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  1. xalmgrey

    Is Micro-Balancing Necessary?

    I give them credit for hearing us discuss the over use of the sledgehammer. If that's what this is. Making small changes over time is so much better than huge sweeping changes patch after patch.
  2. Only WG would screw its players around like this rather than embracing the fact we enjoy playing OPs and maybe develop something around that but nooooo. They gotta pull scenarios under false pretenses and then nerf the remaining. Not sure how much more of this game i'm gonna put time into when the devs clearly are out of touch and show it time and time again. They keep screwing the players.
  3. How is this a bad thing? It's me putting my time into playing this game and participating in one of its events. But because i'm not in que doing randoms and putting up with frustrating teams it's not as important it seems. Newsflash: If you guys gave us better randoms maybe we would play them? The 12v12 only option stinks. We've seen time and time again smaller matches work better over all. Participation goes up. You guys keep chopping away OPs you will just lose players who are sick of randoms. We need more options.
  4. xalmgrey

    Just STOP allowing CVs in rank

    I have contempt for the same whiners. I also have not made up any excuses. Perhaps you could show me these excuses? There is no dumping unjustly they have screwed players around a lot. Specially of late. Like i said we can agree to disagree. Or whatever takes your fancy. But if you stand up for a faceless company that treats its players like crap it does make you look like a white knight. You may think its "unjust" but i once again disagree with you.
  5. xalmgrey

    Just STOP allowing CVs in rank

    It's true. Why are you defending a multi-million dollar gaming company that has shown time and time again contempt for its players? You are losing credibility here. Besides i don't care really what you think, nor do you care what i think so we can call it even yes?
  6. xalmgrey

    Just STOP allowing CVs in rank

    Unjustly? Hardly. They have earned every bit of spite they get from the players as of current. Don't white knight for them. Doesn't suit you.
  7. xalmgrey

    You ruined CVs

    You aren't exactly making your thoughts private on this. Everyone figure the pay2rico would be suicide, specially while the CEO made fun of the players. Yet here we are. Its amazing the amount of crap we will take in a game we enjoy to keep playing it.
  8. xalmgrey

    You ruined CVs

    And they will continue to do as they please. Didn't you learn this from Pay2rico event? They don't care what we think as long as the profit wheels turn. Good luck to your future posts of frustration i guess.
  9. xalmgrey

    You ruined CVs

    Sure yell into the echo chamber. Yell away your displeasure while adding to the toxic actions on the forums. There's not many ways to a balance CV contrary to your info from people that aren't developers. Fact is no one in this game will ever like CV. CV stands outside the paradigm that this game was built around with the three types of ships. Subs is just going to make this worse. If you aren't happy now, i highly doubt you will be happier later with it getting worse. Might be time to find a game you enjoy.
  10. xalmgrey

    Just STOP allowing CVs in rank

    I don't think they give two sharts man. They proved this with the whole pay2rico bit. Sometimes it feels like they do this stuff just to see how far they can push the community. They know the community hates CV, so after the pay2rico thing its like they are saying "Hold my beer" to who can do the next awful thing to the players.
  11. xalmgrey

    Just STOP allowing CVs in rank

    Just wait for CB. Bring either a BB or a CV. I wonder how that will play out.
  12. xalmgrey

    You ruined CVs

    They will never be balanced. CV wiped out surface fleets in reality. You are just gonna have to make do with whats in the game now. The constant complaining does nothing but get toxic. WG has said a million times that they are moving on to other things so all the crying and complaining is doing nothing positive. Point is: All the current complaining is only making the forums toxic. It's not swaying WG further in any way. If you are one of those people that enjoy shouting at the sky because you are angry with what life handed you, you will do fine in this echo chamber. For everyone else, on to whatever WG's monthly scandals seem to be. Oh and subs eventually. Because no one will enjoy being sunk by something they can't fight back against (Sound familiar?)
  13. xalmgrey

    No warships were sunk by rocket planes in WW2

    This isn't a simulation. This was brought up ages ago. Congrats on beating the already dead horse.
  14. xalmgrey

    You ruined CVs

    No we got this rework because WG wanted to level the playing field with CV in general. So they didn't tip the scale of every match they loaded into. That and they wanted to make the CV for their platform version of WOWS. Which they used the live server to test while they blamed players for not testing it for them. Pepperidge farm remembers.