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  1. Kaga_Kai_Ni

    If you could get rid of ONE map which one?

    Islands inside of caps really are one thing I hate. It allows you to completely freeze the cap and leads to very static play. WG does have some good map designs, but... Others are questionable.
  2. Kaga_Kai_Ni

    If you could get rid of ONE map which one?

    The new shards. Whoever thought that was a good map design needs to seriously take some time to study what is actually good. New shards is the only thing WG managed to screw up worse than the CV rework... :/
  3. Kaga_Kai_Ni

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    It's funny you say but a shame that many of us who have tested her disagree. In fact, I'm finding her just as strong at her new tier with the reinforced bow. Notser being Notser is more a him thing than issues with the ship, check other CC's reviews and see others enjoying the ship. Just because he struggled with the ship doesn't mean it's an issue with the ship. This is thee same as me being bad at DD's is an issue with me.
  4. Kaga_Kai_Ni

    Who have you seen in game

    It do be like that sometimes :p
  5. Kaga_Kai_Ni

    I propose a Russian CL/CA split, dear WeeGee.

    This is. Just no.
  6. Kaga_Kai_Ni


    I dislike you immensely.
  7. Haaaa. We wish they balanced the game around us. The game is balanced most around casual players and getting more people to play an item and it to be popular. Which is funny, because the most balanced games, and pretty much all games, in general, tend to balance around the top percentage of players as it leads to more balanced games. lol. You're just asking for them to leave the class as is if it's overperforming. Many CC's aren't even that good players and having a good screen doesn't make you any better of a player.
  8. Kaga_Kai_Ni


    I feel bullied already. No bullying my Brit boats. :(
  9. Kaga_Kai_Ni

    Larger divisions?

    Divisions give too much influence into a game. A division of 3 people in World of Warships is already 1/4 of a team. Adding a fourth would make it 1/3rd of a team. This would make it way too easy to win games, and give players too much influence on games. It's nothing to do with "hating" divisions, as much as wanting a balanced game. I love divisions, it's the primary method in which I play this game. But, giving people the ability to division and to make up one third or more of a team would be awful for the game. And the excuse that "War Thunder does it", isn't exactly great when divisions like this are a problem in that game as well. The reason it's not as pronounced is respawning, the spawn point system and the fact the game forces divisions of equal size against each other. But even in that game, large divisions are damaging for the game and there have been numerous attempts to have them removed.
  10. Kaga_Kai_Ni

    USS Arkansas Beta

    Arkansas is more than fine as is currently. In fact, she's one of the best ships at her tier. I'm not going to get into the argument about cloning the ship but I will say I do hope it never happens.
  11. Kaga_Kai_Ni


    As a devote fan of Malamutes and Border collies, I am insulted! But as a lover of doggo's, I approve.
  12. Kaga_Kai_Ni

    Upcoming CV Changes

    I honestly still feel we're taking steps backwards and that the old system had much more potential than this :/ But gotta dumb the game down and lure in new players...
  13. Kaga_Kai_Ni

    OP test ships

    Can't wait to see which ship is broken today :p
  14. Kaga_Kai_Ni

    Girly Air Force

    To be fair they're not wearing pants in that clip. That's shorts and skirts.
  15. *curls up on Kaga nee-chan's lap* nya~ /^.\\