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  1. You always try to rank out?
  2. Catering to a small audience never works out for gaming companies.
  3. It had the opposite effect on my desire to play it. All i had to do was look at how many stars there were and the sheer lack of irrevocable ranks below 12. I mean there should be a couple more up to rank 5 at least. That leaves plenty of stars to flesh out the ones worthy of rank 1 without burning everyone else out. I'd be fine with playing rank and not making rank 1 if there was more irrevocable ranks. But why bother if i know its nothing but sheer stress past 12? I'd rather do something else fun.
  4. Agreed. They could make it more palatable by adding more irrevocable ranks. The thing that gets me is how intimidating this looks compared to ranked sprint. And that is a problem for the ranked population if people avoid ranked play altogether due to the sheer amount of grinding with little to no reprieve past 12. If people avoid ranked play altogether due to this it's kinda no wonder it turns into a salt fest in the lower ranks quickly. That in itself is enough reason to avoid rank. WG seems to do everything in extremes. Even setting up ranked play.
  5. I don't understand why you set yourself up for failure WG. Clearly people like the ranked sprints that are fast, fun and generally enjoyable to do. And then i see you put up rank season 13: Wow the word grind doesn't just come to mind but more like grinding burning searing pain. Assuming each star is one win that looks to be one hell of a grind. Not to mention the sheer lack of irrevocable ranks under 12. How is it you guys cannot see that clearly the community gets burnt out by rank runs like this? Most everyone i knew took part in the ranked sprint because it was fun, easy to do and not a huge stress like this is. After seeing the grind involved here i'm not even going to try this ranked season. It's not worth the salt or the stress. If only you guys could fashion ranked plays to be a bit more like ranked sprint it might be more appealing to a wider audience. I'm not saying everyone should be able to hit rank 1 like the sprint. But it would be nice to see ranked play less grindy too. A middle ground would be nice.
  6. xalmgrey

    Team shooting again (In operation)

    So much this. Specially as a BB with a 30+ sec reload. Do you really want to waste 30 seconds on a ship with a small amount of HP or look for something to take chunks out of and rack up that damage? Damage is where it's at. Playing the Sinop with 33 sec reload makes you think about that in Narai quite a bit.
  7. I only go with the grinds that interest me for ships i want. I skipped this grind for benham completely because i'm not really a fan of destroyer game play myself and it keeps me "fresh" for the grinds i did want to do like the indy grind. Otherwise i just play like normal. The way i look at events like this where i don't want any of it is that i can pick up free premium time and work towards ships i do want. I don't blame WG for throwing these events because they need to make a profit to keep the lights on. Just choose the ones you want to do and don't worry about the rest.
  8. xalmgrey

    Elite XP

    It depends on the ship i guess. I used some cash to convert for my Mighty Mo before she was gone forever in the shop. I don't regret it one bit. I guess it depends how bad you want the ship in question. To be fair in my case there was a time crunch.
  9. xalmgrey

    Elite XP

    Most people wait until there's a sale on the conversion giving you 35 instead of 25 to 1 dubloon. If that helps.
  10. xalmgrey

    Sync Dropping

    6k games and this is the first time you've seen this? I mean it happens, you should have seen this by now. That doesn't quite add up.
  11. xalmgrey

    When a DD tries to ram a larger ship visualized.

    I love running DD's over with my Scharnhorst. I even caught a DD in the channel on Two Brothers as seen on the "how to scharnhorst" video, ran over him too. Good times.
  12. xalmgrey

    Three Games in a row. 3 Detonations....

    Taking a torp under a turret can detonate your ship. Detonations are fun and engaging. At least you get some flags out of it.
  13. xalmgrey

    PSA: Just apologize for friendly fire.

    Yeah COOP the few times i played it feel waaaayyy different to how the rest of the game feels. It should be called "Race to damage mode" or something. I have made the mistake of taking a few slow ships into COOP, which is about as much fun as watching paint dry while you struggle to get into range before it ends. Colorado in COOP? No thanks
  14. xalmgrey

    PSA: Just apologize for friendly fire.

    Ah, okay i get what you meant. Apologies there.
  15. xalmgrey

    PSA: Just apologize for friendly fire.

    What are you talking about? If it was the hit i took in my DD the Scharn and i were sitting motionless when he torped me from 2k behind. Otherwise i have no idea what you are even talking about here. As for the rest of what you have to say here i'm just hope i don't see you on my team.