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  1. 100mm IJN HE Buff?

    I've not noticed this myself however, I have noticed it perform the exact same as it would with any other ship. Please do feel free to provide some video or at least screenshots, as I've run this test multiple times now and failed to replicate your results while providing evidence of my own.
  2. 100mm IJN HE Buff?

    Akizuki, the exact ship you're talking about. Tried with Harekaze too and repeated with the exact same results.
  3. 100mm IJN HE Buff?

    HE does saturation, as the health of the module decreases, the amount of damage you'll do to the ship also decreases. If you look in my picture, you can see exactly where the shells were hitting, which is exactly where I was aiming. Notice how the hull is only damaged in the area within red? That's because the "midships" module is damaged. HE shells in that area will deal decreasing levels of damage. The green circles show the exact points I was targetting. None of the shells went high / low, I was at less than 1km range. And not a single shell shattered. (Look at the indicator on the right side.)
  4. 100mm IJN HE Buff?

    This is without IFHE shooting the side of schors in an area that has 20mm plating. The shells had no issue penetrating.
  5. 100mm IJN HE Buff?

    Just tried it in a training room both with and without IFHE. Had no issue damaging ships I should be able to damage if Akizuki has 1/4 pen. If you could provide some video or screenshots that would help.
  6. BASE XP CREDIT for Legendary Modules

    That's because it requires BASE EXP. This is the EXP that you see on the team score and before premium modifier takes effect. Premium time will still help for the credits and free exp section.
  7. Thank you for the congratulations and also nice work to @Phoenix_jz! o7
  8. An Ognevoi wearing Hunter Camouflage in the New York Sharks port Ognevoi is a Tier 8 Hybrid Destroyer which follows on from the Minsk and introduces captains of this line to a whole different style of ship, which can make it tricky to get used too, but this guide should help! But before we talk about how to get the best from her, let's look at her performance. Guns: The guns are something of note, and can make or break many peoples playstyles. They have much better traverse than preceding destroyers in the line, making playing at close quarters much more comfortable, however captains should be aware that the same 5 second base reload is present here, meaning in close quarter fights, your lack of guns, as well as long reload make knife fighting other destroyers an ill-advised move. It’s only when you begin to look at the other characteristics of this ship, that you realize her true role. With the relatively flat arcs and accurate guns, you can be a menace at more medium ranges, where you’re able to make effective use of both your guns and torpedos. Captains are advised to take Main Armaments Mod 1 and Preventative Maintainance to help prevent your turrets being knocked out, while Aiming Systems Mod 1 can help to make your main battery more accurate and boosts the traverse of your torpedo tubes. Torpedos: Captains who have played Minsk, will be all too familiar with short-range torps, that are relatively fast and have a high damage, but that changes with Ognevoi. This can make her slightly tricky to adjust too, but once you learn to make use of these torpedos, you will quickly find out just how strong they are. You are now carrying 10 torpedos which reach out as far as 10km while traveling at 56knots. This makes them already competitive with Benson but falls behind more torpedo focused ships like the Kagero. The damage of Ognevoi torpedoes is slightly lacking, falling behind both the Benson and Kagero, however, these torpedos reload fast with a relatively short, 92 seconds reload which helps to build upon her playstyle. It is highly recommended that captains spec into torpedo armament expertise to boost this reload even further to 82.8 seconds. Maneuverability: This is another area that Ognevoi breaks from the tradition of the line and builds out her own playstyle, however, captains will soon find that the changes are not necessarily bad. While she is slower than preceding ships in the line, only managing a 37 knot top speed, 1 knot slower than the Benson, however 2 knots faster than the Kagero and 4 knots faster than Akizuki, she boasts a competitive turning circle of just 610 meters, not too much worse than the Benson while still far ahead of the Akizuki. Captains must be warned, however, that Ognevoi's rudder traverse of 4.8 is relatively long and it's recommended you take Steering Gears mod to improve this. Concealment & Survability: By now, Captains should be used to Ognevoi having a different play style to the preceding VMF destroyers and concealment is an area, which gains improvements by it. Ognevoi's stock 7.7km Concealment, is not great, and Bensons and Kagero's can still out detect you, but you still retain 0.1km concealment better than the Akizuki and 0.2km concealment better than Z-23. This again places you into a relatively balanced middle ground and can help to keep you safe. The survivability is again, another similar story, with a maximum hit point on the (B) hull of 16,100 you sit above the upper end of tier 8 destroyers, but still below the Z-23 and Akizuki. It is highly recommended that you spec into Survivability Expert as the extra health can help to keep your powerful torpedos and potent guns in play. Anti Aircraft: Ognevoi's Aircraft Protection is surprisingly potent, having the ability to take the defensive fire consumable over speed boost, however even with defensive fire active, your far range aura is lacking for the role of a dedicated air defense ship. However, the AA can be enough to down a few planes, and when combined with your turning circle and speed, this can make striking an Ognevoi a difficult task however and it's suggested those looking for an Air Defence Destroyer either take a (C) hull Benson or an Akizuki. Ognevoi's Anti Aircraft doesn't bring enough of an advantage, while the AA skills can be costly and harm your ability to complete other tasks. Recommended Build: I highly recommend the following: Modules: Main Battery Mod 1 to increase the survivability of your turrets. This is highly important due to the turret set up on this ship. Propulsion Mod 1 this will help keep your engine in operation. Steering Gears mod 1 is also a valid option for this spot. Aiming Systems Mod 1 will help to boost your guns accuracy, as well as increasing the traverse of your torpedo tubes. Steering Gears Mod 2 is recommended to help bring down the rudder shift time. If you prefer, Propulsion Mod 2 can be used here instead. Concealment System Mod 1 is necessary for this slot. It'll help to bring your concealment down and enable you to better perform your role. Captain Skills: Priority Target will give you information about how many people are currently targeting you. Preventive Maintenance is extremely important for this ship. It'll help to reduce the chance of you losing a turret, while also helping to protect your engine and steering gear. Last Stand will help you escape if you lose your engine or steering gears enabling you to increase your survivability. Adrenaline Rush will help to boost your torpedo and gun reload as you take damage. This can make your already fast torpedo reload even scarier. Survivability Expert will boost you're already high hitpoints to even higher, allowing you to take more damage before sinking. Torpedo Armament Expertise will help boost your reload from 92 seconds to 82.8 seconds base. Demolition Expert will increase your fire chance, which makes it easier to start fires on battleships. Concealment Expert is vital, as it will help you with your concealment, this will allow you more freedom in positioning and make it easier for you to go dark and reposition when needed. Some captains may optionally choose to trade PT or PM and LS in favor of BFT to further increase their gun power, depending on playstyle. While for many this trade-off is not worth it, due to the risk of losing your engine/guns, it will boost the damage you are able to unleash while in smoke firing at enemy ships. The build I personally opt to run is the one shown below. Recommended Playstyle: But now you know the build I use and the strengths of her, how do I play this ship? Well, Ognevoi can be challenging to get the most out of due to her somewhat different playstyle from the rest of the line, which is amplified by her reliance on good positioning and timing so that you can make the best use of your torpedos and main battery weapons. While you can contest and hold caps, always be wary of other destroyers which can outfight you in close range, and always keep an easy way to escape, if you get trapped in the cap you will likely take a lot of damage and it will harm your ability to fight in the later game. You will get the most success using this ship to support the capture of caps and to burn down Battleships. Your torpedos are potent and have a fast reload with a decent flooding chance, which makes it easy to cause a battleship to use a Damage Control Party. Once this has been done, smoke up and use your guns to get the Battleship burning with your high fire chance. This allows Ognevoi to become a skillful and tactical assassin which can easily punch above its weight and burn down battleships using torpedo and gun power. Always be aware of other other friendly ships, who can protect you if another destroyer tries to duel you, however, as you will struggle due to your lacking DPM. Should you find a need to contest a cap, reverse into the edge to provide yourself an easy escape as getting trapped inside the center of the cap often leads to death for the ship. And should an enemy DD attempt to engage you start to kite away from him, and fire at him as you flee, using your rudder and speed to get to safety around other friendly ships and if you find a need to engage a cruiser at a medium to close range which reveals too much broadside, swap to AP. Good aim, alongside heavy AP shells and high velocity, means you can get multiple citadels and quickly add up to a lot of damage. She is a ship that can very easily work on the flanks, making its way around enemy ships and become a nuisance which will tie up enemy resources, and allow your own surface ships to better fight by themselves, this means she serves as a force multiplier, which with careful positioning and timely engagements, can quickly remove enemy ships from the match. A recommended tactic, for dealing with larger enemy ships such as higher tier Battleships is to fire one spread of torpedos, then hold for about 15 seconds, before firing your second set. Continue to hold your torpedo lock, until you score torpedo hits, as changing to guns will quickly retarget the ship, and this is reflected in the Priority Target Indicator. This can serve as a warning that torpedos are on the way. Once you do achieve some torpedo hits, if you manage to make him use his damage control ability by achieving a flood, feel free to smoke up and start using your guns. Target the ship's superstructure as this will give you more reliable damage, and be careful to not hit AA, or Turret Mounts as this will negatively impact the damage you deal. With some careful shooting, thanks to Ognevoi's impressive 130mm gun's accuracy, you can quickly add up damage and start some fires. Be cautious to always read your minimap while engaging enemy ships in this way however as it's possible for enemy ships to sneak up and detect you. By playing in this style, you'll be able to help your team control and defend key capture points, while burning down enemy ships in a duel of attrition. This will provide a good bolster to your team and help to overcome your enemies on the battlefield! While Ognevoi can be difficult to play due to her differing play style, I hope these points help you on your quest to mastering Ogenvoi and wish you all good luck and gentle sea's! An Ognevoi engages a wild Friedrich der Große in the open ocean after being forced to leave its smoke.
  9. Quite likely, more people getting dedicated captains for her, instead of the standard USN Captain that includes Fire Prevention.
  10. Alaska and Guam PLEASE

    1) It wasn't though. People guessed what it could be. Nobody really said anything until after the announcement. You're making baseless claims and assumptions, which is both dangerous and unprecedented. It was revealed officially, via the WoWS Dev Blog as a tier 9 cruiser, if you're going to believe a rumor from a single source, and expect it to be correct 100% of the time, then you'd probably also believe so many other untruths. 2) WG has not announced it as coal, steel or fexp. Until they make an official announcement, it's nothing more than a rumor. Again, follow the WoWS News Section or Dev Blog for information. Besides, we do not need another tier 10 Alaska class. There are no real differences at all between the two, while at least Musashi and Yamato had pretty fundamental differences in places that could be represented. (AA fit was heavily different, armour etc.) While I get and respect, you think it could be cool. And I do understand, you also need to consider game balance and other things, there are already enough issues with Musashi and Yamato being spread among two tiers.
  11. Futuristic Friday - The Next Ship

    Yup! They were very interesting weapons and would be cool to see represented in the game, with the final iteration of Zuikaku. A carrier that clearly deserves to be in the game, and represented correctly, as the true rival to Enterprise that she was realistic, was. And she could easily have a pretty interesting yet realistic loadout, that would be similar to Enterprise.
  12. Futuristic Friday - The Next Ship

    I meant anti-air... I may be kind of tired >_> But yup, but it'd be cool to have :p Configuring the aircraft in use at the time, it could be pretty interesting. Maybe even include the 800kg AP bomb with a rocket booster :p
  13. Futuristic Friday - The Next Ship

    Correct! However, the rockets on Zuikaku were actually pretty capable, basically, just a rocket-propelled flak shell., and there's a report somewhere that deemed them as a huge threat. However, they were only a threat until they fired since, reloading them in combat was never done.
  14. Futuristic Friday - The Next Ship

    Would love to see HMS Victorious. She had a very interesting history during WW2, including her stint where she served in the US Navy as USS Robin. Other than that, I'd love to see Zuikaku in her 1944, Leyte Gulf config, including the anti-air rockets. Could be very similar to the Enterprise but for the IJN CV line. (Perhaps with the 800kg AP bombs!) Other than that, I'd love to see the Revenge class and the Tosa Class battleships :p