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  1. Pink?! For this?!

    I guess we can just watch as the threads begin to fill the board and wonder.
  2. Pink?! For this?!

    The OP? He's just one example of how this is handled badly. Besides i'm not sure WG would see it the way you do. People are money and the less there is here the less they make. Economics 101: don't alienate your customers.
  3. Pink?! For this?!

    Sure if you do something to a team mate yeah. An honest disconnect though? That's gonna turn people away from the game.
  4. Pink?! For this?!

    Who would have thought this would have turned into such a gong show? I did. Not surprised. WG is really messing with the player base lately. The horrible changes to OPs and now turning honest players into pink pariahs. You done punishing players yet WG? Or should more players leave this already small game? Show the players some love.
  5. new MM is working !

    Ahh okay. Haven't read them yet.
  6. new MM is working !

    Have you seen an orange guy yet?
  7. new MM is working !

    If they would take broken mechanics like radar out this wouldn't be such a big deal.
  8. new MM is working !

    I'm still seeing radar on one side and not the other. So much for fixed. More like still broken.
  9. Is there that few CV's up in those tiers or is it just that CV players don't play rank?
  10. Asashio Incoming!

    A DD that can only hit BB's and CV's to me sounds like free food for DD's and CA's. I dread seeing those on my team because for them to be effective you have to screen for the DD with useless DWT so it doesn't get eaten by other DD and CA's because of its hugely wimpy guns. All that will happen is at the start it will be a race to find that ship and sink it due to how helpless it is to fight back. I think a lot of people are going to buy this turd and realize just how weak it is. I'm sure some top players might be able to be terrors in it but the average potato will not. Can't wait to see the "refund me" thread when they realize how crappy it is lol.
  11. If i start to get salty in chat i just quit and play something else. Exhausting myself and wasting time raging in chat is the exact opposite of having fun which is what i want to do playing this. Its hard not to take a few shots at stupidity in game but getting angry and worked up just isn't healthy and its exhausting overall. Three or four losses in a row and i quit for the day generally. Helps keep me from salting up chat. Especially during the weekends where these guys run amok
  12. Need a map opt out.

    Its hard enough to get people in randoms to go to A/B etc on cap maps. You can't even begin to formulate a plan for epicenter in text in chat to even have a chance at something remotely organized. There should be an option not to play that game mode. Its not about "getting how the map works" like another poster mentioned, its about it not just being fun period for some people.
  13. Need a map opt out.

    You are welcome to your opinion of which i don't share. Unless this is huge sarcasm and then i whole heartedly do!
  14. Need a map opt out.

    Every time i see epicenter come up i just don't want to play. Such a horrible concept. Please add a map mode opt out.
  15. They should sell one of these with a premium subscription. On the bottle it should say "Take one shot for each loss. Russian recommended medication. Use as appropriate" There would be less salt here on the forums because most people wouldn't remember too many losses. Win win.