the issue of the combat revamp coming up next month... I like how you changed CVs to where they are a bit more limited on controllable squadrons since the last time I played previously. The BoP, or Balance of Power, between the nations seems to be better because of that. It seems the only thing you had left to do at that point was to just nerf strafing. Fighters, in terms of air superiority, have always been a defensive weapon and a deterrent. Air superiority fighters are not an offensive weapon in terms of making a mark on the battles on the ground or sea. When I say defensive, arguably their most primary role is to defend interests such as CAP defending a carrier fleet, or air superiority by serving as escorts to the fighter-bombers who are the actual offensive weaponry. Their whole existence is to defend the fleet or formation of bombers. Now, when you think in terms of their actual role in warfare perhaps you can better understand how to implement them into the game so that they not only work but achieve balance in what their mission is designed to accomplish. If in doubt, then I would recommend reading 'Fighter Combat: Tactics and Maneuvering' by US Navy pilot Robert L. Shaw, perhaps the world's foremost authority on the subject. It's the 'Bible' of fighter jocks. ;-) I'd have to say of the three games, World of Warships is hands-down the best of the three.
  14. Destin65

    Finland Battleships??

    I suppose it would probably not be a true battleship, yes, which is why I used the term pocket battleship to denote that it was not a true battleship, much like the HMS Hood is a battlecruiser and not actually a full battleship. I suppose the Vainamoinen and Ilmarinen would end up like the Graf Spee. Cruisers with battleship guns.
  15. Destin65

    Finland Battleships??

    Yes, from a physical, descriptive comparison in how similar a profile they have. Beyond that, I made no other comparison since, yes, I already knew the South Carolina was the bigger ship. That's why the Vainamoinen would be a tier 2 and not a tier 3. I mean, why not? People love having ships in the game, even pure fantasy or paper ships. Why not real, actual ships that served?