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  1. xalmgrey

    So... U-4501

    It feels like they are now intentionally killing this game. They want to squeeze out what little they can from the players before everyone else abandons this mess in the making. This feels like some stupid April fools joke in May. At this point, it is like rubbernecking at an accident site.
  2. Heh, since you are playing it perhaps you enjoy it. However, if you play say a regular DD right now in CB, it's a miserable experience with all of these super ships with radar and hydro with burst fire. TX play was already punishing enough for mistakes that are caught but if you add in these ridiculous burst firing ships, it quickly becomes no fun. I'm just starting to feel done. Like really done. Not even angry about it anymore, just apathetic. Need more memberberries.
  3. I have two superships. It is not about having them. It is about how they ruin what little balance this game had.
  4. This game is getting harder and harder to enjoy. Submarines and super CV are awful to deal with in any modes and now that super ships are in clan battle play i find myself less and less enjoying it. It's pretty stupid to have these burst-firing ships playing with normal ships. WG you are making this game nearly impossible to enjoy with these cheap arcadey additions. So many people i know have quit playing, and frankly i'm getting really close to joining them and moving on to other games as this one is losing its enjoyability. I used to love this game but now I'm starting to dread even playing it. And i've stopped paying for anything in it Such a shame. This was once a fun game but you are killing it slowly WG.
  5. xalmgrey

    Please do NOT play Brawl

    WG is sure lacking imagination with the brawls lately. Like we need another TX 9v9 brawl with uneven teams. If I want uneven garbage play I'll hit up randoms.
  6. That's the plan. Sent in a ticket and I hope it gets handled.
  7. Oh yeah, I'm not advocating for change here as I know it won't happen. Just chewing the fat on the subject so to speak.
  8. Oh yeah EvE worked for sure. Had to avoid pirates, but then again like you said they sold the account. But it does work, may not be liked by some but it works. We've both just said as much.
  9. I watched it work in World of Warcraft for years until they added the ability to name change. It stopped all the loot stealing right quick when you couldn't find a clan because everyone knew you were a thief. I find it hard to believe that letting people know that criminals were about is considered naming and shaming, that doesn't sound right at all. Unless you can link up what you are talking about? Otherwise naming and shaming criminals is pretty much how that is done. Were bounty posters also naming and shaming with this logic?
  10. Agree to disagree with you. There are far too many trolls in this game that take delight in ruining gameplay for others. They should be shamed. So far what WG is doing isn't working. Public perception of the current system is that there are no actual punishments laid out leading to apathy in even trying to use it. Example: Some annoyed sea creature that used to throw matches all the time and is still around talking crap and throwing matches. I'm sure they've been reported numerous times but they are still around doing it. Doesn't leave people a lot of faith in this system when the people that do things like this always seem to be there to do it further.
  11. They won't be but they should be. People breaking the rules would be far less likely to do it if they faced public humiliation on top of penalties. Hiding it only helps the people that break the rules, making it look really ineffective.
  12. This right here is what I think is the problem with WG keeping statistics about player banning to themselves. It leaves the impression that nothing happens. I don't need to know about specific players being banned, but knowing that say this year they banned X number of players for bad conduct would give the appearance that something was in fact being done.
  13. That's true, as a player I cannot say whether or not for sure if it was intentional or what have you. It's why I sent in a ticket with the replay. Maybe he has a history of doing this or maybe it was a once-in-a-blue thing, dunno. it's WG's call from here.
  14. When you don't actually load in but are trying to get into said match your guns will not move. Now if you load in and disconnect I can see that being a defense for what happened if they tried to relog and couldn't get in, however, if you are having this issue and you come to rank before figuring it out, it costs people matches. This has happened to me once or twice in ranked play and I always expect to get reported (and usually do). It sucks but I'm costing my team a player and in smaller matches that can skew the outcome pretty badly. So while it sucks to get disconnected, it really sucks to be a ship down right out. So it will be interesting if this player has a history of doing this. Sadly it is not like we will ever know really.
  15. Okay, third time was the charm getting it right lol.