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  1. Thanks for the info.
  2. WG Just Made the Choice Hard

    Yeah this forum is getting weird about this. Sure both girls are cute, but i mean i don't think that's the basis we are supposed to go off. Sharks all the way with that said.
  3. Does that include CV skill disparity? Seems like the team with the better CV player is the winner more often than naught.
  4. You didn't even last a week away. Seriously what about: Serious but not serious enough apparently.
  5. CV's need to be balanced to have the same amount of influence on the battlefield as every other ship. That means the mechanics as they are cannot stay. Rumors swirling around indicate they want to use some of what they know from WoWP here. That would mean more manual control over the planes but making it impossible for them to spot everywhere at once. They admit they have to move away from RTS so that makes the most sense. CV's right now have too much influence over matches ( hence why we don't see them in CB, although if they feel that way about CB they are openly admitting they are seriously unbalanced ). I think WG knows there's a no win scenario for them. No matter what they do, people aren't going to be happy they changed "the finished product" so drastically and will have to refund people. That's why they are dragging their feet so long. It's going to be one of those moments we all see coming and there's really no way to avoid it. WG needs to do the right thing and rip the bandaid off quick. The longer they take the more painful it is.
  6. Losing Motivation

    Helps that most of his writing team is former writers for TNG, and Johnathan Frakes has a production or directing part in it as well. Can't remember which.
  7. Losing Motivation

    Binge on Netflix. Get the Humble bundle monthly ( cheap subscription for bundles of monthly games) I find i have to take a break from playing this game and do something else otherwise it feels punishing. Specially solo matches in randoms lately, i do however keep coming back. I run OPS to grind ships and avoid burning out.
  8. WG Just Made the Choice Hard

    Thanks for the quick replies.
  9. WG Just Made the Choice Hard

    Who is Aleona? First time i've seen her.
  10. I wouldn't be too shocked if this got the lock though. This kind of info is not going to go well.
  11. Whoa, even though i'm Canadian and proud of it, i don't think we should start bashing countries over a game. Not the place for it guys.
  12. It's encouraging TKing which if i remember right is a no no. There's never a right time to TK. It may be clever but its bad sportsmanship at its finest to abuse and exploit the rules like this.