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  1. British / UK Carriers Clases

    Oh okay! Thats much better than I was thinking!!!! Although I'd have loved to see a nice angled flight deck on her, and some Sea Vampires... :p I mean, Sea Vampire wasn't *THAT* much faster than say the F8F, while it also didn't have all that much ammo... (But 4x 20mms :p) Ark Royal and Eagle. :p
  2. British / UK Carriers Clases

    Oh? I must have missed that! Okay then... 0.o
  3. British / UK Carriers Clases

    Because it would have been about 50~ aircraft.
  4. British / UK Carriers Clases

    I dont think we would see Audacious to be honest, as much as I would love too! (Love Ark Royal and Eagle!) Malta, could have more than 108 aircraft, the issue is the Royal Navy never counted aircraft parked on the deck as a stowage, although it was utilised. This means exact numbers for aircraft are hard to find, but its safe to assume there would be another 10~ aircraft on deck. But I get what you mean. The Illustrious / Ark Royal part is a good point I forgot about however.
  5. British / UK Carriers Clases

    I do like that, but I feel they would never give jets back as much as I want them too. (Especially since us Brits were the first to land a jet on a carrier! (Sea Vampire in 1945!) But I honestly feel, Malta will be the tier 10 as she was very similar to Midway with a similar size hanger! Malta's actual load including deck loading was between 100 and 115. Issue with that is, the only suitable tier 8 then would be the second two Illustrious class that had a slightly larger hanger, but possibly still below Ark Royal... It's quite an issue really.
  6. Honestly, we could, but it'd be 3 Type 45's 5 Type 23's Two Astute / Trafalgar as well as Albion / Bulkward + One of the RFA Landing ships + tankers. There is quite a recruitment drive going at the moment however, with recruitment this year up quite a bit, so hopefully the manpower shortage begins to solve.
  7. Saw this and had to reply. F-35B is inferior, I'll agree. Royal Navy currently have 20 F-35Bs, in the US training up. First squadrons will be ready for her first patrol in 2020 / 2021. She doens' run on Windows XP. She runs on a home built Linux system, the Windows XP seen is what's used on a laptop of one of the dock hands for diagnosing and monitoring the new operating system, "Shared Infastructure" the new replacement for our old "Windows for Warships" system. It has no basis in Windows at all. Don't belive the Dail Fail. :( The Type-45's only break down in very warm water, due to an issue with the turbine heat exchange facility, however repairs and upgrades are being done to solve that. Sorry for the double post wanted to correct that! However, if you do want something to worry about, current Man Power in the Royal Navy and current morale is LOW. We have one Type 45 now destined to be a Harbour Training Ship for the foreseeable future while a large portion of the Type 23 fleet is either laid up in port, or being refit. Things aren't great, but I wanted to correct the few mistakes :p
  8. Us Brit's have used ramps on our carriers for quite a while. But don't forget we pioneered the aircraft carrier, performed the first carrier raid (and first Military use of a carrier), designed angled flight decks and the catapults! :P But I was in Portsmouth at the time of her entering, was a great sight, and a great honour! Sadly, I didn't get many pictures but there is an awesome picture I have which somebody I know took! Oh and an awesome picture of George H W Bush and QE in a small CBG. :)
  9. Our Carrier Equivalent to Midway is the Malta Class, with 110~ aircraft. It would be close, though still lag behind by a little bit. One interesting note however, is the Admiralty here in the UK didn't count aircraft on the deck in a carriers capacity (AND still don't!), take HMS Implaceable, she had about 90 aircraft on board at one point, although, that serriously affected her aircraft handling. In this picture her deck is full of Sea Fire and Avenger MK1 off the coast of Sydney.
  10. British / UK Carriers Clases

    So I'm a Brit who also knows a lot about my navy, and frequents the archive when I get chance. One thig of interest, would be how we used torpedo bombers. They flew in VIC's. "(Vs), and late squadrons were often 6 Barracuda or other Strike Aircraft, in two Vs, one behind the other. That could be quite a fun, unique torpedo spread! In terms of carriers, top tiers would probably see HMS Implaceable at 9 with 80~ aircraft and Malta at 10 with about 100. One thing to note, is often the figures listed for British carriers are inflated further because the Royal Navy never officially counted aircraft parked on the deck. Although late war, and especially the British Pacific Fleet made use of this to increase capacity.
  11. So I'm still getting back into the game, but as one of the resident Brits on the server, I had to get her. I've not got a massive amount of games played in her, but she is definitely one of my favourite ships. I really look forward to seeing the rest of the royal navy line, especially the carriers and other capital ships. .o7 and safe sailing!
  12. To be honest, the thing that really drew me to this mod was "Yuktobanian" and "Osean"... To be honest, Im not directly interested in the Arpeggio stuff, however I know a friend who is, so I will direct him this way! Have you heard about AC7 though? It is going back to Strangereal and its the Osean Federation vs Federal Republic of Erusea! Might check this mod out though "Amidst the eternal waves of time, From a ripple of change shall the storm rise, Out of the abyss peer the eyes of a demon, Behold the Razgriz, its wings of black sheath!"