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  1. Falcon Heavy - Successful Launch~!

    I knew they were being reused but I didn't know they were going to catch the thing from space with a boat. That's pretty awesome
  2. What's your solo WR

    TIL I have a higher win rate solo than divisioned. That came as a surprise. Still only 47.36% though
  3. I'd love it to stick around, even if only for the selfish reason that I would love to be a Corgi captain
  4. The worst part about playing DDs

    It's not the size of the ship, it's how you sail it.
  5. Suggestion of new game modes

    Typically developers attempt to make more inclusive and diverse game modes, not the opposite as you suggest.
  6. Suggestion of new game modes

    Ahaha, there ALREADY isn't any pushing with BB's, even WITH DD's. Good point, though. I bet BB captains wouldn't even leave their starting spot if this was a game mode.
  7. Who have you seen in game

    It wasn't, haha. I was on your team in the Bama that died early. Misjudged a turn and the Yamato and Shima made me pay for it instantly.
  8. How did this happen?

    Yeah, that's what we figured. One in a million shot I'm sure.
  9. Who have you seen in game

    @Final8ty in a Shima. I got nuked by enemy Shima pretty much right off the bat unfortunately.
  10. How did this happen?

    It was a one off. We figured that's what happened, water hit first then penned the rudder so didn't count as an actual hit
  11. How did this happen?

    I believed at the time it was the same principle, so yeah.
  12. How did this happen?

    I believe it was AP and was a rudder disable
  13. How did this happen?

    I believe sometimes the stats aren't 100% reliable. I had a module incapacitation shot with my first round from maybe my Hood? I didn't receive a hit or damage count though
  14. how much do you have to pay

    I used to have to use the Exception policy and selling my premium ships as a line of credit. I understand your pain with this