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  1. xalmgrey

    CV VS CV needs to be more of a thing.

    Yeah meanwhile your team screams at you for not supporting them. They don't notice the consumable use. So many times i've covered people and they give me crap later and its like dude didn't you see?
  2. xalmgrey

    CV VS CV needs to be more of a thing.

    Sure okay. While that's going on if the enemy CV is taking his time to DD hunt and succeeds in getting any while you waste this time i highly doubt your CV will have made any difference. Once you lose your DD its game over not your CV. First team to kill the other teams DD wins most of the time. Everyone knows this.
  3. xalmgrey

    CV VS CV needs to be more of a thing.

    How would fighter planes effect other ships if they can only mess with other planes? Killing consumable planes of other ships? That's all it would be able to do. That's hardly OP.
  4. xalmgrey

    CV VS CV needs to be more of a thing.

    I don't think letting people carrier snipe would be a good thing but i thing being able to counter the other CV in more ways than this silly consumable will allow is something WG should take a look at. If i choose to chase down another CV's planes with my planes i'm not chasing the DD around for my team either. I'm saying to let me make life difficult for the other CV if i decide to help my teams that way but not shut him down like a carrier snipe.
  5. xalmgrey

    CV VS CV needs to be more of a thing.

    I disagree here, the current CV can't spot like the old CV could. and it cannot delete ships like it once could. I've seen many games where the CV gets deleted early and the game isn't swayed by that deletion. They don't have the same amount of power projection that they used to. It's not like one CV is stopped by the enemy teams CV by much if anything at all now anyhow. The fighter consumable is a joke. Games aren't decided by CV like they used to be and that's a good thing but it's also worth noting that and making uses of the CV in other ways.
  6. xalmgrey

    CV VS CV needs to be more of a thing.

    I'm not suggesting they nerf the carrier vessels themselves, just give us the ability to mess with the other CV's attacks on our allies. Leave the CV AA as is to prevent CV snipes because yeah that sucked hard. Losing your CV at the start of the match, the other team might as well just AFKed the rest of the match in those days. Give our fighters the ability to make enemy fighters "panic" like the DF ability used to while we chip away at their squadron or some such. There's more utility they can give CV rather than just buffing and nerfing them into the ground because lets face it, its not working. You can't throw a stone on these forums without hitting a CV complaint thread. I'm just suggesting trying something else than the sledge hammer WG seems to adore.
  7. xalmgrey

    CV VS CV needs to be more of a thing.

    Yeah and look how that's going. Constant nerf after nerf just so DD are gibbed less and still that doesn't seem to be helping. Only making CV less fun to play. Plus that was with the RTS CV having stupid abilities like strafing and cross dropping point blank. These CV are different animals than those are, they haven't given this a chance with these current ones that have much less influence than the previous iteration did.
  8. Okay, this isn't a pro/hate CV thread. We have enough of those. This isn't a nerf or buff thread either. I would like to see CV get more tools to deal with other CV's. And i do mean more than this silly fighter consumable that is situational and borderline useless in so many cases. I know they don't want CV's to be able to shut out other CV's but here's the thing: They are making life miserable for everyone else, and outside of buffs or nerfs the only thing i can think of is that CV's should be able to fight the other CV's planes more directly. We need our fighter squadrons back. Being able to engage the other CV more directly will allow for breathing room for the rest of the surface ships as it gives us another high priority target and it would make me feel like i'm supporting my team more actively.
  9. Are these the ones with insane torp speeds i see quoted?
  10. How do they differentiate from our current DD?
  11. I honestly never understood why they buffed it in the first place the way they did. It maybe could have used a slight damage buff but not the second torp they gave it. They should work on making the upper tiers more enjoyable as well. TX CV just arent fun to play. It's part of the problem as well.
  12. Easy enough for them to limit the number in a match to say 1 or 2 below tier X. Which is what they could / should do to save T4 but /shrug. WG likes it as is i guess.
  13. All i hear is people looking for ways to nerf CV's and no body is talking about actually making them fun to play. Newsflash: If top tier CV were fun to play you wouldn't have the mess at T4 that we have. Not to mention how expensive they are to play at TX Would help lots if they toned down the AA in upper tiers. This is a game. All ships should be fun to play. Not just nerfed to suit a few people.
  14. You notice the plating changes proposed?
  15. In there is a link to the dev page and what they are testing out. It's WIP i understand but i'd rather not put out all that coal and have changes like that come in. Plus the changes in there they mention to hull plating on the ship.