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  1. rentsch

    Underwater sounds

    I can hear planes, I can hear other ships while on the surface. Why not add in sounds of other ships while underwater? all the great submarine movies have scenes where the sub crews hear the enemy overhead. Makes for extra tension in the game.
  2. rentsch

    Underwater sounds

    @Ahskance is it possible to add in ship sounds for subs? From my above question, on the surface I can hear ships nearby, and underwater I can hear planes (really?). It would add a lot of realism to the game if a sub player could hear ship sounds. Pitch based on size of ship, volume based on distance and depth, as well as some directional (left, right speaker), and then maybe take into account the speed of the sub. Higher speed, hear less distance away. this could improve the game for the sub player hearing a ship nearby (but not knowing where, does not appear on map unless the hydrophone is used).
  3. rentsch

    torpedo arming distance?

    @Ahskance I tried uploading a video I took of the replay. I was definitely too close, then. However, the game turns hulls black if the torpedo will not be able to reach the ship depth in time. Why not also have the hull black if too close for torpedo type? Y’all k ow the math.
  4. rentsch

    torpedo arming distance?

    IMG_1319.MOV IMG_1319.MOV Here is the actual video. IMG_1319.MOV
  5. rentsch

    Underwater sounds

    How come at a depth of 30m, I can hear my team airplanes flying overhead, and hear whale sounds in the distance, but I could have 3 enemy ships right over me, and I don’t hear a thing? I think an improvement to the sub experience would be to add in ship sounds… pitch and volume based upon size and distance.
  6. rentsch

    torpedo arming distance?

    Here is an example of re hull and black hull. in pic 1, I am far enough away from the DD so my torp can make the shot. Pic 2, I am too close. I know these examples are based upon the ability of the torp to angle up from my depth. Yesterday, I came to periscope depth, and hull was red as my view changed from underwater to above the surface. I fired 4 torps into the cruiser, but none exploded, I was apparently too close. So, my original question, if hull is red, will torps detonate? Or is this just an indication that the torp could hit the ship?
  7. rentsch

    torpedo arming distance?

    When in my sub, if my targeted ship's hull is red, doesn't that indicate that the torpedoes will be in arming distance? I just had a battle, I believe hull was red, but torps did not explode. I'll look at the film in a minute...
  8. But I can put all 4 torps into a ship and only get about 15k damage.
  9. I just went into the game, my profile, and chose the U-69, it’s stats were displayed. I realize each player will have different results. My hypothesis is that for any given player, their stats for a sub and significantly lower in damage for a sub than a ship. When I play subs, I go for captures rather than damage.
  10. Please don’t post your best, post your average.
  11. For fun I looked at my stats (which I rarely do, as I play for fun) to compare my sub play with my BB play. Konig BB: 52% win, 39k avg damage, .8 kill/game, 7% capture U-69 sub: 52% win, 17k avg damage, .5 sink/game, 20% capture it would be interesting to compare above with some of the others commenters in this thread, their sub play with a comparable ship play, compare damage, kills, captures. As you can see by my data, I don’t do nearly as much damage, but I can capture bases more effectively. I see that as my role in the team.
  12. I try to never, ever use pings... instant give-away to location. Then again, I tend to be among red ships and brawling. I don't like sub v sub, as I just end up just getting located. AT end of a game, if only two subs left, just like in ships, the sub on the higher points side will try not to get blasted, and just hide/protect base(s).
  13. try to torpedo each other. (while at periscope or surfaced)
  14. if there were two subs left in the game, they'd probably have to duke it out on the surface (assuming WG makes the deck guns work). Or try to torpedo each other at periscope of on the surface.
  15. Just get rid of sub v sub idea, then can get rid of homing torps and ping. Make it so torps must be fired from periscope depth or surface (like reality in WWII). At 30 depth, can see ships around sub. And sub can be detected with sonar. At 60 depth, subs can’t see any ships around, minimap will not show spotted or team ships, just last location, sub cannot be located with sonar, and reduced damage with depth charges.