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  1. The GREATEST Tier!!!11!

    So a happy ending. That's sweet.
  2. The GREATEST Tier!!!11!

    Got your flamesuit on?
  3. My last post on this forum

    We agree to follow the terms of the rules when we post. If we don't like this venue there's always the reddit forums for this game. Gotta keep this in mind, specially in this digital age where everything you say is out there forever and can haunt you many years later if you aren't careful.
  4. I love tier 7. I play in it a lot. For me its the tier i have the most ships in that feel effective even when tiered into T9 matches (although you gotta be super cautious) I play the crap out of my Scharnhorst. This poll will keep peoples names private so no one has to worry about liking the lower tiers and being judged or shamed for it publicly. We don't need that. So which tier is your favorite guys?
  5. Yes many people on the forums do. You will too if you play enough. I'm sure right now there's a lot going on when you are new and its all pretty vague for you now but you will start to get a hang of what works and what doesn't. Right now the big problem is that supporting team mates when they need it isn't always in the best interest of solo players grinding ships. Most of the time if it doesn't lead to doing more damage means you don't get as much xp. So sailing out of your way to help someone out doesn't really pay out for you so to speak unless you are invested in the match like with a divsion (group of 3 doing randoms together) There's also good posters out there with very informative posts that you should watch for. Posts by Littlewhitemouse for instance explain mechanics really well and are worth seeking out if you want to be more informed on how the game works and reviews of ships that are well laid out. http://shipcomrade.com/staff/littlewhitemouse
  6. It wouldn't take much at all to fix some of this though. Just a few random ideas off the top of my head: A focus fire multiplier for XP. A ribbon for support killing instead of only one person getting "the kill" even if they only did 1 hp in damage they still "got the kill". This way we can track contribution better too. Buff spotting XP, spotting is extremely important and yet it gets trash for xp. Promote a reason not to fire your guns but spot for your team! The ribbon is nice but its not enough! These ideas seem a lot easier to implement than retooling objectives and mechanics for team play. It wouldn't take huge changes to get people to play differently.
  7. Problem is the team suffers for that. WG has done little to get people to think in a team work nature instead of out for glory solo. Using damage as the only source of XP is a big part of the problem. There's hardly any support because support doesn't pay so to speak. Damage does. So grinding a new ship you hate becomes a zerg fest to get it done. The whole team pays for that in the end with the snowball effect.
  8. Yeah give the mob pitchforks and torches to use and everything will be fine because they would only use them on the "monsters" that deserve them right? Naming and shaming allowing would lead to this forum being used as a weapon against other players. Nothing good would ever come of being allowed to name and shame in a game. While it might be nice to hang out the people that deserve to be shamed (because that would feel good sometimes i admit), but then it would be used to slander and humiliate players that don't deserve it. That would chase people from the game. We have enough trouble keeping players. No its good we can't do that here. Toxic enough.
  9. I'm not going to argue with you and derail such a wonderful thread. I'll let you do that on your own. Keep lashing out at folks and see how quickly this gets locked.
  10. Getting up tiered to tier 9 on a SMALL map is whats painful if you are tier 7. Getting blapped right away by ships you can't see? Awesome.
  11. This is why i laugh at people that complain about radar though too. Spotting is extremely powerful in this game and DD's well played can be huge match difference. They have too much influence over matches next to CV's. No one worries about the unspotted CA or BB because they can be handled. There's a large reduction in torp soup lately and i'm happy for that.
  12. It would be pretty awesome if allies could help fire fighting in the game by being neaby like the ship in the picture hosing the carrier down. Or maybe a certain cruisers or DD being able to do that function would be interesting. Actual support play.
  13. I do this on my BB if i have a good position at the start of a match to draw fire from trigger happy people, give my team something to shoot back at. It works really well.