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  1. I thought DD's were the BB weakness and cruisers were the weakness for DD's. I wonder if somewhere in history there's a story about a cruiser taking down a BB solo. Doubt it though. And i really doubt they burnt a BB down with HE. Metal doesn't burn unless its this game where everyone is made of match sticks.
  2. How to avoid aircraft?

    You can manually target AA on planes by holding crtl and clicking on the planes in question it helps the damage. Also if you see torp planes coming your way it would be a good time to do some turning ahead of time for those torps. Some ships have better AA than others though it depends on what you are playing.
  3. I turned mine down with the settings. Its cool looking but does impair your visuals. Lost a few shots being unable to see through it myself.
  4. Yeah same here. Throws me off a bit hearing shells hit my ship but not my ship. I wonder if its the sound glitching and giving me battle sounds from across the map. Maybe the sound gets stuck at a location and that's what we hear.
  5. He gave it some effort though. Small props for the pictures.
  6. I would. But i've seen Serbs picture enough times to guess the response. I know another unpopular idea is moving the MM to a 1 tier spread up instead of two to lessen some of the impact that uneven teams can make (honestly in my Cleveland i always see T8 games where deletion is pretty sudden when you get caught by a T8 BB yikes..), it would be nice to only have to face one tier up instead but then people say it would make for a longer queue and is thus a less popular idea specially for tier 9-10. So yeah there's ideas but...like i said up top this post eh?
  7. Selfish DDs

    I'll try the support request. That does seem to get results as well as target marking...usually.
  8. Sure man whatever. Done. Now i've seen Hearthstone use the keeping track method and giving you counters according to win streaks. Win too many and generally you can get countered hard back down to the roughly 50/50 ratio of winning that they try to keep most players at. Right now WOWS the MM doesn't take it into account but if it did it could help however.. That being said though all the posts i;ve ever seen here or WoT says WG is fine with how it is. Even beyond the "proof of rigging' so i don't expect much to come of this honestly.
  9. Selfish DDs

    The only problem really is, is how does a DD figure out whether or not he can depend on the team for cover fire. If i don't get any communication back for planning at the start just the usual static i figure its every ship for themselves. If i do get communication though i spend most of my time spotting to make sure people can shoot.
  10. You don't get to tell anyone anything. You can state your opinion fine sure but stop putting words in others mouths just to try and corner people like some silly forum armchair warrior. Seriously let it go.
  11. Yeah. Shiny Horse example! How in the world is not being top tier most of your games not special treatment? Btw i forgot to mention i have one and been seeing this quite a bit.
  12. Nope. Not playing your game. My statement stands and if it makes no sense to you then so be it. No more explaining.
  13. I don't think anyone is asking for removal but changes to frequency of catching fire. Huge difference.
  14. No. Some players won't get frustrated and will grind through it but ALOT of people who have jobs / kids / life and other priorities and money will purchase things like oh say premium time and ships that make the grind easier? And that's the point. They bank on people wanting to make the game more enjoyable and productive. Many games do this, why wouldn't WG? They aren't above things like this for profit. Not many big companies are.
  15. What do they have to gain? Seriously? Frustrated players buy things to overcome frustration. Take for example the shiny horse. Gets mostly top tier games. That right there is enough for some folks to buy one.