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  1. xalmgrey

    Low Tier Ships

    There's no money in low tier ships for them. All the money is in the high tier gimmick of the month ships.
  2. The hilarious part that the worst part about this game is other players. Hands down. The rest of this game is manageable even with WG's stupid antics. But the players just drain the fun out of the game. Be it from being a lousy team mate to some f-bombing everyone even when we win. It's draining. Or they are draining. Either or.
  3. The devs with their inconsistency are hilarious. They didn't want CVs doing so much damage hence part of the reason for the rebork. That they were making CV easier to play for everyone. Yet here we are with one that can take a BB out in a couple torp runs. But only for a select bunch of people with steel since most average players don't have that kind of steel sitting around to drop on a CV. What a crock this company is. You can't trust anything they say or do.
  4. I play primarily DD in ranked now and I couldn't agree more with this statement.
  5. And remember why it was you took the break. I'll always love this game in some way but what kills it is the teams and the salt. Even when you win there's just so much hate being spewed it makes me question why I play ranked. The answer is of course steel but man, people make this game a slog.
  6. xalmgrey

    0.10.2 Big Hunt Redux - constructive criticism.

    I saw the camos and immediately wrote it all off. Those are some seriously ugly camo.
  7. xalmgrey

    Behold the mighty reward for bronze Rank 1

    That's pretty disappointing. But hey this is WG. Disappointment is par for the course now.
  8. xalmgrey

    Biggest disappointments of rework

    WG has been disappointing everyone for a while now. I do know of a game advertised where you can actually build your own ships and play them. I'm going to look into it. I'm sick of WG. They lie, cheat and steal from their player base. It's getting old. I'll be happy to leave this game when another comes along.
  9. xalmgrey

    New Ranked Season?

    I enjoyed Bronze and Silver. It was great for grinding new ships. Gold tier was awful for numerous reasons, the worst offender had to be the fact it was strictly only TX. Same ships over and over.
  10. xalmgrey

    Feedback: Ranked rework 0.10.0

    You summed up everything I didn't like about this rank format. Especially the Tier/Meta issue. I enjoyed playing in Bronze and Silver. Being stuck with TX in gold is very boring. Great post.
  11. Sadly there are trolls everywhere on the internet. They say things like this to you because you cannot pop them in the nose for it. Safe to act like the troll they are. Don't quit because of them man. They are everywhere. Keep playing and enjoying your time. I couldn't do much at 2k games, and I'm starting to pull off better plays and I'm 5k in. I hope you just decide to take a break and think it over. If you do quit for good, good luck to ya. If not, just keep trying to get better. Asking yourself what you could have done differently is something I do often when I play. Someday my WR will reflect that Either way man, g'luck.
  12. xalmgrey

    Is Gold Rank worth getting into?

    I am wondering worried about this as well now that players are rethinking their ranking strategy and whether gold is worth hitting.
  13. Great place to farm XP though. Bring cream for the burning sensation. So many Thunderers...
  14. xalmgrey

    Is Gold Rank worth getting into?

    Yeah, the qualifying round is all TX and I'm bored of it already. I liked playing my T9 ships as well. And yeah the salt in this qualify is harsh. For Silver, everyone seemed to have fun. Yeah, what I've read sums up the same too. Thanks for the info guys.
  15. I'm in the qualification round for gold from silver, however, I have a couple of issues with what I've read about gold lately. To top it off I find the mix of IX and X to be more fun than just straight X. If I hang back from trying to rank out will it dump me back into the silver league?