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  1. Kaga_Kai_Ni

    NA Clan Embassy Now Open!

    Do you know my clan names?
  2. Kaga_Kai_Ni

    NA Clan Embassy Now Open!

    Yeah, I'd urge people to stick to the more official one which has been around for the past few years. And for any queries regarding the actual WoWS Clan Embassy, please contact anybody on the admin team there. The OP was banned from there due to his attempts at poaching other players and in general being a pain for other members. Here's the original post about the original and mostly official Clan Embassy.
  3. Kaga_Kai_Ni

    smolensk is a shame of this game

    Smoke is not some kind of star-wars force-field. Smoke doesn't keep you safe from shells, look in the smoke and watch the shell tracers. You can work out where the ship is, and aim using that. Aim between the guns and you'll find his citadel nice and exposed for you. If they sit on an island, they're having limited impact, and by careful positioning and repositioning, you can move to a new angle to take them out if they're causing your team too much of a problem.
  4. Kaga_Kai_Ni

    smolensk is a shame of this game

    "Unrealistic".. Ah. I see. Please feel free to check the below picture out. Also, if you're being burnt down that quickly, it sounds like you need to work on your positioning. Position carefully, always have a way to escape and re-position. Don't just charge in. And you can very easily delete the ship in a single salvo should you so need. While it's extremely strong and could do with some work, in my opinion, it can still be beat and is by no means unrealistic.
  5. What did I just read...
  6. That isn't luck, it's situational awareness and map knowledge. Learn the maps, learn where you can go without being spotted, learn the positions you're likely to be shot from and pay attention to any incoming fire. And if you get nuked, learn from it and apply what you can do better to next game for a better result. However if you make a mistake, you should be punished.
  7. Kaga_Kai_Ni

    WoWS TST Client question.

    Yup! Open the game centre, select the game instance from the top (TST), go to game settings and choose "uninstall game". This should uninstall the TST client for you.
  8. Kaga_Kai_Ni

    WoWS TST Client question.

    As said above, only way to solve this issue would be to uninstall it. You can do so by selecting the particular instance and choosing to uninstall.
  9. Even now, post 8.0 CV's are exceptionally strong. Hosho right now is more than capable of 100k+ average damage with its recent changes without much of an issue at all.
  10. Yes they are. Here is pre-rework.
  11. This is... Very incorrect. Here's the top 20 alone. Over 160k. This is for Midway. This achievement is supposed to be for the top players in the ship, not something everybody should expect to get. I honestly don't think 130k is too unfair to ask for given how powerful CV's are if you actually learn to utilize their strength.
  12. Kaga_Kai_Ni

    Hi there!

    Seen you around once or twice before and just want to say a huge welcome on behalf of the NA community o/ Look forward to working alongside you, and we thank you for coming out here to help us :)
  13. Kaga_Kai_Ni

    Prinz Eugen pictures, all-in

    Ah, Sirene's favorite day... Prinz day.