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  1. Kaga_Kai_Ni

    Yamato's and G.K's citadel problem

    From my understanding, it's likely to do with the bounces you've received. My guess is a shell bounced, deflecting downwards going through the relatively light citadel roof protection and achieving a citadel hit. That's my best guess anyway.
  2. Kaga_Kai_Ni

    "I play for fun" divisions suiciding

    Does that mean you won't blacklist me because I'm not unicum? \o/
  3. Yup, very much remember those days haha. Was always an interesting time :p
  4. Now that I think about this more, it really does make sense. I've always known Zao to be more accurate than other cruisers, but never could properly place on how or why. In fact, myself and @SireneRacker had this discussion a few months ago. But this makes sense. Although, I find it slightly interesting that Ibuki doesn't get the same treatment. Perhaps a potential buff to a ship some people see as slightly lackluster at tier 10?